Colleton High School 1955

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
10th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0061
10th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0063
7th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0081
7th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0083
8th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0077
8th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0079
9th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0067
9th Grade     ColletonHigh-1955-0069
A&P Food Store     ColletonHigh-1955-0133
Ackerman-Beach Economy Drug Store     ColletonHigh-1955-0119
Adams Joe     ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Albert Annette Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0017
Albert   Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0095
Albright Frank Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Albright Henry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Announcing     ColletonHigh-1955-0085
Band     ColletonHigh-1955-0091
Barnes Albert P. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Basketball Team - Boys     ColletonHigh-1955-0113
Basketball Team - Girls     ColletonHigh-1955-0113
Bass R. O. Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Beaton Richard Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Belk Hudson     ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Belton A. G. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Belton Alberta Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0017
Belton Alberta Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0079
Best Dancers     ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Best Dancers     ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Best Dressed     ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Best Dressed     ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Bing Matthew   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Bing Matthew   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Bing Matthew   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Black Robert   ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Boatwright Theodocia Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Bodison Betty   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Bodison Joseph   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Bodison McKeither Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Bodison R. B. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Boles Edward   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Boles Edward   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Boles Edward   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Boles Williams Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Bomar John W. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0017
Bomar   Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0091
Boozer Henry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Bouges Mary F.   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Bouges Mary Lee Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Bouges Mattie   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Bradford W. D. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Breland   F. B. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0125
Breland Chevrolet Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0125
Brown Elnora   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Brown Hattie Mae Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Brown Hardware and Furniture Co.     ColletonHigh-1955-0125
Bryant Harvey Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Buckner Willie M.   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Burroughs E.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Burroughs E. B. Rev ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Burroughs Ernest   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Burroughs Ernest   ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Burroughs Ernest    ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Bus Drivers     ColletonHigh-1955-0107
Bythewood T.    Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0105
Bythewood Theo Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0017
Cain Inez F. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Campbell Charlie   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Campbell Herbert   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Campbell Julia   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Campbell Laurie   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Campbell Mary L. Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0017
Campbell Nancy Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Campbell   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0067
Carpentry     ColletonHigh-1955-0105
Chaplin Joe Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Chaplin Leon   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Chaplin Roosevelt   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Chaplin Thelma      ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Cheerleaders     ColletonHigh-1955-0093
Chisholm David L. Dr ColletonHigh-1955-0133
Chisholm Marie   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Chisholm Martha   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Chisholm Mary   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Chisholm Pearlie Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Chisholm Rebecca   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Choir     ColletonHigh-1955-0091
Clark Clifton Sgt & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Class Prophecy     ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Claussen Baking Co.     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Coastal Fruit Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0115
Coastal Natural Gas Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Coaxum Carrie   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Coaxum Carrie   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Coaxum Carrie   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Coburg Dairy, Inc.     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Coca-Cola     ColletonHigh-1955-0115
Cockrum Galean Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Cockrum Leon   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Colleton James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Colleton   Susie   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Colleton High Wolverine     ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Colleton Implement and Truck Co., Inc.     ColletonHigh-1955-0129
Commercial Club     ColletonHigh-1955-0089
Corbitt E. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0099
Corbitt Ernestine Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0017
Corbitt Mallie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Corbitt   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0089
Council Joe   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Council Joe   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Cover - Back     ColletonHigh-1955-0142
Cover - Front     ColletonHigh-1955-0001
Crosby-Burress     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Cummings Johnny Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Cummings M.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Cummings Mary   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Cummings Mary   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Cummings Preston Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Daniels J. E. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0129
David Dixon   Dr ColletonHigh-1955-0133
David L Chisholm   Dr ColletonHigh-1955-0133
Davis Isabell F. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Dayson Mary Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0019
Dayson Mary Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0077
Dayson Oscar E., Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
DeLarge M. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0061
DeLarge M. E. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0103
DeLarge Mary Elsye Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0019
Dent Marion Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Dent Pamalyn   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Derrick S. D. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Derst Baking Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0129
Dixon David   Dr ColletonHigh-1955-0133
Dodson Janie   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Drayton Arthur   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Drayton Edith   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Durham W. Earl Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0121
Easterlin Furniture Co.     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Eden's     ColletonHigh-1955-0129
Edwards Erwin   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Elliott George   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Elliott Valerie   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Ellison Mary Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
English Club     ColletonHigh-1955-0099
Enterprise Hardware Company, Inc     ColletonHigh-1955-0123
Evans Albertha   ColletonHigh-1955-0029
Faculty     ColletonHigh-1955-0015
Farmer Lee   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Farmer Viola   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Ferguson Charlie   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Ferguson Emma   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Fields E.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Fields Ethel   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Fields Ethel   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Fields Ethel   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Fields Jervey   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Fishburne Ella   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Football Coaches And Trainers     ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Football Schedule     ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Football Team     ColletonHigh-1955-0109
Forward   Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0009
Francis Evelyn   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Franks Abbie Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Frasier Edith   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Frasier Edith   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Frasier Edith   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Frasier Edlee   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Frasier Henry   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Frasier Lee   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Frasier Lillie M.   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Frasier Lloyd   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Frasier Maggie Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Frasier Murray   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Frasier Murry   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Frasier Teddy Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Frasier Victoria   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Freshmen     ColletonHigh-1955-0065
Freshmen - Sub     ColletonHigh-1955-0075
Friedman's Jewelers     ColletonHigh-1955-0129
Friendliest     ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Gant Cleora   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Gant Mazalene   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Garrett Ludlow Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Garvin W. G. Rev ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Gary W. W. Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Gelson Leon Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0125
Gerideau Annie L.   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Gerideau Pernyce Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Gethers A.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Gethers Annie P.   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Gethers Annie P.   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Gethers Annie P.   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Gibson-Kemp Drug Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Gilbert Margaret   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Gillison Myrtis Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Givens Etha   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Givens Fred  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Gladys M. Murray Florist     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Glover Rosephine   ColletonHigh-1955-0031
Godwin Irene Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Goodwin Julia   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Graham Clifford Rev ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Graham Helen   ColletonHigh-1955-0063
Graham M. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0061
Graham Mabel Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0009
Graham Mabel Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0019
Graham   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0089
Grant Jessie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Graves E. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0063
Graves Eugene Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0019
Graves Eugene Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Graves   Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Green Deamus   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Green James   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Green Reuben Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Gregg Elaine Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0019
Gregg Elaine Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0083
Gregg L. C. Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Gregg   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0091
Gruber Street Cash Shop     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Hamilton Sarah   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Harrison Clyde   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Hayes Jewelry Store     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Haynes Beatrice   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Holmes Ethel   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Holmes Franklin   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Holmes Franklin   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Holmes Mable   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Holmes Madison   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Holmes Vernon   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Holmes Vernon   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Holmes Vernon   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Honor Society     ColletonHigh-1955-0089
Horry Albertha Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0019
Horry Albertha Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0083
Horry Janie E. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Hudson Albertha   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Hudson Bernetha   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Hudson Bernetha   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Hudson Ernestine   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Huggins Elizabeth   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Ideal Laundry and Cleaners     ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Jay Rosa B. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Jenkins Arthur Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Jenkins Bettye   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Jenkins Herbert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Jenkins Tommie   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Johnson B.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Johnson Bettye   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Johnson Bettye   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Johnson Bettye   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Johnson J. H. Rev ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Johnson Ray T. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0021
Johnson Ray T.   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Jones Clarence   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Jones James     ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Jones Lemuel   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Jones N. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Juniors     ColletonHigh-1955-0047
Kennedy Carl Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Kennedy O. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0069
Kennedy O. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0101
Kennedy Owilender Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0021
Kennedy Ralston   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Kennedy Ralston   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Kennedy Ralston   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Kennedy   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0093
Kinsey Martha   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Kirkland Joseph   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Kirkland Mamie Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Kirkland Willis   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Le Cercle Francais     ColletonHigh-1955-0099
Levine Howard   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Levine Josephine Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Levine Paul   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Levine Richardean   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Levine S. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Levine Simon   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Levine Simon   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Levine Simon   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Levine Simon   ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Lewis Bernice   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Lewis Dollie S/Sgt ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Lewis S. W. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Library Club     ColletonHigh-1955-0103
Lights Bellena   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Lights Bellena   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Lloyd's Furniture Barn     ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Lynah Bailey   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Lynah Ruthie   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Lynah T. Davis Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0081
Lynah Thelma Davis Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0021
Lyon's Furniture Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Majorettes     ColletonHigh-1955-0093
Maloney Valerie   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Mangum Franklin   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Manigo Lander Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Maree E.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Maree Emerson   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Maree Emerson   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Maree Emerson   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Maree Emerson   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Maree Harriette   ColletonHigh-1955-0033
Maree S. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0107
Maree Sankey Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0021
Maree Sankey   Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Maree W. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0099
Maree Wilsey   Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0021
Maree Wilsey M. Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Maree   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0093
Maree  Sankey B. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Maree's Taxi     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Marshall Richard   ColletonHigh-1955-0063
Martin Maggie Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Masonry     ColletonHigh-1955-0107
McDonald Chanie   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
McDonald James Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
McGill Gladys Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0023
McGill Gladys Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0079
McGill Izetta Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
McIntosh C. Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0077
McIntosh Clarissa Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0023
McNeil Elijah   ColletonHigh-1955-0063
Mears Hellena   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Middleton Albert   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Middleton Ella Mae   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Middleton Gladys   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Middleton James   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Miley Freddie   ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Mitchell Abraham Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Mitchell Barbara   ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Mitchell Barbara   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Mitchell Barbara   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Mitchell C. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0061
Mitchell Cleopatra Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0021
Mitchell Danny   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Mitchell Ernest Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Mitchell Henrietta Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Mitchell Priscilla Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Mitchell Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Mitchell Virginia   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Mole Jos. F. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Moore Georgia Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0023
Moore   Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0089
Most Athletic     ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Most Athletic     ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Most Attractive     ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Most Attractive     ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Most Courteous     ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Most Courteous     ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Most Dependable     ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Most Dependable     ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Most Friendly     ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Most Likely To Succeed     ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Most Likely To Succeed     ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Most Talented     ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Most Versatile     ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Most Versatile     ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Moultrie Betty   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Moultrie Betty    ColletonHigh-1955-0049
Moultrie O. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Nesbit Hermer   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
New Farmers of America     ColletonHigh-1955-0097
New Homemakers of America     ColletonHigh-1955-0095
Newton E. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Nicks Hattie Mae   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Nixon Dorothy G. Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0023
Nixon Dorothy G. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0081
Nixon Enoch Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
North Martha   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Novit's Shoe Store     ColletonHigh-1955-0115
Organizations     ColletonHigh-1955-0085
Our Loyal Supporters     ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Overton H. E. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Painting     ColletonHigh-1955-0105
Palmetto Supply Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0123
Parker J.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Parker Judson   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Parker Judson   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Parker Judson   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Parker Judson   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Parker Judson   ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Parker Judson Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Parson's Dress Shop     ColletonHigh-1955-0121
Pate Maude Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Penciale Frankie Mae   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
People's Pharmacy     ColletonHigh-1955-0117
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0129
Picture of School     ColletonHigh-1955-0002
Picture of School     ColletonHigh-1955-0003
Picture of School     ColletonHigh-1955-0140
Picture of School     ColletonHigh-1955-0141
Pictures      ColletonHigh-1955-0073
Pinckney Frances   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Pinckney Janie   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Pinckney Mary   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Pinckney Russell Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Pinckney's Market     ColletonHigh-1955-0123
Powell James H.   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Price Richard Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0009
Principal's Message     ColletonHigh-1955-0013
Rhodes Annie Mae   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Rhodes Virginia   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Richardson Bernard   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Richardson Bernard   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Richardson Bernard   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Richardson Bernard   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Richardson Hardy Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Richardson Thelma   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Riddley W. H. Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Risher Hattie     ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Rivers Bernice Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0023
Rivers Jonas Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Rivers Vernelle   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Rivers   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0067
Rivers   Miss ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Robertson Hardware and Electric Supply     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Robinson Delores   ColletonHigh-1955-0035
Robinson Deloris   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Robinson Deloris   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Ruger Ruth   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Ruger Ruth    ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Ruger York Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Russell Morris Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Samuels J. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Sanders Mattie   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Saunders Mary Lane   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Saunders Mary Lane   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Saunders Mary Lane   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Saxby Thomas Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Scott H.   ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Scott H.   ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Scott Harold   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Scott Harold   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Scott Harold   ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Scott Harold   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Scott Harold   ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Seniors     ColletonHigh-1955-0027
Simmons Mamie   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Simmons Mamie   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Simmons    Perry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Simmons Diesel and Equipment Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0123
Simon Johnny   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Sinclair Oil Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Singleton Catherine   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Singleton Dorothy   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Smalls Arthur   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Smart Cornelia   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Smith Raymond   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Smith Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Smith Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Snapshots of Homecoming Activities     ColletonHigh-1955-0071
Sophomores     ColletonHigh-1955-0059
Sponsors     ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Staff     ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Stanfield Esther   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Stanfield Esther   ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Stanley D. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0101
Stanley Dorothy   Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0023
Stanley Dorothy B. Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0007
Steadman's     ColletonHigh-1955-0115
Stephens J. Mr  ColletonHigh-1955-0061
Stephens Jeremiah Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0025
Stevens Eveleaner   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Stevens Evelena   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Stevens Jeremiah Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Stevens Kelly Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Stevens Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Stewart Ethel   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Student Council     ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Sub Freshmen     ColletonHigh-1955-0075
Summers Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0037
Summers Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Summers Shirley   ColletonHigh-1955-0045
Super Esso Service Station     ColletonHigh-1955-0121
Sweat C. Harris Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0129
Sweat   H. H. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0125
Sweat Motor Sales Company     ColletonHigh-1955-0125
Tallest & Shortest     ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Taylor Paul Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Test Tube Twirlers     ColletonHigh-1955-0101
The Flower Shop     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
The Metal Arts Company, Inc.     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
The Press and Standard     ColletonHigh-1955-0121
The Seniors of 1955     ColletonHigh-1955-0009
Tracy's Dry Cleaners     ColletonHigh-1955-0119
Trade And Industrial Club     ColletonHigh-1955-0105
Triangle Club     ColletonHigh-1955-0101
Tucker Prince   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Varnes Reuben   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Walgreen's     ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Walker Rosa Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Walterboro Drug Co.     ColletonHigh-1955-0127
Walters Mattie   ColletonHigh-1955-0063
Walters Mattie   ColletonHigh-1955-0087
Walters Oscar   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Walters Oscar   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Warren Clarence   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Warren Clarence   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Warren Frances   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Warren Leon   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Warren Leon   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Warshaw's     ColletonHigh-1955-0121
Washington David   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Washington Thomas   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Watkins W. C. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0131
Weans Wadie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
West End Dairy     ColletonHigh-1955-0119
Western Auto Associate Store     ColletonHigh-1955-0125
White Ernest   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
White Eunice   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
White Evelyn   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Wigfall James   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Wiley E. M. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0011
Wiley E. M. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0013
Wiley M. P. Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0069
Wiley Mary P. Ms ColletonHigh-1955-0025
Wiley   Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0095
Williams Annie L.   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Williams Annie L.   ColletonHigh-1955-0057
Williams Beatrice   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Williams Edward Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Williams Eli  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Williams Henry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Williams Herbert   ColletonHigh-1955-0051
Williams J. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0105
Williams Joe E. Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0025
Williams John  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Williams Luther   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Williams Mary Helen   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Williams Mary Helen   ColletonHigh-1955-0041
Williams Otis Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Williams Rebecca   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Williams Sara    ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Williams Wesley Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Wilson Jerry   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Wilson Jerry   ColletonHigh-1955-0097
Witsell Nathaniel   ColletonHigh-1955-0053
Wittiest     ColletonHigh-1955-0043
Wittiest     ColletonHigh-1955-0055
Wolverine     ColletonHigh-1955-0001
Wooten E. P. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1955-0135
Wooten E. Phillippe Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0025
Wooten   Mr ColletonHigh-1955-0111
Wright Carrie   ColletonHigh-1955-0039
Wright Lem   ColletonHigh-1955-0039