Colleton High School 1970

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page  
1970 Wolverine     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Ackerman Helen   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Ackerman Miriam   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Ackerman Thedraw Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ackerson Melissa Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Adams Deborah   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Adams Howard   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Adams Joe Lee Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Administration And Faculty     ColletonHigh-1970-0007  
Ads     ColletonHigh-1970-0103  
Agriculture     ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Aiken Alice   ColletonHigh-1970-0086  
Aiken Delaine   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Aiken H. F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Aiken H. F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Aiken H. F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0024  
Aiken H. F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0024  
Aiken H. F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0070  
Amaker L. S. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Ancrum Louis   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Ancrum Thersia Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Anderson Bertie   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Anderson Thelma Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Art Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0024  
Assistant Principal     ColletonHigh-1970-0009  
Associate Editor     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Asten-Hill Mfg. Co.     ColletonHigh-1970-0111  
Band     ColletonHigh-1970-0081  
Barnes Barbara   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Barnes Linda   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Bartley Rebecca Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Baseball Team     ColletonHigh-1970-0099  
Basketball Team - Boys     ColletonHigh-1970-0100  
Basketball Team - Girls     ColletonHigh-1970-0100  
Basketball Teams     ColletonHigh-1970-0100  
Bassett Lawrence, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Bassett Yvonne   ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Bassett Yvonne   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Bassett Yvonne   ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Beaufort Book Co., Inc.     ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Behling Lula     ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
BeLee James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Belton A. B. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Belton A. G. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0065  
Belton A. G. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0100  
Bennett Leon Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Best All Around     ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Best Athletes     ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Best Dancers     ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Best Dressed     ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Black Mamie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Black Melvenia   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Blakeney Benjamin Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Blakeney Calvin   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Blakeney Shellie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0115  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0116  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0117  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0118  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0119  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0120  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0121  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0122  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0123  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0124  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0125  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0126  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0127  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0128  
Blank Page     ColletonHigh-1970-0129  
Bodison H. T. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Bodison H. T. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Bodison H. T. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0074  
Bodison H. T. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Bodison J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Bodison J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0064  
Bodison Jacqueline   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Bodison McKiether Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Bodison Redell   ColletonHigh-1970-0027  
Bolden J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Bolden J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0066  
Bolds Marie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Bomar Andrew   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Bomar J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0019  
Bomar J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0019  
Bomar J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0081  
Bomar J. S. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Bomar Marvin   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Bowen Donald   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Bowen Dorothy   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Bowers Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Bowers Ernest Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Bowers Eva     ColletonHigh-1970-0086  
Bradley Jackie   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Braswell John W. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Bright Debra   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Bright Ellen Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Bright Jeanette   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Bright Lee Arthur Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Bright Martha   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Bright Polly   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Bright Teresa   ColletonHigh-1970-0084  
Brisbon Rosella Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Brock Charles   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Brock Jimmy   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Brock John   Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brock Willie James Jr ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Brock Willie James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brooks Polly A.   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Broughton Joyce   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Brown Cleveland   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Brown Deborah   ColletonHigh-1970-0090  
Brown Dora Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brown Dorothy Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Brown Emily   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Brown Ernest Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brown Eugene   ColletonHigh-1970-0028  
Brown James Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Brown Joe H. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Brown Joe, Jr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brown John   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Brown John H.   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Brown Juanita   ColletonHigh-1970-0052  
Brown Katie   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Brown L. C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Brown L.C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0066  
Brown Lester   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Brown Oscar Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brown Prime Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Brown Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Brown Sinclair   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Brown William   ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Bryan L.   Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0070  
Bryan  M. W. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0068  
Bryant Eddie Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Bryant L. W. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Bryant L. W. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0019  
Bryant Leah   ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Bryant Leah   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Bryant Leah   ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Bryant M. W. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Bryant Odessa   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Bryant Rodney   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Bryant Ronald   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Bryant Ronald   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Bryant Sharon   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Bryant Yvonne   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Buckner Stella   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Buckner Vernon   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Buckner Vivian Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Burgess Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0029  
Burgess Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Burgess Ella Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Burgess Jacob   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Burgess Johnny Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Burgess Samuel   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Burgess Taylor Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Business Manager     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Cain Curtis   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Cain Curtis   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Cain Curtis   ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Cain Helen Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Campbell Betty   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Campbell Elizabeth Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Campbell Florrie B.   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Campbell James   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Campbell James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Campbell Juanita   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Campbell Kenneth   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Campbell Maggie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Campbell Moses   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Campbell Nancy Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Campbell Pink Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Campbell Richard  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Campbell Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0030  
Campbell Willie Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Campbell Willis   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Carey Linda   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Cheerleaders     ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Chestnut Alvertis   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Chestnut Samuel Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Chisolm Arthur Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Chisolm Cordelia   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Chisolm Cornelia   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Chisolm Cornelia   ColletonHigh-1970-0085  
Chisolm Cynthia   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Chisolm Gladys Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Chisolm Mary L.   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Chisolm Roy Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Choir     ColletonHigh-1970-0077  
Circulating Manager     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Club - Commercial      ColletonHigh-1970-0074  
Club - English And Dramatics      ColletonHigh-1970-0074  
Club - French      ColletonHigh-1970-0075  
Club - Mathematics     ColletonHigh-1970-0073  
Club - Social Studies      ColletonHigh-1970-0073  
Clubs and Organizations     ColletonHigh-1970-0071  
Coaching Staff     ColletonHigh-1970-0097  
Coastal Institutional Distributors     ColletonHigh-1970-0110  
Coaxum Lucretia   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Coaxum Luetricia   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Coburg Dairy Products     ColletonHigh-1970-0111  
Coca-Cola Bottling Company     ColletonHigh-1970-0105  
Cochran Murphy Jr ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Cochran Victoria Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Colleton Robert   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Colleton Robert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Colleton    Melvin   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Colleton Drug     ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Colleton Feed & Seed     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Colleton High School     ColletonHigh-1970-0000  
Colleton High School     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Colleton High School        ColletonHigh-1970-0131  
Colleton High School Faculty     ColletonHigh-1970-0104  
Collins Lillie   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Collins Percy Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Commercial Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0074  
Commercial Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Community Service Station     ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Copeland Linda   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Copeland M. M. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0010  
Corbett Building Supply Co.     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Cover - Back     ColletonHigh-1970-0132  
Cover - Back Inside Left     ColletonHigh-1970-0130  
Cover - Back Inside Right     ColletonHigh-1970-0131  
Cover - Front     ColletonHigh-1970-0000  
Crawford Constance   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Crawford Virginia   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Crosby Clape Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Crosby Joe   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Crosby LeRoy Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Cunningham Mattie   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Cunningham Robert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Cuspert Carrie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Dailey A. l. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Dailey Alan   ColletonHigh-1970-0031  
Dailey Alan   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Daniels Darlene   ColletonHigh-1970-0053  
Daniels Eugene Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Daniels Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Danner Donald   ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Danner Donald   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Danner Donald   ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Danner Donald   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Danner James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Danner Lillie   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Davis Charles   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Davis Juanita   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Davis Juanita   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Davis Mary Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Davis Smith SFC & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Dedication     ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Delmar Printing Company     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Department - Agriculture     ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Department - Art     ColletonHigh-1970-0024  
Department - Commercial      ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Department - Driver Education      ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Department - English     ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Department - French     ColletonHigh-1970-0013  
Department - Guidance     ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Department - Library Science      ColletonHigh-1970-0022  
Department - Mathematics     ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Department - Music      ColletonHigh-1970-0019  
Department - Physical Education     ColletonHigh-1970-0023  
Department - Science     ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Department - Social Studies      ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Derst Baking Company     ColletonHigh-1970-0105  
Doctor Monroe Jr ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Doctor Monroe, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Doctor R. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Donaldson Emily Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Donaldson Timothy   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Donaldson Timothy   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Donaldson Timothy   ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Driver Education Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Dubois Carolyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Dukes Johnny   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Edisto Lumber Company, Inc.     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Editor-in-chief     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Edwards Anthony   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Edwards Eartha   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Ellison Martha   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
English And Dramatics Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0074  
English Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Evans Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Fair Barbara   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Fair Benjamin Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Fair Loubertha   ColletonHigh-1970-0032  
Farmer Annie Lee   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Farmer George   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Farmer Rodney   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Farmer Virginia H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Farmer  Irvin Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Farmers & Merchants Bank     ColletonHigh-1970-0104  
Farr J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0067  
Farr J. L. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Features     ColletonHigh-1970-0082  
Ferguson Kardell   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Ferguson Rebecca   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Ferguson Virginia Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Ferrell B. L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0022  
Ferrell B. L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0065  
Ferrell B. L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0078  
Ferrell Belle Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ferrell Sarah   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
FHA Queen and Attendants     ColletonHigh-1970-0076  
Fields Ida   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Fields L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Fields Martha Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Fields Queen   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Fishburne Charles   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Fishburne Charles   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Fishburne Charles B. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Fishburne Eli   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Fishburne Harold   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Fishburne John Lee   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Fishburne Mamie L. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Fishburne Marie   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Fishburne Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0083  
Football Team     ColletonHigh-1970-0099  
Ford Bertha Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ford Edward Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Ford Furman Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ford Harmon Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ford Jacqueline   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Ford James   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Ford Mack   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Ford Robert   ColletonHigh-1970-0033  
Foreword     ColletonHigh-1970-0002  
Fraiser John H. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Francis Albertha Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Francis Annie Lee   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Francis Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Francis Willie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Frasier Anna Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Frasier Bernice   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Frasier Bernice   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Frasier Cleveland   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Frasier Ella M.   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Frasier Ella Mae   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Frasier James   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Frasier James   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Frasier Marilyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Frasier Pauline Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Frasier Robert   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Frasier Ruby   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Frasier Sabrinia   ColletonHigh-1970-0088  
Frasier Sarah   ColletonHigh-1970-0054  
Frazier Jake Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Frazier Marilyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Frazier Otherine Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
French Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0075  
French Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0013  
Freshmen 9-1     ColletonHigh-1970-0066  
Freshmen 9-10     ColletonHigh-1970-0070  
Freshmen 9-2     ColletonHigh-1970-0066  
Freshmen 9-3     ColletonHigh-1970-0067  
Freshmen 9-4     ColletonHigh-1970-0067  
Freshmen 9-5     ColletonHigh-1970-0068  
Freshmen 9-6     ColletonHigh-1970-0068  
Freshmen 9-7     ColletonHigh-1970-0069  
Freshmen 9-8     ColletonHigh-1970-0069  
Freshmen 9-9     ColletonHigh-1970-0070  
Future Farmers of America     ColletonHigh-1970-0077  
Future Homemakers of America     ColletonHigh-1970-0076  
Future Teachers of America     ColletonHigh-1970-0072  
Gant  Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Gant  Verdelle   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Gantt Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0034  
Gantt H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Gantt John Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Gantt Lucretia   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Garrett Ben Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Garrett Leola Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Garrett Patricia   ColletonHigh-1970-0086  
Gelzer Joyce   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
General Irene Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
General Mazie   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Generette Dan   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Generette P. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Generette Paul  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
George Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Gerideau Vera   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Gethers Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Gethers Frank  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Gethers Queen   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Gethers Richard   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Gibbs Norma   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Givens Alfred   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Glover C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0016  
Glover Dale   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Glover Doris   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Glover James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Glover Joe Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Glover Lawrence   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Glover Sammy   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Godwin Irene Ms ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Goodwin Matthew Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Graham Emily   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Graham Freddie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Graham Georgia   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Grant Anderson Jr ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Grant Anderson, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Grant Anthony   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Grant Ben Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Grant Eli Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Grant Eva     ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Grant Harry   ColletonHigh-1970-0035  
Grant Irvin   ColletonHigh-1970-0055  
Green Ann   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Green Annie P.   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Green Artherene   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Green Carolyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Green Harry   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Green Henry   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Green Henry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Griffin Calvert   ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Griffin Joan   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Griffin William   ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Griffin William   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Griffin William   ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Griffin William   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Griffin William P. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Grooms J. R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Guidance Counselor     ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Guidance Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Hamilton Isiah  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Hamilton Joseph   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Hamilton Stevie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Hamilton Theodore   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Hamilton Theodore   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Hampleton Bernard   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Hampleton Solomon Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Harris Christopher   ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Harvey Jacqueline   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Harvey Paula   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Harvey Paula   ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Harvey Redell   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Harvey William, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Haynes George Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Haynes Mary Jo   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Haynes Owilender   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Haynes Owillinda   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Haynes Owillinda   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Henderson Charles Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Henderson Patricia   ColletonHigh-1970-0036  
Hill Richardeen   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Hodges Annie C.   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Hodges Emma   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Hodges Emma   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Hodges Harvey Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Hodges Laura Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Holiday Kent   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Holliday Blease Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Holmes Arlene   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Holmes Catherine   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Holmes Cynthia   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Holmes Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Holmes Eva M.   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Holmes Henry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Holmes Jestine   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Holmes Mae B. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Holmes Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Holmes Sherman Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Home Economics     ColletonHigh-1970-0016  
Home Service Finance     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Hudson N. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0022  
Hudson N. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0022  
Hudson N. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Hugine Freddie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Hugine Sandy   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Hurrah For Colleton     ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Ideal Laundry & Dry Cleaners     ColletonHigh-1970-0108  
J. P. Stevens & Company     ColletonHigh-1970-0108  
Jackson Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Jackson Robert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Jamison Inez Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Jenkins Andrew   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Jenkins Claudia Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Jenkins Franklin   ColletonHigh-1970-0037  
Jenkins Franklin, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Jenkins Guy   ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Jenkins Guy   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Jenkins Harry   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Jenkins Helena   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Jenkins Joseph Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Jenkins Leon   ColletonHigh-1970-0056  
Jerido Loretha   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Johnson C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Johnson C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0062  
Johnson Clarence   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Johnson Deola   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Johnson Doris   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Johnson Earl M.   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Johnson F. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0062  
Johnson F.    Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Johnson LeRoy Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Johnson R. C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0023  
Johnson R. C. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0069  
Johnson Walter   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Johnson William   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Jones Benjamin   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Jones Brenda   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Jones Faye   ColletonHigh-1970-0013  
Jones Margaret   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Jones Mark Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Jones Patsy   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Jones Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Jones Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Joyner Walter   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Junior Class Officers     ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Junior Officers     ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
King Flossie   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
King James   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
King Walker   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
King   Mary Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
King Petroleum Co., Inc.     ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Kinney Mary Lou Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Kirkland Nadine   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Kirkpatrick Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Koger James   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Koger Walter Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Krispy Kreme Company     ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Ladson Effie   ColletonHigh-1970-0038  
Ladson Francina   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Ladson Francis Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ladson Ophelia   ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Ladson Ophelia   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Ladson Rufus Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Language Arts     ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Lawton Carrie   ColletonHigh-1970-0087  
Lawton Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Lawton Doris   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Leading Majorette     ColletonHigh-1970-0081  
Levant Amanda   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Levine Glenovis   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Lewis Benjamin   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Lewis Catherine   ColletonHigh-1970-0057  
Lewis Deborah   ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Lewis Deborah   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Lewis Deborah   ColletonHigh-1970-0081  
Lewis E.   Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Lewis Fred  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Lewis Louise G. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Lewis M. K. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0019  
Lewis M. K. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Lewis M. K. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Lewis M. K. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0074  
Lewis M. K. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0077  
Library       ColletonHigh-1970-0078  
Library and Members     ColletonHigh-1970-0078  
Library Science Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0022  
Libson Leon Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Lisbon Concetta   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Louise's Beauty Shop     ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Lynah Mary E. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Lynah Mary Faye   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Lynah Mary Faye   ColletonHigh-1970-0084  
Mack Frederick   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Mack Gloria Jean   ColletonHigh-1970-0088  
Mack Lenora   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Mack Willie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Magwood Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Maloney Minnie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Maloney Robert   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Manigo B. B. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Manigo B. B. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0073  
Manigo C. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Manigo C. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0097  
Manigo C. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0097  
Manigo C. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0099  
Manigo James   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Manigo Mozell   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Manigo Paul Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Manigo Rudolph   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Manigo Willie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Maree Daniel, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Maree Esther   ColletonHigh-1970-0039  
Maree Esther   ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Maree Gloria   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Maree James Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Maree Marilyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
Maree Marilyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Mathematics Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0073  
Mathematics Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
May Queen     ColletonHigh-1970-0090  
McClennon Beverly   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McClennon Beverly   ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
McClennon Gerald   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McClennon Lloyd Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
McKinney George Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
McKinney Randy   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McKinney Randy   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
McKnight Robert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
McKnight Sylvester   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McNeil Sallie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
McNiel Alphonso   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McPherson Paul Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
McPherson Vertel   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McQune M. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
McQune Marguerite   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
McQune Walker Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Melton G. A. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Melton G. A. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0068  
Meminger Harriett   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Meminger Queen   ColletonHigh-1970-0040  
Meminger Vermelle   ColletonHigh-1970-0018  
Meminger Vernelle   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Memminger Joe Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Middleton Catherine   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Middleton J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0077  
Middleton J. B. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Middleton J. B. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Middleton James B. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Middleton Janie   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Middleton Johnny Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Middleton Joshua Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Middleton Lula Ree   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Middleton O. L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Middleton O. L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Middleton O. L. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0073  
Middleton Paul Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Middleton Rhoda   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Middleton Sharon   ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Middleton Sharon   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Miley Inez Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Miley Reatha M.   ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Miley Reatha Mae   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Miss Colleton High School     ColletonHigh-1970-0083  
Miss Freshman     ColletonHigh-1970-0088  
Miss Homecoming     ColletonHigh-1970-0084  
Miss Junior     ColletonHigh-1970-0086  
Miss Senior     ColletonHigh-1970-0085  
Miss Sophomore     ColletonHigh-1970-0087  
Mitchell Albert   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Mitchell Edith Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Mitchell Elizabeth   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Mitchell Lorraine   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Mitchell Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Mitchell Mike Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Mitchell Rosa Lee   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Mixon Elaine   ColletonHigh-1970-0041  
Mixon Sadie Bell Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Mixon Willie   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Moore Anderson Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Moore Dorothy   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Moore G. V. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Moore G. V. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0064  
Morrison Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0088  
Most Attractive And Handsome     ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Most Courteous     ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Most Humorous     ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Most Intellectual     ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Most Likely To Succeed     ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Most Musical     ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Most Popular     ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Most Scholarly     ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Motion - We Move, We Think, We Talk, We Act     ColletonHigh-1970-0004  
Moultrie Janet   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Moultrie Janet   ColletonHigh-1970-0098  
Moultrie Ralph   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Moultrie Ralph   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Moultrie William Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Murray L. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Music Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0019  
Mustipher Beatrice Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Mustipher Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Myers G. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0015  
Myers G. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0063  
Myers G. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0097  
Myers G. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0100  
Myers G.   Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Nelson Maggie   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Nesbit Ethel   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Nesbit William T.   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Nesbitt Emory Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Nesbitt Lawrence   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Nesbitt Lillie R.   ColletonHigh-1970-0058  
Nesbitt William T.   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Nesbitt Willie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Nix Wilsey   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Novit-Siegel Co., Inc.     ColletonHigh-1970-0111  
Officers - Junior Class      ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Officers - Juniors     ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Officers - Senior     ColletonHigh-1970-0078  
Officers - Seniors     ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Oliver Edna Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Oliver Harvey   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Oliver Nehemiah   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Oliver Sarah Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Our School Helpers     ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Palmetto Supply Co., Inc     ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Pate Maude Ms ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
Patrons     ColletonHigh-1970-0112  
Patrons     ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Patrons     ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Pellum Grocery G. C. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Pelzer W. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Pelzer W. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Penceile Robert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Pencile Sarah   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Pendergrass R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Pendergrass R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0067  
Perry Mary P. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Physical Education Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0023  
Picture - Buses     ColletonHigh-1970-0002  
Picture - Students     ColletonHigh-1970-0002  
Picture - Students     ColletonHigh-1970-0003  
Pictures - Basketball - Boys     ColletonHigh-1970-0102  
Pictures - Basketball - Girls     ColletonHigh-1970-0101  
Piggly Wiggly     ColletonHigh-1970-0108  
Pinckney D. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0021  
Pinckney D. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0061  
Pinckney Herman Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Pinckney Lou Helen   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Pinckney Martha Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Polite George Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Polite Geraldine   ColletonHigh-1970-0042  
Queen Of Hearts     ColletonHigh-1970-0089  
Reed Carolyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Reed Charlotte   ColletonHigh-1970-0076  
Reed Claire   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Reed Willie   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Reid Thomas  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Reid Tony   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Rhames James Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Rhames Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Rhodes Audrey   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Rhodes Audrey   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Rhodes Audrey   ColletonHigh-1970-0083  
Rhodes Harold Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Rhodes Matthew   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Rhodes Nathaniel   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Rhodes Phyllis   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Rhodes Willie A. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Rice Sarah Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Riley James D., Sr Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Riley Veronica   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Riley Veronica   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Riley Veronica   ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Rivers Albertha   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Rivers George, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Roberts Loretta   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Robinson Ida Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Rumph Lucile   ColletonHigh-1970-0089  
Russell Dazell   ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Rutledge Sarah   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Rutledge William Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Sams Bernice Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Sams David Lee   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Samuels M. S. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Sanders Hubert   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Sanders Janie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Sanders Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Saxby Ernest Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Saxby Ruby   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Saxby Ruby   ColletonHigh-1970-0043  
Saxby Ruby   ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Saxby Ruby   ColletonHigh-1970-0083  
School Activities     ColletonHigh-1970-0094  
School Bus Drivers     ColletonHigh-1970-0075  
Science Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0072  
Science Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Science Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Scriven Muzria Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Secretaries     ColletonHigh-1970-0010  
Secretary - Assistant Principal     ColletonHigh-1970-0010  
Secretary - Principal     ColletonHigh-1970-0010  
Senior Officers     ColletonHigh-1970-0078  
Seniors     ColletonHigh-1970-0025  
Seniors' Superlatives     ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Shepperd Queen F. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Shepperd Willie     ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Shider Eva   Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Shider Thomas   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Shortest And Tallest     ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Siders Benjamin   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Siders Benjamin   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Siders Benjamin, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Simmons Ada   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Simmons Cynthia   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Simmons Cynthia   ColletonHigh-1970-0087  
Simmons Isaac Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Simmons Myrtis   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Simpson Charles   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Simpson Rebecca   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Simpson Willie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Singleton Clara M .   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Singleton Harry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Singleton Moses Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Singleton Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Singleton Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Singleton Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Smalls Edward Rev & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Smalls F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0097  
Smalls F. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0099  
Smalls F. R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0023  
Smalls F. R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0023  
Smalls F. R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0100  
Smalls James   ColletonHigh-1970-0044  
Smalls LeRoy, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Smalls M. W. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0010  
Smalls Willie   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Smith Annette   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Smoak W. W. Jr ColletonHigh-1970-0108  
Social Studies Club     ColletonHigh-1970-0073  
Social Studies Department     ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Sophomores 10-1     ColletonHigh-1970-0061  
Sophomores 10-10     ColletonHigh-1970-0065  
Sophomores 10-2     ColletonHigh-1970-0061  
Sophomores 10-3     ColletonHigh-1970-0062  
Sophomores 10-4     ColletonHigh-1970-0062  
Sophomores 10-5     ColletonHigh-1970-0063  
Sophomores 10-6     ColletonHigh-1970-0063  
Sophomores 10-7     ColletonHigh-1970-0064  
Sophomores 10-8     ColletonHigh-1970-0064  
Sophomores 10-9     ColletonHigh-1970-0065  
South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.     ColletonHigh-1970-0110  
Sports     ColletonHigh-1970-0096  
Stephens Alex Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Stephens J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Stephens J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0061  
Stephens Jeremiah Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Stephens Penola   ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Stephens Penola   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Stephens Penola   ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Stephens Penola   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Stephens Saundra   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Stephens Tony   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Stewart Cleveland   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Stewart Eddie Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Stewart J. W. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0009  
Strickland  Glenn Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Strickland's Dixie Cleaners     ColletonHigh-1970-0109  
Summers Janice   ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Summers Janice   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Summers Josie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
T & I Supply Center     ColletonHigh-1970-0111  
Table of Contents     ColletonHigh-1970-0005  
Talford B. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0076  
Talford B.   Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0016  
Talford F. L., Jr Mr  ColletonHigh-1970-0008  
Taylor Christover   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Taylor Hazel   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Taylor Hazel   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Taylor Merriet    ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Taylor Merriett   ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Taylor Merriett   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Taylor Merriett, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Taylor R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Taylor R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0023  
Taylor R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0063  
Taylor R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0097  
Taylor R. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0099  
Taylor Raymond P. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Teasdale Edward   ColletonHigh-1970-0026  
Teasdale Edward   ColletonHigh-1970-0045  
Teasdale Patricia   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Teasdell Annie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Teasdell Edward   ColletonHigh-1970-0091  
Tennent's     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
The 1970 Wolverine     ColletonHigh-1970-0000  
The Alma Mater     ColletonHigh-1970-0003  
The Bank of Walterboro     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
The Flower Shop     ColletonHigh-1970-0107  
The Press and Standard     ColletonHigh-1970-0108  
The Principal     ColletonHigh-1970-0008  
Thomas Deloris   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Thomas Marie Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Tillman A. Miss ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Tomlin Peter   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Tucker Levi Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Turner A. J. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Ulmer Albertha   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Ulmer Florrie L. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ulmer Isiah  Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Ulmer Lawrence   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Ulmer LeRoy   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Underclassmen     ColletonHigh-1970-0050  
VanDyke Margaret   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
VanDyke Wilfus Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Vocational     ColletonHigh-1970-0016  
Wade Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Wade Freddie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wade Linnette   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Walker Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0059  
Walker George Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Walker Helen   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Walker James   ColletonHigh-1970-0046  
Walker Neader Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Walterboro, South Carolina     ColletonHigh-1970-0001  
Waring B. R. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Waring B. R. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0011  
Waring B. R. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0072  
Washington Betsy   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
Washington Betty   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Washington Catherine   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
Washington Catherine   ColletonHigh-1970-0085  
Washington Cora   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
Washington Fannie M.   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Washington George Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Washington Harry Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Washington Jessie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Washington Joe Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Washington Linda   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
Washington Ruth   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
Washington Ruth   ColletonHigh-1970-0085  
We Act     ColletonHigh-1970-0005  
We Chat     ColletonHigh-1970-0094  
We Dine     ColletonHigh-1970-0094  
We Study     ColletonHigh-1970-0094  
White Andrew   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
White Anna Bell   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
White David Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
White David Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
White Dianne   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
White Ernest   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
White Eva     ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
White Eva Mae   ColletonHigh-1970-0013  
White George   ColletonHigh-1970-0047  
White George   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
White Joe Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
White Joe Solomon   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
White Joseph Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
White Joseph Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
White Julia Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
White Margaret Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
White Marie   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
White Nell   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
White Rose Mary Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Wiggins C. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0012  
Wiggins C. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0013  
Wiggins C. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0013  
Wiggins C. H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0075  
Wiggins Dean   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
Wiggins Jessie Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wiggins Jessie M.   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Wiggins Jessie Mae   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Wiggins Joe F. Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Wiggins Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
Wiggins Sandra   ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Wilkie Herbert Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wilkie Larry   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
Williams Bobby   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
Williams Carl   ColletonHigh-1970-0017  
Williams Clifton Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Williams Clyde   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
Williams Clyde, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Williams Deborah   ColletonHigh-1970-0084  
Williams Elizabeth   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Williams Geneva   ColletonHigh-1970-0048  
Williams H. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0095  
Williams Haskel Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Williams Haskell   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Williams Jacqueline   ColletonHigh-1970-0092  
Williams Jacquelyn   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Williams Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Williams Mary   ColletonHigh-1970-0076  
Williams Otis   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Williams Otis, Sr Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Williams Pearl S. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Williams Pearl S. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Williams Pearl S. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Williams Pearl S. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Williams Peter Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0113  
Williams Thomasina   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Williams   Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Williams   Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0006  
Wilson Annie Ruth   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Wilson Bertie   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Wilson Della Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wilson Rachel Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wilson Shirley   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Winn Dixie     ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Wolverine Staff     ColletonHigh-1970-0079  
Wolverine Staff Heads     ColletonHigh-1970-0080  
Womble Floretta Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wooten William   ColletonHigh-1970-0051  
Wooten William   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Wright Mabel   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Wright Mabel   ColletonHigh-1970-0093  
Wright Marion   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Wright T. S. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Wright T. S. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0014  
Wright T. S. Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0072  
Wyman E. M. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0020  
Wyman E. M. Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0069  
Wyman Henry Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Wyman Joseph Mr ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Wyman Joseph Mr & Mrs ColletonHigh-1970-0114  
Wyman Micheal   ColletonHigh-1970-0049  
Wyman's Shell Station     ColletonHigh-1970-0106  
Youmans Gloria   ColletonHigh-1970-0060  
Young Cynthia   ColletonHigh-1970-0076