Lodge High School 1949

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
8th Grade     Lodge-1949-0020
9th Grade     Lodge-1949-0019
Activities     Lodge-1949-0028
Advertising     Lodge-1949-0031
Anderson Mae Mrs Lodge-1949-0007
Anderson   Mrs Lodge-1949-0007
Athletics     Lodge-1949-0025
Barnes Grace   Lodge-1949-0007
Barnes James   Lodge-1949-0015
Bell Frances   Lodge-1949-0019
Berry Bobby   Lodge-1949-0007
Berry Bobby   Lodge-1949-0007
Bishop Gloria   Lodge-1949-0019
Bishop Henri   Lodge-1949-0009
Bishop Henri   Lodge-1949-0015
Bishop Llewellyn C. Mrs Lodge-1949-0024
Bishop Service Station     Lodge-1949-0035
Black Electric Company     Lodge-1949-0037
Blank Page     Lodge-1949-0021
Bowers George H.   Lodge-1949-0008
Bowers George Henry   Lodge-1949-0003
Brabham Jimmy   Lodge-1949-0020
Brabham Lucretia Miss Lodge-1949-0007
Brabham Mary Louise   Lodge-1949-0009
Brabham Mary Louise   Lodge-1949-0015
Bunton Faye   Lodge-1949-0019
Bunton Joyce   Lodge-1949-0007
Buster Bishop's     Lodge-1949-0037
Caldwell May Miss Lodge-1949-0022
Caldwell's Grocery     Lodge-1949-0036
Carolina Gin Company     Lodge-1949-0035
Carson Junior   Lodge-1949-0009
Carson Junior   Lodge-1949-0011
Carson Thelma   Lodge-1949-0007
Carter Alice   Lodge-1949-0015
Carter Blanchard   Lodge-1949-0015
Carter Ernestine   Lodge-1949-0019
Carter Mary Pearl   Lodge-1949-0011
Class Mirror     Lodge-1949-0007
Claussen's Bakery     Lodge-1949-0033
Claussen's Bread Co.     Lodge-1949-0038
Clayton B. R. Mr Lodge-1949-0020
Clayton   Mr  Lodge-1949-0007
Clayton   Mr Lodge-1949-0007
Clayton   Mr Lodge-1949-0038
Cleve Fisk     Lodge-1949-0038
Coastal Fruit Company, Incorporated     Lodge-1949-0037
Coleman Geraldine   Lodge-1949-0020
Columbia Commercial College     Lodge-1949-0038
Cone Franklin   Lodge-1949-0019
Cook Mary   Lodge-1949-0019
Cook Mell   Lodge-1949-0019
Copeland Lenora Miss Lodge-1949-0024
Crosby Lucille   Lodge-1949-0011
Crosby Lucille   Lodge-1949-0029
Crosby Vivian   Lodge-1949-0015
Cummings Graham   Lodge-1949-0016
Denmark Implement Company     Lodge-1949-0034
Driggers Carolyn   Lodge-1949-0020
Ed Crosby     Lodge-1949-0038
Ehrhardt Grocery     Lodge-1949-0036
Ehrhardt Pharmacy     Lodge-1949-0035
Elite Frock Shop     Lodge-1949-0036
Fender Roy   Lodge-1949-0019
Fenders Five to a Dollar Store     Lodge-1949-0035
Fifth Grade     Lodge-1949-0023
First Grade     Lodge-1949-0024
Flowers Joseph   Lodge-1949-0020
Folk Merle   Lodge-1949-0003
Folk Merle   Lodge-1949-0008
Fourth Grade     Lodge-1949-0023
Fox Mercantile Company     Lodge-1949-0032
Fralix Gloria   Lodge-1949-0020
Fralix Valma   Lodge-1949-0012
Fralix Valma   Lodge-1949-0029
Freshmen     Lodge-1949-0018
Front Cover     Lodge-1949-0001
Future Farmers of America     Lodge-1949-0030
G. B. Cone     Lodge-1949-0038
G. E. Cave     Lodge-1949-0033
G. P. Sease     Lodge-1949-0038
Gibson Henry   Lodge-1949-0003
Gibson Henry   Lodge-1949-0008
Gibson Henry   Lodge-1949-0009
Gibson L. J.   Lodge-1949-0019
Gibson Loraine   Lodge-1949-0020
Gibson Rae   Lodge-1949-0020
Gibson Violet   Lodge-1949-0004
Gibson Violet   Lodge-1949-0007
Goodwin Doris   Lodge-1949-0020
Goodwin Mary Ann   Lodge-1949-0016
Gunter Eve   Lodge-1949-0020
Gunter   Mr Lodge-1949-0038
Hampton Coco Cola Bottling Company     Lodge-1949-0033
Harriett W. L.   Lodge-1949-0012
Hays Jewelry     Lodge-1949-0036
Herndon Alma G. Mrs Lodge-1949-0023
Herndon Ruth   Lodge-1949-0020
Herndon's Sinclair Service Store     Lodge-1949-0038
Hudson Betty   Lodge-1949-0008
J. H. A.     Lodge-1949-0029
J. I. Thomas     Lodge-1949-0035
Jenness Lois   Lodge-1949-0012
Joe Thomas   Mrs Lodge-1949-0038
Johnhans     Lodge-1949-0040
Johns Pete   Lodge-1949-0007
Johnson Mary Violet   Lodge-1949-0012
Jones Betty Joe   Lodge-1949-0020
Jones Ella Mae   Lodge-1949-0019
Jones Marshall   Lodge-1949-0020
Jones Meryl B. Mrs Lodge-1949-0022
Jones Roy   Lodge-1949-0004
Jones Roy   Lodge-1949-0008
Juniors     Lodge-1949-0010
Kicklighter Kathryn   Lodge-1949-0004
Kicklighter Kathryn   Lodge-1949-0007
Kicklighter Kathryn   Lodge-1949-0029
Kinard Mary Ellen   Lodge-1949-0012
Lance, Inc.     Lodge-1949-0035
Last Will and Testament     Lodge-1949-0009
Lyons Joyce   Lodge-1949-0016
Lyons Kirby   Lodge-1949-0013
Mademoiselle's     Lodge-1949-0036
Martin Jeanne   Lodge-1949-0016
Martin Rosa Lee   Lodge-1949-0005
Martin Rosa Lee   Lodge-1949-0007
Martin Rosa Lee   Lodge-1949-0008
Martin Samuel   Lodge-1949-0020
Martin Thelma   Lodge-1949-0007
McAlhany Frances   Lodge-1949-0019
McMillan Cecily   Lodge-1949-0016
McMillan Chesley Mr Lodge-1949-0038
Miley Doris   Lodge-1949-0019
Miley Juanita   Lodge-1949-0020
Murdaugh Faye   Lodge-1949-0016
Murdaugh Faye   Lodge-1949-0029
Murdaugh Jackie   Lodge-1949-0020
Novit's Fashion Shoppe     Lodge-1949-0036
O'Quinn Jack   Lodge-1949-0007
Padgett James   Lodge-1949-0013
Padgett Moye Jr Lodge-1949-0008
Padgett Moye Jr Lodge-1949-0013
Padgett   Mr Lodge-1949-0007
Padgett   Mr Lodge-1949-0009
Palmetto Baking Company     Lodge-1949-0038
Parnell E. C. Mr Lodge-1949-0038
Parnell Ewell   Lodge-1949-0017
Parnell Madge   Lodge-1949-0020
Parson's Dress Shop     Lodge-1949-0036
Pennington Betty Ann   Lodge-1949-0017
Pennington Betty Ann   Lodge-1949-0029
Peters Furman   Lodge-1949-0009
Peters Furman   Lodge-1949-0017
Polk Heber Mr Lodge-1949-0038
Polk Hershel   Lodge-1949-0020
Polk Jessie Lee   Lodge-1949-0007
Polk Mary   Lodge-1949-0007
Polk Mary   Lodge-1949-0007
Polk Mattie Miss Lodge-1949-0038
Polk Miriam   Lodge-1949-0009
Polk Miriam   Lodge-1949-0017
Polk Norman   Lodge-1949-0020
Polk Preston   Lodge-1949-0019
Polk Theonis   Lodge-1949-0013
Polk Theonis   Lodge-1949-0029
Polk   Mrs Lodge-1949-0023
Ponds Jo Jo   Lodge-1949-0019
Pontious Louise Miss Lodge-1949-0007
Pontious   Miss Lodge-1949-0007
Power   Miss Lodge-1949-0007
Prentis Wholesale Company     Lodge-1949-0035
Press and Standard     Lodge-1949-0038
Prophecy     Lodge-1949-0008
Proveaux Honie   Lodge-1949-0005
Proveaux Honie   Lodge-1949-0007
Proveaux Honie   Lodge-1949-0008
Proveaux Honie   Lodge-1949-0009
Rahn Rachel   Lodge-1949-0020
Rizer's Garage     Lodge-1949-0035
Robison Marie   Lodge-1949-0007
Sauls Margaret   Lodge-1949-0005
Sauls Margaret   Lodge-1949-0007
Sauls Margaret   Lodge-1949-0008
Sauls Margaret   Lodge-1949-0009
Sauls Margaret   Lodge-1949-0029
Sauls Martha Miss Lodge-1949-0019
Sauls Martha Miss Lodge-1949-0029
Sauls Martha Miss Lodge-1949-0029
Sauls Martha Miss Lodge-1949-0038
Sauls   Miss Lodge-1949-0007
School Friends     Lodge-1949-0006
School Gift Service     Lodge-1949-0039
Second Grade     Lodge-1949-0024
Seniors     Lodge-1949-0002
Seventh Grade     Lodge-1949-0022
Simms Toggery     Lodge-1949-0036
Sixth Grade     Lodge-1949-0022
Smith Betty Sue   Lodge-1949-0019
Smith Bill   Lodge-1949-0019
Smith Holland   Lodge-1949-0020
Smith J. G. Mr Lodge-1949-0038
Smith Joe   Lodge-1949-0013
Smith Lillian   Lodge-1949-0019
Smith Marshal   Lodge-1949-0017
Smoak Daniel   Lodge-1949-0019
Smoak Peggy   Lodge-1949-0019
Snapshots - Basketball     Lodge-1949-0026
Snapshots - Basketball     Lodge-1949-0027
Sonny Padgett     Lodge-1949-0038
Sophomores     Lodge-1949-0014
Stahl Lavenia Mrs Lodge-1949-0007
Stahl Lavinia C. Mrs Lodge-1949-0006
Stahl   Mrs Lodge-1949-0017
Stanley Caroline   Lodge-1949-0020
T. D. Gingrey & Sons     Lodge-1949-0038
The Texaco Company     Lodge-1949-0034
Third Grade     Lodge-1949-0023
Town of Lodge     Lodge-1949-0032
Tunstall James   Lodge-1949-0020
Ulmer W. P.   Lodge-1949-0006
Ulmer W. P.   Lodge-1949-0008
Vachout James   Lodge-1949-0011
W. W. Thompson Company, Inc     Lodge-1949-0033
Walling Jack   Lodge-1949-0011
Walling Margie   Lodge-1949-0020
Walling Susie   Lodge-1949-0020
Walterboro Drug Co.     Lodge-1949-0037
Warren Lenora   Lodge-1949-0007
Warren Mary   Lodge-1949-0007
Wildred Willis     Lodge-1949-0038
Willis Wildred Mrs Lodge-1949-0007
Willis   Mrs Lodge-1949-0007
Willis   Mrs Lodge-1949-0007
Willis   Mrs Lodge-1949-0009