Lodge High School 1951

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
A Friend     Lodge-1951-0028
A. H. Wichman     Lodge-1951-0019
Alma G. Herndon   Mrs Lodge-1951-0028
Annual Staff     Lodge-1951-0002
Athletics     Lodge-1951-0015
Avant Carlisle   Lodge-1951-0005
Avant James Carlisle   Lodge-1951-0003
B. R. Clayton   Mr Lodge-1951-0028
Bamberg Construction Co.     Lodge-1951-0025
Bamberg Textile Mills     Lodge-1951-0021
Barnes James   Lodge-1951-0005
Barnes James   Lodge-1951-0015
Barnes James     Lodge-1951-0003
Belcher Carolyn   Lodge-1951-0006
Belk-Hudson Co.     Lodge-1951-0028
Bell Frances   Lodge-1951-0006
Bell Frances   Lodge-1951-0015
Bessie McMillan   Mrs Lodge-1951-0028
Beta Club     Lodge-1951-0012
Betty Carter     Lodge-1951-0028
Bishop A. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Bishop Gloria   Lodge-1951-0006
Bishop Henri   Lodge-1951-0002
Bishop Henri   Lodge-1951-0005
Bishop Henri   Lodge-1951-0005
Bishop J. E. Mrs Lodge-1951-0005
Bishop Jerome Henri   Lodge-1951-0003
Bishop L. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Bishop's Beauty and Barber Shop     Lodge-1951-0025
Black E. F. Mr  Lodge-1951-0002
Bowers Horace   Lodge-1951-0006
Bowers Horace   Lodge-1951-0015
Boys' Basketball     Lodge-1951-0015
Brabham Dorothy   Lodge-1951-0015
Brabham Jimmie   Lodge-1951-0015
Brabham Mary Louise   Lodge-1951-0005
Breland Chevrolet Co.     Lodge-1951-0027
Brown Hardware and Furniture Company     Lodge-1951-0018
Bunton Faye   Lodge-1951-0006
Bunton Faye   Lodge-1951-0015
Bus Drivers     Lodge-1951-0014
Capital Life and Health Insurance Company     Lodge-1951-0026
Carolina Gin Co.     Lodge-1951-0028
Carter Alice   Lodge-1951-0005
Carter Blanchard Jr Lodge-1951-0003
Carter Blanchard   Lodge-1951-0005
Carter's Gulf Service     Lodge-1951-0023
Charles D. Murdaugh     Lodge-1951-0028
Christian Kenneth Mr Lodge-1951-0015
Christian Kenneth Mr Lodge-1951-0015
Class History     Lodge-1951-0005
Claussen Baking Company     Lodge-1951-0022
Clayton B. R. Mr  Lodge-1951-0002
Clayton   Mr Lodge-1951-0005
Clayton   Mr Lodge-1951-0005
Coastal Natural Gas Co.     Lodge-1951-0018
Coco-Cola Bottling Co.     Lodge-1951-0022
Colleton Drugs     Lodge-1951-0026
Colleton Feed & Seed Co.     Lodge-1951-0028
Colleton Implement & Truck Co.     Lodge-1951-0026
Cone Franklin   Lodge-1951-0006
Cone Franklin   Lodge-1951-0015
Cone Motor Sales     Lodge-1951-0024
Connelly G. Mr Lodge-1951-0014
Connelly Millie   Lodge-1951-0015
Connelly Miriam   Lodge-1951-0015
Cook Mary   Lodge-1951-0006
Cook Mary   Lodge-1951-0015
Cook Mell   Lodge-1951-0006
Copeland L. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Corbett Building Supply Co.     Lodge-1951-0024
Corder M. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Corder W. R. Mrs Lodge-1951-0005
Cover - Back - Inside     Lodge-1951-0029
Cover - Back - Outside     Lodge-1951-0030
Crosby Vivian   Lodge-1951-0005
Crosby Motors     Lodge-1951-0025
Crum R. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Cummings Graham   Lodge-1951-0003
Cummings Graham   Lodge-1951-0005
Denmark Implement Co., Inc.     Lodge-1951-0018
Dixie Gas & Electric Co.     Lodge-1951-0026
E. F. Black     Lodge-1951-0028
Earl Bishop     Lodge-1951-0028
Easterlin Furniture Company     Lodge-1951-0024
Edisto Bank     Lodge-1951-0028
Edisto Lumber Company, Inc.     Lodge-1951-0024
Ehrhardt Cooperage Company     Lodge-1951-0016
Eighth Grade     Lodge-1951-0008
Enterprise Hardware Company, Inc.     Lodge-1951-0025
Eugene Fox     Lodge-1951-0028
Faculty     Lodge-1951-0002
Fairey Chevrolet Co., Inc.     Lodge-1951-0024
Farmers and Merchants Bank     Lodge-1951-0020
Fender Roy   Lodge-1951-0006
Fifth Grade     Lodge-1951-0010
First Grade     Lodge-1951-0012
Fourth Grade     Lodge-1951-0010
Fox Mercantile Co.     Lodge-1951-0028
Fralix Laverne   Lodge-1951-0005
Frances W. Stanley   Mrs Lodge-1951-0028
Frank Carter     Lodge-1951-0027
Freshmen     Lodge-1951-0008
Front Cover     Lodge-1951-0000
Future Farmers of America     Lodge-1951-0013
Girls' Basketball     Lodge-1951-0015
Gladys's M. Murray     Lodge-1951-0023
Glee Club     Lodge-1951-0014
Gloria Fralix     Lodge-1951-0028
Goodwin Coke Jr Lodge-1951-0015
Goodwin L. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Goodwin Mary Ann   Lodge-1951-0005
Hayes Jewel     Lodge-1951-0027
Henery Marie Miss Lodge-1951-0005
Henri Bishop     Lodge-1951-0028
Herndon Alma Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Herndon's Stock Yards     Lodge-1951-0019
Hiers E.   Mr Lodge-1951-0014
Hiers M. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Holden Carlisle   Lodge-1951-0015
J. E. Bishop   Mrs Lodge-1951-0028
J. H. Mauldin & Lumber Co.     Lodge-1951-0027
Jennings Farm & Home Supply Company     Lodge-1951-0024
Jo Jo Ponds     Lodge-1951-0028
Junior Homemakers of America     Lodge-1951-0013
Juniors     Lodge-1951-0006
Kearse & Padgett Co.     Lodge-1951-0022
Kenneth Christian     Lodge-1951-0028
Key Carol    Lodge-1951-0015
Kinard Clyde   Lodge-1951-0005
Loadholt Furniture Co.     Lodge-1951-0025
Lois Goodwin   Miss Lodge-1951-0028
Lunchroom Workers     Lodge-1951-0014
Lyons Joyce   Lodge-1951-0015
Lyons Joyce     Lodge-1951-0005
Lyons Joyce Alberta   Lodge-1951-0004
Lyons Lessie Mae   Lodge-1951-0015
Lyons Parker   Lodge-1951-0006
M. Hiers   Mrs Lodge-1951-0028
Malcolm S. Warren & Co.     Lodge-1951-0019
Margaret B. Corder     Lodge-1951-0028
Martin Jeannie Elizabeth   Lodge-1951-0004
Martin Jeannie Elizabeth   Lodge-1951-0005
Martin Jeannie Elizabeth   Lodge-1951-0015
McAlhany Frances   Lodge-1951-0006
McMillan B.   Mrs Lodge-1951-0014
McMillan Cecily   Lodge-1951-0002
McMillan Cecily   Lodge-1951-0005
McMillan Cecily   Lodge-1951-0015
McMillan Joan   Lodge-1951-0015
McMillian Cecily Selena   Lodge-1951-0004
Miley Doris   Lodge-1951-0006
Miley Doris   Lodge-1951-0015
Miley Juanita   Lodge-1951-0015
Miriam Polk     Lodge-1951-0028
Morningstar Nancy   Lodge-1951-0002
Morningstar Nancy   Lodge-1951-0005
Morningstar Nancy   Lodge-1951-0005
Morningstar Nancy   Lodge-1951-0015
Morningstar Nancy Ellen   Lodge-1951-0003
Murdaugh D. Mr Lodge-1951-0014
Murdaugh Faye   Lodge-1951-0005
Murdaugh L. Mrs Lodge-1951-0014
Novit's Shoe Store     Lodge-1951-0023
Nu Idea School Supply Co.     Lodge-1951-0026
O. E. Pritcher   Mr Lodge-1951-0028
Padgett A. Mrs Lodge-1951-0014
Padgett C. M. Mr Lodge-1951-0005
Padgett Mary Catherine   Lodge-1951-0015
Padgett   Mr Lodge-1951-0005
Padgett and Smith     Lodge-1951-0022
Parker R. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Parnell Ewell     Lodge-1951-0005
Parnell Ewell Clinton Jr Lodge-1951-0004
Pearce-Young-Angel Wholesale Foods     Lodge-1951-0028
Pennington Betty Ann   Lodge-1951-0005
Peters Furman   Lodge-1951-0002
Peters Furman   Lodge-1951-0005
Peters Furman   Lodge-1951-0015
Peters Furman Delano   Lodge-1951-0003
Pinckney's Market     Lodge-1951-0026
Polk L. Mr Lodge-1951-0014
Polk M. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Polk Miriam   Lodge-1951-0002
Polk Miriam   Lodge-1951-0005
Polk Preston   Lodge-1951-0006
Polk Preston   Lodge-1951-0015
Polk Retha Miriam   Lodge-1951-0003
Ponds Jo Jo   Lodge-1951-0006
Pontius Louise Miss Lodge-1951-0005
Poultry Farms     Lodge-1951-0020
Power Mary Miss Lodge-1951-0005
Preston Polk     Lodge-1951-0028
Pritcher O. E. Mr  Lodge-1951-0002
Pullman Lunch     Lodge-1951-0022
R. Crum   Miss Lodge-1951-0028
Rentz Ladies Store     Lodge-1951-0026
Ruth Parker   Mrs Lodge-1951-0028
Sauls Martha Miss Lodge-1951-0005
Sauls   Miss Lodge-1951-0005
Saunders     Lodge-1951-0024
Scenes     Lodge-1951-0007
Second Grade     Lodge-1951-0011
Seniors     Lodge-1951-0003
Seventh Grade     Lodge-1951-0009
Sexton Quality Foods     Lodge-1951-0028
Simms Diesel & Equipment Co.     Lodge-1951-0018
Sixth Grade     Lodge-1951-0009
Smith Betty Sue   Lodge-1951-0006
Smith Betty Sue   Lodge-1951-0015
Smith Bill   Lodge-1951-0007
Smith Bill   Lodge-1951-0015
Smith C.   Mr Lodge-1951-0014
Smith Lillian   Lodge-1951-0006
Smith Lula Mae   Lodge-1951-0015
Smith Marshall     Lodge-1951-0005
Smith Marshall McTeer   Lodge-1951-0004
Smith Sybil   Lodge-1951-0015
Smoak Daniel   Lodge-1951-0007
Smoak Daniel   Lodge-1951-0015
Smoak Patsy   Lodge-1951-0015
Smoak Peggy   Lodge-1951-0007
Smoak Peggy   Lodge-1951-0015
Smoak Motors, Inc.     Lodge-1951-0027
Snapshots     Lodge-1951-0017
Sophomores     Lodge-1951-0007
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company     Lodge-1951-0016
Stahl Lavenia Mrs Lodge-1951-0005
Stanley F. Mrs Lodge-1951-0002
Stone Newton   Lodge-1951-0004
Stone Newton   Lodge-1951-0005
Super Service Station     Lodge-1951-0023
Sweat Motor Sales     Lodge-1951-0026
T. D. Gingrey & Sons     Lodge-1951-0024
The Bamberg County Bank     Lodge-1951-0027
The Bank of Walterboro     Lodge-1951-0027
The Beta Club     Lodge-1951-0028
The Enterprise Bank     Lodge-1951-0019
The Flower Shop     Lodge-1951-0025
The Leader 1951     Lodge-1951-0001
The Lodge Beauty Shop     Lodge-1951-0028
The Novit Siegel Co.     Lodge-1951-0026
The Press and Standard     Lodge-1951-0023
The Texas Company     Lodge-1951-0025
Third Grade     Lodge-1951-0011
Tonkel's Glamour Shop     Lodge-1951-0023
W. A. Livingston, Inc.     Lodge-1951-0020
W. C. Pearcy     Lodge-1951-0021
W. R. Corder     Lodge-1951-0028
Walterboro Drub Co.     Lodge-1951-0023
Walterboro Motor Sales     Lodge-1951-0027
Warren & Griffin     Lodge-1951-0020
Western Auto Associate Store     Lodge-1951-0023
Western Auto Associate Store     Lodge-1951-0025
Wilson Charles   Lodge-1951-0005
Woodrow Martin     Lodge-1951-0028