Ruffin High School 1976

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
8th Grade     Ruffin-1976-0053
Academy Homes Inc.     Ruffin-1976-0119
Ackerman Michael   Ruffin-1976-0036
Ackerman Michael   Ruffin-1976-0067
Ackerman Michael   Ruffin-1976-0067
Adams Kirkland   Ruffin-1976-0036
Advertisements     Ruffin-1976-0116
Aiken Anthony   Ruffin-1976-0063
Aiken Francis   Ruffin-1976-0054
Aiken Goldie   Ruffin-1976-0036
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1976-0020
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1976-0033
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1976-0063
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1976-0064
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1976-0078
Aikens Anthony   Ruffin-1976-0048
Aikens Lillie   Ruffin-1976-0100
Allen Bobby Mr Ruffin-1976-0002
Allen Bobby Mr  Ruffin-1976-0067
Allen Bobby Mr  Ruffin-1976-0068
Allen Franklin   Ruffin-1976-0042
Allen   Mr Ruffin-1976-0015
Asten-Hill Mfl. Co.     Ruffin-1976-0121
Auto Parts Supply     Ruffin-1976-0125
Autographs     Ruffin-1976-0126
Autographs     Ruffin-1976-0127
Autographs     Ruffin-1976-0128
Avant's Grocery     Ruffin-1976-0125
B. C. Phillips. MD     Ruffin-1976-0125
Bailey's Pharmacy     Ruffin-1976-0125
Bargain Furniture Co.     Ruffin-1976-0125
Barnhill   Mr Ruffin-1976-0015
Beach Carl    Ruffin-1976-0042
Beasley   Mr Ruffin-1976-0014
Beasley   Mr Ruffin-1976-0090
Beckett Johnny    Ruffin-1976-0067
Behling David   Ruffin-1976-0042
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0020
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0038
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0061
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0062
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0063
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0064
Behling Marion   Ruffin-1976-0068
Belk-Hudson Co.     Ruffin-1976-0125
Bell Jeffrey   Ruffin-1976-0048
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1976-0020
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1976-0026
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1976-0063
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1976-0065
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1976-0085
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1976-0096
Belton Vanessa   Ruffin-1976-0036
Benbow Dondi   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bennett Marshall   Ruffin-1976-0054
Bennett Robert   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bennett   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0013
Benton Cathy   Ruffin-1976-0038
Benton Cathy   Ruffin-1976-0080
Benton Karen   Ruffin-1976-0080
Benton Karen Dale   Ruffin-1976-0020
Benton Kathy     Ruffin-1976-0033
Benton Kathy Gail   Ruffin-1976-0020
Benton Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0036
Benton Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0063
Benton Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0067
Berry Gail   Ruffin-1976-0086
Berry Gayle   Ruffin-1976-0054
Berry Randy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Best All Around     Ruffin-1976-0033
Best Leaders     Ruffin-1976-0033
Best Personality     Ruffin-1976-0032
Beverly Jackie   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bing Kwame   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bishop Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bishop Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0084
Black Alphonso   Ruffin-1976-0048
Black John   Ruffin-1976-0048
Black Leroy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Black Linda Ann   Ruffin-1976-0020
Black Loretta   Ruffin-1976-0054
Black Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0054
Black Sandra     Ruffin-1976-0036
Black Sylvester   Ruffin-1976-0048
Blocker Johnny   Ruffin-1976-0036
Boatwright Annie Ruth   Ruffin-1976-0020
Boatwright Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0042
Boatwright Pearlie   Ruffin-1976-0042
Boles   Mr Ruffin-1976-0015
Bostic Deborah   Ruffin-1976-0054
Bostic Delphine Leonard   Ruffin-1976-0020
Bostic Jackie   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bowden James   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bowden James   Ruffin-1976-0045
Bowden James   Ruffin-1976-0067
Bowman   Mr Ruffin-1976-0012
Bowman   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0014
Boys' Varsity Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0068
Brabham Ronnie   Ruffin-1976-0036
Brabham Ronnie   Ruffin-1976-0037
Brabham Ronnie   Ruffin-1976-0038
Brabham Ronnie   Ruffin-1976-0086
Branch Rockefeller Mr Ruffin-1976-0131
Branch   Mr Ruffin-1976-0015
Breland Bill   Ruffin-1976-0048
Breland Clara   Ruffin-1976-0054
Breland Kelvin   Ruffin-1976-0054
Breland Lamar   Ruffin-1976-0054
Breland Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0042
Breland Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0061
Breland Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0063
Breland Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0078
Breland Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bright   Mr Ruffin-1976-0004
Bright   Mr Ruffin-1976-0015
Bright   Mr Ruffin-1976-0093
Brooks George   Ruffin-1976-0036
Brooks Rochelle   Ruffin-1976-0054
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0061
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0062
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0063
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0064
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0068
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0068
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0078
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0079
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0079
Brooks Rodney     Ruffin-1976-0032
Brooks Rodney Wendell   Ruffin-1976-0021
Broughton Angela   Ruffin-1976-0042
Broughton Angela   Ruffin-1976-0084
Broughton Cindy   Ruffin-1976-0048
Brown Barbara     Ruffin-1976-0105
Brown Barbara Angela   Ruffin-1976-0021
Brown Carolyn   Ruffin-1976-0054
Brown David   Ruffin-1976-0048
Brown Emily   Ruffin-1976-0054
Brown Herman   Ruffin-1976-0036
Brown Herman   Ruffin-1976-0063
Brown Isaac   Ruffin-1976-0054
Brown Karen   Ruffin-1976-0080
Brown Karen     Ruffin-1976-0042
Brown Margaret   Ruffin-1976-0021
Brown Marvin   Ruffin-1976-0036
Brown Maxine   Ruffin-1976-0054
Brown Peter   Ruffin-1976-0048
Brown Virgil   Ruffin-1976-0054
Brown Willie     Ruffin-1976-0054
Browns Hardware     Ruffin-1976-0119
Brunson Clarence   Ruffin-1976-0036
Brunson Laverne   Ruffin-1976-0048
Brunson Nancy   Ruffin-1976-0054
Bryant Alfred Fred   Ruffin-1976-0021
Bryant Barbara     Ruffin-1976-0048
Bryant Betty   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bryant Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0036
Bryant Cindy   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bryant Dave   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bryant Frankie   Ruffin-1976-0054
Bryant Isreal   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bryant Juanita   Ruffin-1976-0048
Bryant Kathy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Bryant Leon Mr Ruffin-1976-0017
Bryant Lillie   Ruffin-1976-0042
Bryant Liston   Ruffin-1976-0054
Bryant Mary   Ruffin-1976-0036
Bryant   Mr  Ruffin-1976-0084
Bryant   Mr Ruffin-1976-0100
Buckner Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0048
Buckner Kathy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Buckner Mary Alice   Ruffin-1976-0036
Buckner Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0021
Buckner Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0036
Buckner Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0063
Buckner Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0065
Bus Drivers     Ruffin-1976-0094
Byrd   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0015
C. J. Deloach. DVM     Ruffin-1976-0124
Campbell Tommy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Campbell Tommy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Capers Loretta   Ruffin-1976-0054
Capers Tony   Ruffin-1976-0061
Capers Tony   Ruffin-1976-0063
Capers Tony   Ruffin-1976-0064
Capers Tony Gerard   Ruffin-1976-0021
Carmicheal Oil and Gas Company     Ruffin-1976-0122
Carroll Thomas   Ruffin-1976-0085
Carroll Thomas Allen   Ruffin-1976-0021
Carter Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0042
Carter Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0070
Carter   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0016
Carter Mimms     Ruffin-1976-0124
Cheerleaders     Ruffin-1976-0080
Chisolm Anthony   Ruffin-1976-0054
Chisolm Benison   Ruffin-1976-0054
Chisolm John   Ruffin-1976-0054
Chisolm John   Ruffin-1976-0067
Chisolm Melvin   Ruffin-1976-0054
Chorus     Ruffin-1976-0089
Clubs     Ruffin-1976-0083
Coastal Production Credit Association     Ruffin-1976-0121
Cobbs Gertrude   Ruffin-1976-0021
Cobbs Joseph   Ruffin-1976-0054
Cobbs Rodney   Ruffin-1976-0048
Coggins Cheryl   Ruffin-1976-0055
Coggins Robert   Ruffin-1976-0042
Colleton Drugs     Ruffin-1976-0125
Cook Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0055
Cook Ronnie   Ruffin-1976-0055
Cook Steve   Ruffin-1976-0063
Cook Steve   Ruffin-1976-0065
Cook Steve   Ruffin-1976-0096
Cook Steven Daniel   Ruffin-1976-0022
Copeland Lonnie   Ruffin-1976-0048
Copeland Sherry   Ruffin-1976-0055
Cover - Back     Ruffin-1976-0132
Cover - Front     Ruffin-1976-0000
Crosby Angelo   Ruffin-1976-0055
Crosby Angelo   Ruffin-1976-0067
Crosby Barbara     Ruffin-1976-0055
Crosby Micheal   Ruffin-1976-0042
Crosby Priscilla   Ruffin-1976-0042
Crosby Priscilla   Ruffin-1976-0080
Crosby Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0042
Crosby Theresa   Ruffin-1976-0042
Crosby William   Ruffin-1976-0036
Crosby Winfred   Ruffin-1976-0048
Crosby Winfred   Ruffin-1976-0067
Crosby   Mr Ruffin-1976-0012
Crosby Herndon Music Center     Ruffin-1976-0125
Cummings Lewis   Ruffin-1976-0048
Cundiff Richard   Ruffin-1976-0084
Cundiff Richard Henry   Ruffin-1976-0022
Daniels Emma   Ruffin-1976-0048
Daniels Roland   Ruffin-1976-0055
Dantzler Nancy   Ruffin-1976-0048
Dantzler Rita   Ruffin-1976-0105
Dantzler Rita Florence   Ruffin-1976-0022
Davis Jack    Ruffin-1976-0055
Dayco Corporation     Ruffin-1976-0120
DeLong Charles   Ruffin-1976-0048
Delong Terri   Ruffin-1976-0055
Docter Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0048
Dopson Tommy   Ruffin-1976-0036
Dopson's Shell     Ruffin-1976-0124
Dr. R. J. Herrin     Ruffin-1976-0124
Drain Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0042
Drain Ervin   Ruffin-1976-0055
Drain Hattie   Ruffin-1976-0036
Drain Josie   Ruffin-1976-0055
Drama Club     Ruffin-1976-0091
Dubois Ed   Ruffin-1976-0063
Dubois Ed   Ruffin-1976-0067
Dubois James   Ruffin-1976-0055
DuBois Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0048
Dubois Shawn   Ruffin-1976-0036
Editors     Ruffin-1976-0088
Edwards Iris   Ruffin-1976-0036
Edwards Iris   Ruffin-1976-0109
Edwards Stanley   Ruffin-1976-0048
Edwards Zelda   Ruffin-1976-0055
Enterprise Hardware     Ruffin-1976-0123
Features     Ruffin-1976-0099
Federal Land Bank Association     Ruffin-1976-0121
Fender Robert   Ruffin-1976-0048
Fennell Gregory   Ruffin-1976-0049
Fennell Gregory   Ruffin-1976-0067
Fennell Michael   Ruffin-1976-0067
Fennell Micheal   Ruffin-1976-0042
Ferguson Rose   Ruffin-1976-0055
First Federal Savings & Loan     Ruffin-1976-0118
First National Trust and Savings Bank     Ruffin-1976-0120
Football     Ruffin-1976-0062
Fox Dean   Ruffin-1976-0055
Fralix Glenn   Ruffin-1976-0063
Fralix Glenn   Ruffin-1976-0064
Fralix Glenn     Ruffin-1976-0026
Fralix Glenn Micheal   Ruffin-1976-0022
Fralix Mary   Ruffin-1976-0042
Franklin James   Ruffin-1976-0065
Franklin James Lee   Ruffin-1976-0022
Franklin Lee   Ruffin-1976-0068
Franklin Lee   Ruffin-1976-0078
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1976-0022
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1976-0026
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1976-0032
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1976-0085
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1976-0088
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1976-0105
Fred Parker Funeral Home     Ruffin-1976-0124
Freshmen     Ruffin-1976-0047
Fryar Cheryl   Ruffin-1976-0049
Fryar Debbie   Ruffin-1976-0085
Fryar Debbie Linda   Ruffin-1976-0022
Fryar Elvis   Ruffin-1976-0036
Fryar Elvis   Ruffin-1976-0036
Fryar Kenneth   Ruffin-1976-0049
Future Farmers of America     Ruffin-1976-0096
Future Homemakers of America     Ruffin-1976-0087
Gant Tyrone   Ruffin-1976-0055
Garris Eddie   Ruffin-1976-0042
Gate Station # 53     Ruffin-1976-0124
George Kate Mrs Ruffin-1976-0017
Gillard Arthur Mr Ruffin-1976-0017
Girls' Varsity Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0070
Givens Mark     Ruffin-1976-0032
Givens Mark Anthony   Ruffin-1976-0022
Givens Melinda   Ruffin-1976-0055
Gladys M. Murray     Ruffin-1976-0124
Glover Alice   Ruffin-1976-0043
Godley David   Ruffin-1976-0055
Godley David   Ruffin-1976-0061
Godley David   Ruffin-1976-0062
Godley David   Ruffin-1976-0063
Godley David   Ruffin-1976-0065
Godley David   Ruffin-1976-0088
Godley David Charles   Ruffin-1976-0023
Godley Ralph   Ruffin-1976-0036
Godley Steve   Ruffin-1976-0049
Goff Elbert   Ruffin-1976-0055
Goff Jacqueline   Ruffin-1976-0049
Goff Jacqueline   Ruffin-1976-0109
Goff Joey   Ruffin-1976-0043
Goff Joey   Ruffin-1976-0063
Goff Joey   Ruffin-1976-0078
Goff Joey   Ruffin-1976-0079
Goff Linda     Ruffin-1976-0105
Goff Marcelle   Ruffin-1976-0033
Goff Marcelle   Ruffin-1976-0102
Goff Marcelle   Ruffin-1976-0103
Goff Marcelle     Ruffin-1976-0026
Goff Marcelle Darlene   Ruffin-1976-0023
Goff   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0016
Goodwin Colene   Ruffin-1976-0055
Grace's Discount Center     Ruffin-1976-0117
Grant Arlene   Ruffin-1976-0049
Grant Deborah Mann   Ruffin-1976-0023
Grant Elijah   Ruffin-1976-0043
Grant Frederick   Ruffin-1976-0036
Grant Kelvin   Ruffin-1976-0043
Grant Loretta   Ruffin-1976-0055
Grant Theodore   Ruffin-1976-0049
Grant Veronica   Ruffin-1976-0043
Grant Vesselene Elizabeth   Ruffin-1976-0023
Grant Vincent   Ruffin-1976-0063
Grant Vincent   Ruffin-1976-0064
Grant Vincent Edward   Ruffin-1976-0023
Grayson Sidney   Ruffin-1976-0049
Grayson Sidney   Ruffin-1976-0067
Green Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0055
Green Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0061
Green Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0070
Green Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0105
Green Brenda     Ruffin-1976-0032
Green Brenda Gail   Ruffin-1976-0023
Green Irene   Ruffin-1976-0043
Green Janice   Ruffin-1976-0023
Green Jimmy   Ruffin-1976-0049
Green Joe Lewis   Ruffin-1976-0049
Green Linda     Ruffin-1976-0043
Green Linda     Ruffin-1976-0080
Green Richard   Ruffin-1976-0055
Green   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0013
Griffith Raysor Mr  Ruffin-1976-0062
Griffith   Mr Ruffin-1976-0016
Griffith   Mr  Ruffin-1976-0070
Griffith   Mr  Ruffin-1976-0078
Gymnastics     Ruffin-1976-0076
Gymnastics     Ruffin-1976-0077
H. S. Price Insurance Agency     Ruffin-1976-0121
Hairphenalia     Ruffin-1976-0125
Hamilton Funeral Home     Ruffin-1976-0124
Hardin Lawrence Wade   Ruffin-1976-0023
Hardin Loria   Ruffin-1976-0055
Hardin Myrtle   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hardin Myrtle   Ruffin-1976-0080
Hardin Myrtle   Ruffin-1976-0107
Harley Ernest   Ruffin-1976-0049
Harris Frederick   Ruffin-1976-0055
Harrison Robin   Ruffin-1976-0036
Hartley Micheal   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hartley Micheal   Ruffin-1976-0063
Hasty Susan   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hasty Susan   Ruffin-1976-0044
Hayes Sheila   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hayes Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0056
Hayes Wilhemena   Ruffin-1976-0024
Henderson Charlene   Ruffin-1976-0037
Henderson Charlene   Ruffin-1976-0080
Henderson Charlene   Ruffin-1976-0100
Henderson Charlene   Ruffin-1976-0107
Henderson Daphne   Ruffin-1976-0056
Henderson Kathy   Ruffin-1976-0056
Heritage 1976     Ruffin-1976-0001
Heritage Staff     Ruffin-1976-0093
Herndon Richard Kenneth   Ruffin-1976-0024
Herndon Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0096
Hiers Alberta   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hiers June   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hiers Mary   Ruffin-1976-0037
Hiers Mary   Ruffin-1976-0070
Hiers Rose   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hiers Vera   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hiott's Pharmacy     Ruffin-1976-0124
Hodges Crystal   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hodges Ethel   Ruffin-1976-0056
Hodges John Maurice   Ruffin-1976-0024
Hodges Johnny   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hodges Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0037
Hodges Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0084
Hodges Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0109
Hodges Terry   Ruffin-1976-0024
Hodges Terry   Ruffin-1976-0033
Hodges Zenobia   Ruffin-1976-0056
Hollman James   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hollman Joseph   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hollman Ray   Ruffin-1976-0056
Homecoming Queen     Ruffin-1976-0104
Honor Society     Ruffin-1976-0085
Hudson James   Ruffin-1976-0037
Hudson Kim   Ruffin-1976-0043
Hudson Lois   Ruffin-1976-0049
Hudson Lois   Ruffin-1976-0100
Hyder   Miss Ruffin-1976-0012
Hyder   Miss Ruffin-1976-0049
Inabinet Micheal   Ruffin-1976-0043
Isadore Bogoslow     Ruffin-1976-0124
J. P. Stevens and Co., Inc.     Ruffin-1976-0122
J. Ryan Buddin. DMD     Ruffin-1976-0125
J. V. Football     Ruffin-1976-0067
Jackson James   Ruffin-1976-0049
Jackson Roger   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jackson V. Gregory     Ruffin-1976-0125
James Tracy   Ruffin-1976-0006
James P. Harrelson     Ruffin-1976-0125
Jamison Alinda   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jamison Derrick     Ruffin-1976-0032
Jamison Derrick Anthony   Ruffin-1976-0024
Jamison Lenora   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jamison Nancy   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jamison Priscilla   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jamison Randy   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jamison Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jamison Wilbur   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jenkins Arnold   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jenkins Arnold   Ruffin-1976-0067
Jenkins Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0049
Jenkins Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jenkins Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0100
Jenkins Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0107
Jenkins Floyd   Ruffin-1976-0049
Jenkins Gennell   Ruffin-1976-0024
Jenkins Harold   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jenkins Harold   Ruffin-1976-0044
Jenkins Harold   Ruffin-1976-0086
Jenkins Harold   Ruffin-1976-0108
Jenkins James   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jenkins Jasper   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jenkins Kenneth   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jenkins Larry   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jenkins Larry   Ruffin-1976-0063
Jenkins Linda     Ruffin-1976-0056
Jenkins Manda   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jenkins Stanley   Ruffin-1976-0049
Jenkins Terrance   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jenkins Terry   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jenny's House of Flowers     Ruffin-1976-0118
Jimmy's Shell     Ruffin-1976-0124
Johns Jessie   Ruffin-1976-0056
Johns Jessie   Ruffin-1976-0067
Johns Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0056
Johns Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0067
Johns  Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0038
Johnson Clyde   Ruffin-1976-0043
Johnson Clyde   Ruffin-1976-0045
Johnson Elijah   Ruffin-1976-0056
Johnson Marilyn   Ruffin-1976-0043
Johnson Tony   Ruffin-1976-0056
Johnson Tony   Ruffin-1976-0067
Johnson Valerie   Ruffin-1976-0080
Johnson Vallerie   Ruffin-1976-0037
Johnson Vallerie   Ruffin-1976-0070
Jones Cathy   Ruffin-1976-0024
Jones Cathy   Ruffin-1976-0033
Jones Cathy   Ruffin-1976-0107
Jones Cray   Ruffin-1976-0049
Jones Dwight   Ruffin-1976-0067
Jones Ethel   Ruffin-1976-0024
Jones Furman   Ruffin-1976-0025
Jones Furman   Ruffin-1976-0063
Jones Furman   Ruffin-1976-0065
Jones Furman   Ruffin-1976-0068
Jones Furman   Ruffin-1976-0078
Jones Jacob   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jones Johnny   Ruffin-1976-0043
Jones Johnny Lee   Ruffin-1976-0063
Jones Joseph   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jones Oranette   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jones Patrease   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jones Patrease   Ruffin-1976-0107
Jones Randy   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jones Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0037
Jones   Mr Ruffin-1976-0016
Jordan Benita   Ruffin-1976-0056
Joyner Betty   Ruffin-1976-0056
Joyner Donald   Ruffin-1976-0049
Joyner Lyndon   Ruffin-1976-0056
Jumper Judith   Ruffin-1976-0049
Juniors     Ruffin-1976-0035
Kelly Scott   Ruffin-1976-0057
Kicklighter Riley   Ruffin-1976-0063
Kicklighter Riley   Ruffin-1976-0064
Kicklighter Riley   Ruffin-1976-0078
Kicklighter Russell Riley   Ruffin-1976-0025
Kinard Donald   Ruffin-1976-0037
Kinard James T.   Ruffin-1976-0056
Kinard Lillie   Ruffin-1976-0044
Kinard Mike   Ruffin-1976-0049
Kinard Salley   Ruffin-1976-0049
Kinard Stephen   Ruffin-1976-0044
Kirkland Kenneth   Ruffin-1976-0049
Lai   Mr Ruffin-1976-0012
Lee Calvin   Ruffin-1976-0037
Lee Calvin   Ruffin-1976-0037
Leonard R. A. Mr Ruffin-1976-0010
Leonard   Mr Ruffin-1976-0100
Lewis Jerry   Ruffin-1976-0044
Lewis Tyrone   Ruffin-1976-0057
Library Club     Ruffin-1976-0090
Linder Anthony   Ruffin-1976-0049
Linder Bernard   Ruffin-1976-0049
Linder Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0050
Linder Harriet   Ruffin-1976-0044
Linder Hattie   Ruffin-1976-0037
Linder Johnny   Ruffin-1976-0037
Linder Ray   Ruffin-1976-0037
Linder Ray   Ruffin-1976-0068
Linder Robert   Ruffin-1976-0057
Linder Roger   Ruffin-1976-0057
Lingard Daniel   Ruffin-1976-0044
Lingard Daniel   Ruffin-1976-0063
Lingard Daniel   Ruffin-1976-0067
Lingard Dennis   Ruffin-1976-0057
Lingard Dennis   Ruffin-1976-0067
Lingard Herman   Ruffin-1976-0050
Lingard Neal   Ruffin-1976-0057
Lingard Neal   Ruffin-1976-0067
Lingard Patricia   Ruffin-1976-0044
Lingard Precious   Ruffin-1976-0057
Litchfield Dean   Ruffin-1976-0063
Litchfield Dean   Ruffin-1976-0064
Litchfield Dean   Ruffin-1976-0078
Litchfield Dean   Ruffin-1976-0096
Litchfield Richard Dean Jr Ruffin-1976-0025
Lloyd   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0014
Lloyd   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0085
Lollar Willis   Ruffin-1976-0057
Lolly Bridgett   Ruffin-1976-0057
Lowery Mattie   Ruffin-1976-0050
Lyons Dale   Ruffin-1976-0044
Lyons Dale   Ruffin-1976-0063
Lyons Janet Marie   Ruffin-1976-0025
Lyons Mack   Ruffin-1976-0037
Lyons Pam   Ruffin-1976-0050
Lyons Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0057
Lyons Todd   Ruffin-1976-0050
Lyons Wendell   Ruffin-1976-0025
Maloney Keith   Ruffin-1976-0044
Maloney Keith   Ruffin-1976-0067
Marsh Frankie   Ruffin-1976-0044
Martin Alice   Ruffin-1976-0057
Martin Jackie   Ruffin-1976-0037
Martin Robert   Ruffin-1976-0044
Martin Wayne   Ruffin-1976-0037
Martin Wayne   Ruffin-1976-0037
Martin Wayne   Ruffin-1976-0044
Mary Carter Paints     Ruffin-1976-0123
Matthews Lela   Ruffin-1976-0050
Matthews Raleigh Lee   Ruffin-1976-0025
McCoy Leslie   Ruffin-1976-0057
McGahan Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0037
McMillan Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0057
McMillan Donnell   Ruffin-1976-0037
McMillan Donnell   Ruffin-1976-0067
McMillan Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0057
McMillan   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0014
Mears   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0013
Merritt Cathy   Ruffin-1976-0050
Middleton Sandra   Ruffin-1976-0070
Middleton Sandra   Ruffin-1976-0105
Middleton Sandra Yvette   Ruffin-1976-0025
Mill End Store     Ruffin-1976-0125
Miss Band     Ruffin-1976-0109
Miss Chorus     Ruffin-1976-0109
Miss Eighth Grade     Ruffin-1976-0107
Miss Freshmen     Ruffin-1976-0107
Miss Junior     Ruffin-1976-0106
Miss Ruffin Cyclone     Ruffin-1976-0036
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-1976-0102
Miss Senior     Ruffin-1976-0106
Miss Sophomore     Ruffin-1976-0106
Miss Spanish Club     Ruffin-1976-0109
Mitchell Carleen   Ruffin-1976-0037
Mitchell Carleen   Ruffin-1976-0080
Mitchell Carleen   Ruffin-1976-0105
Mitchell Jimmy   Ruffin-1976-0037
Mitchell Jimmy   Ruffin-1976-0067
Mitchell Kelvin   Ruffin-1976-0044
Mitchell Tommy   Ruffin-1976-0057
Moffit Alan   Ruffin-1976-0032
Moffitt Alan   Ruffin-1976-0026
Moffitt Alan   Ruffin-1976-0085
Moffitt Jeffrey   Ruffin-1976-0036
Moffitt Robert Alan   Ruffin-1976-0025
Mole Avis   Ruffin-1976-0057
Moore Avis   Ruffin-1976-0050
Moore Dustrilla Annie   Ruffin-1976-0028
Moore James   Ruffin-1976-0096
Moore James Anthony Jr Ruffin-1976-0028
Moore Stanley   Ruffin-1976-0057
Moore Willie     Ruffin-1976-0033
Moore Willie James Jr Ruffin-1976-0028
Mosely Larry   Ruffin-1976-0028
Moses   Miss Ruffin-1976-0013
Mosley Arlene   Ruffin-1976-0037
Mosley Diane      Ruffin-1976-0105
Mosley Dianne   Ruffin-1976-0037
Mosley Dianne   Ruffin-1976-0100
Mosley Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0057
Most Athletic     Ruffin-1976-0032
Most Dependable     Ruffin-1976-0033
Most Intelligent     Ruffin-1976-0032
Most Likely to Succeed     Ruffin-1976-0032
Most Talented     Ruffin-1976-0033
Moultrie Eugene   Ruffin-1976-0028
Mr and Miss Heritage     Ruffin-1976-0108
Murdaugh Barbara     Ruffin-1976-0057
Murdaugh Barbara     Ruffin-1976-0100
Murdaugh Carolyn   Ruffin-1976-0037
Murdaugh Donnell   Ruffin-1976-0050
Murdaugh Gloria   Ruffin-1976-0037
Murdaugh John   Ruffin-1976-0050
Murdaugh Johnnie   Ruffin-1976-0050
Murdaugh Terry   Ruffin-1976-0037
Murdaugh Todd   Ruffin-1976-0050
Murray Grady Jr Ruffin-1976-0028
Myers Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0057
Myers Randall   Ruffin-1976-0037
Nettles Dean   Ruffin-1976-0036
Nettles Dean   Ruffin-1976-0038
Nettles Dean   Ruffin-1976-0084
Nettles Duncan   Ruffin-1976-0050
Nettles Karl   Ruffin-1976-0050
Nettles Karl   Ruffin-1976-0067
Nichols Tommy   Ruffin-1976-0038
Nichols Tommy   Ruffin-1976-0038
Novit Siegel Co.     Ruffin-1976-0124
Novits Shoe Store     Ruffin-1976-0124
Novits Shoe Store     Ruffin-1976-0125
O'Quinns' Grocery     Ruffin-1976-0120
Padgett Norma   Ruffin-1976-0057
Parker Dorothy   Ruffin-1976-0028
Parker Gloria   Ruffin-1976-0057
Parker Larry Donald   Ruffin-1976-0028
Parson's Dress Shop     Ruffin-1976-0124
Phillips Laura Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0028
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0026
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0033
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0070
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0080
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0093
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0105
Piggly Wiggly     Ruffin-1976-0121
Polk Cindy   Ruffin-1976-0050
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1976-0033
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1976-0084
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1976-0085
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1976-0093
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1976-0104
Polk Debbie     Ruffin-1976-0026
Polk Debra Rae   Ruffin-1976-0029
Polk Diane   Ruffin-1976-0044
Polk Diane   Ruffin-1976-0108
Polk Diane G.   Ruffin-1976-0103
Polk Diane Garris   Ruffin-1976-0085
Polk Dianne Garris   Ruffin-1976-0029
Polk Dianne Garris   Ruffin-1976-0103
Polk Mark     Ruffin-1976-0044
Preacher C. L.   Ruffin-1976-0057
Proveaux Anita   Ruffin-1976-0038
Proveaux Anita   Ruffin-1976-0070
Proveaux Arnold   Ruffin-1976-0044
Proveaux Mickey   Ruffin-1976-0057
Queen of Hearts     Ruffin-1976-0100
Rahn Christine   Ruffin-1976-0044
Rahn Darren   Ruffin-1976-0057
Ramsey's Cash Store     Ruffin-1976-0123
Reagon Curtis   Ruffin-1976-0058
Reagon Joann   Ruffin-1976-0058
Reeves Brantley Mr  Ruffin-1976-0062
Reeves   Mr Ruffin-1976-0011
Reeves   Mr  Ruffin-1976-0078
Reeves   Mr  Ruffin-1976-0084
Reid James   Ruffin-1976-0037
Reid James   Ruffin-1976-0038
Reid James   Ruffin-1976-0086
Risher Doann   Ruffin-1976-0044
Risher Estelle   Ruffin-1976-0038
Risher Jerome   Ruffin-1976-0050
Risher Joann   Ruffin-1976-0038
Risher Lloyd   Ruffin-1976-0050
Risher Sidney   Ruffin-1976-0058
Rivers Johnny   Ruffin-1976-0044
Rizer Phillip   Ruffin-1976-0050
Roach Eugene   Ruffin-1976-0058
Robertson Electric Co.     Ruffin-1976-0124
Robinson Greg    Ruffin-1976-0079
Rogers Celeste Miss Ruffin-1976-0089
Rogers   Miss Ruffin-1976-0013
Ross Vernessa   Ruffin-1976-0029
Russell D. Warren     Ruffin-1976-0116
Ryan Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0058
Ryan Miriam   Ruffin-1976-0058
Ryan Sandra   Ruffin-1976-0058
Salley Deborah   Ruffin-1976-0044
Salley Deborah   Ruffin-1976-0105
Salley Deborah     Ruffin-1976-0044
Salley Debra   Ruffin-1976-0086
Salley Gail   Ruffin-1976-0044
Salley Gerald   Ruffin-1976-0058
Salley Janette   Ruffin-1976-0058
Salley John   Ruffin-1976-0038
Salley John   Ruffin-1976-0068
Salley Lewis   Ruffin-1976-0044
Salley Lewis   Ruffin-1976-0068
Salley Pamela   Ruffin-1976-0058
Salley Paul   Ruffin-1976-0044
Salley Wendell   Ruffin-1976-0050
Sampson Cheryl   Ruffin-1976-0050
Sampson James   Ruffin-1976-0050
Sampson James   Ruffin-1976-0058
Sampson Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0105
Sampson Sharon     Ruffin-1976-0032
Sampson Sharon Abigail   Ruffin-1976-0029
Sam's Texaco     Ruffin-1976-0125
Samuels Jeffrey   Ruffin-1976-0044
Sanders Abigail   Ruffin-1976-0058
Sanders Doris   Ruffin-1976-0058
Sanders John   Ruffin-1976-0058
Sanders Mary   Ruffin-1976-0058
Sanders Phyllis   Ruffin-1976-0050
Sanders Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0058
Sauls Jake   Ruffin-1976-0058
Seawell Peggy   Ruffin-1976-0050
Senior Superlatives     Ruffin-1976-0032
Seniors     Ruffin-1976-0019
Sharpe Thomas   Ruffin-1976-0058
Shaw Ernie   Ruffin-1976-0036
Shaw Ernie   Ruffin-1976-0050
Simmons Gwen   Ruffin-1976-0006
Simmons Gwendolyn   Ruffin-1976-0058
Simmons Sheila   Ruffin-1976-0044
Smalls Marilyn   Ruffin-1976-0050
Smoak Mary   Ruffin-1976-0044
Smoak. Howell, Bridge and Moody     Ruffin-1976-0125
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0001
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0004
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0005
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0006
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0007
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0008
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0009
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0013
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0018
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0019
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0026
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0027
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0034
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0035
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0039
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0040
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0041
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0046
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0047
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0052
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0060
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0061
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0083
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0091
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0092
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0098
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0099
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0101
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0112
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0113
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0114
Snapshots     Ruffin-1976-0115
Snapshots      Ruffin-1976-0082
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0069
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0071
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0072
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0073
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0074
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1976-0075
Snapshots - Bus Drivers     Ruffin-1976-0095
Snapshots - Cheerleaders     Ruffin-1976-0081
Snapshots - FFA     Ruffin-1976-0097
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1976-0066
Snapshots - Homecoming     Ruffin-1976-0105
Snapshots - Sports     Ruffin-1976-0110
Snapshots - Sports     Ruffin-1976-0111
Sophomores     Ruffin-1976-0041
Spanish Club     Ruffin-1976-0092
Spell Darlene   Ruffin-1976-0058
Spires Patsy Mrs Ruffin-1976-0089
Spires   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0016
Spires   Mr Ruffin-1976-0016
Spires   Mr  Ruffin-1976-0043
Spires   Mr Ruffin-1976-0045
Spires   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0053
Spires   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0093
Sponsors     Ruffin-1976-0117
Sports     Ruffin-1976-0061
Spry Lynn   Ruffin-1976-0044
Stanfield Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0050
Stanfield Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0070
Stanfield Brenda   Ruffin-1976-0100
Stanfield Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0058
Stanfield Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0063
Stanley's Welding & Maintenance Service     Ruffin-1976-0118
Star Studio     Ruffin-1976-0119
Stephens Alfred   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stephens Alfred     Ruffin-1976-0045
Stephens Betty   Ruffin-1976-0058
Stephens Bruce   Ruffin-1976-0044
Stephens Bruce   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stephens Bruce   Ruffin-1976-0086
Stephens Denise   Ruffin-1976-0050
Stephens Donnie Ruth   Ruffin-1976-0029
Stephens Frank   Ruffin-1976-0063
Stephens Frank   Ruffin-1976-0068
Stephens Frank   Ruffin-1976-0078
Stephens Frank   Ruffin-1976-0079
Stephens Frank Edward   Ruffin-1976-0029
Stephens Gerald   Ruffin-1976-0029
Stephens Gerald   Ruffin-1976-0038
Stephens Gerald   Ruffin-1976-0063
Stephens Hosea   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stephens James   Ruffin-1976-0038
Stephens James   Ruffin-1976-0068
Stephens James   Ruffin-1976-0078
Stephens Juanita   Ruffin-1976-0050
Stephens Larry   Ruffin-1976-0058
Stephens Marketer   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stephens Odessa Mrs Ruffin-1976-0017
Stephens Ralph   Ruffin-1976-0050
Stephens Santonie   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stephens Scott   Ruffin-1976-0058
Stephens Stanley   Ruffin-1976-0029
Stephens   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0016
Stephens   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0042
Stephens' Laundromat     Ruffin-1976-0122
Stevens Gerald   Ruffin-1976-0067
Stevens Stanley   Ruffin-1976-0063
Stevens Stanley   Ruffin-1976-0067
Steward Michael   Ruffin-1976-0050
Steward William   Ruffin-1976-0058
Stokes Barbara     Ruffin-1976-0051
Stokes Beverly   Ruffin-1976-0038
Stokes Cynthia   Ruffin-1976-0058
Stokes Joann   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stokes Katherine   Ruffin-1976-0045
Stokes Meriah   Ruffin-1976-0059
Stokes Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1976-0030
Stoll Joy   Ruffin-1976-0100
Stone Desie   Ruffin-1976-0059
Stone June Rose   Ruffin-1976-0030
Strickland Allen   Ruffin-1976-0030
Strickland Allen   Ruffin-1976-0033
Student Council     Ruffin-1976-0084
Summer   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0051
Summers Mary Mrs Ruffin-1976-0017
Summers   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0087
Summers   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0100
Sweat Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Imp-Inc.     Ruffin-1976-0122
Table of Contents     Ruffin-1976-0003
Taylor Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0059
Tennant's Children's Wear - Gifts     Ruffin-1976-0118
The Marching Patriots     Ruffin-1976-0086
The Press & Standard     Ruffin-1976-0118
The Sportsman     Ruffin-1976-0124
Thomas John   Ruffin-1976-0038
Thomas Kenny   Ruffin-1976-0059
Thomas Nelson   Ruffin-1976-0038
Thomas Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0051
Tommie's Truck Stop     Ruffin-1976-0123
Track     Ruffin-1976-0078
Tripp Michael   Ruffin-1976-0051
Tripp Tami   Ruffin-1976-0059
Vance Jasper   Ruffin-1976-0063
Vanhorn Rufus Jr Ruffin-1976-0030
Vanhorn Rufus   Ruffin-1976-0068
Vanhorn Rufus   Ruffin-1976-0096
Variety Shed     Ruffin-1976-0125
Varn Cleveland   Ruffin-1976-0063
Varn Matthew   Ruffin-1976-0078
Varn  Mack   Ruffin-1976-0063
Varns Cleveland   Ruffin-1976-0051
Varns Cleveland   Ruffin-1976-0067
Varns Cleveland   Ruffin-1976-0067
Varns Gerald   Ruffin-1976-0059
Varns Matthew   Ruffin-1976-0030
W. C. Pearcy Farm Equipment     Ruffin-1976-0121
W. E. Stone's Grocery     Ruffin-1976-0125
Walker Wanda   Ruffin-1976-0045
Walker Wanda   Ruffin-1976-0070
Walker Wanda   Ruffin-1976-0080
Walling John   Ruffin-1976-0038
Walling John H.   Ruffin-1976-0063
Walterboro C & S Auto Parts     Ruffin-1976-0123
Walterboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc.     Ruffin-1976-0119
Walterboro Dress Corp.     Ruffin-1976-0125
Walterboro FCX     Ruffin-1976-0124
Walterboro Motor Sales     Ruffin-1976-0124
Walterboro Office Equipment     Ruffin-1976-0120
Walters Kenneth   Ruffin-1976-0059
Walters Patricia   Ruffin-1976-0045
Walters Roger   Ruffin-1976-0030
Walters Roger   Ruffin-1976-0061
Walters Roger   Ruffin-1976-0062
Walters Roger   Ruffin-1976-0063
Walters Roger   Ruffin-1976-0065
Walters Ronald   Ruffin-1976-0045
Walters Roy   Ruffin-1976-0059
Warren Alexander   Ruffin-1976-0026
Warren Alexander   Ruffin-1976-0030
Warren Alexander   Ruffin-1976-0033
Warren Alexander   Ruffin-1976-0086
Warren Alexander   Ruffin-1976-0096
Warren Beth   Ruffin-1976-0059
Warren Catherine   Ruffin-1976-0026
Warren Catherine   Ruffin-1976-0032
Warren Catherine   Ruffin-1976-0070
Warren Catherine   Ruffin-1976-0084
Warren Catherine   Ruffin-1976-0085
Warren Catherine Geneva   Ruffin-1976-0030
Warren James Leo   Ruffin-1976-0031
Warren Joey   Ruffin-1976-0031
Warren Joey   Ruffin-1976-0063
Warren Joey   Ruffin-1976-0065
Warren's Greenhouse     Ruffin-1976-0117
Washington Lee   Ruffin-1976-0063
Western Auto OK Tire Service     Ruffin-1976-0125
Western Shop     Ruffin-1976-0123
Who's Who     Ruffin-1976-0026
Wiggens Dianne Margaret   Ruffin-1976-0031
Wiggins Carolyn   Ruffin-1976-0038
Wiggins Charlie   Ruffin-1976-0038
Wiggins Dianne   Ruffin-1976-0051
Wiggins Ernell   Ruffin-1976-0051
Wiggins Michael   Ruffin-1976-0038
Wiggins Myra   Ruffin-1976-0045
Williams Arlene   Ruffin-1976-0100
Williams Bernard   Ruffin-1976-0045
Williams David   Ruffin-1976-0044
Williams David   Ruffin-1976-0086
Williams David Allen   Ruffin-1976-0031
Williams Denise   Ruffin-1976-0038
Williams Diane   Ruffin-1976-0045
Williams Hattie   Ruffin-1976-0038
Williams Kunteza   Ruffin-1976-0038
Williams Kunteza   Ruffin-1976-0038
Williams Marion   Ruffin-1976-0051
Williams Meredith   Ruffin-1976-0059
Williams Randall   Ruffin-1976-0038
Williams Rosemary   Ruffin-1976-0059
Williams Sharon   Ruffin-1976-0045
Williams Shirley   Ruffin-1976-0059
Williams Thomas     Ruffin-1976-0031
Williams Veronica   Ruffin-1976-0059
Williams Veronica   Ruffin-1976-0100
Williams Veronica   Ruffin-1976-0100
Williams Pharmacy     Ruffin-1976-0121
Wittiest     Ruffin-1976-0033
Wrice Lorenzo   Ruffin-1976-0038
Wrice Reginald   Ruffin-1976-0045
Wrice Yvonne   Ruffin-1976-0045
Wyman Adell   Ruffin-1976-0059
Wyman Joseph   Ruffin-1976-0059
Yates Carol    Ruffin-1976-0059
Yates Freddie   Ruffin-1976-0038
Yates Jonathon   Ruffin-1976-0059
Yates Patricia   Ruffin-1976-0031
Yates Paul   Ruffin-1976-0045
Yates Phyllis   Ruffin-1976-0038
Yates Ricky   Ruffin-1976-0038
Yates Ruby   Ruffin-1976-0059
Yates Thomas   Ruffin-1976-0038
Young Virginia Mrs Ruffin-1976-0092
Young   Mrs Ruffin-1976-0016
Youngwear Products Inc.     Ruffin-1976-0118