South Carolina Methodists began an institution on this site in 1892 naming it Carlisle Fitting School for James H Carlisle, President of Wofford College (1875-1902).  It served as a coeducational preparatory institution for Wofford. 

 Colonel James F. Risher arrived at Carlisle Fitting School in 1924, serving as science teacher and quartermaster was elected as headmaster.  It was indeed a testament to Colonel Risher's faith in Carlisle Fitting School that he leased Carlisle Fitting School from the Methodist Church in 1932. Then in 1938, as the Methodist Church was considering to close Carlisle Fitting School entirely, Colonel Risher offered to purchase Carlisle Fitting School from the Methodist Church. The future of Carlisle Fitting School was secured when Colonel Risher's offer was accepted, and Carlisle Fitting School was thereafter known as Carlisle Military School. Colonel Risher serving as headmaster of Carlisle Military School until 1958, when his son (William R.) was named as his successor. Another major event occurred in 1958 when Colonel Risher purchased Camden Academy in Camden, SC, naming another son, (Lanning P.), as the headmaster of what would henceforth be known as Camden Military Academy. Colonel Risher carried his "life's calling" forward as president of both institutions until his death in 1973.

For completed History of Carlisle Fitting School Click Here to view the history from the book Carlisle & Camden - A Centennial History.

For completed History of Carlisle Military School Click Here to view the history from the book Carlisle & Camden - A Centennial History.

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CFS is for Carlisle Fitting School of Wofford College was established in 1892 before being purchased in 1938 by Colonel Risher.


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