Cottageville High School 1955

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
Ackerman Alice   Cottageville-1955-0010
Ackerman Bruce   Cottageville-1955-0006
Ackerman Carrie Lou Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Ackerman James A.   Cottageville-1955-0008
Ackerman James Allen   Cottageville-1955-0007
Ackerman Jay   Cottageville-1955-0006
Ackerman Jay   Cottageville-1955-0008
Ackerman Jefferson C. Jr Cottageville-1955-0007
Ackerman Mamie Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Ackerman Marilyn   Cottageville-1955-0014
Activities     Cottageville-1955-0021
Adams Betty Joan   Cottageville-1955-0010
Adams Dick   Cottageville-1955-0013
Adams Dick   Cottageville-1955-0014
Adams Elizabeth   Cottageville-1955-0010
Adams Gerald   Cottageville-1955-0010
Adams Lula Mae   Cottageville-1955-0012
Adams Mary Ruth   Cottageville-1955-0012
Adams No First Name   Cottageville-1955-0010
Addison Jackie   Cottageville-1955-0001
Addison Jacqueline   Cottageville-1955-0006
Addison Jacqueline   Cottageville-1955-0008
Addison Jacqueline Lucile   Cottageville-1955-0007
Advertisements     Cottageville-1955-0037
Alma Mater     Cottageville-1955-0002
Anderson A. M. Mr Cottageville-1955-0006
Anderson Alvin M. Mr  Cottageville-1955-0004
Annual Staff     Cottageville-1955-0022
Bailey Charles   Cottageville-1955-0012
Baker's Jewelery     Cottageville-1955-0045
Basketball Team - Boys     Cottageville-1955-0028
Basketball Team - Girls     Cottageville-1955-0028
Bazzle Ann   Cottageville-1955-0012
Bazzle Jeanette   Cottageville-1955-0014
Bazzle Olin   Cottageville-1955-0010
Benton Kathleen   Cottageville-1955-0010
Benton Kathleen   Cottageville-1955-0033
Best All Round     Cottageville-1955-0036
Best Disposition     Cottageville-1955-0036
Best Dressed     Cottageville-1955-0035
Best Looking     Cottageville-1955-0035
Best Personality     Cottageville-1955-0036
Beta Club     Cottageville-1955-0024
Bill's City Barber Shop     Cottageville-1955-0045
Bishop Carl   Cottageville-1955-0013
Bishop Carl   Cottageville-1955-0014
Blank Page     Cottageville-1955-0000c
Blank Page     Cottageville-1955-0048
Blank Page     Cottageville-1955-0049
Boy's Basketball Team     Cottageville-1955-0028
Breland Buddy   Cottageville-1955-0008
Breland Eva Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Breland Robert Franklin   Cottageville-1955-0007
Bridge Maxie   Cottageville-1955-0014
Bridge No First Name   Cottageville-1955-0014
Brown Thelma Mrs Cottageville-1955-0004
Brown Hardware and Furniture Company     Cottageville-1955-0046
Cales Barbara     Cottageville-1955-0014
Cattles Rogernelle   Cottageville-1955-0010
Center Grocery     Cottageville-1955-0041
Cheer Leaders     Cottageville-1955-0023
Classes     Cottageville-1955-0005
Coastal Natural Gas, Co.     Cottageville-1955-0047
Coburg Dairies, Inc     Cottageville-1955-0041
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Inc.     Cottageville-1955-0041
Colleton Feed & Seed Company     Cottageville-1955-0044
Collier Everet P. Mr Cottageville-1955-0004
Collier Everet P. Mr Cottageville-1955-0011
Cone Myrtle   Cottageville-1955-0030
Cone Myrtle     Cottageville-1955-0008
Cone Myrtle Lee   Cottageville-1955-0007
Cone's Grocery     Cottageville-1955-0047
Cook Dennis   Cottageville-1955-0009
Cook Dennis   Cottageville-1955-0010
Corbett Jerry Willis Miss Cottageville-1955-0004
Corbett Jerry Willis Miss Cottageville-1955-0009
Corbett Building Supply Co.     Cottageville-1955-0046
Cover - Back     Cottageville-1955-0052
Cover - Back - Inside - Left     Cottageville-1955-0050
Cover - Back - Inside - Right     Cottageville-1955-0051
Cover - Front     Cottageville-1955-0000
Cover - Front - Inside - Left     Cottageville-1955-0000a
Cover - Front - Inside - Right     Cottageville-1955-0000b
Crosby Isaiah   Cottageville-1955-0012
Cutest     Cottageville-1955-0035
Cypress and Pine     Cottageville-1955-0001
Dandridge Robert Ernest   Cottageville-1955-0014
Dandridge's Service Station     Cottageville-1955-0042
Dave Cannon Amoco Products     Cottageville-1955-0047
Dedication     Cottageville-1955-0003
Dodd Edith     Cottageville-1955-0008
Dodd Edith McLane   Cottageville-1955-0007
Earl Durham ESSO Service Center     Cottageville-1955-0045
Easterlin Furniture Company     Cottageville-1955-0042
Economy Drug Store     Cottageville-1955-0041
Eighth Grade     Cottageville-1955-0015
Elementary Faculty     Cottageville-1955-0016
Elite Frock Shop     Cottageville-1955-0040
Enterprise Hardware Company, Inc.     Cottageville-1955-0044
F. F. A.     Cottageville-1955-0026
Farmers & Merchants Bank     Cottageville-1955-0038
Features     Cottageville-1955-0029
Ferguson Louise   Cottageville-1955-0012
Fifth Grade     Cottageville-1955-0017
First Grade     Cottageville-1955-0019
Foreword     Cottageville-1955-0003
Fourth Grade     Cottageville-1955-0018
Free Bobby   Cottageville-1955-0008
Free Robert Linwood   Cottageville-1955-0007
Freshmen     Cottageville-1955-0013
Future Teacher's Club     Cottageville-1955-0024
G. S. Pierce     Cottageville-1955-0046
Gatch Nancy   Cottageville-1955-0010
Gibson-Kemp Drugs     Cottageville-1955-0040
Girl's Basketball Team     Cottageville-1955-0028
Gladys M. Murray     Cottageville-1955-0044
Glee Club     Cottageville-1955-0025
Griffith Lillian Mrs Cottageville-1955-0004
Griffith Madison Mr Cottageville-1955-0003
Griffith Madison Mr Cottageville-1955-0016
Griffith Madison H. Mr Cottageville-1955-0004
H. L. Rhode     Cottageville-1955-0044
Halloween Carnival Queen     Cottageville-1955-0031
Hayes Jewelers     Cottageville-1955-0047
Hiers Drive-In Grill     Cottageville-1955-0043
High School Faculty     Cottageville-1955-0004
Hinton Barbara J.   Cottageville-1955-0014
Hinton Bobbie J.   Cottageville-1955-0013
Hiotts Pharmacy     Cottageville-1955-0040
Hoff Alice   Cottageville-1955-0014
Hoff Connie Mae   Cottageville-1955-0008
Hoff Connie Mae   Cottageville-1955-0008
Hoff Jewel   Cottageville-1955-0014
Hoff Virgil   Cottageville-1955-0014
Hubert Dandridge     Cottageville-1955-0041
Hughes Virginia   Cottageville-1955-0010
Ideal Laundry & Cleaners     Cottageville-1955-0042
J. H. A.     Cottageville-1955-0026
Jacques Billy   Cottageville-1955-0006
Jacques Billy   Cottageville-1955-0008
Jacques Patricia   Cottageville-1955-0010
Jacques William Ray Jr Cottageville-1955-0007
Janitor     Cottageville-1955-0016
Johnson Vineta Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Johnston Carolyn   Cottageville-1955-0010
Johnston Hazel   Cottageville-1955-0011
Johnston Hazel   Cottageville-1955-0012
Johnston Lenora   Cottageville-1955-0007
Johnston Lenora   Cottageville-1955-0008
Junior 4-H     Cottageville-1955-0027
Juniors     Cottageville-1955-0009
L. P. Jorden     Cottageville-1955-0044
Laziest     Cottageville-1955-0035
Lunchroom Workers     Cottageville-1955-0016
M. L. Ackerman     Cottageville-1955-0041
Mademoiselle's     Cottageville-1955-0040
Mascots     Cottageville-1955-0006
McMillan Betty Jean   Cottageville-1955-0034
McMillian Betty Jean   Cottageville-1955-0011
McMillian Betty Jean   Cottageville-1955-0012
Metts Nellie Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Mill-End Store     Cottageville-1955-0042
Miss Channel 2     Cottageville-1955-0031
Miss Cottageville High     Cottageville-1955-0032
Miss Freshman     Cottageville-1955-0034
Miss Hi Miss     Cottageville-1955-0030
Miss Junior     Cottageville-1955-0033
Miss Senior     Cottageville-1955-0033
Miss Sophomore     Cottageville-1955-0034
Most Athletic     Cottageville-1955-0036
Most Carefree     Cottageville-1955-0035
Most Courteous     Cottageville-1955-0035
Most Dependable     Cottageville-1955-0036
Most Intelligent     Cottageville-1955-0036
Most Like To Succeed     Cottageville-1955-0036
Most Popular     Cottageville-1955-0035
Most Talented     Cottageville-1955-0035
Music Club     Cottageville-1955-0025
Neatest     Cottageville-1955-0036
Nilson Tire Service     Cottageville-1955-0039
North Martin   Cottageville-1955-0012
Novit's Fashion Shoppe     Cottageville-1955-0039
Padgett Elizabeth Mrs Cottageville-1955-0003
Padgett Elizabeth Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Palmetto Supply Company     Cottageville-1955-0045
Paper Staff     Cottageville-1955-0022
Parsons Dress Shop     Cottageville-1955-0044
Peoples Pharmacy     Cottageville-1955-0040
Perry Sarah   Cottageville-1955-0010
Pinckney's Market     Cottageville-1955-0040
Pullman Lunch     Cottageville-1955-0043
Radio Music Co.     Cottageville-1955-0042
Redman Pauline   Cottageville-1955-0012
Reed Edna   Cottageville-1955-0033
Reed Edna     Cottageville-1955-0031
Reed Edna Mae   Cottageville-1955-0006
Reed Edna Mae   Cottageville-1955-0008
Reed Edna Mae   Cottageville-1955-0008
Reed Jimmy   Cottageville-1955-0011
Reed Jimmy   Cottageville-1955-0012
Reeves Evelyn Mrs Cottageville-1955-0004
Reeves Legare   Cottageville-1955-0010
Reeves Myona   Cottageville-1955-0010
Reeves Thomas   Cottageville-1955-0013
Reeves Thomas   Cottageville-1955-0014
Reeves William     Cottageville-1955-0010
Rhode's Gulf Service Station and Garage     Cottageville-1955-0044
Second Grade     Cottageville-1955-0019
Senior 4-H     Cottageville-1955-0027
Senior Superlatives     Cottageville-1955-0036
Seniors     Cottageville-1955-0006
Seventh Grade     Cottageville-1955-0015
Simms Toggery     Cottageville-1955-0040
Sixth Grade     Cottageville-1955-0017
Smith Carrie Moye   Cottageville-1955-0009
Smith Carrie Moye   Cottageville-1955-0010
Smoak J. M.   Cottageville-1955-0014
Snapshots     Cottageville-1955-0020
Sophomores     Cottageville-1955-0011
Spell Andrew   Cottageville-1955-0011
Spell Andrew   Cottageville-1955-0012
Spell Annie Lee Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Spell De Ann   Cottageville-1955-0009
Spell De Ann   Cottageville-1955-0010
Spell Paul  Mr Cottageville-1955-0016
Spell's Red and White     Cottageville-1955-0044
Still's Barber Shop     Cottageville-1955-0042
Stokes Geraldine   Cottageville-1955-0014
Student Council     Cottageville-1955-0023
Surofchek Patricia   Cottageville-1955-0012
Taylor Linda   Cottageville-1955-0006
Ted C. Hodges Agency     Cottageville-1955-0045
The Bank of Walterboro     Cottageville-1955-0038
The Flower Shop     Cottageville-1955-0045
The Novit-Siegel Co.     Cottageville-1955-0039
The Press and Standard     Cottageville-1955-0043
Third Grade     Cottageville-1955-0018
Thomas F. B. Mrs Cottageville-1955-0004
Thomas Francis   Cottageville-1955-0012
Thomas Lou Ellyn   Cottageville-1955-0031
Thompson's     Cottageville-1955-0045
Tracey's Dry Cleaners     Cottageville-1955-0047
Tumbleston Thomas   Cottageville-1955-0012
Turner Ann   Cottageville-1955-0010
Turner Gertrude W. Mrs Cottageville-1955-0004
Turner Gertrude W. Mrs Cottageville-1955-0013
Tuten Fern   Cottageville-1955-0001
Tuten Fern   Cottageville-1955-0006
Tuten Fern   Cottageville-1955-0008
Tuten Fern   Cottageville-1955-0008
Tuten Marguerite Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Tuten Parma   Cottageville-1955-0013
Tuten Parma   Cottageville-1955-0014
Tuten Parma   Cottageville-1955-0032
Tuten Patsy   Cottageville-1955-0014
Tuten Patsy   Cottageville-1955-0034
W. C. Pearcy     Cottageville-1955-0040
W. F. Breland, Jr     Cottageville-1955-0045
Walter Drug Co.     Cottageville-1955-0042
Walterboro Tractor & Equipment Co.     Cottageville-1955-0043
Western Auto Associate Store     Cottageville-1955-0047
Williams Jennie Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Willis Ethel Mrs Cottageville-1955-0016
Wittiest     Cottageville-1955-0035
Youmans Mary   Cottageville-1955-0009
Youmans Mary   Cottageville-1955-0010
Young Patricia   Cottageville-1955-0014