Walterboro High School 1926

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Year-Page
A. Wichman & Son     Walterboro-1926-0092
Ackerman Dorothy   Walterboro-1926-0045
Ackerman Dorothy   Walterboro-1926-0066
Ackerman Dorothy   Walterboro-1926-0068
Ackerman Dorothy   Walterboro-1926-0071
Ackerman Judson   Walterboro-1926-0042
Ackerman Judson   Walterboro-1926-0057
Ackerman L. H.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Ackerman   Dr Walterboro-1926-0007
Adams Catherine   Walterboro-1926-0042
Agriculture Club     Walterboro-1926-0065
Agriculture Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0065
Alford L. W. Mr Walterboro-1926-0011
Alma Mater     Walterboro-1926-0002
Art Floral Company     Walterboro-1926-0090
Athletic Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0060
Athletics     Walterboro-1926-0051
Atkinson Dorine   Walterboro-1926-0042
Avant Italine   Walterboro-1926-0042
Avant Italine   Walterboro-1926-0059
Ayer Maude   Walterboro-1926-0045
Bailey Annie Rea   Walterboro-1926-0048
Bailey Esma   Walterboro-1926-0045
Bank of Walterboro     Walterboro-1926-0088
Barnes Emory   Walterboro-1926-0042
Barnes Emory   Walterboro-1926-0058
Barnes Evelyn   Walterboro-1926-0068
Barnes   Rev Walterboro-1926-0078
Baseball Team     Walterboro-1926-0058
Beach C.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Beach Ella Mae   Walterboro-1926-0048
Beach Klein   Walterboro-1926-0038
Beach Klein     Walterboro-1926-0034
Beach Klein Brantly (Coaster)   Walterboro-1926-0017
Beach Miles   Walterboro-1926-0045
Beach Miles   Walterboro-1926-0068
Beach Myrtle   Walterboro-1926-0048
Beach Willis    Walterboro-1926-0042
Beach   Mr Walterboro-1926-0007
Beach Brothers Merchants     Walterboro-1926-0089
Bell H. M. Jr Walterboro-1926-0034
Bell Marion   Walterboro-1926-0016
Bell Marion   Walterboro-1926-0038
Bell Marion   Walterboro-1926-0058
Bell Marion   Walterboro-1926-0066
Bell Marion   Walterboro-1926-0068
Bell Marion   Walterboro-1926-0080
Bell Marion (Dumb Bell)   Walterboro-1926-0017
Bennett Vera   Walterboro-1926-0068
Benton Bernice   Walterboro-1926-0048
Benton Wilma   Walterboro-1926-0042
Benton Wilma   Walterboro-1926-0068
Berry Arue   Walterboro-1926-0045
Best all round Senior     Walterboro-1926-0038
Best dressed     Walterboro-1926-0038
Best liked subject     Walterboro-1926-0038
Biggest     Walterboro-1926-0038
Biggest shiek     Walterboro-1926-0038
Biggest vamp     Walterboro-1926-0038
Biggest woman hater     Walterboro-1926-0038
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0038
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0038
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0062
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0064
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0064
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0066
Black Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0070
Black Herbert M. (Herb)   Walterboro-1926-0018
Black Q. B.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Black   Senator Walterboro-1926-0034
Blank Page     Walterboro-1926-0000a
Blank Page     Walterboro-1926-0000b
Blank Page     Walterboro-1926-0000c
Blank Page     Walterboro-1926-0099
Blank Page     Walterboro-1926-0100
Blank Page     Walterboro-1926-0101
Blocker Annaree   Walterboro-1926-0048
Blocker Jessie   Walterboro-1926-0048
Blocker Louise   Walterboro-1926-0042
Blocker Pearl   Walterboro-1926-0045
Board of Trustees     Walterboro-1926-0007
Bogoslow Isadore   Walterboro-1926-0048
Bogoslow Isadore   Walterboro-1926-0070
Bowen Eudelle   Walterboro-1926-0048
Boys Basketball Team     Walterboro-1926-0057
Brabham Carolyn   Walterboro-1926-0016
Brabham Carolyn   Walterboro-1926-0034
Brabham Carolyn   Walterboro-1926-0059
Brabham Carolyn   Walterboro-1926-0059
Brabham Carolyn   Walterboro-1926-0071
Brabham Carolyn (Carrie)   Walterboro-1926-0018
Brabham Carrie   Walterboro-1926-0038
Brabham Carrie   Walterboro-1926-0038
Brabham Carrie   Walterboro-1926-0062
Brabham Carrie   Walterboro-1926-0076
Breland Bessie   Walterboro-1926-0042
Breland L. T.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Breland Robert   Walterboro-1926-0045
Breland Thelma   Walterboro-1926-0045
Bridge Virgie   Walterboro-1926-0042
Bridge Virgie   Walterboro-1926-0068
Brown Howard   Walterboro-1926-0042
Brown Howard   Walterboro-1926-0057
Brown Howard   Walterboro-1926-0062
Brown Clothing Company     Walterboro-1926-0094
Brown-Easterlin Co.     Walterboro-1926-0087
Buckner Lucile   Walterboro-1926-0045
Buckner Lucile   Walterboro-1926-0062
Buckner Lucile   Walterboro-1926-0068
Buckner Lucille   Walterboro-1926-0045
Buckner Lucille   Walterboro-1926-0070
Butler Mary   Walterboro-1926-0048
Caldwell Madison   Walterboro-1926-0042
Carolina Floral Store     Walterboro-1926-0092
Carter Edith   Walterboro-1926-0048
Carter Faye   Walterboro-1926-0042
Carter L. T.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Carter Ralph   Walterboro-1926-0045
Carter Ralph   Walterboro-1926-0058
Carter Ralph   Walterboro-1926-0064
Carter Ralph   Walterboro-1926-0070
Cast of Characters     Walterboro-1926-0068
Charleston Trunk Co. Inc.     Walterboro-1926-0088
Chero Cola Co.     Walterboro-1926-0090
Class Prophecy     Walterboro-1926-0034
Classes     Walterboro-1926-0014
Cohen Pearl   Walterboro-1926-0048
Cohen R. T.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Cohen Sidney   Walterboro-1926-0045
Cohen Sidney   Walterboro-1926-0057
Cohen Sydney   Walterboro-1926-0058
Cohen Sydney   Walterboro-1926-0068
Colleton Banking Company     Walterboro-1926-0089
Copeland Carl   Walterboro-1926-0048
Copleston's Klendry     Walterboro-1926-0091
Cover - Back     Walterboro-1926-0102
Cover - Front     Walterboro-1926-0000
Crosby Aletha     Walterboro-1926-0035
Crosby Aletha Mae    Walterboro-1926-0019
Crosby Ethel   Walterboro-1926-0042
Crosby F. B.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Crosby J. C.   Walterboro-1926-0045
Crosby Lloyd   Walterboro-1926-0045
Crosby Marie   Walterboro-1926-0045
Crosby Pascal   Walterboro-1926-0042
Crosby Pascal   Walterboro-1926-0057
Crosby Pascal   Walterboro-1926-0057
Crosby Pascal   Walterboro-1926-0058
Crosby Pascal   Walterboro-1926-0068
Crosby Riddick   Walterboro-1926-0048
Cutest boy     Walterboro-1926-0038
Cutest girl     Walterboro-1926-0038
Debators     Walterboro-1926-0070
Dedication     Walterboro-1926-0005
Domestic Science Class     Walterboro-1926-0069
Drawdy Ruby   Walterboro-1926-0045
Drawdy Thomas   Walterboro-1926-0048
Drawdy Willis    Walterboro-1926-0062
E. C. Bouvette     Walterboro-1926-0090
Easterlin Evelyn   Walterboro-1926-0045
Easterlin Evelyn   Walterboro-1926-0068
Easterlin George   Walterboro-1926-0048
Easterlin Margaret   Walterboro-1926-0048
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0042
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0042
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0055
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0062
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0062
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0068
EsDorn Helen   Walterboro-1926-0071
F. W. Wagener & Company     Walterboro-1926-0093
Faculty     Walterboro-1926-0009
Features     Walterboro-1926-0073
Fender Fairy   Walterboro-1926-0042
Fennell Elwood   Walterboro-1926-0045
Finkelstein Adele Miss Walterboro-1926-0011
Fishburne C. L.   Walterboro-1926-0035
Fishburne Clara Mrs Walterboro-1926-0011
Fishburne Clarence   Walterboro-1926-0066
Fishburne Clarence L. (Solly)   Walterboro-1926-0019
Fishburne Elise   Walterboro-1926-0045
Fishburne Elise   Walterboro-1926-0062
Fishburne Elise   Walterboro-1926-0062
Fishburne Frances   Walterboro-1926-0042
Fishburne Helen   Walterboro-1926-0045
Fishburne Ida Mae Miss Walterboro-1926-0012
Fishburne Ida May Miss Walterboro-1926-0071
Fishburne L. G.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Forward     Walterboro-1926-0003
Francis Kate   Walterboro-1926-0042
Francis Lula   Walterboro-1926-0045
Frank Benny   Walterboro-1926-0042
Frank Benny   Walterboro-1926-0058
Frank Benny   Walterboro-1926-0068
Frank Benny   Walterboro-1926-0070
Frank Letitia   Walterboro-1926-0045
Freshman     Walterboro-1926-0047
G. W. Kessler     Walterboro-1926-0094
Gas Engine & Elec. Co.     Walterboro-1926-0091
Gatch Georgia   Walterboro-1926-0042
Gatch Georgia   Walterboro-1926-0068
Gatch Georgie   Walterboro-1926-0071
Gatch Mary   Walterboro-1926-0042
Gatch Mary   Walterboro-1926-0068
Gatch Mary   Walterboro-1926-0071
Girls Basketball Team     Walterboro-1926-0059
Girls Campus     Walterboro-1926-0069
Girls' Glee Club     Walterboro-1926-0071
Givens Theodore   Walterboro-1926-0042
Glover Emily   Walterboro-1926-0045
Glover Henrietta   Walterboro-1926-0042
Glover Henrietta   Walterboro-1926-0059
Glover Inez   Walterboro-1926-0048
Glover Lucius   Walterboro-1926-0042
Glover Simms   Walterboro-1926-0045
Godwin Kafer   Walterboro-1926-0045
Grayson J. E.   Walterboro-1926-0045
Griffen Inez    Walterboro-1926-0038
Griffen Inez Victoria   Walterboro-1926-0020
Griffin Foster   Walterboro-1926-0045
Griffin Gladys   Walterboro-1926-0048
H. W. Black, Jr     Walterboro-1926-0091
Herndon Gwendolyn   Walterboro-1926-0048
Herndon Zura   Walterboro-1926-0045
Hickman Bernice   Walterboro-1926-0042
Hiers Hart   Walterboro-1926-0042
Hiers Hart   Walterboro-1926-0062
Hiers James   Walterboro-1926-0048
Hiers L. G.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Hiers Leona   Walterboro-1926-0045
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0038
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0038
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0062
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0062
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0066
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0066
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0068
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0070
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0071
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0074
Hiers Marian   Walterboro-1926-0080
Hiers Marian     Walterboro-1926-0035
Hiers Marian (Nancy)   Walterboro-1926-0020
High School League Debators     Walterboro-1926-0070
Hiott Lucia   Walterboro-1926-0048
History       Walterboro-1926-0038
History Club     Walterboro-1926-0066
History of The Class of '26     Walterboro-1926-0031
History of The Class of '26     Walterboro-1926-0032
Hooker Ward   Walterboro-1926-0048
Howell Harriett   Walterboro-1926-0048
Howell   Mr Walterboro-1926-0007
Howell & Fishburne     Walterboro-1926-0094
Hubster Eugene   Walterboro-1926-0045
Hudson Dennis   Walterboro-1926-0045
Hudson Elise   Walterboro-1926-0045
Hudson Eula Lee   Walterboro-1926-0048
Hudson Maude   Walterboro-1926-0042
Hudson Willie Mae   Walterboro-1926-0048
Improvement Club     Walterboro-1926-0069
Infernal Rectangle     Walterboro-1926-0081
J. Frank     Walterboro-1926-0091
J. H. Petermann & Son     Walterboro-1926-0091
Jacobs Helen   Walterboro-1926-0048
Jacobs Wilmont   Walterboro-1926-0055
Jacobs Wilmont   Walterboro-1926-0058
Jacobs Wilmont   Walterboro-1926-0062
Jacobs Wilmont   Walterboro-1926-0068
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0016
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0038
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0038
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0053
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0056
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0062
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0064
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0066
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0066
Jacobs Wilmot   Walterboro-1926-0070
Jacobs Wilmot (Biz)   Walterboro-1926-0021
Jacobs   Senator Walterboro-1926-0034
Jones Frankie   Walterboro-1926-0038
Jones Frankie   Walterboro-1926-0058
Jones Frankie N.   Walterboro-1926-0021
Jones Frankie Newton   Walterboro-1926-0035
Jones Maurice   Walterboro-1926-0042
Jones Maynard   Walterboro-1926-0042
Jones Ray Miss Walterboro-1926-0012
Juniors     Walterboro-1926-0041
Keels Garris   Walterboro-1926-0048
Kinard Herman   Walterboro-1926-0042
Kinard Leland   Walterboro-1926-0066
Kinard Leland   Walterboro-1926-0068
Kinard Leland     Walterboro-1926-0035
Kinard Leland Robert (Punk)   Walterboro-1926-0022
Klein Caroline   Walterboro-1926-0068
Klein's Drug Store     Walterboro-1926-0090
Klien Caroline   Walterboro-1926-0042
Knight   Rev Walterboro-1926-0078
Langdale Altha Mae   Walterboro-1926-0045
Langdale Kenneth   Walterboro-1926-0042
Leary Pauline   Walterboro-1926-0045
Legerton & Company     Walterboro-1926-0098
Lucas Albert   Walterboro-1926-0042
Lucas Albert   Walterboro-1926-0064
Lucas Harvey   Walterboro-1926-0042
Lucas R. H.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Malvern Halsey     Walterboro-1926-0098
Marvin Anita   Walterboro-1926-0045
Marvin Anita   Walterboro-1926-0068
Marvin Margaret      Walterboro-1926-0038
Marvin Margaret Elizabeth (Peggy)   Walterboro-1926-0022
Marvin Peggie   Walterboro-1926-0034
Mary Rivers     Walterboro-1926-0075
McDaniel Evelyn   Walterboro-1926-0045
McDaniel Evelyn   Walterboro-1926-0059
McGee Eva   Walterboro-1926-0042
McLaurin Maybell Miss Walterboro-1926-0012
McMillan Edna   Walterboro-1926-0042
Melcher's Studio     Walterboro-1926-0093
Merchants Fertilizer & Phosphate Co.     Walterboro-1926-0093
Miley Alma   Walterboro-1926-0042
Miley Alma   Walterboro-1926-0062
Miley Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0016
Miley Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0034
Miley Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0062
Miley Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0064
Miley Gerald (Jerry)   Walterboro-1926-0023
Miley Janie   Walterboro-1926-0048
Miley Janie   Walterboro-1926-0059
Miley Thelma Miss Walterboro-1926-0013
Miley Thelma Miss Walterboro-1926-0053
Moorer Elizabeth   Walterboro-1926-0045
Mor Rubin     Walterboro-1926-0090
Morrall & Rainey     Walterboro-1926-0095
Most athletic     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most bashful     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most Brilliant     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most handsome boy     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most in love     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most natural     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most popular     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most popular teacher     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most sarcastic     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most serious     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most studious     Walterboro-1926-0038
Most witty     Walterboro-1926-0038
Murray Ruby   Walterboro-1926-0042
Murray Ruby   Walterboro-1926-0055
Murray Ruby   Walterboro-1926-0062
Murray Ruby   Walterboro-1926-0068
Murray Ruby   Walterboro-1926-0071
Nix Everett   Walterboro-1926-0048
Nix Everett   Walterboro-1926-0058
Nix Everett   Walterboro-1926-0068
Nix F. B.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Nix Howard   Walterboro-1926-0045
Nix Red   Walterboro-1926-0055
Novit's     Walterboro-1926-0087
O'Neal David   Walterboro-1926-0042
O'Neal David   Walterboro-1926-0068
Orators     Walterboro-1926-0070
Organizations     Walterboro-1926-0061
Our Advertisers     Walterboro-1926-0085
Our Coach     Walterboro-1926-0052
Our High School     Walterboro-1926-0006
Our School Boosters     Walterboro-1926-0078
Owens Bernice   Walterboro-1926-0048
P. S. Minges     Walterboro-1926-0090
Padgett Adaline   Walterboro-1926-0045
Padgett Adeline   Walterboro-1926-0062
Padgett Catherine   Walterboro-1926-0042
Padgett Catherine   Walterboro-1926-0059
Padgett Catherine   Walterboro-1926-0071
Padgett Earl   Walterboro-1926-0042
Padgett Earl   Walterboro-1926-0057
Padgett Earl   Walterboro-1926-0058
Padgett Graham   Walterboro-1926-0045
Padgett Haskell   Walterboro-1926-0048
Padgett J. B.   Walterboro-1926-0042
Padgett Norman   Walterboro-1926-0048
Padgett Norman   Walterboro-1926-0064
Padgett R. E.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Padgett Ruth   Walterboro-1926-0034
Padgett Ruth   Walterboro-1926-0066
Padgett Ruth   Walterboro-1926-0071
Padgett Ruth Bucker (Sal)   Walterboro-1926-0023
Padgett   Mr Walterboro-1926-0007
Pate Ardyce   Walterboro-1926-0045
Peoples Hardware Company     Walterboro-1926-0096
Peppiest     Walterboro-1926-0038
Peurifoy Emil   Walterboro-1926-0038
Peurifoy Emil   Walterboro-1926-0066
Peurifoy Emil     Walterboro-1926-0038
Peurifoy Emil     Walterboro-1926-0063
Peurifoy Emil (Sonny Boy)   Walterboro-1926-0025
Peurifoy L. E.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Peurifoy   Judge Walterboro-1926-0007
Peurifoy   Mr Walterboro-1926-0034
Physics Club     Walterboro-1926-0066
Picture - Cedar Chest     Walterboro-1926-0083
Picture - Freshman Class     Walterboro-1926-0049
Picture - Junior Class     Walterboro-1926-0043
Picture - Senior Class     Walterboro-1926-0030
Picture - Sophomore Class     Walterboro-1926-0046
Popularity Contest     Walterboro-1926-0038
Prettiest girl     Walterboro-1926-0038
Price Edith   Walterboro-1926-0048
Price Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0042
Price Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0064
Price Gerald   Walterboro-1926-0064
Price R. G.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Price Furniture Co.     Walterboro-1926-0089
Published June 1926     Walterboro-1926-0001
R. M. Jefferies     Walterboro-1926-0094
Rainey J. H.   Walterboro-1926-0034
Rainey James   Walterboro-1926-0016
Rainey James   Walterboro-1926-0038
Rainey James   Walterboro-1926-0062
Rainey James   Walterboro-1926-0066
Rainey James Howell      Walterboro-1926-0033
Rainey James Howell (Showers)   Walterboro-1926-0025
Rainey R. E.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Rankin   Rev Walterboro-1926-0078
Review of Foot Ball Team     Walterboro-1926-0054
Reynolds Bessie   Walterboro-1926-0038
Reynolds Bessie   Walterboro-1926-0066
Reynolds Bessie     Walterboro-1926-0035
Reynolds Bessie Sula Lee (Sue)   Walterboro-1926-0024
Reynolds Jewell   Walterboro-1926-0042
Reynolds Lankford   Walterboro-1926-0048
Reynolds Louise   Walterboro-1926-0048
Reynolds Mary Myrtle (Myrtie)   Walterboro-1926-0024
Reynolds Myrtle   Walterboro-1926-0035
Reynolds Myrtle   Walterboro-1926-0066
Rivers Helene   Walterboro-1926-0048
Rivers Helene   Walterboro-1926-0048
Rivers Helene   Walterboro-1926-0077
Rivers L. T.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Rivers Mary   Walterboro-1926-0035
Rivers Mary   Walterboro-1926-0038
Rivers Mary   Walterboro-1926-0068
Rivers Mary   Walterboro-1926-0071
Rivers Mary Elizabeth (Good Looking)   Walterboro-1926-0026
Rivers Monroe   Walterboro-1926-0042
Rivers Monroe   Walterboro-1926-0057
Rivers Monroe   Walterboro-1926-0058
Rivers Monroe   Walterboro-1926-0062
Robertson Eugenia Miss Walterboro-1926-0013
Robertson Eunice   Walterboro-1926-0045
Robertson Lucia   Walterboro-1926-0045
Sanders Ellen   Walterboro-1926-0042
Sanders Elma   Walterboro-1926-0045
Sanders Elma   Walterboro-1926-0062
Sanders Elma   Walterboro-1926-0062
Sauls Norma   Walterboro-1926-0062
Sauls Norma   Walterboro-1926-0062
Sauls Norma   Walterboro-1926-0066
Sauls Norma (Norne) (Sis)   Walterboro-1926-0026
Sauls Pierce   Walterboro-1926-0042
Saunders Elma   Walterboro-1926-0059
Saunders Elma   Walterboro-1926-0059
Saunders Helen   Walterboro-1926-0045
Saunders Helen   Walterboro-1926-0062
Saunders Helen   Walterboro-1926-0068
Saunders L. H.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Saunders Marshall   Walterboro-1926-0042
Saunders Marshall   Walterboro-1926-0057
Saunders Marshall   Walterboro-1926-0058
Saunders Marshall   Walterboro-1926-0064
Saunders Marshall   Walterboro-1926-0068
Saunders Nadeen   Walterboro-1926-0042
Saunders Nadeen   Walterboro-1926-0059
Saunders Palmer   Walterboro-1926-0016
Saunders Palmer   Walterboro-1926-0038
Saunders Palmer   Walterboro-1926-0058
Saunders Palmer   Walterboro-1926-0063
Saunders Palmer   Walterboro-1926-0064
Saunders Palmer   Walterboro-1926-0064
Saunders R. H.   Walterboro-1926-0056
Saunders W. P.   Walterboro-1926-0034
Saunders William Palmer (Panks) (Country)   Walterboro-1926-0027
Scene from "Miss Cherry Blossom"     Walterboro-1926-0067
Senior Characteristics     Walterboro-1926-0039
Senior Class Officers     Walterboro-1926-0016
Seniors     Walterboro-1926-0015
Shaffer Jane   Walterboro-1926-0048
Skardon   Rev Walterboro-1926-0078
Smallest     Walterboro-1926-0038
Smith Ruth   Walterboro-1926-0042
Smoak Aletha   Walterboro-1926-0048
Smoak Alice   Walterboro-1926-0038
Smoak Alice   Walterboro-1926-0045
Smoak Alice   Walterboro-1926-0062
Smoak Alice   Walterboro-1926-0062
Smoak Alice   Walterboro-1926-0071
Smoak Alice      Walterboro-1926-0034
Smoak Alice Ward (Allie)   Walterboro-1926-0027
Smoak Aline   Walterboro-1926-0045
Smoak Alma   Walterboro-1926-0045
Smoak Lynwood   Walterboro-1926-0042
Smoak Pauline   Walterboro-1926-0045
Smoak Pauline   Walterboro-1926-0062
Smoak Pauline   Walterboro-1926-0068
Smoak Pauline   Walterboro-1926-0071
Smoak Ray   Walterboro-1926-0048
Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0036
Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0037
Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0040
Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0079
Snaps     Walterboro-1926-0081
Social     Walterboro-1926-0076
Some Trio     Walterboro-1926-0081
Sophomore     Walterboro-1926-0044
Southern Printing and Publishing Company     Walterboro-1926-0097
Sports     Walterboro-1926-0077
Stephen A. Powell & Co.     Walterboro-1926-0098
Stevenson T. B. Mr Walterboro-1926-0010
Stevenson T. B. Mr Walterboro-1926-0032
Stevenson T. B. Mr Walterboro-1926-0052
Stevenson T. B. Mr Walterboro-1926-0056
Stevenson T. B. Mr Walterboro-1926-0057
Stevenson T. B. Mr Walterboro-1926-0058
Stevenson   Mr Walterboro-1926-0062
Stevenson   Mr Walterboro-1926-0063
Still Carl   Walterboro-1926-0048
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0016
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0038
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0053
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0055
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0057
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0058
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0062
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0066
Stokes Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0068
Stokes Herbert L. (Measley)   Walterboro-1926-0028
Stokes Herbert Lucas   Walterboro-1926-0035
Stokes Michael   Walterboro-1926-0048
Stokes Mike   Walterboro-1926-0080
Strickland Eva Mace   Walterboro-1926-0042
Strickland Eva Mace   Walterboro-1926-0068
Strickland Thomas   Walterboro-1926-0042
Strickland   Mr Walterboro-1926-0008
Stroman Dorothy   Walterboro-1926-0048
Student Council     Walterboro-1926-0064
Sullivan Ernestine   Walterboro-1926-0038
Sullivan Ernestine   Walterboro-1926-0062
Sullivan Ernestine   Walterboro-1926-0066
Sullivan Ernestine      Walterboro-1926-0038
Sullivan Ernestine (Sadie) (Ernie)   Walterboro-1926-0028
Sullivan   Miss Walterboro-1926-0034
Summer Girl     Walterboro-1926-0074
Superintendent     Walterboro-1926-0005
Teachers pet     Walterboro-1926-0038
The Cedar Chest     Walterboro-1926-0001
The Cedar Chest - First Volume     Walterboro-1926-0005
The First National Bank     Walterboro-1926-0095
The Ideal Laundry     Walterboro-1926-0089
The Ideal Library     Walterboro-1926-0082
The Lone Star Service Station     Walterboro-1926-0096
The Press and Standard     Walterboro-1926-0093
The Senior Class Poem     Walterboro-1926-0033
The Wildcat     Walterboro-1926-0062
Things We Never See     Walterboro-1926-0080
Thomas Clarence     Walterboro-1926-0048
Thomas Ruth D. Mrs Walterboro-1926-0013
Thomas   Mrs Walterboro-1926-0038
Thomas   Mrs Walterboro-1926-0066
Towles Herbert   Walterboro-1926-0048
Townsend James   Walterboro-1926-0042
Tuten Edna   Walterboro-1926-0042
Tuten Edna     Walterboro-1926-0035
Tuten Edna (Sophie)   Walterboro-1926-0029
Tuten Gladys   Walterboro-1926-0048
Tuten Thelma   Walterboro-1926-0035
Tuten Thelma   Walterboro-1926-0038
Tuten Thelma   Walterboro-1926-0066
Tuten Thelma Gertrude (Bunchie) (Little Tuten)   Walterboro-1926-0029
Ulmer Edith   Walterboro-1926-0042
Ulmer Rita   Walterboro-1926-0045
Ulmer Zena   Walterboro-1926-0045
Utsey Bert   Walterboro-1926-0042
Utsey Bert   Walterboro-1926-0057
Utsey C.   Walterboro-1926-0056
W. H. Mixson Seed Co.     Walterboro-1926-0091
W. H. S.     Walterboro-1926-0050
W. H. S.     Walterboro-1926-0072
W. H. S.     Walterboro-1926-0084
Walterboro Coca - Cola Co.     Walterboro-1926-0096
Walterboro Is Victor At Fair     Walterboro-1926-0054
Walterboro Live Stock & Vehicle Company     Walterboro-1926-0098
Walterboro Motor Sales Co.     Walterboro-1926-0086
Walters Gretchen   Walterboro-1926-0045
Ward W. H. Mr Walterboro-1926-0004
Ward W. H. Mr Walterboro-1926-0005
Ward W. H. Mr Walterboro-1926-0031
Ward   Mr Walterboro-1926-0032
Warren Ottilee   Walterboro-1926-0042
Warren Ottilee   Walterboro-1926-0070
Way Lillian   Walterboro-1926-0042
Weeks Ice Cream Parlor     Walterboro-1926-0095
Wichman Jean   Walterboro-1926-0048
Wichman Implement Company     Walterboro-1926-0092
Wildcats 8th District Champions     Walterboro-1926-0056
Willis Margie   Walterboro-1926-0034
Willis Marguerite (Margie)   Walterboro-1926-0030
Winter Girl     Walterboro-1926-0075
Woodstock Mfg. Co.     Walterboro-1926-0091
Yellow Coach Line     Walterboro-1926-0097
Zalin Harry   Walterboro-1926-0042
Zalin Harry   Walterboro-1926-0062
Zalin Harry   Walterboro-1926-0066
Zalin Harry   Walterboro-1926-0068
Zalin Harry   Walterboro-1926-0070
Zalin Jacob   Walterboro-1926-0045
Zalin Jacob   Walterboro-1926-0070
Zalins Department Store     Walterboro-1926-0092