Walterboro High School 1956

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Year-Page
4-H Boys     Walterboro-1956-0054
4-H Girls     Walterboro-1956-0054
Ackerman Margie   Walterboro-1956-0027
Ackerman T.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Ackerman W.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Ackerman Wesley   Walterboro-1956-0031
Adams Freddie   Walterboro-1956-0023
Adams Hilda   Walterboro-1956-0009
Adams Hilda   Walterboro-1956-0047
Adams Hilda   Walterboro-1956-0049
Adams Hilda   Walterboro-1956-0055
Adams Hilda   Walterboro-1956-0055
Adams Hilda   Walterboro-1956-0072
Adams Mary   Walterboro-1956-0009
Adams Mary Eleanor   Walterboro-1956-0070
Addison George   Walterboro-1956-0019
Aiken Betty Jean   Walterboro-1956-0023
AIR     Walterboro-1956-0043
Alford Grace Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Anastad F.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Antley Martha   Walterboro-1956-0019
Arts and Crafts Club     Walterboro-1956-0058
Ashley Dorothy   Walterboro-1956-0055
Ashley Dorothy   Walterboro-1956-0074
Ashley Dorothy      Walterboro-1956-0009
Ashley J.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Ashley Jeanie   Walterboro-1956-0050
Ashley Jeanne   Walterboro-1956-0023
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0001
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0009
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0043
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0048
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0070
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0072
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0074
Augustine Nina   Walterboro-1956-0080
Avant Bertie   Walterboro-1956-0027
Avant C.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Avant C.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Avant C.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Avant Camille   Walterboro-1956-0019
Avant Camille   Walterboro-1956-0048
Avant Camille   Walterboro-1956-0052
Avant Camille   Walterboro-1956-0063
Avant Camille   Walterboro-1956-0078
Avant Carroll   Walterboro-1956-0034
Avant D.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Avant D.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Avant Dickie   Walterboro-1956-0054
Avant Donnie   Walterboro-1956-0031
Avant E.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0001
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0008
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0009
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0041
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0043
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0049
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0072
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0072
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0073
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0073
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0073
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0076
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0078
Avant Marcia   Walterboro-1956-0080
Avant Nadeen   Walterboro-1956-0052
Avant Nadine   Walterboro-1956-0009
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1956-0027
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1956-0066
Avant Teddy   Walterboro-1956-0027
Avant Wayne   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bailey C.     Walterboro-1956-0031
Bailey C.     Walterboro-1956-0031
Bailey Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bailey Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0030
Bailey Joseph   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bailey Kathryn   Walterboro-1956-0009
Bailey Larry   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bailey Mary   Walterboro-1956-0009
Bailey Sam   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bailey Sam   Walterboro-1956-0065
Bank of Walterboro     Walterboro-1956-0080
Bargain Furniture     Walterboro-1956-0080
Barnes B.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Barnes B.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Barnes Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0027
Barnes Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0066
Barnes L.     Walterboro-1956-0031
Barnes Lyn   Walterboro-1956-0049
Barnes S. A.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Barns Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0047
Barwick E. C.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Barwick Marguerite   Walterboro-1956-0019
Bazzle Nadeen   Walterboro-1956-0025
Bazzle Nadeen   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bazzle V.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Beach C.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Beach C.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Beach Donald   Walterboro-1956-0023
Beach Donald   Walterboro-1956-0060
Beach Donald   Walterboro-1956-0062
Beach Floyd, Jr Mr Walterboro-1956-0005
Beach G.   Walterboro-1956-0031
Beach G.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Beach Jack   Walterboro-1956-0009
Beach Jack     Walterboro-1956-0078
Beach Jane   Walterboro-1956-0023
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1956-0027
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1956-0066
Beach Robert   Walterboro-1956-0023
Beach Ronald   Walterboro-1956-0027
Beach Ronald   Walterboro-1956-0060
Beach Ronald   Walterboro-1956-0062
Beach T.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Beckett John   Walterboro-1956-0027
Belk-Hudson Company     Walterboro-1956-0080
Bell Douglas   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bell Freddie   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bennett B.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1956-0071
Bennett Ellen   Walterboro-1956-0026
Benton A.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Benton Annie D.   Walterboro-1956-0027
Benton B.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Benton Carroll   Walterboro-1956-0030
Benton Colel   Walterboro-1956-0023
Benton D.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Benton Henry   Walterboro-1956-0027
Benton Jean   Walterboro-1956-0023
Benton Ray   Walterboro-1956-0019
Benton Rowena   Walterboro-1956-0049
Benton T. V.     Walterboro-1956-0080
Berman Stephen   Walterboro-1956-0027
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0009
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0041
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0048
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0072
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0072
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0078
Berry Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0078
Berry P.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Best All-Around     Walterboro-1956-0072
Best Dressed     Walterboro-1956-0072
Best Looking     Walterboro-1956-0072
Best Personality     Walterboro-1956-0073
Beta Club     Walterboro-1956-0048
Beverly C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Beverly Della Mae   Walterboro-1956-0023
Beverly Helen   Walterboro-1956-0023
Beverly Jack   Walterboro-1956-0019
Bible Club     Walterboro-1956-0058
Bilka Anna Lee   Walterboro-1956-0023
Bilka C. J.   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bilka J.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Bilka Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0058
Bird Club     Walterboro-1956-0058
Bishop Fredia   Walterboro-1956-0030
Bishop Jimmie   Walterboro-1956-0023
Bishop Marilyn   Walterboro-1956-0019
Bishop Nancy   Walterboro-1956-0019
Bishop Nancy   Walterboro-1956-0078
Blewer Hubert   Walterboro-1956-0025
Blocker Julianne   Walterboro-1956-0078
Blocker  B.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Blocker  J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Blocker  Julianne   Walterboro-1956-0019
Blocker  Sherrill   Walterboro-1956-0023
Blocker  Tommy   Walterboro-1956-0027
Boodle Doris   Walterboro-1956-0010
Boodle Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0056
Boodle Shirley   Walterboro-1956-0023
Bootle Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0023
Bootle James   Walterboro-1956-0010
Bowers Clarence   Walterboro-1956-0027
Bowers K.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Bowers Mark   Walterboro-1956-0010
Boys' Basketball     Walterboro-1956-0065
Boys's State     Walterboro-1956-0077
Bradshaw Linda   Walterboro-1956-0010
Bradshaw Linda   Walterboro-1956-0047
Bradshaw Linda   Walterboro-1956-0055
Bradshaw Linda   Walterboro-1956-0070
Bradshaw Linda   Walterboro-1956-0073
Bradshaw Linda   Walterboro-1956-0074
Breland A.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Breland Angelia Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Breland B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1956-0047
Breland Tweedie   Walterboro-1956-0023
Breland Tweedie   Walterboro-1956-0057
Breland   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0008
Breland   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0026
Breland Chevrolet Company     Walterboro-1956-0080
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1956-0027
Brodrick B.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Brooks Albert   Walterboro-1956-0019
Brooks Earl   Walterboro-1956-0023
Brooks Nellie   Walterboro-1956-0027
Browder Judith A.   Walterboro-1956-0027
Brown Ann   Walterboro-1956-0019
Brown Ann   Walterboro-1956-0052
Brown Hardware     Walterboro-1956-0080
Bryan E.     Walterboro-1956-0032
Bryan Edward   Walterboro-1956-0023
Bryan J.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Bryan J. F. Mrs Walterboro-1956-0004
Bryan L.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Buckner Dorothy Mrs Walterboro-1956-0045
Buckner Dorothy Mae Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Buckwalter Ida May Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Buckwalter Lawrence Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Bunton Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0019
Bunton Emory   Walterboro-1956-0023
Bunton Emory   Walterboro-1956-0030
Bunton G.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Bunton J.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Bunton J. A.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Bunton M.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Bunton Rowena   Walterboro-1956-0010
Bunton Rowena   Walterboro-1956-0066
Bunton Rowena   Walterboro-1956-0066
Bunton Rowena   Walterboro-1956-0078
Bunton Rowena   Walterboro-1956-0078
Bus Drivers     Walterboro-1956-0056
Bush C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Bush Helen   Walterboro-1956-0019
Bush W.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Buvinger J.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Buvinger R. N. Mr Walterboro-1956-0018
Buvinger Robert Mr Walterboro-1956-0046
Buvinger Robert N. Mr Walterboro-1956-0005
Buvinger   Mr Walterboro-1956-0055
Byrd Mildred   Walterboro-1956-0023
Byrd P.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Campbell C.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Campbell Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0058
Campbell J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1956-0058
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1956-0069
Campbell Laura   Walterboro-1956-0010
Campbell Laura     Walterboro-1956-0055
Campbell Laura Lynn   Walterboro-1956-0047
Campbell Luara   Walterboro-1956-0049
Campbell Millie   Walterboro-1956-0010
Campbell Millie   Walterboro-1956-0063
Campbell Millie   Walterboro-1956-0063
Campbell Millie   Walterboro-1956-0066
Campbell Millie   Walterboro-1956-0073
Carroll Paul    Walterboro-1956-0027
Carson B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Carter  Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0019
Carter  Bubby   Walterboro-1956-0010
Carter  Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0060
Carter  Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0061
Carter  Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0062
Carter  Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0075
Carter  C.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Carter  Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0023
Carter  E.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Carter  Frieda Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Carter  James   Walterboro-1956-0027
Carter  Leonard   Walterboro-1956-0019
Carter  R.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Carter  T.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Carter  Thayer   Walterboro-1956-0030
Carter  Waldene   Walterboro-1956-0023
Carter  Wyman   Walterboro-1956-0027
Carter    Miss Walterboro-1956-0008
Carter    Miss Walterboro-1956-0051
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0027
Catterton Lewis   Walterboro-1956-0027
Catterton T.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Cave M.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Cave Tommy   Walterboro-1956-0023
Cawley George   Walterboro-1956-0027
Cawley George   Walterboro-1956-0046
Cawley R.   Walterboro-1956-0034
Chapman J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Chapman Jeff   Walterboro-1956-0022
Chapman Jeff   Walterboro-1956-0023
Cheerleaders     Walterboro-1956-0064
Chewning Charles     Walterboro-1956-0010
Claussen's     Walterboro-1956-0080
Cleland Elwin   Walterboro-1956-0027
Cleland M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Coastal Natural Gas     Walterboro-1956-0080
Coburg Dairy     Walterboro-1956-0080
Cohen Davie   Walterboro-1956-0027
Coleman S.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Colleton Drugs     Walterboro-1956-0080
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1956-0027
Colson Burley   Walterboro-1956-0027
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1956-0027
Colson J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Colson Owen   Walterboro-1956-0027
Concert Band     Walterboro-1956-0047
Cone D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Cone H. E. Mr Walterboro-1956-0005
Cone   Mr Walterboro-1956-0022
Cone   Mr Walterboro-1956-0053
Connelly A.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Connelly B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Connelly Jacquelyn   Walterboro-1956-0023
Connelly R.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Cook John W.   Walterboro-1956-0027
Cooler Elsa   Walterboro-1956-0018
Cooler Elsa   Walterboro-1956-0019
Cooler Elsa   Walterboro-1956-0050
Cooler Elsa   Walterboro-1956-0077
Cooler Elsa   Walterboro-1956-0078
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1956-0027
Cooler R.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Cooler Richard   Walterboro-1956-0042
Corbett Building Supply     Walterboro-1956-0080
Cordell J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Cover - Back      Walterboro-1956-0084
Cover - Back - Inside Left     Walterboro-1956-0082
Cover - Back - Inside Right     Walterboro-1956-0083
Cover - Front     Walterboro-1956-0000
Cover - Front - Inside 1     Walterboro-1956-0000a
Cover - Front - Inside 2     Walterboro-1956-0000b
Craven Beatrice   Walterboro-1956-0019
Craven Betty Gene   Walterboro-1956-0023
Craven Betty Jean   Walterboro-1956-0023
Craven C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Craven Carrie   Walterboro-1956-0019
Craven Gladys   Walterboro-1956-0023
Craven J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Craven J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Craven J. B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Craven Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0010
Craven Lemuel   Walterboro-1956-0027
Craven M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Craven M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Craven M. J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Craven P.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Craven Ruth   Walterboro-1956-0023
Craven Thomas   Walterboro-1956-0027
Craven Wallace   Walterboro-1956-0011
Cream of the Crop     Walterboro-1956-0072
Cribb Gerald   Walterboro-1956-0011
Cribb Gerald   Walterboro-1956-0056
Cribb Gerald   Walterboro-1956-0072
Cribb Gerald   Walterboro-1956-0077
Cribb L.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Crosby Annette   Walterboro-1956-0023
Crosby Annette   Walterboro-1956-0030
Crosby Betty J.   Walterboro-1956-0027
Crosby Buster   Walterboro-1956-0011
Crosby Carl   Walterboro-1956-0025
Crosby D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby D. W.   Walterboro-1956-0019
Crosby Donald   Walterboro-1956-0023
Crosby Donald   Walterboro-1956-0030
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0011
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0063
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0063
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0066
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0066
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0072
Crosby Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0075
Crosby H.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby Ione   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby Jacquelyn   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0019
Crosby Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby June   Walterboro-1956-0011
Crosby Laveria   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby Lorene   Walterboro-1956-0019
Crosby M. J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby Mary Jo   Walterboro-1956-0019
Crosby Mary Jo   Walterboro-1956-0057
Crosby Mike   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby Millie   Walterboro-1956-0019
Crosby Millie   Walterboro-1956-0052
Crosby Millie   Walterboro-1956-0053
Crosby Miriam   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby Neil   Walterboro-1956-0030
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1956-0066
Crosby O.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Crosby Patricia   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby R.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Crosby Rita   Walterboro-1956-0023
Crosby Sammy   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby Winfred   Walterboro-1956-0028
Crosby-Burress     Walterboro-1956-0080
Cummings C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Cutest     Walterboro-1956-0073
D.A.R. Representative     Walterboro-1956-0076
Dance Club     Walterboro-1956-0058
Danforth William C. Mr Walterboro-1956-0006
Danforth   Mr Walterboro-1956-0055
Dantzler Jane   Walterboro-1956-0019
Dantzler Jane   Walterboro-1956-0063
Dantzler Judy   Walterboro-1956-0011
Dantzler Judy   Walterboro-1956-0045
Dantzler L.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Davis B. L.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Davis Donald   Walterboro-1956-0023
Davis Emily   Walterboro-1956-0028
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0011
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0055
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0056
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0060
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0061
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0062
Davis Glenn   Walterboro-1956-0075
Davis J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Davis Judy   Walterboro-1956-0034
Deloach Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0019
DeTreville Julianne   Walterboro-1956-0011
DeVane Ann   Walterboro-1956-0018
Devane Ann   Walterboro-1956-0057
DeVane Anne    Walterboro-1956-0019
Dewitt C.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Dewitt Harris   Walterboro-1956-0030
DeWitt Mazie   Walterboro-1956-0019
DeWitt Mazie   Walterboro-1956-0057
DeWitt Mazie   Walterboro-1956-0078
Distributive Education Club     Walterboro-1956-0053
Doar Gene   Walterboro-1956-0023
Doar June   Walterboro-1956-0028
Dondere R.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Drawdy Charles   Walterboro-1956-0011
Drawdy G.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Drawdy Jim   Walterboro-1956-0028
Drawdy Jo Ellen   Walterboro-1956-0028
Drawdy Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0019
Drawdy Loretta   Walterboro-1956-0023
Drawdy R.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1956-0028
Drawdy Rose   Walterboro-1956-0011
Driggers Robert     Walterboro-1956-0008
Droze Betty A.   Walterboro-1956-0028
Dukes Brooky   Walterboro-1956-0028
Duncan S. J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Dunn A.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Dunn Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0023
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0012
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0040
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0041
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0060
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0061
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0062
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0072
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0072
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0072
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0073
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0073
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0074
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0077
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0079
Durham Buzzer   Walterboro-1956-0079
Durham Spooky   Walterboro-1956-0023
Eagerton Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0023
Eagerton Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0060
Eagerton David   Walterboro-1956-0012
Eagerton David   Walterboro-1956-0065
Eagerton David   Walterboro-1956-0065
Eagerton David   Walterboro-1956-0072
Eagerton David   Walterboro-1956-0072
Eagerton Linda   Walterboro-1956-0028
Easterlin B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Easterlin Bootie   Walterboro-1956-0012
Easterlin H.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0008
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0012
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0053
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0061
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0062
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0073
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0074
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0076
Easterlin James   Walterboro-1956-0079
Easterlin W.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Easterlin Furniture     Walterboro-1956-0080
Edward's     Walterboro-1956-0080
Eighth Grade - Grade 1960     Walterboro-1956-0031
Elkins Lois   Walterboro-1956-0028
Ellerbe Jo Anne   Walterboro-1956-0023
Ellerbe M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Elliot Sara Maude   Walterboro-1956-0051
Elliott Sarah   Walterboro-1956-0028
Enterprise Hardware     Walterboro-1956-0080
Estes M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Estes M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Evans B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Evans Ben   Walterboro-1956-0054
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1956-0028
Evans Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0023
Evans S.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Faber E.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Faculty     Walterboro-1956-0005
Family Living Club     Walterboro-1956-0056
Farmer Billy   Walterboro-1956-0023
Farmer Billy   Walterboro-1956-0052
Farmer Billy   Walterboro-1956-0056
Farmer's and Merchants Bank     Walterboro-1956-0080
Farrell E.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fender McCray   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fennell Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0012
Fennell Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0060
Fennell Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0061
Fennell Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0065
Fennell Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0073
Fennell Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0075
Fennell Frances   Walterboro-1956-0023
Fennell G.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Fennell George   Walterboro-1956-0023
Fennell George   Walterboro-1956-0065
Finley C.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Finley Jack   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fishburne A.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Fishburne B. G.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Fishburne Clara Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Fishburne Clara Mrs Walterboro-1956-0057
Fishburne Dargan   Walterboro-1956-0024
Fishburne James Mrs Walterboro-1956-0034
Fishburne Julie   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fishburne Nadeen Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Fishburne Nadine Mrs Walterboro-1956-0058
Fishburne   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0048
Fisk Billy   Walterboro-1956-0019
Fisk Billy   Walterboro-1956-0056
Fisk Billy   Walterboro-1956-0060
Fisk Billy   Walterboro-1956-0062
Fisk Billy   Walterboro-1956-0065
Fisk David   Walterboro-1956-0030
Fisk Evelyn   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fisk Ruth Ann   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fisk Ruth Ann   Walterboro-1956-0066
Flag Bearers     Walterboro-1956-0047
Flower Shop     Walterboro-1956-0080
Floyd J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Floyd Virginia   Walterboro-1956-0028
Footwall Awards     Walterboro-1956-0079
Foster Quintin   Walterboro-1956-0019
Foster Quinton   Walterboro-1956-0050
Foster Quinton   Walterboro-1956-0065
Foster Quinton   Walterboro-1956-0077
Foster Quinton   Walterboro-1956-0078
Fox E.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Fox Marva   Walterboro-1956-0012
Fox Marva Jean   Walterboro-1956-0045
Fox Marva Jean   Walterboro-1956-0078
Fralick Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0024
Fralik M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Frank Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0028
Frank Ernest   Walterboro-1956-0017
Frank J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Fraser H.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Fraser Martha   Walterboro-1956-0020
Fraser Rosalind   Walterboro-1956-0024
Fraser W.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Frasier E.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Frasier H.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Frazier Florence   Walterboro-1956-0028
Frazier's Gift Shop     Walterboro-1956-0080
French Club     Walterboro-1956-0055
Freshmen - Class of 1959     Walterboro-1956-0026
Friendliest     Walterboro-1956-0072
Fulton B.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Fulton Berry   Walterboro-1956-0078
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0012
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0050
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0063
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0063
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0068
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0073
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0074
Fulton Betty   Walterboro-1956-0074
Fulton Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0058
Fulton MIlton   Walterboro-1956-0028
Fulton S.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Furr M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Future Business Leaders of America     Walterboro-1956-0052
Future Farmers of America     Walterboro-1956-0052
Gahagen Bernard   Walterboro-1956-0024
Galloway J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Garrett J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1956-0002
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Gaskin   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0008
Gaskins L.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Gatch Brenda   Walterboro-1956-0030
Gatch D.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Gatch F.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Gatch Juanita   Walterboro-1956-0020
Gatch Julian   Walterboro-1956-0041
Gatch Julian   Walterboro-1956-0073
Gatch Julian   Walterboro-1956-0077
Gatch Julian    Walterboro-1956-0012
General Gas Corporation     Walterboro-1956-0080
Gibson-Kemp     Walterboro-1956-0080
Ginn I.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Girls' Basketball     Walterboro-1956-0066
Girls' State     Walterboro-1956-0077
Givens H.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Glaser Charles   Walterboro-1956-0020
Glaser James   Walterboro-1956-0024
Glaser James   Walterboro-1956-0050
Glee Club     Walterboro-1956-0045
Glover Gail   Walterboro-1956-0024
Glover Gail   Walterboro-1956-0050
Glover Gertrude   Walterboro-1956-0022
Glover Gertrude   Walterboro-1956-0024
Glover Gertrude   Walterboro-1956-0078
Glover Gwendolyn   Walterboro-1956-0028
Glover M.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Glover M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Glover R.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Glover Motors     Walterboro-1956-0080
Godley Dickie   Walterboro-1956-0028
Godwin Building Supply     Walterboro-1956-0080
Goldman N.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Goodwin Lizzie Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Goodwin P.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Governing Association     Walterboro-1956-0041
Graham Lynn   Walterboro-1956-0012
Graham Wanda   Walterboro-1956-0020
Grant J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Graves Geneva   Walterboro-1956-0024
Gregory Dan   Walterboro-1956-0028
Gregory Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0020
Gregory Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0065
Gregory Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0077
Gregory Lynn   Walterboro-1956-0028
Gressette Linda   Walterboro-1956-0012
Gressette Linda   Walterboro-1956-0056
Gressette Linda   Walterboro-1956-0078
Gressette Sue   Walterboro-1956-0028
Gressette Sue   Walterboro-1956-0051
Griffith Carroll   Walterboro-1956-0060
Groves Annie Ruth   Walterboro-1956-0030
Groves D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Gruber Earl   Walterboro-1956-0013
Gruber M.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Guildford Winston   Walterboro-1956-0056
Guilford Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0024
Guilford E.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Guilford Earl    Walterboro-1956-0028
Guilford M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Guilford Mildred   Walterboro-1956-0058
Guilford Winston   Walterboro-1956-0013
Gunter B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Gunter Shelby   Walterboro-1956-0013
Gunter Shelby   Walterboro-1956-0056
Hadwin M.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hadwin Micheal   Walterboro-1956-0058
Hair   Mr Walterboro-1956-0060
Hair   Mr Walterboro-1956-0060
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1956-0028
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Harman C.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Harper Sally   Walterboro-1956-0028
Harriott Gerry   Walterboro-1956-0024
Harris Lewis   Walterboro-1956-0020
Harris  L.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Harris  Louis   Walterboro-1956-0060
Harrison B.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Harrison C.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Harrison Lucy   Walterboro-1956-0020
Harrison Margaret   Walterboro-1956-0028
Harrison R.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Harrison Roxy   Walterboro-1956-0054
Hawkins Eloise Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Hawkins John   Walterboro-1956-0026
Hawkins John   Walterboro-1956-0028
Hawkins   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0022
Hawkins   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0051
Haye's Jewelers     Walterboro-1956-0080
Headden C.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Hendrix Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0020
Hendrix Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0078
Herndon Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0028
Herndon C.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Herndon D.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Herndon Gail   Walterboro-1956-0046
Herndon Gale   Walterboro-1956-0031
Herndon J. A.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Herndon Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0020
Herndon Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0052
Herndon M. L.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Herndon Mary   Walterboro-1956-0049
Herndon T.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hichman Mary   Walterboro-1956-0020
Hickman H.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hickman J.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hickman R.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hickman Stanley   Walterboro-1956-0030
Hiers B.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiers Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0041
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0056
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0060
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0061
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0062
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0065
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0065
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0072
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0074
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0077
Hiers Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0062
Hiers Eugene   Walterboro-1956-0020
Hiers Eugene   Walterboro-1956-0056
Hiers George   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hiers George   Walterboro-1956-0053
Hiers Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0028
Hiers L.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiers R.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiers Ruby   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiers Thomas   Walterboro-1956-0017
Hiers W.   Walterboro-1956-0035
High Salesmen     Walterboro-1956-0078
Hill Deannie   Walterboro-1956-0046
Hill E.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hill J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hill J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hill Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0029
Hill Merri Chloe   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hill Merri Cloe   Walterboro-1956-0047
Hilton Ginger   Walterboro-1956-0029
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott Birdie Jane   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiott Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiott Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hiott Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0061
Hiott Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0065
Hiott Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0065
Hiott Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0074
Hiott Cecil   Walterboro-1956-0079
Hiott D.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hiott D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott D.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott E.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott Eleanor   Walterboro-1956-0047
Hiott Eleanor   Walterboro-1956-0047
Hiott F.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott H.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hiott Jo Ann   Walterboro-1956-0029
Hiott Joel   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiott John   Walterboro-1956-0020
Hiott John   Walterboro-1956-0060
Hiott K.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott L.   Walterboro-1956-0035
Hiott M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hiott Michael   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiott Michael   Walterboro-1956-0060
Hiott P.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hiott S.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hiott Sally   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiott Sally   Walterboro-1956-0048
Hiott Sally   Walterboro-1956-0078
Hiott Sandra   Walterboro-1956-0029
Hiott Teddy   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hiott's Pharmacy     Walterboro-1956-0080
Hoats B.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hoats Billy   Walterboro-1956-0029
Hoats Clarence   Walterboro-1956-0029
Hoats Peggy   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hodges Edward P. Mr Walterboro-1956-0005
Hodges Mary Lou Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Hodges   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0056
Hoff Bonnie   Walterboro-1956-0029
Holloman H.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Holloman Kathleen   Walterboro-1956-0029
Homecoming Queen     Walterboro-1956-0074
Hooker Paul   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hooker Paul   Walterboro-1956-0056
Horne Sara Sue   Walterboro-1956-0029
Howell Bill    Walterboro-1956-0029
Howell L.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Howell Madison   Walterboro-1956-0020
Hudson Billy   Walterboro-1956-0030
Hudson Cynthia Gail   Walterboro-1956-0018
Hudson E.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hudson F.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hudson Frances   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hudson J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hudson James   Walterboro-1956-0054
Hudson Leroy   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hudson R.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hudson R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hudson Robert   Walterboro-1956-0031
Hudson Ruth   Walterboro-1956-0013
Hudson Sandra   Walterboro-1956-0024
Hudson Sandra   Walterboro-1956-0071
Huff Gwen    Walterboro-1956-0029
Huff M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hughes B.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hughes C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hughes C.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Hughes Charles   Walterboro-1956-0025
Hutson Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0020
Hutson Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0056
Hutson L.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hutson T.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hutte C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Hutto Carroll   Walterboro-1956-0042
Ideal Laundry     Walterboro-1956-0080
Isler Emerson Mrs Walterboro-1956-0034
Isler Polly Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Isler   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0058
Jackson R. A.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Jacobs Edwin   Walterboro-1956-0024
James  Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0029
Jameson Pressley   Walterboro-1956-0024
Jenkins Linda   Walterboro-1956-0029
Jennings Letha   Walterboro-1956-0029
Jenny's House of Flowers     Walterboro-1956-0080
Johnson Alston   Walterboro-1956-0056
Johnson Alton   Walterboro-1956-0020
Johnson Mary   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Jones Amanda   Walterboro-1956-0008
Jones Amanda   Walterboro-1956-0014
Jones Amanda   Walterboro-1956-0046
Jones Amanda   Walterboro-1956-0055
Jones Amanda   Walterboro-1956-0075
Jones Amanda   Walterboro-1956-0078
Jones Betty Ruth   Walterboro-1956-0024
Jones Betty Ruth   Walterboro-1956-0051
Jones C.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Jones C.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Jones Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0029
Jones G.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Jones Irene   Walterboro-1956-0014
Jones Irene   Walterboro-1956-0052
Jones J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Jones L.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Jones Meryl Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Jones Orene   Walterboro-1956-0014
Jones P.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Jones Patsy   Walterboro-1956-0054
Jones Susanne   Walterboro-1956-0029
Jones Sylvia   Walterboro-1956-0024
Joyce Fred   Walterboro-1956-0024
Junior Future Teachers     Walterboro-1956-0049
Junior High Student Council     Walterboro-1956-0042
Junior J. H. A.     Walterboro-1956-0051
Junior Latin Club     Walterboro-1956-0050
Junior Shop Club     Walterboro-1956-0057
Junior Varsity Football     Walterboro-1956-0064
Juniors - Class of 1957     Walterboro-1956-0018
Keegan Andrew   Walterboro-1956-0020
Keegan Ben   Walterboro-1956-0029
Keith W.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Kemmerlin Ann   Walterboro-1956-0078
Kemmerlin Anne   Walterboro-1956-0020
Kemmerlin Bee   Walterboro-1956-0024
Kemmerlin Eunice Mrs Walterboro-1956-0005
Kemmerlin J.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Kemmerlin Kim   Walterboro-1956-0066
Kemmerlin   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0048
Kimbell E. B.   Walterboro-1956-0065
Kimbrel E. V.   Walterboro-1956-0018
Kimbrel E. V.   Walterboro-1956-0020
Kimbrel E. V.   Walterboro-1956-0077
Kimbrel E. V.   Walterboro-1956-0078
Kimbrel Myrna Loy   Walterboro-1956-0024
Kimbrel Myrna Loy   Walterboro-1956-0041
Kimbrel Myrna Loy   Walterboro-1956-0041
Kimbrell Myrna Loy   Walterboro-1956-0047
Kinard Catherine   Walterboro-1956-0029
Kinard Dwight   Walterboro-1956-0020
Kinard H.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Kinard J. A. Mr Walterboro-1956-0006
Kinard John   Walterboro-1956-0024
Kinard John  Mr Walterboro-1956-0018
King Teen     Walterboro-1956-0076
Kinsey B.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Kinsey E.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Kinsey Francis   Walterboro-1956-0029
Kinsey Francis   Walterboro-1956-0052
Kinsey Janis   Walterboro-1956-0018
Kinsey Janis   Walterboro-1956-0020
Kinsey Janis   Walterboro-1956-0075
Kinsey Janis   Walterboro-1956-0077
Kinsey Janis   Walterboro-1956-0078
Kinsey O.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Kinsey S.   Walterboro-1956-0032
Kipper Lowell   Walterboro-1956-0029
Kirby J   Walterboro-1956-0033
Kizer Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0020
Knowles Conrad   Walterboro-1956-0024
Knox Ann   Walterboro-1956-0029
Knox Ann    Walterboro-1956-0047
Knox H.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Knox Robert   Walterboro-1956-0020
Kugley Earle   Walterboro-1956-0024
Lake Donald   Walterboro-1956-0024
Langdale B.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Langdale E.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Langdale Harold   Walterboro-1956-0020
Langdale Harold   Walterboro-1956-0052
Langdale Harold   Walterboro-1956-0060
Langdale J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Langdale Lewis   Walterboro-1956-0014
Langdale M.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Langdale Miriam   Walterboro-1956-0024
Langdale Naomi   Walterboro-1956-0014
Langdale Patricia   Walterboro-1956-0014
Langdale Patricia   Walterboro-1956-0053
Langdale Randall   Walterboro-1956-0025
Lanigan J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Larry N.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Lawson J. A.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Laziest     Walterboro-1956-0073
Lee Anadele   Walterboro-1956-0020
Lee Anna Del   Walterboro-1956-0047
Lee Anna Del   Walterboro-1956-0047
Lee Hugh   Walterboro-1956-0020
Lemacks E.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Lemacks L. J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Leonardi J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Lewis Donald   Walterboro-1956-0029
Library Assistants     Walterboro-1956-0057
Library Club     Walterboro-1956-0048
Linder Edward     Walterboro-1956-0014
Linder Sara Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Linder Sara Mrs Walterboro-1956-0031
Linder   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0058
Litchfield Sam Mrs Walterboro-1956-0031
Litchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1956-0066
Litchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1956-0066
Litchfield   Mr Walterboro-1956-0060
Litchfield   Mr Walterboro-1956-0060
Livingstone   Mr Walterboro-1956-0054
Lovette D.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Lowery Patsy   Walterboro-1956-0029
Lucas C.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Lucas J. A. Mrs Walterboro-1956-0004
Lucas Pinckney   Walterboro-1956-0029
Lyons Annette   Walterboro-1956-0014
Lyons Annette   Walterboro-1956-0051
Lyons Bernard   Walterboro-1956-0029
Lyons Edgar   Walterboro-1956-0024
Lyons Edward   Walterboro-1956-0029
Lyons George   Walterboro-1956-0029
Lyons Haskell   Walterboro-1956-0020
Lyons James   Walterboro-1956-0024
Lyons K.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Lyons Nancy   Walterboro-1956-0024
Lyons O.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Lyons Thomas   Walterboro-1956-0024
Lyons W.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Lyon's Furniture     Walterboro-1956-0080
Lytchfield Margaret Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Lytchfield Sam Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Lytchfield   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0058
Mademoiselle's     Walterboro-1956-0080
Majorette Club     Walterboro-1956-0055
Majorettes     Walterboro-1956-0047
Mangum A.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Mangum Parks   Walterboro-1956-0029
Marable J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Marching Band     Walterboro-1956-0046
Marshals     Walterboro-1956-0077
Martin J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1956-0029
Maxey Gloria   Walterboro-1956-0029
Maxey Gloria   Walterboro-1956-0054
Maxey M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Maxey M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Maxey N.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Maxey R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
McDaniel E.   Walterboro-1956-0036
McGee Eva Miss Walterboro-1956-0054
McGill B.   Walterboro-1956-0033
McGill D.   Walterboro-1956-0037
McGrady C.   Walterboro-1956-0033
McGraw A. G.   Walterboro-1956-0036
McGraw Leslie   Walterboro-1956-0020
McLane J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
McLane Janie   Walterboro-1956-0020
McLane Janie   Walterboro-1956-0057
McLane M.   Walterboro-1956-0033
McLeod M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
McLeod Mullins   Walterboro-1956-0058
McLeod P.   Walterboro-1956-0036
McLeod Peden   Walterboro-1956-0022
McLeod Peden   Walterboro-1956-0024
McLeod Peden   Walterboro-1956-0060
McLeod Peden   Walterboro-1956-0062
McLeod Polly   Walterboro-1956-0034
McLeod Rhett   Walterboro-1956-0020
McMillan Karl   Walterboro-1956-0014
McMillan Karl   Walterboro-1956-0056
McMillan Karl   Walterboro-1956-0073
McQuage Neil   Walterboro-1956-0029
McTeer Gene   Walterboro-1956-0014
McTeer Jane Miss Walterboro-1956-0006
McTeer Jean Miss Walterboro-1956-0042
McTeer Polly   Walterboro-1956-0029
McWhirter Y.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Mental Contestants     Walterboro-1956-0078
Mills Albert   Walterboro-1956-0029
Mines Herman E. Mr Walterboro-1956-0006
Mines   Mr Walterboro-1956-0052
Mines   Mr Walterboro-1956-0053
Mines   Mr Walterboro-1956-0057
Miss Freshman     Walterboro-1956-0071
Miss Hi Miss     Walterboro-1956-0076
Miss Junior        Walterboro-1956-0071
Miss Junior High     Walterboro-1956-0069
Miss Senior     Walterboro-1956-0069
Miss Sophomore     Walterboro-1956-0071
Miss Walterboro High     Walterboro-1956-0068
Mixon Louise   Walterboro-1956-0024
Mobley R. A. Mr  Walterboro-1956-0004
Mole Paul   Walterboro-1956-0015
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0015
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0043
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0044
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0070
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0073
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0077
Moore Carole   Walterboro-1956-0078
Moore J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Moore Joe   Walterboro-1956-0060
Moore Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0049
Moore Judy   Walterboro-1956-0015
Moore Kay   Walterboro-1956-0020
Moore L.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Moore Linda   Walterboro-1956-0047
Morrall P.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Morrall Willis   Walterboro-1956-0029
Morris Delores   Walterboro-1956-0066
Morris Deloris   Walterboro-1956-0024
Moseley Frances   Walterboro-1956-0024
Moseley W. M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Moseley Willie   Walterboro-1956-0054
Most Athletic     Walterboro-1956-0072
Most Dependable     Walterboro-1956-0073
Most Intelligent     Walterboro-1956-0072
Most Likely to Succeed     Walterboro-1956-0072
Most Popular     Walterboro-1956-0073
Most Versatile     Walterboro-1956-0073
Mouzan Mary      Walterboro-1956-0048
Mouzon Mary   Walterboro-1956-0024
Mouzon Mary   Walterboro-1956-0057
Moysey Bruce   Walterboro-1956-0015
Moysey Bruce   Walterboro-1956-0065
Moysey Bruce   Walterboro-1956-0065
Moysey Bruce   Walterboro-1956-0073
Moysey Sharon   Walterboro-1956-0029
Murdaugh Carroll   Walterboro-1956-0029
Murdaugh Donald   Walterboro-1956-0021
Murdaugh Donald   Walterboro-1956-0056
Murdaugh E.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Murdaugh F.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Nettles Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0024
Nettles Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0060
Nettles L. A.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Newsome R.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Norris B.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Norris Beverly   Walterboro-1956-0047
Novit's Fashion Shop     Walterboro-1956-0080
Novit's Shoe Store     Walterboro-1956-0080
Novit-Siegel's     Walterboro-1956-0080
O'Brian B.   Walterboro-1956-0033
O'Quinn M.   Walterboro-1956-0033
O'Quinn Patsy   Walterboro-1956-0029
O'Quinn R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Owens C.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Owens June   Walterboro-1956-0021
Owens R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Oxenrider Don   Walterboro-1956-0015
Oxenrider Don   Walterboro-1956-0053
Oxenrider Don   Walterboro-1956-0056
Oxenrider Don   Walterboro-1956-0065
Oxenrider Don   Walterboro-1956-0065
Oxenrider Don   Walterboro-1956-0077
Oxenrider Orvan   Walterboro-1956-0025
Oxenrider Orvan   Walterboro-1956-0078
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1956-0029
Padgett B.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Padgett Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0031
Padgett E.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Padgett Edward   Walterboro-1956-0021
Padgett Edward   Walterboro-1956-0056
Padgett Georgene   Walterboro-1956-0029
Padgett L.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Padgett Lynn   Walterboro-1956-0034
Padgett M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Padgett Miriam   Walterboro-1956-0021
Padgett S. M. Mr Walterboro-1956-0006
Palatty John   Walterboro-1956-0060
Parker Fred Mrs Walterboro-1956-0018
Parker John   Walterboro-1956-0021
Parker John   Walterboro-1956-0040
Parker John   Walterboro-1956-0041
Parker John   Walterboro-1956-0050
Parker John   Walterboro-1956-0060
Parker John   Walterboro-1956-0077
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0050
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0050
Parson's Dress Shop     Walterboro-1956-0080
Partin Frances   Walterboro-1956-0029
Pawek Alcia   Walterboro-1956-0029
Pawek David   Walterboro-1956-0029
Pellum E.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Pellum M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Pellum V.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Penfield Herbert   Walterboro-1956-0021
People's Pharmacy     Walterboro-1956-0080
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company     Walterboro-1956-0080
Perry Sarah   Walterboro-1956-0075
Peurifoy D. L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Phillips A.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Phillips Julliette   Walterboro-1956-0029
Pinckney Marie   Walterboro-1956-0025
Pinckney's Market     Walterboro-1956-0080
Pinkney H.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Pinkney R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Pinkney T.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Platt Karen Lee   Walterboro-1956-0074
Player Billy   Walterboro-1956-0015
Player Billy   Walterboro-1956-0056
Player C.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Polatty John   Walterboro-1956-0021
Polatty John   Walterboro-1956-0062
Pool J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Potts D   Walterboro-1956-0033
Powers Alisha   Walterboro-1956-0051
Powers John Robert   Walterboro-1956-0069
President's Cabinet     Walterboro-1956-0041
Press and Standard     Walterboro-1956-0080
Price George   Walterboro-1956-0025
Price Harriet   Walterboro-1956-0015
Price Harriet   Walterboro-1956-0043
Price Harriet   Walterboro-1956-0048
Price Harriet   Walterboro-1956-0078
Price Harriett   Walterboro-1956-0021
Price Martha Ann   Walterboro-1956-0025
Price R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Price T.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Price V.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Pye Nadeen   Walterboro-1956-0021
Pye S.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Queen's Float     Walterboro-1956-0075
Rainey J.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Rainey Jo Ann   Walterboro-1956-0021
Rainey Jo Ann   Walterboro-1956-0071
Rainey Jo Ann   Walterboro-1956-0078
Rainey's Jewelers     Walterboro-1956-0080
Ramsey Betty Ann   Walterboro-1956-0025
Ramsey Marshall   Walterboro-1956-0021
Ramsey R.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Reeves Billy   Walterboro-1956-0060
Reeves Bubby   Walterboro-1956-0056
Reeves Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0015
Reeves Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0060
Reeves Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0061
Reeves Buddy   Walterboro-1956-0075
Reeves Legare   Walterboro-1956-0075
Reeves Legree   Walterboro-1956-0060
Reeves Legree   Walterboro-1956-0061
Rembert Jean   Walterboro-1956-0021
Rembert Jean    Walterboro-1956-0077
Rentz J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Rentz Peggy   Walterboro-1956-0030
Reynolds M.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Rhoden J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Rhodes K.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Ricketson Bennie R.   Walterboro-1956-0030
Ringer J. E. Mr Walterboro-1956-0004
Risher Anne   Walterboro-1956-0025
Risher Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0025
Risher Charles   Walterboro-1956-0015
Risher Donald   Walterboro-1956-0015
Risher Glenwood   Walterboro-1956-0030
Risher Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0030
Risher L.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Risher Mary   Walterboro-1956-0016
Risher Sarah   Walterboro-1956-0021
Ritter B.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Ritter Brenda   Walterboro-1956-0025
Ritter Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0021
Ritter Kitty J.   Walterboro-1956-0030
Ritter Wayne   Walterboro-1956-0016
Ritter Wayne   Walterboro-1956-0052
Rivers M.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Rivers R.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Rizer Donald   Walterboro-1956-0030
Rizer Dora   Walterboro-1956-0030
Roberts  L.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Roberts  S.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Robertson Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0021
Robertson Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0047
Robertson Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0053
Robertson C.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Robertson G.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Robertson Judy   Walterboro-1956-0021
Robertson Thelma   Walterboro-1956-0030
Robertson's Hardware     Walterboro-1956-0080
Roderick Carol   Walterboro-1956-0021
Roderick Carol   Walterboro-1956-0078
Rodgers Ann    Walterboro-1956-0016
Rogers B.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Ross Henry   Walterboro-1956-0030
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1956-0026
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1956-0030
Rowe T.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Ryan L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Sammons S.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Sams Edna   Walterboro-1956-0025
Sams Edna   Walterboro-1956-0050
Sams Edna   Walterboro-1956-0066
Sanders J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Sanders R.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Sasser E.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1956-0058
Sauders Steve   Walterboro-1956-0022
Saunders Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0021
Saunders Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0063
Saunders Joyce   Walterboro-1956-0066
Saunders S.   Walterboro-1956-0033
School Band     Walterboro-1956-0047
Schwab H. M.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Seen in Junior High     Walterboro-1956-0038
Seigel Gale   Walterboro-1956-0026
Seigler J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Seigler Janice   Walterboro-1956-0051
Seigler Mae   Walterboro-1956-0025
Seigler P.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Sellers Rosemary   Walterboro-1956-0030
Senior Beauties     Walterboro-1956-0070
Senior Cheerleaders     Walterboro-1956-0063
Senior Future Teachers     Walterboro-1956-0049
Senior High Student     Walterboro-1956-0040
Senior J. H. A.     Walterboro-1956-0051
Senior Latin Club     Walterboro-1956-0050
Senior Players     Walterboro-1956-0061
Seniors     Walterboro-1956-0008
Seventh Grade - Class of 1961     Walterboro-1956-0034
Shiping Milton   Walterboro-1956-0065
Shuping G.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Shuping Milton   Walterboro-1956-0016
Siegel Gail   Walterboro-1956-0030
Siegel N.   Walterboro-1956-0036
Sigwald F.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Sigwald P.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Simmons B.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Simmons Dean   Walterboro-1956-0016
Simmons Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0016
Simmons Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0060
Simmons Linda   Walterboro-1956-0030
Simmons Linda   Walterboro-1956-0051
Simmons Mary   Walterboro-1956-0008
Simmons Mary   Walterboro-1956-0016
Simmons Mary   Walterboro-1956-0076
Simmons Robert   Walterboro-1956-0031
Simmon's Diesel     Walterboro-1956-0080
Simms Mary Faye   Walterboro-1956-0044
Simms T.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Simm's Toggery     Walterboro-1956-0080
Simons Winfield   Walterboro-1956-0021
Sims Judy   Walterboro-1956-0030
Sims Judy   Walterboro-1956-0066
Sims Mary   Walterboro-1956-0016
Sims Mary Faye   Walterboro-1956-0069
Sloman Karen   Walterboro-1956-0021
Smith Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0016
Smith Bobby   Walterboro-1956-0053
Smith Bonnie   Walterboro-1956-0025
Smith Elaine   Walterboro-1956-0030
Smith Inez   Walterboro-1956-0025
Smith Inez   Walterboro-1956-0051
Smith Inez   Walterboro-1956-0074
Smith J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Smith Leddy   Walterboro-1956-0025
Smith Mary   Walterboro-1956-0021
Smith Mary A.   Walterboro-1956-0030
Smith R.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Smith S.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Smith S.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Smoak C.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Smoak D.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Smoak Martha   Walterboro-1956-0021
Smoak Martha   Walterboro-1956-0063
Smoak T.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Snead Sylvia   Walterboro-1956-0025
Snook S.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1956-0049
Sophomores - Class of 1958     Walterboro-1956-0022
Stanfield Betty   Walterboro-1956-0021
Stanfield Bobbie Ann   Walterboro-1956-0025
Stanfield C.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Stanfield Carolyn   Walterboro-1956-0016
Stanfield D.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Stanfield H.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Stanfield J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Stanfield L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Stanfield Leonard   Walterboro-1956-0054
Stanfield M. L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Stanfield P.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Stanfield Patsy   Walterboro-1956-0058
Starr Martha   Walterboro-1956-0025
Steedly Patsy   Walterboro-1956-0021
Steedly Patsy   Walterboro-1956-0048
Steiner S.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Stiener D.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Stiener D.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Still Terry   Walterboro-1956-0021
Stone E.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Stone Franklin   Walterboro-1956-0025
Strickland Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0025
Strickland Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0030
Strickland W.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Stroud Johnny   Walterboro-1956-0025
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1956-0031
Stroud   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0049
Strum Roger Mr Walterboro-1956-0065
Strum   Mr Walterboro-1956-0065
Student Council     Walterboro-1956-0040
Student Council     Walterboro-1956-0042
Sturm Roger W. Mr Walterboro-1956-0006
Sturm   Mr Walterboro-1956-0008
Sturm   Mr Walterboro-1956-0060
Sturm   Mr Walterboro-1956-0060
Stynchcomb Errol   Walterboro-1956-0017
Sutton Fred   Walterboro-1956-0030
Syfrett B.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Thacker Winifred   Walterboro-1956-0017
The 1956 Lair      Walterboro-1956-0001
The Lair Staff     Walterboro-1956-0043
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1956-0030
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1956-0066
Thomas Charles H. Mr Walterboro-1956-0006
Thomas Charles H. Mr Walterboro-1956-0041
Thomas Charles H. Mr Walterboro-1956-0041
Thomas Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0021
Thomas Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0046
Thomas R.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Thomas Ruth Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Thomas S.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Thomas   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0008
Thomas   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0049
Thompson Gwen   Walterboro-1956-0030
Thompson Haskell   Walterboro-1956-0021
Thompson Nan   Walterboro-1956-0066
Thompson Nan    Walterboro-1956-0025
Thompson's     Walterboro-1956-0080
Those Who Direct     Walterboro-1956-0003
Those Who Excel     Walterboro-1956-0067
Those Who Follow     Walterboro-1956-0007
Those Who Lead     Walterboro-1956-0039
Those Who Play     Walterboro-1956-0059
Till J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Trade and Industry Club     Walterboro-1956-0053
Trowell Nancy   Walterboro-1956-0025
Trowell Nancy   Walterboro-1956-0078
Trussel Paula   Walterboro-1956-0066
Trussell Paula   Walterboro-1956-0025
Trussell W.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Turner Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0021
Turner Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0051
Turner Barbara   Walterboro-1956-0052
Turner E.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Turner E.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Turner L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Turner Phil   Walterboro-1956-0025
Turner W.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Ulmer P.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Unger Keith   Walterboro-1956-0025
Unger W.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Valentine E.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Varnadoe Raymond   Walterboro-1956-0030
Vaughn Jean   Walterboro-1956-0021
Vaughn Letty   Walterboro-1956-0030
Vaughn Letty   Walterboro-1956-0051
Veach J.   Walterboro-1956-0037
VonLehe Jack Mrs Walterboro-1956-0043
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1956-0080
VonLehe   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0008
W. C. Pearcy Farm Equipment     Walterboro-1956-0080
Walker Elliott   Walterboro-1956-0021
Walker Elliott   Walterboro-1956-0052
Walker J.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Walker P.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Walker Rosa   Walterboro-1956-0021
Walker Rosa   Walterboro-1956-0053
Walker Roy   Walterboro-1956-0030
Waller Jo Ann   Walterboro-1956-0030
Walling C.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Walling Joel   Walterboro-1956-0017
Walling Joel   Walterboro-1956-0078
Walterboro Auto Parts     Walterboro-1956-0080
Walterboro Drug     Walterboro-1956-0080
Ward R.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Ware Rebecca Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Ware Rebecca Mrs Walterboro-1956-0044
Ware   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0026
Warren John   Walterboro-1956-0030
Warren L. C.   Walterboro-1956-0030
Warren T. L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Warshaw's     Walterboro-1956-0080
Way Jimmy   Walterboro-1956-0017
Wells L.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Welsh Shelby   Walterboro-1956-0017
Westbury Faye   Walterboro-1956-0017
Westbury Faye   Walterboro-1956-0056
Western Auto     Walterboro-1956-0080
White R.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Whittle Mary   Walterboro-1956-0017
Wildcat Staff     Walterboro-1956-0044
Wildcats in Action     Walterboro-1956-0062
Williams Bootsie   Walterboro-1956-0054
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1956-0030
Williams Maude C.   Walterboro-1956-0030
Williams T.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Williams Verna Mrs Walterboro-1956-0006
Williams   Mrs Walterboro-1956-0052
Wilson Ethel   Walterboro-1956-0021
Winning Floats     Walterboro-1956-0075
Wittiest     Walterboro-1956-0073
Woods D.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Woods Donald   Walterboro-1956-0054
Wright A.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Wright Jackie   Walterboro-1956-0030
Wright R.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Wylie S.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Wyndham Eugene   Walterboro-1956-0017
Wyndham J.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Wyndham O.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Zeigler Janice   Walterboro-1956-0025
Zeigler Janice   Walterboro-1956-0075
Zeigler L.   Walterboro-1956-0033
Zeigler R.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Zellers E.   Walterboro-1956-0037
Zellers Harold   Walterboro-1956-0030