Walterboro High School 1959

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Year-Page
Ackerman Donna     Walterboro-1959-0039
Ackerman Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Ackerman Troy   Walterboro-1959-0039
Ackerman-Beach Drug Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
Activities     Walterboro-1959-0049
Adams F.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Adams F.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Adams Faye   Walterboro-1959-0042
Adams Faye   Walterboro-1959-0042
Adams Faye   Walterboro-1959-0061
Adams Faye   Walterboro-1959-0061
Adams Faye   Walterboro-1959-0069
Adams Freddie   Walterboro-1959-0017
Adams K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Adams Kaye   Walterboro-1959-0042
Adams Kaye   Walterboro-1959-0061
Adams Kaye   Walterboro-1959-0069
Adams Kaye   Walterboro-1959-0081
Adams T.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Adams Terry   Walterboro-1959-0045
Adkins Bobby Joe   Walterboro-1959-0042
Administration     Walterboro-1959-0009
Alford Grace Mrs Walterboro-1959-0013
Alford Grace Mrs Walterboro-1959-0045
Alma Mater     Walterboro-1959-0003
American Shoe Shop     Walterboro-1959-0092
Anastad F.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Anastad Fay   Walterboro-1959-0029
Annand Michael   Walterboro-1959-0035
Annand Michael   Walterboro-1959-0057
Annand Mike   Walterboro-1959-0055
Ashley Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0029
Ashley Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0051
Ashley Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0091
Athletics     Walterboro-1959-0065
Avant Bertie Ruth   Walterboro-1959-0017
Avant Carroll   Walterboro-1959-0035
Avant D.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Avant Derrick   Walterboro-1959-0039
Avant Dickie   Walterboro-1959-0029
Avant E. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Avant Ethel    Walterboro-1959-0035
Avant G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Avant Gayle   Walterboro-1959-0042
Avant Gayle   Walterboro-1959-0069
Avant Nancy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Avant S.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0017
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0051
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0072
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0072
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0073
Avant Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0085
Avant T.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Avant T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Avant Ted    Walterboro-1959-0039
Avant Teddy   Walterboro-1959-0017
Avant Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0042
Avant Tony   Walterboro-1959-0042
Avant Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0017
Bailey C.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Bailey Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0017
Bailey Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0058
Bailey D.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Bailey Deloris   Walterboro-1959-0029
Bailey Deloris   Walterboro-1959-0091
Bailey Diane   Walterboro-1959-0045
Bailey Larry   Walterboro-1959-0033
Bailey Lovey   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bailey Martha   Walterboro-1959-0042
Band     Walterboro-1959-0054
Bank of Walterboro     Walterboro-1959-0092
Barnes B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0029
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0052
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0052
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0055
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0055
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0069
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0089
Barnes Betty   Walterboro-1959-0091
Barnes Boyd   Walterboro-1959-0045
Barnes Bubba   Walterboro-1959-0035
Barnes C.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Barnes Caroline   Walterboro-1959-0039
Barnes J.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Barnes Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0042
Barnes Parker   Walterboro-1959-0039
Barnes Parker   Walterboro-1959-0039
Barnes Shirley Ann   Walterboro-1959-0029
Barton Betty   Walterboro-1959-0042
Barwick George   Walterboro-1959-0045
Barwick M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Barwick Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0039
Baseball Team     Walterboro-1959-0076
Bazzle Frances   Walterboro-1959-0045
Bazzle Hazel   Walterboro-1959-0045
Bazzle Kenn   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bazzle V.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Bazzle Verona   Walterboro-1959-0035
Beach C.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Beach Cornelia Ann   Walterboro-1959-0029
Beach G.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Beach G. J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Beach Gene   Walterboro-1959-0035
Beach Gene   Walterboro-1959-0058
Beach Gloria Jean   Walterboro-1959-0035
Beach Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0039
Beach K.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Beach Kenneth   Walterboro-1959-0042
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0017
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0058
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0058
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0072
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0072
Beach Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0073
Beach R.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Beach Rex   Walterboro-1959-0042
Beach Richard   Walterboro-1959-0042
Beach Terry   Walterboro-1959-0045
Beasley Nathalie   Walterboro-1959-0039
Beckett Harry   Walterboro-1959-0045
Belk-Hudson Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Bell Freddie   Walterboro-1959-0017
Benjamin's Glamour Shoppe     Walterboro-1959-0092
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0016
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0018
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0051
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0051
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0080
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0082
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0082
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0083
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0085
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0088
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0089
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0090
Bennett Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0092
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Bennett Jeanne   Walterboro-1959-0045
Benton B.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Benton Betty   Walterboro-1959-0035
Benton D.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Benton Donald   Walterboro-1959-0035
Benton Kay   Walterboro-1959-0045
Benton L.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Benton LaDonn   Walterboro-1959-0039
Benton LaDonn   Walterboro-1959-0072
Benton Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Berman Stephen   Walterboro-1959-0018
Berry Bobby Mr Walterboro-1959-0072
Berry Pat   Walterboro-1959-0029
Berry Pat   Walterboro-1959-0051
Berry Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0055
Berry Phil   Walterboro-1959-0045
Bessenger Marguerite Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Bessenger Marguerite Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
Bessenger Marguerite Mrs Walterboro-1959-0061
Bessenger   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0061
Bessinger Marguerite Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Best All Round     Walterboro-1959-0084
Best Dressed     Walterboro-1959-0084
Best Looking     Walterboro-1959-0084
Beta Club     Walterboro-1959-0055
Beverly Carl   Walterboro-1959-0029
Beverly M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Beverly Marianne   Walterboro-1959-0039
Biggest Flirts     Walterboro-1959-0085
Bilka C. J.   Walterboro-1959-0018
Bilka C. J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Bilka J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Bilka Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0039
Bilka Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0076
Bilka L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Bilka Larry   Walterboro-1959-0042
Binnicker Ray   Walterboro-1959-0035
Biology Club     Walterboro-1959-0057
Bishop Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bishop Faye   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bishop O. A.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Bishop Ola Ann   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bishop Rayford   Walterboro-1959-0039
Black Frieda Mrs Walterboro-1959-0014
Black Frieda Mrs Walterboro-1959-0056
Black   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0056
Block W Club     Walterboro-1959-0060
Blocker Betty   Walterboro-1959-0035
Blocker Betty   Walterboro-1959-0057
Blocker Butch   Walterboro-1959-0042
Blocker Gloria Jean   Walterboro-1959-0045
Blocker Jean   Walterboro-1959-0042
Blocker L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Blocker Lucius   Walterboro-1959-0045
Blocker Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0018
Board of Trustees     Walterboro-1959-0008
Boat and Motor Center     Walterboro-1959-0092
Boodle Geraldine   Walterboro-1959-0045
Boodle Jim   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bootle J.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Bowers Clarence   Walterboro-1959-0029
Bowers Kathleen   Walterboro-1959-0029
Boyd Roy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Boynton Catherine   Walterboro-1959-0042
Boys' Basketball     Walterboro-1959-0074
Boys' Starting Line-up     Walterboro-1959-0075
Boyton J. D. Mr Walterboro-1959-0008
Brannen Charles   Walterboro-1959-0039
Breland Angelia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0007
Breland Angelia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Breland Angelia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0016
Breland Angelia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0052
Breland Ann   Walterboro-1959-0035
Breland Ann   Walterboro-1959-0057
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0029
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0050
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0050
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0050
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0054
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0088
Breland Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0089
Breland   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0052
Bricklemyer Gene Mr Walterboro-1959-0072
Bridge Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0039
Bridge Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0068
Bridge Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0076
Bridgeman Sylvia   Walterboro-1959-0045
Bridgman S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Bridgman S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Britt G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Britt G.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Britt G.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0018
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0059
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0066
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0067
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0068
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0082
Britt Glenburn   Walterboro-1959-0085
Broderick B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Broderick Billy   Walterboro-1959-0035
Broderick Billy   Walterboro-1959-0055
Broderick Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0042
Broderick Shirley Ann   Walterboro-1959-0039
Brown Jane Mrs Walterboro-1959-0007
Brown Jane Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
Brown Jane Mrs Walterboro-1959-0016
Brown T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Brown Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0042
Brown Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Brown Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0063
Brown Hardware Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Bryan B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Bryan Betty   Walterboro-1959-0072
Bryan Betty   Walterboro-1959-0073
Bryan Betty Ann   Walterboro-1959-0018
Bryan Betty Ann   Walterboro-1959-0058
Bryan Heyward   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bryan Heyward   Walterboro-1959-0068
Bryan J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Bryan Jane   Walterboro-1959-0035
Bryan Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0029
Bryan Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0058
Bryan Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0058
Bryan Odessa Mrs Walterboro-1959-0010
Buchanan G.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Buchanan Uldene   Walterboro-1959-0039
Buckner Dorothy Mae Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
Buckner Dorothy Mae Mrs Walterboro-1959-0053
Buckner George   Walterboro-1959-0045
Buckwalter Ida Mae Mrs Walterboro-1959-0013
Buckwalter Ida Mae Mrs Walterboro-1959-0042
Buckwalter L. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0013
Buckwalter L. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0059
Buckwalter   Mr Walterboro-1959-0059
Bunton Elmer Ray   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bunton Faye   Walterboro-1959-0042
Bunton Gene   Walterboro-1959-0035
Bunton Gene   Walterboro-1959-0059
Bunton J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Bunton Jewel Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Bunton Jimmie   Walterboro-1959-0039
Bunton Myrna   Walterboro-1959-0035
Burkett Faye   Walterboro-1959-0045
Bus Drivers     Walterboro-1959-0059
Bush Crosland   Walterboro-1959-0029
Bush Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0039
Bush Wade   Walterboro-1959-0035
Buvinger Jan   Walterboro-1959-0035
Buvinger Jan   Walterboro-1959-0052
Buvinger Jan   Walterboro-1959-0057
Buvinger R. N. Mr Walterboro-1959-0012
Buvinger R. N. Mr Walterboro-1959-0054
Byrd Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0042
Byrd Connie   Walterboro-1959-0045
Byrd Linda   Walterboro-1959-0042
Byrd Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0035
Byrd Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0050
Campbell Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0035
Campbell Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0057
Campbell J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1959-0029
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1959-0051
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1959-0069
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1959-0072
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1959-0073
Campbell Jeannine   Walterboro-1959-0082
Campbell Mary Ann   Walterboro-1959-0042
Carroll George   Walterboro-1959-0045
Carson Judy   Walterboro-1959-0042
Carter Claudia   Walterboro-1959-0045
Carter E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Carter E.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Carter Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0029
Carter Ernest   Walterboro-1959-0039
Carter G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Carter Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0042
Carter J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Carter James   Walterboro-1959-0029
Carter Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0039
Carter Landis   Walterboro-1959-0042
Carter M.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Carter McCollin   Walterboro-1959-0042
Carter N.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Carter Nancy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Carter Ted    Walterboro-1959-0035
Carter Thayer   Walterboro-1959-0029
Carter W.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0018
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0052
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0052
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0060
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0068
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0074
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0075
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0076
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0082
Carter Wyman   Walterboro-1959-0086
Case Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0039
Case Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0072
Case J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Case J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Case J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0018
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0066
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0067
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0068
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0074
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0075
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0076
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0082
Case Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0086
Catoe Glenda   Walterboro-1959-0042
Catterton Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0045
Catterton L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Catterton Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0019
Catterton Marshall   Walterboro-1959-0042
Cave M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Cave Morris   Walterboro-1959-0029
Cave Morris   Walterboro-1959-0051
Cave Morris   Walterboro-1959-0066
Cave Morris   Walterboro-1959-0068
Cave Morris   Walterboro-1959-0091
Cave Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0076
Cawley George   Walterboro-1959-0019
Cawley George   Walterboro-1959-0051
Cawley George   Walterboro-1959-0051
Cawley George   Walterboro-1959-0084
Cawley R.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Cawley Richard   Walterboro-1959-0035
Cawley Richard   Walterboro-1959-0068
Chaplin Malcolm   Walterboro-1959-0045
Chapman Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0039
Cheerleaders - Intramural     Walterboro-1959-0069
Cheerleaders - Varsity     Walterboro-1959-0069
Chitwood Jean   Walterboro-1959-0045
Clark L.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Clark Lamar   Walterboro-1959-0042
Class of Freshmen     Walterboro-1959-0039
Class of Juniors     Walterboro-1959-0028
Class of Seniors     Walterboro-1959-0016
Class of Sophomores     Walterboro-1959-0034
Classes     Walterboro-1959-0015
Clayton Joe R. Mr  Walterboro-1959-0092
Cleland Judy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Cleland M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Cleland Marilyn   Walterboro-1959-0035
Clover Farm     Walterboro-1959-0092
Coastal Fruit Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Coburg Dairy     Walterboro-1959-0092
Coca-Cola Bottling Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Coggin Emily   Walterboro-1959-0042
Coggin Helen   Walterboro-1959-0055
Coggin Helen     Walterboro-1959-0035
Coggins Helen   Walterboro-1959-0058
Colleton Drugs     Walterboro-1959-0092
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1959-0019
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1959-0053
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1959-0055
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1959-0067
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1959-0074
Collier Arthur   Walterboro-1959-0082
Collier Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Collier Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Colson E. R.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Colson Etta Ruth   Walterboro-1959-0039
Colson G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0019
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0066
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0067
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0068
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0074
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0076
Colson Gene   Walterboro-1959-0082
Colson J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Colson Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0035
Colson Nell   Walterboro-1959-0042
Colson O.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Colson Owen   Walterboro-1959-0019
Colson's Grocery     Walterboro-1959-0092
Commercial Department     Walterboro-1959-0014
Cone G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Cone George   Walterboro-1959-0042
Cone H. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0011
Cone H. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0014
Cone H. E. Mr  Walterboro-1959-0058
Cone   Mr Walterboro-1959-0058
Connelly Ann   Walterboro-1959-0035
Connelly J. P.   Walterboro-1959-0045
Connelly Riddick   Walterboro-1959-0029
Conners C.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Conners Candie   Walterboro-1959-0042
Connors Candie   Walterboro-1959-0062
Cook Danny   Walterboro-1959-0045
Cook J. W.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Cook J. W.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Cook Jean   Walterboro-1959-0045
Cook Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0042
Cook Willie Mae   Walterboro-1959-0048
Cooke Daisy   Walterboro-1959-0045
Cooke Daisy   Walterboro-1959-0061
Cooke John W.   Walterboro-1959-0035
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0019
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0051
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0055
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0064
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0084
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0090
Cooler Paul   Walterboro-1959-0090
Cooler R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Cooler Richard   Walterboro-1959-0029
Cooler Richard   Walterboro-1959-0051
Cooler Richard   Walterboro-1959-0055
Cooler Richard   Walterboro-1959-0091
Cooler Rosemary   Walterboro-1959-0043
Cooler Rosemary   Walterboro-1959-0062
Copeland Jane   Walterboro-1959-0035
Copeland Jane   Walterboro-1959-0055
Copeland Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0030
Corbett Burnice   Walterboro-1959-0039
Corbett Building Supply Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Cover - Back     Walterboro-1959-0100
Cover - Front     Walterboro-1959-0000
Craven C.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Craven C.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Craven Calhoun   Walterboro-1959-0046
Craven Calhoun   Walterboro-1959-0061
Craven Christine   Walterboro-1959-0035
Craven Frances   Walterboro-1959-0043
Craven J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Craven Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0039
Craven Joe Ben   Walterboro-1959-0030
Craven Judy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Craven M. J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Craven Marie   Walterboro-1959-0046
Craven Mary Jo   Walterboro-1959-0035
Craven Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0035
Craven Nancy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Craven Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Craven Paul   Walterboro-1959-0043
Craven Robert   Walterboro-1959-0039
Craven Rufus   Walterboro-1959-0035
Craven T.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Craven Thomas   Walterboro-1959-0019
Crosby Allen L.   Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Crosby B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Crosby Betty Jean   Walterboro-1959-0019
Crosby Bill (W. D.)   Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby Bill (W. J.), Jr   Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby D.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Crosby Dan    Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby Danny   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby Danny   Walterboro-1959-0068
Crosby Delores   Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby Delores   Walterboro-1959-0050
Crosby Doctory   Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby Donald   Walterboro-1959-0030
Crosby Doris   Walterboro-1959-0043
Crosby Faye   Walterboro-1959-0046
Crosby George   Walterboro-1959-0043
Crosby Herman   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby Herman   Walterboro-1959-0057
Crosby Hubert   Walterboro-1959-0046
Crosby I.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Crosby Ione   Walterboro-1959-0020
Crosby J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Crosby J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Crosby Jacquelyn   Walterboro-1959-0020
Crosby Jacquelyn   Walterboro-1959-0058
Crosby Jacquelyn   Walterboro-1959-0058
Crosby James     Walterboro-1959-0046
Crosby James Edward   Walterboro-1959-0044
Crosby Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby Launette   Walterboro-1959-0043
Crosby Laveria   Walterboro-1959-0020
Crosby Laveria   Walterboro-1959-0058
Crosby Lenora   Walterboro-1959-0043
Crosby M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Crosby M. L.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Crosby Mary Ann   Walterboro-1959-0046
Crosby Mary Julia   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby Mary Lou   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby Mendel    Walterboro-1959-0046
Crosby Mike   Walterboro-1959-0020
Crosby N.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0020
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0058
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0058
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0060
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0072
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0073
Crosby Neyle   Walterboro-1959-0086
Crosby O.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Crosby Olivia   Walterboro-1959-0030
Crosby Olivia   Walterboro-1959-0052
Crosby Olivia   Walterboro-1959-0052
Crosby Olivia   Walterboro-1959-0055
Crosby Oscar   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby P.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Crosby Paul   Walterboro-1959-0039
Crosby S.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Crosby Sammy   Walterboro-1959-0020
Crosby Sammy   Walterboro-1959-0074
Crosby Sammy   Walterboro-1959-0075
Crosby Sammy   Walterboro-1959-0085
Crosby Wanda   Walterboro-1959-0046
Crosby Whaley   Walterboro-1959-0048
Crosby Winfred   Walterboro-1959-0035
Crosby-Burress Electric Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Cummings Buddy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Cummings C.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Cummings Charles   Walterboro-1959-0030
Cummings E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Cummings Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0057
Cummings Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0046
Cummings Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0069
Cummings L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Cummings Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0039
Cummings Mark   Walterboro-1959-0046
Cummings Mary Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0039
Cummings W.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Cummings Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0039
Cutest     Walterboro-1959-0087
D. A. R. Representative     Walterboro-1959-0083
Dairy-Land     Walterboro-1959-0092
Dale E. S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Dale Eddie Sue   Walterboro-1959-0039
Dandridge Charles   Walterboro-1959-0043
Dantzler H.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Dantzler Herman   Walterboro-1959-0046
Dantzler Herman   Walterboro-1959-0063
Dantzler Linda   Walterboro-1959-0036
Dantzler Linda   Walterboro-1959-0050
Dantzler Mary Anne   Walterboro-1959-0039
David S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Davis Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Davis Bunny Lou   Walterboro-1959-0030
Davis Bunny Lou   Walterboro-1959-0058
Davis Bunny Lou   Walterboro-1959-0058
Davis Emily   Walterboro-1959-0020
Davis Emily   Walterboro-1959-0082
Davis Emily   Walterboro-1959-0084
Davis Sally     Walterboro-1959-0039
Davis Sammy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Dedication     Walterboro-1959-0007
Deets Carol   Walterboro-1959-0046
DeLoach J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
DeLoach Janet   Walterboro-1959-0043
DeLoach Janet   Walterboro-1959-0062
Denaro Dorothy Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Denaro Dorothy   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0055
Denaro   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0055
DeWitt Clarence   Walterboro-1959-0043
DeWitt James   Walterboro-1959-0046
Distributive Education Club     Walterboro-1959-0058
Dodd J. K., Jr Mrs Walterboro-1959-0008
Dowdy Sally   Walterboro-1959-0046
Dowdy Sally   Walterboro-1959-0061
Drawdy B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Drawdy Billy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Drawdy Buddy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Drawdy G.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Drawdy Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0036
Drawdy J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Drawdy J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Drawdy J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Drawdy Jim    Walterboro-1959-0030
Drawdy Jo Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0020
Drawdy Jo Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0050
Drawdy Jo Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0087
Drawdy Ray   Walterboro-1959-0040
Drawdy Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0036
Drawdy Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0058
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0021
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0050
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0050
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0050
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0055
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0055
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0064
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0083
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0086
Drawdy Richmond   Walterboro-1959-0090
Drive-In Grill     Walterboro-1959-0092
Driving Training     Walterboro-1959-0014
Dukes Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0040
Dukes Brooky   Walterboro-1959-0021
Dukes Brooky   Walterboro-1959-0051
Dukes Brooky   Walterboro-1959-0087
Duncan S. J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Duncan Sara Jo   Walterboro-1959-0030
Duncan Sara Jo   Walterboro-1959-0051
Duncan Sara Jo   Walterboro-1959-0072
Duncan Sara Jo   Walterboro-1959-0073
Duncan Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Duncan Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0061
Duncan Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0061
Duncan Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Durham W. Earl Mr Walterboro-1959-0008
Easterlin B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Easterlin Billy   Walterboro-1959-0036
Easterlin Billy   Walterboro-1959-0074
Easterlin Carroll   Walterboro-1959-0046
Easterlin Dolly   Walterboro-1959-0046
Easterlin H.     Walterboro-1959-0059
Easterlin Hugh   Walterboro-1959-0036
Easterlin P.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Easterlin P.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Easterlin Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Easterlin Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0062
Easterlin Wecky   Walterboro-1959-0076
Easterlin Wescoat   Walterboro-1959-0036
Easterlin Furniture Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Edward's 5c, 10c, $1.00 Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
Eighth Grade     Walterboro-1959-0042
Eighth Grade Shop Club     Walterboro-1959-0063
Elliott Sara Maud   Walterboro-1959-0021
Elliott Sara Maud   Walterboro-1959-0055
Elliott Sara Maud   Walterboro-1959-0057
English Department     Walterboro-1959-0011
Evans B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Evans Ben   Walterboro-1959-0030
Evans Ben   Walterboro-1959-0060
Evans Ben   Walterboro-1959-0066
Evans C.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Evans C.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1959-0021
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1959-0066
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1959-0067
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1959-0068
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1959-0082
Evans Clark   Walterboro-1959-0087
Evans S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Evans Sara   Walterboro-1959-0036
Evans Thelma   Walterboro-1959-0046
Faculty     Walterboro-1959-0011
Farmer and Merchants Bank     Walterboro-1959-0092
Farrell E.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Farrell Elliott   Walterboro-1959-0036
Farrell George   Walterboro-1959-0036
Farrell M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Farrell Marilyn   Walterboro-1959-0021
Features     Walterboro-1959-0077
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0021
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0051
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0051
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0055
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0064
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0078
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0082
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0084
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0089
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0090
Fellers Mimi   Walterboro-1959-0092
Fender M.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Fender McCray   Walterboro-1959-0021
Fennell K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Fennell Kay   Walterboro-1959-0042
Fennell Kay   Walterboro-1959-0043
Fennell T.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Fennell Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Fennell Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0069
Fick Carol   Walterboro-1959-0040
Fick Carole   Walterboro-1959-0052
Finley D.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Finley Jack   Walterboro-1959-0021
Fishburne Alice   Walterboro-1959-0036
Fishburne Julie   Walterboro-1959-0022
Fishburne Julie   Walterboro-1959-0051
Fishburne Julie   Walterboro-1959-0055
Fishburne Nadeen Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Fishburne Nadeen Mrs Walterboro-1959-0045
Fishburne Nadeen Mrs Walterboro-1959-0062
Fishburne Patti   Walterboro-1959-0082
Fishburne   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0062
Fisk David   Walterboro-1959-0022
Fisk Evelyn   Walterboro-1959-0022
Fisk R. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Fisk Ruth Ann   Walterboro-1959-0022
Fisk Ruth Ann   Walterboro-1959-0058
Fisk Ruth Ann   Walterboro-1959-0058
Fletcher Calvin   Walterboro-1959-0046
Fletcher M.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Fletcher Marion   Walterboro-1959-0046
Floyd Jim   Walterboro-1959-0038
Floyd Virginia   Walterboro-1959-0030
Football Team     Walterboro-1959-0066
Foreign Language Department     Walterboro-1959-0012
Forward     Walterboro-1959-0002
Fox Ernest   Walterboro-1959-0030
Fox Ernest   Walterboro-1959-0051
Fralick Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0040
Fralick Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0068
Fralick Martha   Walterboro-1959-0036
Fralin Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0040
Fralin Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0072
Fralix M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Frank Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0022
Frank Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0050
Frank Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0050
Frank Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0055
Frank Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0086
Frank J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Frank John   Walterboro-1959-0040
Frank L.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Frank Letitia   Walterboro-1959-0040
Frank Letitia   Walterboro-1959-0072
Fraser Riddick   Walterboro-1959-0048
Fraser Susan   Walterboro-1959-0046
Frasier Haskel   Walterboro-1959-0040
Frasier Helen   Walterboro-1959-0046
Frasier Sonny   Walterboro-1959-0046
Frazier Florence   Walterboro-1959-0022
Frazier Florence   Walterboro-1959-0051
Frazier Florence   Walterboro-1959-0058
Frazier Florence   Walterboro-1959-0072
Frazier Fred    Walterboro-1959-0043
Frazier H.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Frazier Harriet    Walterboro-1959-0052
Frazier Harriett   Walterboro-1959-0030
Frazier Harriett   Walterboro-1959-0055
Frazier Rose Mary   Walterboro-1959-0040
Frazier's     Walterboro-1959-0092
Friendliest     Walterboro-1959-0085
Fripp Paul   Walterboro-1959-0040
Fripp Paul   Walterboro-1959-0050
Fulmer L.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Fulmer Linda   Walterboro-1959-0040
Fulmer P.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Fulmer Paul   Walterboro-1959-0046
Fulton Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0036
Fulton Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0068
Fulton M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0022
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0051
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0055
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0074
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0074
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0075
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0076
Fulton Milton   Walterboro-1959-0087
Fulton Susan   Walterboro-1959-0036
Fulton Susan   Walterboro-1959-0089
Furr H.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Furr Hermione   Walterboro-1959-0043
Furr Marshall   Walterboro-1959-0036
Furr Marshall   Walterboro-1959-0066
Future Farmers of America     Walterboro-1959-0060
Future Homemakers of America     Walterboro-1959-0056
Gahagan Bernard   Walterboro-1959-0030
Galloway Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0030
Gamble Stanley   Walterboro-1959-0076
Gardner Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Garmon Carole   Walterboro-1959-0043
Garmon Joan    Walterboro-1959-0046
Garner Douglas   Walterboro-1959-0043
Garris Whittier   Walterboro-1959-0043
Garvin Glen   Walterboro-1959-0043
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0016
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0051
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0057
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0092
Gaskin K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Gaskin Kaye   Walterboro-1959-0043
Gaskin L.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Gaskin Lowell   Walterboro-1959-0036
Gaskin Lowell   Walterboro-1959-0066
Gaskin   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0051
Gaskin   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0057
Gatch B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Gatch Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0043
Gatch Dianne   Walterboro-1959-0030
Gatch Dianne   Walterboro-1959-0057
Gatch Dianne   Walterboro-1959-0058
Gatch F.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Gatch Faye   Walterboro-1959-0040
Gatch Faye   Walterboro-1959-0056
Gatch G.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Gatch Gail   Walterboro-1959-0040
Gatch Gail   Walterboro-1959-0056
Gatch Nancy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Gatch Vernon   Walterboro-1959-0030
Gentry G.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Gentry George   Walterboro-1959-0046
Gibson Kay   Walterboro-1959-0040
Gibson-Kemp Drug Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Girls' and Boys' State Representatives     Walterboro-1959-0090
Girls' Basketball     Walterboro-1959-0072
Girls' Basketball First String     Walterboro-1959-0073
Givens Henri   Walterboro-1959-0030
Givens Henri   Walterboro-1959-0057
Givens Henri   Walterboro-1959-0091
Gladys Murray Flower Shop     Walterboro-1959-0092
Glee Club     Walterboro-1959-0053
Glover D.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Glover Diane   Walterboro-1959-0046
Glover Frank   Walterboro-1959-0040
Glover Frank   Walterboro-1959-0057
Glover Gwen   Walterboro-1959-0022
Glover Gwen   Walterboro-1959-0051
Glover Gwen   Walterboro-1959-0055
Glover Gwen   Walterboro-1959-0085
Glover Marion   Walterboro-1959-0036
Glover Marion   Walterboro-1959-0055
Glover Marion   Walterboro-1959-0068
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0028
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0030
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0052
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0052
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0055
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0057
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0057
Glover Myra   Walterboro-1959-0089
Glover Norty   Walterboro-1959-0030
Glover Norty   Walterboro-1959-0057
Glover Norty   Walterboro-1959-0091
Glover R.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Glover Raiford   Walterboro-1959-0030
Glover Raiford   Walterboro-1959-0050
Glover Raiford   Walterboro-1959-0072
Glover Raiford   Walterboro-1959-0073
Glover S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Glover Sally   Walterboro-1959-0042
Glover Sally   Walterboro-1959-0043
Glover Sally   Walterboro-1959-0069
Godley D.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Godley Dickie   Walterboro-1959-0030
Godley J.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Godley Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0043
Golf Team     Walterboro-1959-0076
Goodwin J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Goodwin Jim   Walterboro-1959-0043
Goodwin Lizzie Dell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Goodwin Lizzie Dell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Goodwin Lizzie Dell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
Goodwin Lizzie Dell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0039
Goodwin Lizzie Dell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0045
Goodwin Lizzie Dell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0062
Goodwin Phillip   Walterboro-1959-0031
Goodwin   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0062
Grant J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Grant Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0040
Gregory D.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Gregory Dan   Walterboro-1959-0031
Gregory L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Gregory Lynn   Walterboro-1959-0023
Gregory Lynn   Walterboro-1959-0051
Griffin Peggy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Grooms B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Grooms Bill   Walterboro-1959-0046
Grooms Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0046
Groves A.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Groves Allen     Walterboro-1959-0043
Groves Don   Walterboro-1959-0043
Groves H.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Groves Harold   Walterboro-1959-0043
Gruber Junior   Walterboro-1959-0040
Gruber Mitchell   Walterboro-1959-0036
Gruber Mitchell   Walterboro-1959-0059
Gruber Valaree   Walterboro-1959-0040
Gruber Walton   Walterboro-1959-0040
Guilford Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0076
Guilford E.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Guilford Earl   Walterboro-1959-0023
Guilford Earl   Walterboro-1959-0067
Guilford Earl   Walterboro-1959-0082
Guilford Mildred   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hadwin Darlene   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hadwin Michael   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hadwin Michael   Walterboro-1959-0055
Hageman James   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hamm B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hamm Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1959-0074
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1959-0075
Hamm Billy   Walterboro-1959-0076
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Handegan Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0036
Handegan Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0055
Handegan Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0074
Handegan Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0076
Handegan T.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Handegan Terry   Walterboro-1959-0043
Handegan Terry   Walterboro-1959-0076
Hardee Eugene   Walterboro-1959-0044
Harkey J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Harkey John   Walterboro-1959-0043
Harkey John    Walterboro-1959-0068
Harrelson J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Harrelson J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Harrelson Janice   Walterboro-1959-0046
Harris S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Harris  Sissy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Harrison B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Harrison Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0036
Harrison Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0043
Harrison Cecil   Walterboro-1959-0036
Harrison Cecil   Walterboro-1959-0055
Harrison Inez   Walterboro-1959-0040
Harrison Karl   Walterboro-1959-0046
Harrison Margaret   Walterboro-1959-0023
Harrison Roxey   Walterboro-1959-0031
Harrison Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hawkins Eloise Mrs Walterboro-1959-0014
Hawkins Eloise Mrs Walterboro-1959-0056
Hawkins   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0056
Hayes Jewelers     Walterboro-1959-0092
Headden C.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Headden Carl   Walterboro-1959-0036
Headden Lorine   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hedgepath Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0036
Herndon Billy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Herndon Billy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Herndon Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0036
Herndon Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0057
Herndon Daphne   Walterboro-1959-0031
Herndon Daphne   Walterboro-1959-0057
Herndon Daphne   Walterboro-1959-0058
Herndon Gail   Walterboro-1959-0054
Herndon Joyce Ann   Walterboro-1959-0031
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0031
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0050
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0055
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0055
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0082
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0091
Herndon Mary Lee   Walterboro-1959-0091
Herndon Thomas   Walterboro-1959-0031
Herndon Thomas    Walterboro-1959-0051
Herndon Wynona   Walterboro-1959-0040
Herndon Wynona   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hester Burnice   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hester Burnice   Walterboro-1959-0074
Hickman Gerald    Walterboro-1959-0050
Hickman Howard   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hickman J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Hickman Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hickman Reginald   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hickman Stanley   Walterboro-1959-0023
Hiers A.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hiers Alton   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hiers Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0038
Hiers I.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hiers I.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hiers Ilona   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hiers Loray   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hiers Loray   Walterboro-1959-0055
Hiers Rhoda Ann   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hiers Rita Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Hiers S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hiers Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiers Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0061
Hiers Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0061
Hiers Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0069
Hiers Willie     Walterboro-1959-0043
Hill J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Hill Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0023
Hill Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0087
Hill Judy   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hill Judy   Walterboro-1959-0051
Hill Judy   Walterboro-1959-0057
Hill Lena Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Hilton G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Hilton Ginger   Walterboro-1959-0024
Hilton Ginger   Walterboro-1959-0051
Hilton Ginger   Walterboro-1959-0058
Hilton Ginger   Walterboro-1959-0087
Hiott Annamae   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Hiott B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hiott Betsy   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hiott Betty Jean   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hiott Bill   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hiott Bill   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hiott Bill   Walterboro-1959-0068
Hiott Billy   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hiott Billy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hiott Billy   Walterboro-1959-0060
Hiott Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hiott Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0076
Hiott Bobby Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hiott Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott Brenda Mae   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott David   Walterboro-1959-0023
Hiott David   Walterboro-1959-0055
Hiott David   Walterboro-1959-0064
Hiott Eleanor   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hiott Eleanor   Walterboro-1959-0054
Hiott Emma   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hiott Floyd   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hiott Floyd   Walterboro-1959-0068
Hiott Foch   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hiott Hubert   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hiott Hubert   Walterboro-1959-0091
Hiott J.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hiott Jo Lee   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hiott Linda   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott M. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Hiott Martha Ann   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hiott Pat   Walterboro-1959-0052
Hiott Pat   Walterboro-1959-0052
Hiott Pat    Walterboro-1959-0031
Hiott Phoebe Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Hiott R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hiott R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hiott R.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hiott R.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hiott R. J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Hiott Raymond     Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott Rena Jane   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott Robert   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott Rosemary   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hiott S. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Hiott Sally Ann   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hiott Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0023
Hiott Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0055
Hiott Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0057
Hiott Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0057
Hiott Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0086
Hiott Sonny   Walterboro-1959-0066
Hiott Sonny   Walterboro-1959-0068
Hiott Teddy   Walterboro-1959-0023
Hiott's Pharmacy     Walterboro-1959-0092
Hoats B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Hoats Berkley   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hodge Mary   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hodges E. P. Mr Walterboro-1959-0013
Hodges E. P. Mr Walterboro-1959-0059
Hodges Mary Lou Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Hodges Mary Lou Mrs Walterboro-1959-0016
Hodges   Mr Walterboro-1959-0059
Hoff Pat   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hoffman Eleanor Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Hoffman Trudy   Walterboro-1959-0040
Holiday H.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Holliday Henry   Walterboro-1959-0046
Holloman Frances   Walterboro-1959-0040
Holloman H.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Holloman Hillery   Walterboro-1959-0040
Holloman Kathleen   Walterboro-1959-0024
Holloman Kathleen   Walterboro-1959-0051
Holloman Kathleen   Walterboro-1959-0058
Holsclaw Fred   Walterboro-1959-0043
Holsclaw Raymond   Walterboro-1959-0024
Home Marcia   Walterboro-1959-0046
Home Economics Department     Walterboro-1959-0014
Homecoming Attendants     Walterboro-1959-0082
Homecoming Queen     Walterboro-1959-0082
Homemaker of Tomorrow     Walterboro-1959-0090
Hooker E.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hooker Ervin   Walterboro-1959-0043
Housworth B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Housworth B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Housworth Betty   Walterboro-1959-0043
Housworth Betty   Walterboro-1959-0062
Housworth Betty   Walterboro-1959-0062
Howard Dan Mr Walterboro-1959-0013
Howard Dan Mr  Walterboro-1959-0045
Howell B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0024
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0060
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0068
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0076
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0082
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0085
Howell Bill   Walterboro-1959-0090
Howell Bill    Walterboro-1959-0067
Howell Billy   Walterboro-1959-0066
Howell Ladson   Walterboro-1959-0036
Howell Ladson   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hudson Euliar   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hudson F.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Hudson Fay   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hudson James   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hudson K.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hudson Kermit   Walterboro-1959-0046
Hudson Kermit   Walterboro-1959-0061
Hudson Roy   Walterboro-1959-0066
Hudson Roy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Hudson T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hudson Troy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hudson Valencia   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hudson Valencia   Walterboro-1959-0057
Hudson Valencia   Walterboro-1959-0057
Hudson Valencia   Walterboro-1959-0058
Huff M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Huff Mack   Walterboro-1959-0040
Huff P.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Hughes B.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Hughes B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hughes Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0036
Hughes Billy   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hughes C.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Hughes C.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Hughes C.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Hughes Charles   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hughes Clinton   Walterboro-1959-0043
Hughes Lynnelle   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hughes Lynnelle   Walterboro-1959-0050
Humphries T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Humphries Thomas    Walterboro-1959-0046
Hutto Ann   Walterboro-1959-0040
Hutto Ann   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hutto Carroll   Walterboro-1959-0031
Hutto Carroll   Walterboro-1959-0050
Hutto Carroll   Walterboro-1959-0091
Ideal Laundry and Cleaners     Walterboro-1959-0092
Intramural Teams     Walterboro-1959-0068
J. I. Thomas Wholesale     Walterboro-1959-0092
Jackson H.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Jackson Hubert   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jackson Ruth Ann   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jackson S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Jackson S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Jackson Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0046
Jacobs Edwin   Walterboro-1959-0076
James Belinda   Walterboro-1959-0072
James Blinda   Walterboro-1959-0040
James Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0024
James Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0058
Jenkins Claire Miss Walterboro-1959-0014
Jenkins Claire Miss Walterboro-1959-0058
Jenkins Linda   Walterboro-1959-0024
Jenkins Linda   Walterboro-1959-0051
Jenkins Linda   Walterboro-1959-0058
Jenkins   Miss Walterboro-1959-0058
Jennings Doris   Walterboro-1959-0043
Jennings Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Jennings Mary    Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Jenny's House of Flowers     Walterboro-1959-0092
Johnson J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Johnson Jan   Walterboro-1959-0046
Johnson Mary Mrs Walterboro-1959-0045
Johnson Mary S. Mrs Walterboro-1959-0013
Jones A. M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Jones Annie Mae   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones C.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Jones Carolyn Leona   Walterboro-1959-0031
Jones Cecil   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Jones G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Jones G.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Jones Gerald   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones Glenn   Walterboro-1959-0036
Jones Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0046
Jones Godley   Walterboro-1959-0043
Jones J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Jones Jean   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones L.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Jones Linda   Walterboro-1959-0037
Jones Linda   Walterboro-1959-0057
Jones Loretta   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones Margie   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones Margie   Walterboro-1959-0058
Jones Meryl Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Jones P.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Jones Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0031
Jones Sandra E.   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones Sandra M.   Walterboro-1959-0040
Jones T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Jones Tiller   Walterboro-1959-0043
Josey L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Josey Lynn    Walterboro-1959-0046
Junior Class Play Cast     Walterboro-1959-0091
Junior Future Teachers of America     Walterboro-1959-0062
Junior High Debating Clubs     Walterboro-1959-0062
Junior High Student Council     Walterboro-1959-0061
Junior High Teachers     Walterboro-1959-0013
Junior Marshals     Walterboro-1959-0091
Just Reminiscing     Walterboro-1959-0048
Kay Thomas    Walterboro-1959-0043
Kaye T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Keegan Ben   Walterboro-1959-0031
Keith Lennoye   Walterboro-1959-0046
Keith Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0031
Keith Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0076
Key Carol Miss Walterboro-1959-0014
Kimbrel  Sammy   Walterboro-1959-0040
Kinard Helen   Walterboro-1959-0037
Kinard Helen   Walterboro-1959-0058
Kinard John A. Mr Walterboro-1959-0011
Kinard M.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Kinard Mary Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0046
King Teen     Walterboro-1959-0083
Kinsey B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Kinsey B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Kinsey Beverly   Walterboro-1959-0046
Kinsey Beverly   Walterboro-1959-0069
Kinsey Bill   Walterboro-1959-0032
Kinsey Bill   Walterboro-1959-0059
Kinsey Bill   Walterboro-1959-0091
Kinsey Cynthia   Walterboro-1959-0046
Kinsey Diane   Walterboro-1959-0031
Kinsey Diane   Walterboro-1959-0055
Kinsey Diane   Walterboro-1959-0055
Kinsey Diane   Walterboro-1959-0064
Kinsey Elaine   Walterboro-1959-0032
Kinsey S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Kinsey Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0032
Kinsey Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0056
Kirby Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0032
Kirby Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0055
Kirby Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0055
Kirby Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0064
Kirby Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0091
Kiser A. G. Mr Walterboro-1959-0008
Knox Ann   Walterboro-1959-0024
Knox Ann   Walterboro-1959-0050
Knox Ann   Walterboro-1959-0050
Knox Ann   Walterboro-1959-0069
Knox Ann   Walterboro-1959-0087
Knox E.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Knox Eileen   Walterboro-1959-0046
Knox Henry   Walterboro-1959-0037
Knox Henry   Walterboro-1959-0064
Knox Henry   Walterboro-1959-0068
Knox Henry   Walterboro-1959-0074
Krau Darlene   Walterboro-1959-0040
Kugley Dorothy   Walterboro-1959-0040
Kugley Douglas   Walterboro-1959-0040
Lamb Gerald   Walterboro-1959-0040
Langdale E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Langdale Eugenia   Walterboro-1959-0032
Langdale J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Langdale J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Langdale Jervey   Walterboro-1959-0037
Langdale Jervey   Walterboro-1959-0060
Langdale Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0040
Langdale Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0046
Langdale Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0024
Langdale Miriam   Walterboro-1959-0058
Langdale W.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Langdale W.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Langdale William   Walterboro-1959-0037
Langdale Willis   Walterboro-1959-0043
Lanigan Barbara Ann   Walterboro-1959-0043
Lanigan J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Lanigan Julian    Walterboro-1959-0037
LaSauce James   Walterboro-1959-0046
LaSauce James   Walterboro-1959-0068
Latin Club     Walterboro-1959-0055
Lawson J. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Lawson Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0037
Lawson Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0064
Lawson Jo Ann   Walterboro-1959-0072
Leal Manuela   Walterboro-1959-0043
Leal Marcella   Walterboro-1959-0040
Lemacks Mondell   Walterboro-1959-0046
Lemacks R.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Lemacks Randall   Walterboro-1959-0063
Lemacks Randell   Walterboro-1959-0043
Levy L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Levy Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0043
Librarian     Walterboro-1959-0014
Library Club     Walterboro-1959-0058
Linder Bill   Walterboro-1959-0040
Linder Bill   Walterboro-1959-0068
Linder J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Linder Janet   Walterboro-1959-0046
Linder Sara Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Linder Sara Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Litchfield J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Litchfield Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0040
Long Charles   Walterboro-1959-0043
Long Charles   Walterboro-1959-0061
Long Charles   Walterboro-1959-0068
Louett D.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Lovett J.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Lovette Donald   Walterboro-1959-0046
Lowery Harold   Walterboro-1959-0043
Lowery Norma   Walterboro-1959-0037
Lucas Cary   Walterboro-1959-0037
Lucas Cary   Walterboro-1959-0058
Lucas Cary   Walterboro-1959-0081
Lucas Cary   Walterboro-1959-0082
Lucas Cary   Walterboro-1959-0089
Lucas Doris Mrs Walterboro-1959-0010
Lucas K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Lucas K.     Walterboro-1959-0062
Lucas Kathy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Lucas Kathy   Walterboro-1959-0062
Lucas Kathy   Walterboro-1959-0069
Lucas Kathy   Walterboro-1959-0082
Lucas Pinckney   Walterboro-1959-0025
Luense John   Walterboro-1959-0040
Lunch Room Staff     Walterboro-1959-0064
Lyons A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Lyons A.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Lyons Ann   Walterboro-1959-0041
Lyons Aubrey   Walterboro-1959-0032
Lyons Aubrey   Walterboro-1959-0066
Lyons Edgar   Walterboro-1959-0027
Lyons Edward   Walterboro-1959-0027
Lyons F.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Lyons Franklin   Walterboro-1959-0043
Lyons G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Lyons Gail   Walterboro-1959-0046
Lyons George   Walterboro-1959-0025
Lyons Kathleen   Walterboro-1959-0037
Lyons Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0046
Lyons Shirley   Walterboro-1959-0043
Lyons Willie   Walterboro-1959-0032
Lytchfield Margaret Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Lytchfield Margaret Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Lytchfield Margaret Mrs Walterboro-1959-0028
Lytchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1959-0011
Lytchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1959-0028
Mack Rance   Walterboro-1959-0043
Mademoiselle's     Walterboro-1959-0092
Majorettes     Walterboro-1959-0054
Malphrus Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Mangum A.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Mangum Ashley   Walterboro-1959-0037
Mangum Parks   Walterboro-1959-0032
Marable Jenny   Walterboro-1959-0037
Marable Jenny   Walterboro-1959-0057
Marable Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Martin E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Martin Eileen   Walterboro-1959-0041
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0025
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0051
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0053
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0055
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0055
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0064
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0084
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0090
Marvin Melvin   Walterboro-1959-0090
Marvin's Feed Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
Math Department     Walterboro-1959-0011
Maxey J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Maxey Judy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Maxey M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Maxey M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Maxey Margaret     Walterboro-1959-0037
Maxey Mary   Walterboro-1959-0027
Maxey Mary Ruth   Walterboro-1959-0037
Maxey Mary Ruth   Walterboro-1959-0064
Maxey Naomi   Walterboro-1959-0032
Maxey Naomi   Walterboro-1959-0051
Mayer Harold   Walterboro-1959-0041
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0034
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0037
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0055
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0055
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0057
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0057
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0064
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0072
McDaniel Ellen   Walterboro-1959-0089
McDaniel Tom    Walterboro-1959-0046
McGrady Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0032
McGrady Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0047
McLeod Mullins   Walterboro-1959-0037
McLeod Mullins   Walterboro-1959-0050
McLeod Mullins   Walterboro-1959-0066
McLeod Mullins   Walterboro-1959-0068
McLeod Mullins   Walterboro-1959-0076
McLeod Polly   Walterboro-1959-0034
McLeod Polly   Walterboro-1959-0037
McLeod Polly   Walterboro-1959-0052
McLeod Polly   Walterboro-1959-0089
McMillan C.   Walterboro-1959-0063
McMillan Charles   Walterboro-1959-0047
McMillan Sandy   Walterboro-1959-0043
McMillan Vera Miss Walterboro-1959-0014
McMillan Vera Miss Walterboro-1959-0028
McMillan Vera Miss Walterboro-1959-0072
McMillan Vera Miss Walterboro-1959-0072
McQuage Nancy   Walterboro-1959-0043
McWhirter Young   Walterboro-1959-0037
McWhirter Young   Walterboro-1959-0057
McWhirter Young   Walterboro-1959-0074
Mental Contestants     Walterboro-1959-0064
Miller Barney Mr Walterboro-1959-0014
Miller Barney Mr Walterboro-1959-0060
Miller Barney Mr Walterboro-1959-0066
Miller Barney Mr Walterboro-1959-0076
Miller M.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Miller Mike   Walterboro-1959-0044
Miller Pat   Walterboro-1959-0032
Miller Pat   Walterboro-1959-0057
Miller Pat   Walterboro-1959-0064
Miller Pat   Walterboro-1959-0091
Miller Peggy   Walterboro-1959-0037
Miller   Mr Walterboro-1959-0060
Miller   Mr Walterboro-1959-0066
Mills A.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Mills Albert   Walterboro-1959-0027
Mills Eugene   Walterboro-1959-0044
Mines H. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0011
Mines H. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0059
Mines H. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0063
Mines H. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0063
Mines Herman E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0013
Mines   Mr Walterboro-1959-0059
Miss Freshman     Walterboro-1959-0081
Miss Hi Miss     Walterboro-1959-0083
Miss Junior     Walterboro-1959-0081
Miss Junior High     Walterboro-1959-0081
Miss Senior     Walterboro-1959-0079
Miss Sophomore     Walterboro-1959-0081
Miss Walterboro High     Walterboro-1959-0078
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0011
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0014
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0014
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0016
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0066
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0068
Mitchell Eddie Mr Walterboro-1959-0074
Mitchell   Mr Walterboro-1959-0066
Mitchell   Mr Walterboro-1959-0074
Mixon Betty   Walterboro-1959-0047
Mixon David   Walterboro-1959-0047
Mixon Grace   Walterboro-1959-0044
Mixon Imogene   Walterboro-1959-0047
Mixon Latrelle   Walterboro-1959-0037
Mixon S.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Mixon S.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Mixon Samuel   Walterboro-1959-0041
Mixon Sara      Walterboro-1959-0061
Mixon Sharon   Walterboro-1959-0025
Mixson Sarah   Walterboro-1959-0047
Mizell John   Walterboro-1959-0047
Mizell LeRoy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Mobley R. A. Mr Walterboro-1959-0010
Mole C.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Mole Claudia   Walterboro-1959-0047
Moore Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0037
Moore Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0057
Moore Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0057
Moore Lynn    Walterboro-1959-0044
Moore Spikey   Walterboro-1959-0041
Moore Spikey   Walterboro-1959-0068
Moorer Linda   Walterboro-1959-0041
Moorer Linda   Walterboro-1959-0058
Morrall L.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Morrall Luther   Walterboro-1959-0047
Morris Billy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Morris Billy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Morris Mike   Walterboro-1959-0032
Morris Mike   Walterboro-1959-0091
Morris R.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Morris Ronnie   Walterboro-1959-0044
Moseley Charles   Walterboro-1959-0047
Moseley Willie Mae   Walterboro-1959-0037
Mosely Charles   Walterboro-1959-0068
Most Athletic     Walterboro-1959-0086
Most Carefree     Walterboro-1959-0087
Most Daring     Walterboro-1959-0087
Most Dependable     Walterboro-1959-0086
Most Intellectual     Walterboro-1959-0085
Most Likely to Succeed     Walterboro-1959-0086
Most Popular     Walterboro-1959-0085
Most School Spirit     Walterboro-1959-0086
Most Talented     Walterboro-1959-0084
Mouzon Elizabeth Kay   Walterboro-1959-0044
Mouzon K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Murdaugh E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Murdaugh Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0041
Murdaugh Frank   Walterboro-1959-0041
Murdaugh Roland   Walterboro-1959-0047
Murray Sims   Walterboro-1959-0037
Murray Sims   Walterboro-1959-0055
Murray Sims   Walterboro-1959-0057
Music Department     Walterboro-1959-0012
Nealy B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Neely Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0044
Nettles Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0047
Nettles E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Nettles Evelyn   Walterboro-1959-0041
Nettles Evelyn   Walterboro-1959-0056
Nettles Gloria Jean   Walterboro-1959-0047
Nettles J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Nettles Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0076
Nettles Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0044
Nettles Kenneth   Walterboro-1959-0044
Nettles L.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Nettles Lois Ann   Walterboro-1959-0041
Nettles R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Nettles Raymond   Walterboro-1959-0044
Nettles Ruth   Walterboro-1959-0047
Nettles Stroman   Walterboro-1959-0047
Newsome Robert   Walterboro-1959-0032
Nix Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0037
Norris A.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Norris Allen   Walterboro-1959-0044
Norris Beverly   Walterboro-1959-0037
Norris Beverly   Walterboro-1959-0055
Novit Fashion Shoppe     Walterboro-1959-0092
Novit's Shoe Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
Novit-Siegel Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
O'Quinn A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
O'Quinn Ann   Walterboro-1959-0041
O'Quinn Ann   Walterboro-1959-0056
O'Quinn Buddy   Walterboro-1959-0037
O'Quinn Harry   Walterboro-1959-0047
O'Quinn Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0025
O'Quinn Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0051
O'Quinn Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0058
O'Quinn Marleen   Walterboro-1959-0032
O'Quinn Marlene   Walterboro-1959-0051
O'Quinn Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0025
O'Quinn Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0058
O'Quinn Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0082
O'Quinn R.   Walterboro-1959-0059
O'Quinn Roland   Walterboro-1959-0037
Owens C.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Owens C.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Owens Cherry   Walterboro-1959-0044
Owens Ralph   Walterboro-1959-0037
Owens Ralph   Walterboro-1959-0066
Oxenrider Kenneth   Walterboro-1959-0044
Ozbolt J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0025
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0055
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0055
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0055
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0064
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0066
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0067
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0082
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0085
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0090
Ozbolt Jack   Walterboro-1959-0090
Ozbolt Judy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Padgett Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0032
Padgett Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0051
Padgett Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0091
Padgett E.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Padgett Eugene   Walterboro-1959-0041
Padgett Georgene   Walterboro-1959-0025
Padgett Georgene   Walterboro-1959-0057
Padgett Georgene   Walterboro-1959-0057
Padgett Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Padgett K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Padgett K.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Padgett Kathleen   Walterboro-1959-0047
Padgett L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Padgett Lucas   Walterboro-1959-0047
Padgett Lynn   Walterboro-1959-0037
Padgett Lynn   Walterboro-1959-0050
Padgett Lynn    Walterboro-1959-0050
Padgett Lynn    Walterboro-1959-0050
Padgett M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Padgett Margaret   Walterboro-1959-0047
Padgett Marion   Walterboro-1959-0041
Padgett Martha Jo Mrs Walterboro-1959-0013
Padgett Martha Jo Mrs Walterboro-1959-0045
Padgett Nancy Jo   Walterboro-1959-0047
Padgett Nancy Jo   Walterboro-1959-0061
Padgett Nancy Jo   Walterboro-1959-0069
Padgett S. M. Mr Walterboro-1959-0013
Padgett S. M. Mr Walterboro-1959-0060
Padgett Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0037
Padgett   Mr Walterboro-1959-0060
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1959-0034
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1959-0055
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1959-0091
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0055
Parsons Dress Shop     Walterboro-1959-0092
Partin Frances   Walterboro-1959-0026
Partin Frances   Walterboro-1959-0051
Partin Frances   Walterboro-1959-0055
Partin Frances   Walterboro-1959-0080
Partin Frances   Walterboro-1959-0085
Pearcy Farm Equipment     Walterboro-1959-0092
Pellum H.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Pellum Harry   Walterboro-1959-0041
Pellum M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Pellum Marie   Walterboro-1959-0047
Pellum Marie   Walterboro-1959-0048
Pellum Mickie   Walterboro-1959-0037
Pellum V.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Pellum Vivian   Walterboro-1959-0037
Pellum Vivian   Walterboro-1959-0082
Penfield Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Peoples Pharmacy     Walterboro-1959-0092
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Peurifoy Denna   Walterboro-1959-0081
Peurifoy Donna Lynn   Walterboro-1959-0051
Phelps Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0026
Phelps Raymond   Walterboro-1959-0033
Phillips Helen   Walterboro-1959-0047
Phillips S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Phillips Susan   Walterboro-1959-0044
Physical Education Department     Walterboro-1959-0014
Pinckney Daisy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Pinckney Ryan   Walterboro-1959-0037
Player C.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Player C.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Player Charles   Walterboro-1959-0032
Player E.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Player Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0041
Player Elizabeth   Walterboro-1959-0057
Polk Mattie Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Poole J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Poole Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Postum L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Potts Delette   Walterboro-1959-0037
Press and Standard     Walterboro-1959-0092
Prewett Thomas    Walterboro-1959-0044
Price B.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Price B. George, 3rd Mr Walterboro-1959-0008
Price Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0041
Price Charles   Walterboro-1959-0047
Price Charles   Walterboro-1959-0068
Price Franklin   Walterboro-1959-0044
Price Franklin   Walterboro-1959-0061
Price Franklin   Walterboro-1959-0068
Price Henry   Walterboro-1959-0041
Price Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0037
Price Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0082
Price Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0037
Price Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0057
Price Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Price Vivienne   Walterboro-1959-0032
Price Vivienne   Walterboro-1959-0050
Price Vivienne   Walterboro-1959-0089
Price Vivienne   Walterboro-1959-0091
Price W.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Price William   Walterboro-1959-0047
Puerifoy Donna Lynn   Walterboro-1959-0032
Pye J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Pye Jo Anna   Walterboro-1959-0047
Pye M.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Pye Mamie Dell   Walterboro-1959-0044
Pye Morris   Walterboro-1959-0047
Pye Morris   Walterboro-1959-0063
Queen of Hearts Contest     Walterboro-1959-0088
Rainey Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0034
Rainey Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0037
Rainey Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0050
Rainey Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0050
Rainey's Jewelers     Walterboro-1959-0092
Ramsey Dwight   Walterboro-1959-0044
Ramsey L.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Ramsey Larry   Walterboro-1959-0047
Ramsey Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0044
Reed Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0032
Reeves Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0044
Reeves Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0047
Reid T.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Reid T.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Rembert J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Rembert Judy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Rentz Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0032
Rentz Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0052
Rentz Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0055
Rentz Jerry   Walterboro-1959-0057
Reynolds Marquita   Walterboro-1959-0032
Reynolds Marquita   Walterboro-1959-0051
Reynolds Marquita   Walterboro-1959-0058
Reynolds Marquita   Walterboro-1959-0058
Reynolds Robert   Walterboro-1959-0041
Rhoden Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0033
Rhoden Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0066
Rhodes Kitty     Walterboro-1959-0037
Rhodes Tuck   Walterboro-1959-0039
Rhodes Tuck   Walterboro-1959-0041
Rhodes Tuck   Walterboro-1959-0050
Rickenbaker Paul   Walterboro-1959-0047
Ricketson C.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Ricketson Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0041
Ricketson Charles   Walterboro-1959-0047
Ricketson Jake   Walterboro-1959-0044
Riley Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0044
Riley Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Riley Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Ringer J. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0010
Risher B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Risher B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Risher Bill   Walterboro-1959-0044
Risher G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Risher Glenwood   Walterboro-1959-0037
Risher J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Risher Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0033
Risher L.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Risher Ladson   Walterboro-1959-0041
Risher Roy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Ritter B. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Ritter Beth Ann   Walterboro-1959-0037
Ritter Beth Ann   Walterboro-1959-0056
Ritter Harriett   Walterboro-1959-0044
Ritter J. L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Ritter Joe Lee   Walterboro-1959-0041
Ritter K.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Ritter K. J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Ritter K. J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Ritter Kathryn   Walterboro-1959-0041
Ritter Kathryn   Walterboro-1959-0056
Ritter Kathryn   Walterboro-1959-0081
Ritter Kathryn   Walterboro-1959-0089
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0026
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0050
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0050
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0055
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0080
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0082
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0087
Ritter Kitty Jo   Walterboro-1959-0090
Ritter T.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Ritter Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Rivers Laddie   Walterboro-1959-0047
Rivers M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Rivers Monroe   Walterboro-1959-0038
Rivers Monroe   Walterboro-1959-0066
Rivers Roebern   Walterboro-1959-0033
Rivers Roebern   Walterboro-1959-0052
Rivers Roebern   Walterboro-1959-0058
Rivers Roebern   Walterboro-1959-0058
Rivers S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Rivers Susan   Walterboro-1959-0047
Rivers Susan   Walterboro-1959-0062
Rizer Donald   Walterboro-1959-0026
Rizer Donald   Walterboro-1959-0051
Rizer Dora   Walterboro-1959-0026
Rizer Dora   Walterboro-1959-0051
Rizer Dora   Walterboro-1959-0084
Robbins E.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Robbins Edward   Walterboro-1959-0047
Roberts L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Roberts Larry   Walterboro-1959-0038
Roberts S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Roberts Shirley     Walterboro-1959-0038
Roberts  James   Walterboro-1959-0047
Robertson G.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Robertson Gail   Walterboro-1959-0041
Robertson H.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Robertson Horace   Walterboro-1959-0047
Robertson Horace   Walterboro-1959-0048
Robertson Howard   Walterboro-1959-0047
Robertson M.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Robertson Mary   Walterboro-1959-0044
Robinson Robert   Walterboro-1959-0044
Rodgers J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Rodgers J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Rogers Bill   Walterboro-1959-0038
Rogers Bill   Walterboro-1959-0055
Rogers Bill   Walterboro-1959-0057
Rogers Drew   Walterboro-1959-0044
Rogers Jane   Walterboro-1959-0047
Rowe R.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0016
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0026
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0050
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0050
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0055
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0055
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0060
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0074
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0074
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0075
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0076
Rowe Roger   Walterboro-1959-0084
Rowe Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0038
Rowe Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0055
Rowe Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0074
Runners-Up in National Merit     Walterboro-1959-0090
Ryan Jane   Walterboro-1959-0054
Ryan Jane    Walterboro-1959-0044
Salisbury Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0047
Sanders L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Sanders Laurie   Walterboro-1959-0041
Sanders Robert   Walterboro-1959-0033
Sanders Robert   Walterboro-1959-0051
Sanders Robert   Walterboro-1959-0059
Sanders Food Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
Sasser Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0047
Sasser Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0061
Sasser E.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1959-0038
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1959-0055
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1959-0055
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1959-0064
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1959-0066
Sasser Earl   Walterboro-1959-0076
Sauls Virgil   Walterboro-1959-0041
Saunders Cava   Walterboro-1959-0041
Saunders Cava   Walterboro-1959-0052
Saunders Wanda   Walterboro-1959-0044
Savage Gail   Walterboro-1959-0041
Savage Gail   Walterboro-1959-0088
Savage Gail   Walterboro-1959-0089
Savage M.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Savage Madison   Walterboro-1959-0044
School Prayer     Walterboro-1959-0003
Schulman Robert   Walterboro-1959-0047
Schwab Helen Marie   Walterboro-1959-0038
Schwab Helen Marie   Walterboro-1959-0051
Schwab Helen Marie   Walterboro-1959-0058
Science Department     Walterboro-1959-0011
Seigler B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Seigler Barbara   Walterboro-1959-0044
Seigler Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0041
Seigler Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0072
Seigler Phyllis   Walterboro-1959-0028
Seigler Phyllis   Walterboro-1959-0033
Seigler Phyllis   Walterboro-1959-0051
Seigler Phyllis   Walterboro-1959-0055
Seigler Phyllis   Walterboro-1959-0091
Seigler Phyllis   Walterboro-1959-0091
Sellers C. L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Sellers Carol   Walterboro-1959-0047
Sellers R.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Sellers Rosemary   Walterboro-1959-0026
Sellers Rosemary   Walterboro-1959-0051
Senior Beauty     Walterboro-1959-0080
Senior Future Teachers of America     Walterboro-1959-0057
Senior High Student Council     Walterboro-1959-0050
Senior Players     Walterboro-1959-0067
Senior Players and Sponsors     Walterboro-1959-0082
Seventh Grade     Walterboro-1959-0045
Seventh Grade Shop Club     Walterboro-1959-0063
Shealy M.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Shealy Margie   Walterboro-1959-0041
Shelley Ralph R. Mr  Walterboro-1959-0092
Shuping G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Shuping George   Walterboro-1959-0038
Shuping Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Shuping Jimmy   Walterboro-1959-0061
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0026
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0050
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0050
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0050
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0055
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0069
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0079
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0083
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0086
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0089
Siegel Gale   Walterboro-1959-0090
Siegel Nancy   Walterboro-1959-0038
Sigwald I.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Sigwald Irene   Walterboro-1959-0038
Sigwald P.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Sigwald Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0038
Simmons B.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Simmons Beatrice   Walterboro-1959-0048
Simmons Bubba   Walterboro-1959-0066
Simmons Bubba   Walterboro-1959-0068
Simmons Nell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Simmons Nell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
Simmons Nell Mrs Walterboro-1959-0057
Simmons Robert   Walterboro-1959-0033
Simmons Spikey   Walterboro-1959-0047
Simmons   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0057
Simms T.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Simm's Toggery     Walterboro-1959-0092
Sims J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Sims Judy   Walterboro-1959-0027
Sims Tommy   Walterboro-1959-0038
Slotchiver's     Walterboro-1959-0092
Smith Amy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Smith Betty   Walterboro-1959-0047
Smith C.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Smith Carmella   Walterboro-1959-0041
Smith Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0041
Smith Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0089
Smith Elaine   Walterboro-1959-0027
Smith Elaine   Walterboro-1959-0051
Smith Elaine   Walterboro-1959-0072
Smith Elaine   Walterboro-1959-0073
Smith Evelyn   Walterboro-1959-0033
Smith Frances   Walterboro-1959-0047
Smith M.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Smith M. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Smith Mary Ann   Walterboro-1959-0027
Smith Mary Ann   Walterboro-1959-0051
Smith Mary Ann   Walterboro-1959-0056
Smith Michael   Walterboro-1959-0044
Smith Michael   Walterboro-1959-0063
Smith Pat    Walterboro-1959-0061
Smith Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0044
Smith Randall   Walterboro-1959-0047
Smith S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Smith Sandra Jean   Walterboro-1959-0038
Smoak B.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Smoak Bernice   Walterboro-1959-0033
Smoak Carrol    Walterboro-1959-0041
Smoak Delores   Walterboro-1959-0033
Smoak Delores   Walterboro-1959-0051
Smoak E.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Smoak Edward   Walterboro-1959-0038
Smoak Edward   Walterboro-1959-0066
Smoak Gloria Jean   Walterboro-1959-0047
Smoak J.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Smoak James   Walterboro-1959-0047
Smoak Joel   Walterboro-1959-0044
Smoak Judy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Smoak Judy   Walterboro-1959-0052
Smoak Judy   Walterboro-1959-0072
Smoak Judy   Walterboro-1959-0089
Smoak L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Smoak Leverne   Walterboro-1959-0041
Smoak Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0039
Smoak Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0041
Smoak Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0052
Smoak Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0068
Smoak Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0074
Smoak Marie   Walterboro-1959-0044
Smoak Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Smoak Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0061
Smoak T.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Smoak Traverse   Walterboro-1959-0033
Smoak Traverse   Walterboro-1959-0066
Smoak Traverse   Walterboro-1959-0068
Smoak Traverse   Walterboro-1959-0076
Snapshots - Football     Walterboro-1959-0070
Snapshots - Football     Walterboro-1959-0071
Snead William   Walterboro-1959-0047
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1959-0028
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1959-0033
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1959-0055
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1959-0055
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1959-0091
Snook Susan   Walterboro-1959-0091
Social Studies Department     Walterboro-1959-0012
Spell Marion   Walterboro-1959-0044
Stallings Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0048
Stanfield Frankie   Walterboro-1959-0047
Stanfield G.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Stanfield H.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Stanfield Harry   Walterboro-1959-0041
Stanfield Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0038
Stanfield James   Walterboro-1959-0047
Stanfield John   Walterboro-1959-0047
Stanfield John   Walterboro-1959-0061
Stanfield K.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Stanfield Kenneth   Walterboro-1959-0047
Stanfield P.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Stanfield Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0041
Stanfield Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0044
Stanfield Patsy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Stanfield Pete   Walterboro-1959-0047
Stanfill Carolyn   Walterboro-1959-0041
Stanfill George   Walterboro-1959-0041
Stanfill Harry   Walterboro-1959-0047
Starr S.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Starr Sally   Walterboro-1959-0047
Starr Sally   Walterboro-1959-0062
Starr Sally   Walterboro-1959-0069
Staton Sandra   Walterboro-1959-0047
Steiner B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Steiner Bill   Walterboro-1959-0044
Steiner D.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Steiner David   Walterboro-1959-0038
Steiner Diane   Walterboro-1959-0038
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0033
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0051
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0055
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0055
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0064
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0091
Steiner Susan   Walterboro-1959-0091
Still Joyce   Walterboro-1959-0044
Still M.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Still Millie   Walterboro-1959-0044
Still R.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Still Rodney   Walterboro-1959-0038
Still Rodney   Walterboro-1959-0066
Still  J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Strickland B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Strickland Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0047
Strickland Elizabeth Mrs Walterboro-1959-0013
Strickland Elizabeth Mrs Walterboro-1959-0045
Strickland Gary   Walterboro-1959-0047
Strickland Joel   Walterboro-1959-0044
Strickland W.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Strickland Woodrow   Walterboro-1959-0041
Stroud Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0076
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1959-0062
Stroud   Mrs Walterboro-1959-0062
Summey G.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Summey Gale   Walterboro-1959-0041
Summey Gale   Walterboro-1959-0072
Syfrett Bill   Walterboro-1959-0044
Syfrett Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0038
Syfrett Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0055
Syfrett Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0057
Table of Contents     Walterboro-1959-0008
The Best Year of Our Lives     Walterboro-1959-0004
The Best Year of Our Lives     Walterboro-1959-0005
The Best Year of Our Lives     Walterboro-1959-0006
The Lair     Walterboro-1959-0001
The Lair     Walterboro-1959-0051
The Wildcat     Walterboro-1959-0052
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0016
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0027
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0051
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0053
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0055
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0055
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0055
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0064
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0069
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0080
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0082
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0084
Thomas Betty   Walterboro-1959-0089
Thomas Charles Mr Walterboro-1959-0012
Thomas Charles H. Mr Walterboro-1959-0050
Thomas G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Thomas G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Thomas Gloria Ann   Walterboro-1959-0047
Thomas Judy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Thomas Larry   Walterboro-1959-0047
Thomas R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Thomas R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Thomas Randy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Thomas Rebecca   Walterboro-1959-0044
Thomas Ronnie   Walterboro-1959-0033
Thomas S.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Thomas Sue   Walterboro-1959-0038
Thomas   Mr Walterboro-1959-0050
Thompson 5c to $1.00 Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
Till F.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Till Frances   Walterboro-1959-0041
Till J.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Till Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0033
Till Johnny   Walterboro-1959-0051
Townsend Pat   Walterboro-1959-0041
Trade and Industry Club     Walterboro-1959-0059
Trowell B.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Trowell Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0047
Trowell Bobby   Walterboro-1959-0063
Trowell Freddy   Walterboro-1959-0038
Trussell R.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Trussell R.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Trussell Roddy   Walterboro-1959-0047
Trussell Roddy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Trussell Ward   Walterboro-1959-0038
Trussell Ward   Walterboro-1959-0055
Turner Ann   Walterboro-1959-0047
Turner Chester   Walterboro-1959-0044
Turner G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Turner Gilda   Walterboro-1959-0047
Turner Gilda   Walterboro-1959-0062
Turner Gilda   Walterboro-1959-0069
Turner Lloyd   Walterboro-1959-0033
Turner Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0048
Ulmer A.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Ulmer Andy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Ulmer Jennie Mae   Walterboro-1959-0041
Unger Bubba   Walterboro-1959-0050
Unger Bubba   Walterboro-1959-0069
Unger D.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Unger Dickie   Walterboro-1959-0044
Unger Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0028
Unger Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0033
Unger Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0052
Unger Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0091
Valentine M.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Valentine Mendell   Walterboro-1959-0041
Valentine W.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Valentine Wendell   Walterboro-1959-0044
Valentine Wendell   Walterboro-1959-0063
Varnadoe Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0048
Varnadoe Helen   Walterboro-1959-0048
Varnadoe Marie   Walterboro-1959-0048
Vaughn Judy   Walterboro-1959-0044
Veach Julie   Walterboro-1959-0038
Veach Julie   Walterboro-1959-0050
Veach Julie   Walterboro-1959-0054
Verhaeghe P.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Verhaeghe Pauline   Walterboro-1959-0041
Vocational Department     Walterboro-1959-0013
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0011
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0012
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1959-0016
Waden T. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0012
Waden T. E. Mr Walterboro-1959-0028
Walker B. J.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Walker Betty Jane   Walterboro-1959-0038
Walker K.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Walker Kenneth   Walterboro-1959-0048
Walker Martha Ann Mrs Walterboro-1959-0064
Walling Christine   Walterboro-1959-0033
Walter Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0038
Walterboro Auto Parts     Walterboro-1959-0092
Walterboro Drug Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Walterboro Motor Sales Company     Walterboro-1959-0092
Ward Ann   Walterboro-1959-0044
Ward Ann   Walterboro-1959-0061
Ward Russell   Walterboro-1959-0038
Ward Russell   Walterboro-1959-0055
Ward Russell   Walterboro-1959-0057
Warden M.   Walterboro-1959-0063
Warren F.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Warren Harold   Walterboro-1959-0041
Warren John   Walterboro-1959-0027
Warren Ruby   Walterboro-1959-0044
Warren Thomas    Walterboro-1959-0038
Warshaw's     Walterboro-1959-0092
Watts Jeannette   Walterboro-1959-0048
Way C.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Way Carlo   Walterboro-1959-0041
Weathers Lewis   Walterboro-1959-0041
Wells Susan   Walterboro-1959-0048
Western Auto Associate Store     Walterboro-1959-0092
White Linda Jean   Walterboro-1959-0041
White Marvin   Walterboro-1959-0066
White Marvin   Walterboro-1959-0067
White Marvin   Walterboro-1959-0082
White Ruth   Walterboro-1959-0038
Whitman G.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Whitman Gloria   Walterboro-1959-0048
Wiggins Kenneth   Walterboro-1959-0048
Wildcat Starting Line-up     Walterboro-1959-0068
Williams J. A.   Walterboro-1959-0056
Williams Jean Ann   Walterboro-1959-0041
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0016
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0027
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0052
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0052
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0055
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0055
Williams Julianne   Walterboro-1959-0086
Williams L.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Williams Louise   Walterboro-1959-0048
Williams Tom   Walterboro-1959-0038
Williams Tom   Walterboro-1959-0057
Williams Tom    Walterboro-1959-0055
Williams Tom    Walterboro-1959-0068
Willis J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Willis J.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Willis Joanne   Walterboro-1959-0044
Willis Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0038
Willis Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0074
Willis Wayne   Walterboro-1959-0076
Wilson Patricia   Walterboro-1959-0048
Wittiest     Walterboro-1959-0087
Woods D.   Walterboro-1959-0060
Woods Donald   Walterboro-1959-0038
Woods Donald   Walterboro-1959-0060
Woods Richard   Walterboro-1959-0048
Worden Michael   Walterboro-1959-0048
Wright J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Wright J.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Wright Jackie   Walterboro-1959-0033
Wright R. L.   Walterboro-1959-0059
Wright Raymond Lee   Walterboro-1959-0038
Youmans Richard   Walterboro-1959-0044
Zeigler B.   Walterboro-1959-0062
Zeigler Brenda   Walterboro-1959-0044
Zeigler Brooks   Walterboro-1959-0044
Zeigler Buddy   Walterboro-1959-0041
Zeigler Buddy   Walterboro-1959-0068
Zeigler Jane   Walterboro-1959-0048
Zeigler Janice   Walterboro-1959-0027
Zeigler Janice   Walterboro-1959-0058
Zeigler Linda   Walterboro-1959-0038
Zeigler Linda   Walterboro-1959-0057
Zeigler Linda   Walterboro-1959-0058
Zeigler Linda   Walterboro-1959-0058
Zeigler Ray   Walterboro-1959-0041
Zeigler's Superette     Walterboro-1959-0092