Ruffin High School 1982

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1982-0037
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1982-0038
A. L. Smoak, Jr     Ruffin-1982-0119
Ackerman Luke H.   Ruffin-1982-0054
Ackerman Tommy   Ruffin-1982-0044
Ackerman Tommy   Ruffin-1982-0087
Activities     Ruffin-1982-0063
Administration     Ruffin-1982-0005
Administration     Ruffin-1982-0006
Advertising     Ruffin-1982-0117
Advisor and Editors     Ruffin-1982-0079
Agnew Robert   Ruffin-1982-0054
Aiken Angela   Ruffin-1982-0102
Aiken Angela   Ruffin-1982-0103
Aiken Billy   Ruffin-1982-0018
Aiken Derry   Ruffin-1982-0015
Aiken Derry   Ruffin-1982-0018
Aiken Derry   Ruffin-1982-0024
Aiken Fletcher   Ruffin-1982-0054
Aiken Fletcher   Ruffin-1982-0106
Aiken Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0034
Aiken Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0100
Aiken Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0102
Aiken Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0104
Aiken Pamela   Ruffin-1982-0054
Aiken  Angela   Ruffin-1982-0084
Aikens Angela   Ruffin-1982-0044
Aikens Derry   Ruffin-1982-0082
Aikens James   Ruffin-1982-0044
Aikens Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0084
Alderman Beth   Ruffin-1982-0054
Allen Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0054
Allen Lionel   Ruffin-1982-0106
Allen Rosa Lee   Ruffin-1982-0034
Allen Rosalee   Ruffin-1982-0085
Ancrum Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0054
Ancrum Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0081
Anderson Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0044
Anderson Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0082
Anderson Derrick   Ruffin-1982-0097
Annual Staff     Ruffin-1982-0078
Annual Staff Editors     Ruffin-1982-0079
Athletics     Ruffin-1982-0091
Autographs     Ruffin-1982-0123
Autographs     Ruffin-1982-0124
Band     Ruffin-1982-0088
Band Director     Ruffin-1982-0088
Barnes G. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0076
Barnes Gloria Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Baseball Team     Ruffin-1982-0100
Basketball Team - Girls     Ruffin-1982-0098
Basketball Team - Junior Varsity - Boys     Ruffin-1982-0097
Basketball Team - Varsity - Boys     Ruffin-1982-0096
Bazzle Deborah   Ruffin-1982-0034
Bazzle Deborah   Ruffin-1982-0083
Beach Robert   Ruffin-1982-0044
Beckett Doreen   Ruffin-1982-0044
Beckett Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0044
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0016
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0018
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0024
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0076
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0076
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0077
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0077
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0078
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0081
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0081
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0083
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0087
Behling Jimmy   Ruffin-1982-0044
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0018
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0024
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0069
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0078
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0079
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0081
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0085
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0087
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-1982-0122
Behling Peter   Ruffin-1982-0096
Behling Rodney   Ruffin-1982-0034
Behling Rodney   Ruffin-1982-0088
Bellamy Sylvia   Ruffin-1982-0018
Belton Jeanie   Ruffin-1982-0081
Belton Jeannie   Ruffin-1982-0044
Bennett Mary Ann   Ruffin-1982-0034
Bennett Mary Ann   Ruffin-1982-0122
Bennett Terry   Ruffin-1982-0018
Benton Kelly   Ruffin-1982-0082
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0018
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0021
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0024
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0083
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0084
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0087
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0100
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0104
Berry Robert   Ruffin-1982-0105
Best Dress     Ruffin-1982-0027
Best Leaders     Ruffin-1982-0023
Bible Book Room     Ruffin-1982-0120
Bishop Mazie   Ruffin-1982-0034
Bishop Stevie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0018
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0024
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0082
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0084
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0102
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0104
Black Andy   Ruffin-1982-0105
Black Benjamin   Ruffin-1982-0034
Black Elizabeth   Ruffin-1982-0034
Black Elizabeth   Ruffin-1982-0081
Black Elizabeth   Ruffin-1982-0085
Black Elizabeth   Ruffin-1982-0088
Black Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0044
Black Marilyn   Ruffin-1982-0054
Black Rose Mary   Ruffin-1982-0044
Black Sarah   Ruffin-1982-0018
Black Sarah   Ruffin-1982-0081
Black Sarah   Ruffin-1982-0122
Blank Page     Ruffin-1982-0129
Block-R Club     Ruffin-1982-0084
Bodison Iris   Ruffin-1982-0044
Bodison Iris   Ruffin-1982-0076
Bodison Iris   Ruffin-1982-0085
Boles McQuillian Mr Ruffin-1982-0010
Bowman   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0006
Bowman   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0122
Boyd Casey   Ruffin-1982-0034
Boyd Casey   Ruffin-1982-0076
Boyd Casey   Ruffin-1982-0083
Boyd Casey   Ruffin-1982-0102
Boyd Casey L.   Ruffin-1982-0083
Boyd Odessa   Ruffin-1982-0016
Boyd Odessa   Ruffin-1982-0018
Boyd Odessa   Ruffin-1982-0024
Boyd Odessa   Ruffin-1982-0078
Boyd Odessa   Ruffin-1982-0078
Boyd Odessa     Ruffin-1982-0076
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0027
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0065
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0067
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0079
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0079
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0081
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0081
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-1982-0083
Bradshaw Albert   Ruffin-1982-0016
Bradshaw Albert   Ruffin-1982-0083
Bradshaw Albert   Ruffin-1982-0100
Bradshaw Henry   Ruffin-1982-0018
Bradshaw Henry   Ruffin-1982-0088
Brahnum Sereta   Ruffin-1982-0081
Brannum Sereta   Ruffin-1982-0054
Breland Barbara   Ruffin-1982-0018
Breland Barbara   Ruffin-1982-0024
Breland Barbara   Ruffin-1982-0087
Breland Barbara   Ruffin-1982-0122
Breland Barbara S.   Ruffin-1982-0034
Breland Judy   Ruffin-1982-0088
Breland K. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0012
Breland Mary   Ruffin-1982-0044
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0019
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0021
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0024
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0083
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0084
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0087
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0089
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0100
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0104
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0105
Breland Richard   Ruffin-1982-0019
Breland Richard   Ruffin-1982-0022
Breland Richard   Ruffin-1982-0082
Breland Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0044
Breland Trudy   Ruffin-1982-0054
Breland Trudy   Ruffin-1982-0088
Brooks Catherine   Ruffin-1982-0054
Brooks Faye   Ruffin-1982-0034
Brooks Faye   Ruffin-1982-0084
Broughton Kenneth   Ruffin-1982-0044
Brown Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0054
Brown Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0106
Brown Derrick   Ruffin-1982-0034
Brown Derrick   Ruffin-1982-0084
Brown Derrick   Ruffin-1982-0104
Brown Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0044
Brown Norma   Ruffin-1982-0088
Brown Norman   Ruffin-1982-0054
Brown Norman   Ruffin-1982-0106
Brunson Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0019
Brunson Viola   Ruffin-1982-0045
Bryant Elijah   Ruffin-1982-0054
Bryant Elijah   Ruffin-1982-0097
Bryant Elijah   Ruffin-1982-0100
Bryant Elijah   Ruffin-1982-0106
Bryant Jimmy   Ruffin-1982-0054
Bryant Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0045
Bryant Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0084
Bryant Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0087
Bryant Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0102
Bryant Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0104
Bryant Joyce   Ruffin-1982-0019
Bryant Marilyn   Ruffin-1982-0054
Bryant Robert   Ruffin-1982-0082
Bryant Theresa   Ruffin-1982-0045
Bryant Vincent   Ruffin-1982-0034
Bryant Vincent   Ruffin-1982-0096
Bryant Vincent   Ruffin-1982-0104
Bryant Zillie   Ruffin-1982-0019
Bryant Zillie   Ruffin-1982-0122
Buckner Terease   Ruffin-1982-0055
Buckner Terease   Ruffin-1982-0076
Buckner Terese   Ruffin-1982-0084
Buckner Theresa   Ruffin-1982-0098
Buckner Theresa   Ruffin-1982-0099
Bunton Kelly   Ruffin-1982-0055
Bunton Kelly   Ruffin-1982-0106
Bus Drivers - Regular     Ruffin-1982-0087
Bus Drivers - Substitute     Ruffin-1982-0087
C & S Auto Parts, Inc     Ruffin-1982-0120
Caldwood Mona Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0024
Caldwood Mona Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0122
Callwood Mona Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0019
Candids     Ruffin-1982-0008
Cannon Laura   Ruffin-1982-0045
Cannon Laura   Ruffin-1982-0085
Cannon Laura   Ruffin-1982-0086
Cannon William   Ruffin-1982-0034
Cannon William   Ruffin-1982-0083
Cannon William   Ruffin-1982-0083
Capers Andre   Ruffin-1982-0055
Capers Andre    Ruffin-1982-0088
Capers Chris   Ruffin-1982-0088
Capers Kecia   Ruffin-1982-0034
Capers Kecia   Ruffin-1982-0083
Capers Kecia   Ruffin-1982-0083
Capers Kecia   Ruffin-1982-0086
Capers Kecia   Ruffin-1982-0086
Capers Kecia   Ruffin-1982-0087
Capers Kennard   Ruffin-1982-0055
Capers Kennard   Ruffin-1982-0086
Capers Marion   Ruffin-1982-0045
Capers Marion   Ruffin-1982-0084
Capers Marion   Ruffin-1982-0104
Capers Stacie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Capers Stephen   Ruffin-1982-0088
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0016
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0019
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0021
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0024
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0078
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0078
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0079
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0079
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0081
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0083
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0089
Capers Vanessa   Ruffin-1982-0073
Capers Vanessa   Ruffin-1982-0074
Chamberlin Jimmy   Ruffin-1982-0082
Chamblin Jimmy   Ruffin-1982-0055
Cheerleaders     Ruffin-1982-0103
Chisolm Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0045
Chisolm Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0045
Chisolm Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0102
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0019
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0024
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0078
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0084
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0102
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0103
Chisolm Yvette   Ruffin-1982-0122
Chorus     Ruffin-1982-0090
Clayton Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0055
Clayton James   Ruffin-1982-0088
Coaching Staff     Ruffin-1982-0092
Cobb Bobbi Joe   Ruffin-1982-0045
Cobb Leon   Ruffin-1982-0019
Cobb Leon   Ruffin-1982-0024
Cobb Leon   Ruffin-1982-0084
Cobb Leon   Ruffin-1982-0105
Cobb Robert   Ruffin-1982-0106
Cobb  Leon   Ruffin-1982-0104
Cobbs Leon   Ruffin-1982-0082
Cobbs Leon   Ruffin-1982-0087
Cobbs Leon   Ruffin-1982-0102
Cobbs Nathaniel   Ruffin-1982-0055
Cobbs Robert   Ruffin-1982-0055
Colleton Drugs     Ruffin-1982-0120
Colleton Furniture     Ruffin-1982-0120
Cook Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0055
Copeland Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0045
Copeland Quincy   Ruffin-1982-0055
Corley E. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0083
Corley Elizabeth Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Cover - Back     Ruffin-1982-0132
Cover - Back - Inside - Left     Ruffin-1982-0130
Cover - Back - Inside - Right     Ruffin-1982-0131
Cover - Front     Ruffin-1982-0000
Cover - Front - Inside     Ruffin-1982-0000a
Cover - Front - Inside - Right Side     Ruffin-1982-0000b
Covington Kenneth   Ruffin-1982-0055
Covington Michael   Ruffin-1982-0055
Covington Robin   Ruffin-1982-0055
Crane Pamela   Ruffin-1982-0045
Craven Steven   Ruffin-1982-0045
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0034
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0085
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0085
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0086
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0086
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0088
Crosby Allison   Ruffin-1982-0122
Crosby Angie   Ruffin-1982-0055
Crosby Bernard   Ruffin-1982-0015
Crosby Bernard   Ruffin-1982-0019
Crosby Bernard   Ruffin-1982-0024
Crosby Bernard   Ruffin-1982-0082
Crosby Clifton   Ruffin-1982-0035
Crosby Don   Ruffin-1982-0035
Crosby E. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0012
Crosby Harold   Ruffin-1982-0084
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0016
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0019
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0019
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0020
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0021
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0024
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0055
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0080
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0080
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0083
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0083
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0087
Crosby Linda   Ruffin-1982-0089
Crosby Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0035
Crosby Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0083
Crosby Ronnie   Ruffin-1982-0055
Crosby Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0045
Crosby Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0052
Crosby Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0085
Crosby Vonde   Ruffin-1982-0035
Crosby Vonde   Ruffin-1982-0085
Crosby Vonde   Ruffin-1982-0086
Crosby Vonde   Ruffin-1982-0086
Crosby Vonde   Ruffin-1982-0089
Crosby Vonde   Ruffin-1982-0122
Custodian     Ruffin-1982-0013
Daniels Erskine   Ruffin-1982-0088
Daniels Janie   Ruffin-1982-0035
Daniels Janie   Ruffin-1982-0074
Daniels Janie   Ruffin-1982-0085
Daniels Janie   Ruffin-1982-0085
Davis Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0045
Dedication     Ruffin-1982-0003
Deloach Janet   Ruffin-1982-0035
Delong Charlie   Ruffin-1982-0056
Diamond Jims Rouffler Products     Ruffin-1982-0120
Doctor Denise   Ruffin-1982-0045
Doctor Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0019
Doctor Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0085
Doctor Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0085
Doctor Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0122
Drain Franklin   Ruffin-1982-0045
Drain Freddie   Ruffin-1982-0045
Drain JoAnn   Ruffin-1982-0035
Drain Joseph   Ruffin-1982-0022
Drain Joseph   Ruffin-1982-0024
Drain Linda   Ruffin-1982-0046
Drain Marie   Ruffin-1982-0022
Drain Rosa Lee   Ruffin-1982-0046
Drain Rose Marie   Ruffin-1982-0024
Dubois Darnell   Ruffin-1982-0015
Dubois Darnell   Ruffin-1982-0022
Dubois Darnell   Ruffin-1982-0024
Dubois Lavonne   Ruffin-1982-0046
DuBois LaVonne   Ruffin-1982-0068
Dubois Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0046
Dubois Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0088
Dubois Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0096
Dunn Carol   Ruffin-1982-0046
Editors in Chief     Ruffin-1982-0078
Edmundson Monique   Ruffin-1982-0046
Edwards Patrick   Ruffin-1982-0046
Edwards Patrick   Ruffin-1982-0082
Edwards Willie   Ruffin-1982-0022
Edwards Willie   Ruffin-1982-0024
Edwards Willie   Ruffin-1982-0082
Edwards Willie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Edwards Willie   Ruffin-1982-0102
Ellis Desiree Miss Ruffin-1982-0010
Ellis   Miss Ruffin-1982-0085
Executive Members of Student Council     Ruffin-1982-0077
Faculty     Ruffin-1982-0009
Farena Furniture Company     Ruffin-1982-0118
Farmers and Merchants Bank     Ruffin-1982-0119
Fender Roy   Ruffin-1982-0035
Fender Roy   Ruffin-1982-0082
Fender Roy   Ruffin-1982-0087
Ferrand A. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0012
Folger James   Ruffin-1982-0056
Folger James   Ruffin-1982-0076
Folger Melinda   Ruffin-1982-0035
Football Players - Senior     Ruffin-1982-0105
Football Team - Junior Varsity     Ruffin-1982-0106
Football Team - Varsity     Ruffin-1982-0104
Ford Josephine   Ruffin-1982-0056
Fralix Lowell   Ruffin-1982-0046
Fralix Lowell   Ruffin-1982-0082
Freshmen     Ruffin-1982-0053
Freshmen Officers     Ruffin-1982-0062
Fryar Bridgette   Ruffin-1982-0046
Fryar Eric   Ruffin-1982-0046
Fryar Eric   Ruffin-1982-0082
Fryar Janet   Ruffin-1982-0035
Fryar Janice   Ruffin-1982-0035
Fryar Janice   Ruffin-1982-0085
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0015
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0022
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0024
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0031
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0046
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0082
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0088
Fryar William   Ruffin-1982-0096
Future Business Leaders of America     Ruffin-1982-0085
Future Farmers of America     Ruffin-1982-0082
Future Homemakers of America     Ruffin-1982-0081
Gant Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0046
Gant Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0052
Gant Harriett   Ruffin-1982-0085
Gathers Dejoris   Ruffin-1982-0035
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0041
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0076
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0078
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0083
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0084
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0085
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0085
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0086
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0098
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0099
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0101
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-1982-0102
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0018
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0020
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0022
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0024
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0065
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0072
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0078
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0084
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0099
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0101
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0103
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-1982-0122
Gathers Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0083
Gathers Niecy   Ruffin-1982-0077
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-1982-0056
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-1982-0062
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-1982-0076
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-1982-0084
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-1982-0099
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-1982-0101
George Henrietta   Ruffin-1982-0056
Gibson David   Ruffin-1982-0056
Gibson David   Ruffin-1982-0106
Gibson Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0056
Gibson Salley R.   Ruffin-1982-0046
Gilbert Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0084
Gilbert Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0090
Gilbert Kathy   Ruffin-1982-0035
Gilbert Kathy   Ruffin-1982-0103
Givens Daphne   Ruffin-1982-0022
Givens Daphne   Ruffin-1982-0083
Givens Robin   Ruffin-1982-0035
Givens Serena   Ruffin-1982-0046
Givens Toby   Ruffin-1982-0022
Givens Toby   Ruffin-1982-0024
Givens Toby   Ruffin-1982-0122
Gladys Murrays Flower Shop     Ruffin-1982-0120
Glover Catherine   Ruffin-1982-0056
Glover Diane   Ruffin-1982-0081
Glover Diann   Ruffin-1982-0056
Glover Gina   Ruffin-1982-0046
Godley Rose   Ruffin-1982-0022
Goff Cinderella   Ruffin-1982-0035
Goff James   Ruffin-1982-0056
Goff James   Ruffin-1982-0082
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0035
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0041
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0076
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0078
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0084
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0085
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0085
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0086
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-1982-0099
Goff Jason   Ruffin-1982-0022
Goff Jason   Ruffin-1982-0024
Goff Jason   Ruffin-1982-0085
Goff Jason   Ruffin-1982-0086
Goff Jason   Ruffin-1982-0086
Goff Jason   Ruffin-1982-0090
Goff Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0022
Goff Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0024
Goff Mitchell   Ruffin-1982-0082
Goff Vera Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Gotcha Page     Ruffin-1982-0029
Gotcha Page     Ruffin-1982-0032
Grace Joey   Ruffin-1982-0056
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0015
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0022
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0024
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0082
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0084
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0104
Grant David   Ruffin-1982-0105
Grant Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0046
Grant Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0082
Grant Vernetha   Ruffin-1982-0056
Grayson Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0082
Grayson Tommy   Ruffin-1982-0056
Green Jerry   Ruffin-1982-0023
Green Jerry   Ruffin-1982-0024
Green Jerry   Ruffin-1982-0082
Green Johnny F.   Ruffin-1982-0047
Green Sylvester   Ruffin-1982-0082
Green Terry   Ruffin-1982-0023
Green Terry   Ruffin-1982-0024
Green Terry   Ruffin-1982-0082
Green Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0047
Green William C.   Ruffin-1982-0036
Guidance     Ruffin-1982-0007
Guinn Darnell   Ruffin-1982-0088
Hamilton Kelvin   Ruffin-1982-0056
Harley Michael   Ruffin-1982-0056
Harris Ronette   Ruffin-1982-0103
Harris Ronnette   Ruffin-1982-0036
Harris Ronnette   Ruffin-1982-0083
Harris Ronnette   Ruffin-1982-0084
Harris Ronnette   Ruffin-1982-0086
Harris Ronnette   Ruffin-1982-0086
Hawkins Steve   Ruffin-1982-0100
Hawkins Steven   Ruffin-1982-0023
Haynes LaVerne   Ruffin-1982-0023
Haynes Laverne   Ruffin-1982-0024
Haynes Terry   Ruffin-1982-0056
Haynes Terry   Ruffin-1982-0086
Haynes Willie   Ruffin-1982-0057
Henderson Julia   Ruffin-1982-0057
Hiers Billy   Ruffin-1982-0057
Hiers D. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0078
Hiers D. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0079
Hiers   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0078
Hiers   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0122
Hires Dolores Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Hodges Bennie   Ruffin-1982-0076
Hodges Bennie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Hodges Benny   Ruffin-1982-0047
Hodges Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0023
Hodges Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0024
Hodges Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0083
Hodges Charlene   Ruffin-1982-0057
Hodges Charlene   Ruffin-1982-0081
Hodges Felecia   Ruffin-1982-0057
Hodges George   Ruffin-1982-0057
Hodges Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0036
Hodges Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0100
Hodges Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0122
Hodges Stanley   Ruffin-1982-0047
Hodges Victoria   Ruffin-1982-0023
Hodges Victoria   Ruffin-1982-0024
Hodges Victoria   Ruffin-1982-0083
Holloway Tamar   Ruffin-1982-0047
Honor Society     Ruffin-1982-0080
Howard Eric   Ruffin-1982-0088
Hudson C. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0076
Hudson Carolyn Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Hudson Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0036
Hudson Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0069
Hudson Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0082
Hudson Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0087
In Memory     Ruffin-1982-0004
Inabinet Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0015
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0023
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0024
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0078
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0079
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0081
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-1982-0081
Inabinett Delric   Ruffin-1982-0047
Inabinett Marcus   Ruffin-1982-0088
Jackson Richard   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jackson Richard   Ruffin-1982-0082
Jackson Richard   Ruffin-1982-0087
Jamison Rene   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0021
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0023
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0024
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0076
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0080
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0080
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0083
Jamison Terri   Ruffin-1982-0089
Jamison Terri     Ruffin-1982-0071
Jenkins Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0088
Jenkins Barbara   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jenkins Barry   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0023
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0024
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0078
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0079
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0081
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0081
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0083
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0084
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-1982-0103
Jenkins Carol     Ruffin-1982-0016
Jenkins Cheryl   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jenkins Debra   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jenkins Errol    Ruffin-1982-0082
Jenkins Erroll   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jenkins Hesikia   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jenkins Isaac   Ruffin-1982-0100
Jenkins Isaiah   Ruffin-1982-0023
Jenkins Isaiah   Ruffin-1982-0024
Jenkins Isaiah   Ruffin-1982-0090
Jenkins Isiah   Ruffin-1982-0015
Jenkins James T.   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jenkins L. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0012
Jenkins Malakiah   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jenkins Robert   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jenkins Roger   Ruffin-1982-0090
Jenkins Roger   Ruffin-1982-0100
Jenkins Rogers   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jenkins Sammy   Ruffin-1982-0082
Jenkins Samuel   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jenkins Samuel   Ruffin-1982-0087
Jenkins Teretha   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jenkins Theodore   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jenkins Theodore   Ruffin-1982-0096
Jenkins Willie   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jenkins Willie   Ruffin-1982-0082
Jenny's House of Flowers     Ruffin-1982-0121
Johnson Gean   Ruffin-1982-0036
Johnson Gene   Ruffin-1982-0088
Johnson Horace   Ruffin-1982-0047
Johnson Hurley Mr Ruffin-1982-0095
Johnson Larry   Ruffin-1982-0088
Johnson Teris   Ruffin-1982-0036
Johnson Theresa   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jones Andre   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jones Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jones Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0082
Jones Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0084
Jones Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0104
Jones Barbara   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jones Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0036
Jones Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0082
Jones DeWeight   Ruffin-1982-0037
Jones Gregory   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jones Irvin   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jones Irvin   Ruffin-1982-0088
Jones Kenneth   Ruffin-1982-0037
Jones Kenneth   Ruffin-1982-0083
Jones Kenneth   Ruffin-1982-0084
Jones Kenny   Ruffin-1982-0100
Jones Kenny   Ruffin-1982-0104
Jones Landy Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jones Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jones Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0084
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0037
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0067
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0076
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0078
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0083
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0085
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0085
Jones Rebecca   Ruffin-1982-0087
Jones Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0088
Jones Rosa Marie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Jones Tamara   Ruffin-1982-0047
Jones Tamara   Ruffin-1982-0103
Jones Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0084
Jones True Value Hardware     Ruffin-1982-0120
Jordan Daisy   Ruffin-1982-0057
Jordan James   Ruffin-1982-0082
Jordan James   Ruffin-1982-0087
Jordan James   Ruffin-1982-0088
Jordan Mark   Ruffin-1982-0048
Jordan Shamain   Ruffin-1982-0048
Jordan Williamenia   Ruffin-1982-0023
Jordan Williamenia   Ruffin-1982-0024
Jordan Williamenia   Ruffin-1982-0122
Joyner Deloris   Ruffin-1982-0088
Joyner Gail   Ruffin-1982-0057
Joyner Greg   Ruffin-1982-0048
Joyner Joyce   Ruffin-1982-0037
Joyner Pattie   Ruffin-1982-0057
Junior Class Officers     Ruffin-1982-0041
Juniors     Ruffin-1982-0033
Kinard Felicia   Ruffin-1982-0037
Kinard Felicia   Ruffin-1982-0083
Kinsey Paula   Ruffin-1982-0037
Kinsey Paula   Ruffin-1982-0085
Kinsey Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0023
Kinsey Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0024
Kinsey Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0122
Kinsey Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0058
Lawton Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0048
Lawton Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0090
Lawton Shellie   Ruffin-1982-0037
Lefft J. Mr  Ruffin-1982-0006
Lemacks Melvin   Ruffin-1982-0058
Lemacks Melvin   Ruffin-1982-0082
Library Club     Ruffin-1982-0086
Lightsey Michael   Ruffin-1982-0048
Lightsey Sandra   Ruffin-1982-0058
Linder Isaac   Ruffin-1982-0058
Linder Isaac   Ruffin-1982-0106
Linder Issac   Ruffin-1982-0076
Linder Julius   Ruffin-1982-0058
Linder Marlene   Ruffin-1982-0058
Linder Pauline   Ruffin-1982-0026
Linder Richard   Ruffin-1982-0048
Linder Rose M.   Ruffin-1982-0081
Linder Rose Mary   Ruffin-1982-0058
Linder Shirlene   Ruffin-1982-0048
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0037
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0041
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0074
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0076
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0076
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0078
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0080
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0080
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0083
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0088
Lingard Cassondra   Ruffin-1982-0089
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0037
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0078
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0080
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0080
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0083
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0083
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0086
Lingard Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0089
Lingard Charlotte L.   Ruffin-1982-0071
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0015
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0024
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0026
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0084
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0086
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0086
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0090
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0103
Lingard Mattie   Ruffin-1982-0122
Lingard Stevie   Ruffin-1982-0048
Little Melinda   Ruffin-1982-0085
Lloyd C. Mr Ruffin-1982-0084
Lloyd C. Mr Ruffin-1982-0092
Lloyd Charles Mr Ruffin-1982-0010
Lloyd Charles Mr Ruffin-1982-0093
Lloyd Y. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0080
Lloyd   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0007
Lloyd   Mr Ruffin-1982-0104
Lloyd   Mr Ruffin-1982-0106
Logan Mary   Ruffin-1982-0058
Lolly Catherine   Ruffin-1982-0048
Lolly Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0052
Lolly Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0081
Lolly Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0086
Lolly Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0086
Lolly Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0090
Lolly Kathy   Ruffin-1982-0085
Lunch Room Workers     Ruffin-1982-0012
Lyons Jack    Ruffin-1982-0026
Maloney Charles   Ruffin-1982-0016
Maloney Charles   Ruffin-1982-0021
Maloney Charles   Ruffin-1982-0025
Maloney Charles   Ruffin-1982-0026
Maloney Charles   Ruffin-1982-0026
Maloney Kim   Ruffin-1982-0088
Marshall Wendy   Ruffin-1982-0022
Marshall Wendy   Ruffin-1982-0025
Marshall Wendy   Ruffin-1982-0026
Martin James   Ruffin-1982-0021
Martin James   Ruffin-1982-0025
Martin James   Ruffin-1982-0026
Martin James   Ruffin-1982-0082
Martin Tracie L.   Ruffin-1982-0083
Martin Tracilee   Ruffin-1982-0037
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0016
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0025
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0026
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0072
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0078
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0079
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0083
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0087
McCallister Harvey   Ruffin-1982-0048
McCallister Harvey   Ruffin-1982-0100
McClellan Priscilla Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
McClellan   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0103
McFadden Charles   Ruffin-1982-0058
McFadden Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0037
McFadden Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0083
McFadden Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0084
McFadden Ronald   Ruffin-1982-0104
McFadden V. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0012
McFadden Wayne   Ruffin-1982-0106
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0015
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0025
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0026
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0076
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0076
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0077
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0078
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0083
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0084
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0090
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0102
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0104
McFadden William   Ruffin-1982-0105
McMillan Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0037
McMillan Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0082
McMillan Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0084
McMillan Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0104
McMillan Keith   Ruffin-1982-0104
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-1982-0025
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-1982-0026
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-1982-0084
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-1982-0102
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-1982-0104
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-1982-0105
McMillan Steve   Ruffin-1982-0016
McMillan Steve   Ruffin-1982-0025
McMillan Steve   Ruffin-1982-0026
McMillan Steve   Ruffin-1982-0083
McMillan Steve   Ruffin-1982-0100
McMillan Steven   Ruffin-1982-0087
McMillian Keith   Ruffin-1982-0058
McMillian Tammie   Ruffin-1982-0058
McMillian Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0068
McRoberts Chet   Ruffin-1982-0037
Mike's Barber Shop     Ruffin-1982-0121
Mingo Andrew   Ruffin-1982-0048
Mingo Andrew   Ruffin-1982-0082
Mingo Andrew   Ruffin-1982-0102
Mingo Isabella   Ruffin-1982-0058
Mingo Vander   Ruffin-1982-0037
Mingo Vander   Ruffin-1982-0082
Mintz Mary Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Miss Chorus     Ruffin-1982-0070
Miss F. F. A.     Ruffin-1982-0069
Miss F. H. A.     Ruffin-1982-0069
Miss Freshman     Ruffin-1982-0068
Miss Homecoming     Ruffin-1982-0072
Miss Honor Society     Ruffin-1982-0071
Miss Junior     Ruffin-1982-0067
Miss Media Center     Ruffin-1982-0070
Miss Prom Queen     Ruffin-1982-0072
Miss Queen Of Hearts     Ruffin-1982-0073
Miss Queen of Hearts Contest     Ruffin-1982-0074
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-1982-0064
Miss Ruffin High - 1st Runner Up     Ruffin-1982-0065
Miss Ruffin High - 2nd Runner Up     Ruffin-1982-0065
Miss Ruffin High - 3rd Runner Up     Ruffin-1982-0066
Miss Ruffin High - 4th Runner Up     Ruffin-1982-0066
Miss Senior     Ruffin-1982-0067
Miss Sophomore     Ruffin-1982-0068
Miss Spanish Club     Ruffin-1982-0071
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0037
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0078
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0080
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0080
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0086
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0087
Mitchell Cathy   Ruffin-1982-0089
Mitchell O. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0012
Mitchell Robert   Ruffin-1982-0048
Mixon Sonya   Ruffin-1982-0048
Mixon Sonya   Ruffin-1982-0088
Mixon Tonya   Ruffin-1982-0058
Mixson Tonya   Ruffin-1982-0088
Mole Harry O.   Ruffin-1982-0027
Mole Oscar   Ruffin-1982-0015
Mole Oscar   Ruffin-1982-0021
Mole Oscar   Ruffin-1982-0025
Mole Oscar   Ruffin-1982-0026
Mole Rita   Ruffin-1982-0048
Mole Rita   Ruffin-1982-0081
Mole Vondesta   Ruffin-1982-0048
Moore Cherri    Ruffin-1982-0081
Moore Robert   Ruffin-1982-0048
Moore Robert   Ruffin-1982-0082
Morre Cherrie   Ruffin-1982-0058
Morrow Melinda   Ruffin-1982-0086
Morrow Victoria   Ruffin-1982-0049
Morrow Victoria   Ruffin-1982-0052
Mosley Hattie M.   Ruffin-1982-0084
Mosley Hattie M.   Ruffin-1982-0088
Mosley Hattie Mae   Ruffin-1982-0083
Mosley Hattie Mae   Ruffin-1982-0098
Most Athletic     Ruffin-1982-0031
Most Dependable     Ruffin-1982-0030
Most Intelligent     Ruffin-1982-0019
Most Likely To Succeed     Ruffin-1982-0026
Most Talented     Ruffin-1982-0018
Most Wittiest     Ruffin-1982-0022
Moye Jacqueline   Ruffin-1982-0026
Moye Jaqueline   Ruffin-1982-0025
Moye Jaqueline   Ruffin-1982-0083
Moye Jaqueline   Ruffin-1982-0083
Moye Jaqueline   Ruffin-1982-0090
Murdaugh Gerard   Ruffin-1982-0038
Murdaugh Gerard   Ruffin-1982-0083
Murdaugh Gerard   Ruffin-1982-0087
Murdaugh Gerard   Ruffin-1982-0089
Murdaugh Gerrard   Ruffin-1982-0086
Murdaugh Gregory   Ruffin-1982-0058
Murdaugh Sandra   Ruffin-1982-0038
Murphy   Mr Ruffin-1982-0007
Murray Cecil   Ruffin-1982-0015
Murray Cecil   Ruffin-1982-0027
Murray Chris   Ruffin-1982-0049
Murray Chris   Ruffin-1982-0106
Murray William   Ruffin-1982-0038
Murray William   Ruffin-1982-0083
Murray William   Ruffin-1982-0100
Murry Chris   Ruffin-1982-0086
Myers April   Ruffin-1982-0049
Myers April   Ruffin-1982-0074
Myers April   Ruffin-1982-0076
Myers April   Ruffin-1982-0088
Myers Mark R.   Ruffin-1982-0058
Myers Terrance   Ruffin-1982-0059
Myers Terrance   Ruffin-1982-0082
Nettles Barry W.   Ruffin-1982-0004
Nettles Connie   Ruffin-1982-0049
Newspaper Staff     Ruffin-1982-0122
Novit Seigler, Co.     Ruffin-1982-0120
One Hour Martinizing     Ruffin-1982-0120
Organizations     Ruffin-1982-0075
Outstanding Seniors     Ruffin-1982-0021
Owens Chris   Ruffin-1982-0049
Padgett David   Ruffin-1982-0049
Padgett David   Ruffin-1982-0106
Padgett Shannon   Ruffin-1982-0059
Padgett Shannon   Ruffin-1982-0082
Parker David   Ruffin-1982-0027
Parker David   Ruffin-1982-0082
Parker James   Ruffin-1982-0049
Parker James   Ruffin-1982-0082
Parker   Mr Ruffin-1982-0013
Pellum Donna   Ruffin-1982-0059
Pellum Sherrie   Ruffin-1982-0038
Perry Arlene Mrs Ruffin-1982-0010
Peterson G. Mr Ruffin-1982-0092
Peterson Gary Mr Ruffin-1982-0094
Peterson Tyrone   Ruffin-1982-0088
Peterson   Mr Ruffin-1982-0104
Phillip Breland     Ruffin-1982-0120
Polk Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0038
Polk Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0087
Polk Daniel   Ruffin-1982-0059
Polk Janet   Ruffin-1982-0038
Polk Janet   Ruffin-1982-0041
Polk Janet   Ruffin-1982-0083
Polk Michael   Ruffin-1982-0106
Polk Micheal   Ruffin-1982-0059
Polk Micheal   Ruffin-1982-0082
Polk Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0015
Polk Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0083
Polk Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0100
Polk William   Ruffin-1982-0027
Preacher Cindy   Ruffin-1982-0087
Preacher Cynthia   Ruffin-1982-0038
Pringle Shonnette   Ruffin-1982-0038
Proveaux Nancy   Ruffin-1982-0059
Purvis J. Mr Ruffin-1982-0092
Purvis Jordan Mr Ruffin-1982-0095
Purvis Jordon Mr Ruffin-1982-0010
Purvis   Mr Ruffin-1982-0104
Ramsey's Cash Store     Ruffin-1982-0121
Ranch Denise   Ruffin-1982-0102
Rhoden S. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0007
Rhoden   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0122
Richardson Margaree Mrs Ruffin-1982-0011
Richardson William Mr Ruffin-1982-0011
Richardson   Mr  Ruffin-1982-0082
Riley Charles   Ruffin-1982-0049
Riley Charles   Ruffin-1982-0052
Riley Charles   Ruffin-1982-0076
Riley Charles   Ruffin-1982-0082
Riley Charles   Ruffin-1982-0097
Riley Charles   Ruffin-1982-0106
Ring Bonnie   Ruffin-1982-0059
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0020
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0025
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0027
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0076
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0082
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0088
Risher Alexander   Ruffin-1982-0100
Risher Geneva   Ruffin-1982-0049
Risher Linzer   Ruffin-1982-0027
Risher Linzer   Ruffin-1982-0070
Risher Terri   Ruffin-1982-0090
Risher Terri F.   Ruffin-1982-0049
Rivers April   Ruffin-1982-0038
Rivers April   Ruffin-1982-0083
Rivers April   Ruffin-1982-0087
Roach Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0049
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0025
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0027
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0066
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0081
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0088
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0098
Roach Carol   Ruffin-1982-0101
Roach Darnell   Ruffin-1982-0083
Roach Darnell   Ruffin-1982-0096
Roach Denise   Ruffin-1982-0049
Roach Denise   Ruffin-1982-0084
Roach Denise   Ruffin-1982-0098
Roach Phillip   Ruffin-1982-0038
Roberts Terron   Ruffin-1982-0059
Rose Casey   Ruffin-1982-0049
Rose Casey   Ruffin-1982-0082
Rose Casey   Ruffin-1982-0097
Rose Deana   Ruffin-1982-0038
Rose Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0038
Rose Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0086
Rose Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0088
Ross Henri   Ruffin-1982-0038
Ross Henri   Ruffin-1982-0085
Ross Joyce   Ruffin-1982-0049
Ross Joyce   Ruffin-1982-0085
Russell Robert   Ruffin-1982-0059
Ryan Ben   Ruffin-1982-0027
Ryan Ben    Ruffin-1982-0082
Ryan Dale   Ruffin-1982-0027
Ryan Donnie   Ruffin-1982-0059
Salley Charlene   Ruffin-1982-0074
Salley Frankie   Ruffin-1982-0049
Salley G. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0090
Salley Gail Mrs Ruffin-1982-0011
Salley Kenny   Ruffin-1982-0027
Salley Kenny   Ruffin-1982-0030
Salley Kenny   Ruffin-1982-0083
Salley Mellissa   Ruffin-1982-0049
Sally Kenny   Ruffin-1982-0025
Sanders Elliott   Ruffin-1982-0038
Sanders Willie   Ruffin-1982-0059
Sauls Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0059
Sauls Darlene   Ruffin-1982-0050
Sauls Eddie   Ruffin-1982-0059
Sauls Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0025
Sauls Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0027
Sauls Teresa   Ruffin-1982-0122
Sauls Wanda   Ruffin-1982-0059
Schider Fatina   Ruffin-1982-0081
Scott E. Mr Ruffin-1982-0092
Scott Edmond Mr Ruffin-1982-0094
Scott Edmund Mr Ruffin-1982-0011
Scott   Mr Ruffin-1982-0097
Scott   Mr Ruffin-1982-0104
Scott   Mr Ruffin-1982-0106
Senior Class Officers     Ruffin-1982-0020
Senior Comedy     Ruffin-1982-0015
Senior Directory     Ruffin-1982-0024
Senior Signatures     Ruffin-1982-0028
Seniors      Ruffin-1982-0017
Sharpe Cheryl   Ruffin-1982-0059
Sharpe Cheryl   Ruffin-1982-0076
Sharpe Cheryl   Ruffin-1982-0081
Sharpe James   Ruffin-1982-0050
Sharpe Joseph   Ruffin-1982-0050
Sharpe Joseph   Ruffin-1982-0085
Sharpe Paula   Ruffin-1982-0038
Sharpe Paula   Ruffin-1982-0085
Sharpe Paula   Ruffin-1982-0122
Sharpe Sonji   Ruffin-1982-0039
Sharpe Tawana   Ruffin-1982-0025
Sharpe Tawana   Ruffin-1982-0027
Shider Fatina   Ruffin-1982-0059
Simmons Darlene   Ruffin-1982-0039
Simmons Melissa   Ruffin-1982-0060
Simmons Melissa   Ruffin-1982-0081
Simmons Pearlene   Ruffin-1982-0052
Simmons Pearlene   Ruffin-1982-0070
Simmons Pearlene   Ruffin-1982-0081
Simmons Pearlene   Ruffin-1982-0084
Simmons Pearline   Ruffin-1982-0050
Simmons Pearline   Ruffin-1982-0103
Simmons Rose Lee   Ruffin-1982-0060
Simmons Rose M.   Ruffin-1982-0081
Simmons Sharon   Ruffin-1982-0027
Simmons Sylvester   Ruffin-1982-0039
Simmons Sylvester   Ruffin-1982-0083
Simmons Sylvester   Ruffin-1982-0084
Simmons Sylvester   Ruffin-1982-0100
Simmons Sylvester   Ruffin-1982-0104
Simmons Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0050
Simmons Thomas   Ruffin-1982-0102
Simmons Tony   Ruffin-1982-0030
Simmons Tony   Ruffin-1982-0084
Simmons Tony   Ruffin-1982-0100
Simmons Tony   Ruffin-1982-0104
Simmons Tony   Ruffin-1982-0105
Simmons Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0050
Simpson Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0060
Simpson Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0106
Simpson Mark   Ruffin-1982-0088
Simpson Matthew   Ruffin-1982-0050
Simpson Matthew   Ruffin-1982-0106
Sineath Maryanne   Ruffin-1982-0060
Singleton L. Mrs Ruffin-1982-0081
Singleton Lillie Mrs Ruffin-1982-0011
Singleton   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0081
Smith Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0025
Smith Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0030
Smith Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0084
Smith Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0104
Smith Curtis   Ruffin-1982-0105
Smith Frederick   Ruffin-1982-0088
Smith Greg   Ruffin-1982-0039
Smith Greg    Ruffin-1982-0082
Smith Isiah   Ruffin-1982-0060
Smith J. Miss Ruffin-1982-0092
Smith Joyce Miss Ruffin-1982-0011
Smith Joyce Miss Ruffin-1982-0093
Smith Lillian   Ruffin-1982-0088
Smith Lisa   Ruffin-1982-0050
Smith   Mrs Ruffin-1982-0084
Smith   Miss Ruffin-1982-0098
Smith   Miss Ruffin-1982-0099
Smoak  Arthur   Ruffin-1982-0105
Smoak  Gale   Ruffin-1982-0039
Smoak  Sandy   Ruffin-1982-0039
Smoaks Arthur   Ruffin-1982-0025
Smoaks Arthur   Ruffin-1982-0030
Smoaks Arthur   Ruffin-1982-0082
Smoaks Arthur   Ruffin-1982-0084
Smoaks Arthur   Ruffin-1982-0104
Smoaks Gail   Ruffin-1982-0076
Smoaks Gail   Ruffin-1982-0077
Smoaks Gail   Ruffin-1982-0090
Smoaks Sandi    Ruffin-1982-0076
Smyly Angela   Ruffin-1982-0060
Smyly Chris   Ruffin-1982-0050
Smyly Chris   Ruffin-1982-0082
Smyly Greg   Ruffin-1982-0050
Smyly Greg   Ruffin-1982-0082
Snapshots     Ruffin-1982-0008
Snapshots     Ruffin-1982-0029
Snapshots     Ruffin-1982-0032
Snapshots     Ruffin-1982-0040
Snapshots     Ruffin-1982-0042
Snapshots     Ruffin-1982-0128
Snapshots - Art of Conversation     Ruffin-1982-0126
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1982-0114
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1982-0115
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1982-0116
Snapshots - Candid Camera     Ruffin-1982-0127
Snapshots - Chorus     Ruffin-1982-0090
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0107
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0108
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0109
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0110
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0111
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0112
Snapshots - Football     Ruffin-1982-0113
Softball Team     Ruffin-1982-0101
Sophomore Class Officers     Ruffin-1982-0052
Sophomores     Ruffin-1982-0043
Spanish Club     Ruffin-1982-0083
Spires B. Mr Ruffin-1982-0087
Spires B. Mr Ruffin-1982-0087
Spires Jabus T.   Ruffin-1982-0050
Spires R. Mr  Ruffin-1982-0006
Stansel Chiquita   Ruffin-1982-0039
State Savings and Loan Association     Ruffin-1982-0118
Stephens Annette   Ruffin-1982-0025
Stephens Annette   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Cheryl   Ruffin-1982-0101
Stephens Cheryl   Ruffin-1982-0103
Stephens Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0025
Stephens Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0081
Stephens Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0085
Stephens Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0086
Stephens Jackie   Ruffin-1982-0122
Stephens James   Ruffin-1982-0050
Stephens James   Ruffin-1982-0104
Stephens John   Ruffin-1982-0087
Stephens John   Ruffin-1982-0088
Stephens John    Ruffin-1982-0039
Stephens Keith   Ruffin-1982-0039
Stephens Keith   Ruffin-1982-0088
Stephens Lizzy Lou   Ruffin-1982-0060
Stephens Mary Alice   Ruffin-1982-0050
Stephens Mary Helen   Ruffin-1982-0039
Stephens Odessa Mrs Ruffin-1982-0003
Stephens Patrick   Ruffin-1982-0060
Stephens Randy   Ruffin-1982-0050
Stephens Ricky   Ruffin-1982-0039
Stephens Rosa Lee   Ruffin-1982-0060
Stephens Shajobia   Ruffin-1982-0060
Stephens Shajobia   Ruffin-1982-0084
Stephens Shajobia   Ruffin-1982-0098
Stephens Shajobia   Ruffin-1982-0099
Stephens Shajobia   Ruffin-1982-0101
Stephens Shirley   Ruffin-1982-0025
Stephens Shirley   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Shirley   Ruffin-1982-0085
Stephens Shirley   Ruffin-1982-0122
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0016
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0025
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0031
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0078
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0079
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0081
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0081
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0083
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0084
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0098
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0099
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0101
Stephens Tony   Ruffin-1982-0060
Stephens Tony   Ruffin-1982-0084
Stephens Tony   Ruffin-1982-0097
Stephens Tony   Ruffin-1982-0104
Stephens Valerie   Ruffin-1982-0020
Stephens Valerie   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Valerie   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Valerie   Ruffin-1982-0084
Stephens Valerie   Ruffin-1982-0122
Stephens Yolanda   Ruffin-1982-0025
Stephens Yolanda   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stephens Yolanda   Ruffin-1982-0050
Stephens Yolanda   Ruffin-1982-0081
Stephens Yolanda   Ruffin-1982-0086
Steward Karen   Ruffin-1982-0025
Steward Karen   Ruffin-1982-0030
Steward Karen   Ruffin-1982-0081
Steward Karen   Ruffin-1982-0083
Steward Karen   Ruffin-1982-0083
Steward Karen   Ruffin-1982-0087
Steward Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0050
Steward Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0052
Steward Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0074
Steward Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0076
Steward Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0084
Stokes Ben   Ruffin-1982-0060
Stokes Ben    Ruffin-1982-0104
Stokes Benjamin Jr Ruffin-1982-0084
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0016
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0021
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0025
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0026
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0030
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0076
Stokes Gloria   Ruffin-1982-0083
Stokes Stephanie   Ruffin-1982-0051
Stone Davey   Ruffin-1982-0039
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0016
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0019
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0021
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0025
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0030
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0078
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0079
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0083
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-1982-0089
Stroman James Mr Ruffin-1982-0011
Stroman James A.   Ruffin-1982-0088
Student Council     Ruffin-1982-0076
Student Council President     Ruffin-1982-0077
Summers Mary Mrs Ruffin-1982-0011
Sutter Cloretha   Ruffin-1982-0060
Sutter Cloretha   Ruffin-1982-0081
Table of Contents     Ruffin-1982-0002
Taylor Daron   Ruffin-1982-0088
Taylor Reginald   Ruffin-1982-0060
Taylor Reginald   Ruffin-1982-0088
Teachers Signature Page     Ruffin-1982-0014
The Head Shed     Ruffin-1982-0121
The Partiot 1982     Ruffin-1982-0125
The Patriot     Ruffin-1982-0001
The Press and Standard     Ruffin-1982-0121
Track Team     Ruffin-1982-0102
Tripp John   Ruffin-1982-0051
Ulmer Vickie   Ruffin-1982-0074
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0025
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0031
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0064
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0074
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0078
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0079
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-1982-0087
Varn Jerome   Ruffin-1982-0025
Varn Jerome   Ruffin-1982-0031
Varn Marcia   Ruffin-1982-0031
Varnadoe Jimmy   Ruffin-1982-0051
Volleyball Team - Girls     Ruffin-1982-0099
Wade Anthony   Ruffin-1982-0060
Wade Freddie M.   Ruffin-1982-0051
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0021
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0025
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0031
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0066
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0086
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0086
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0089
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0090
Wade Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0102
Wade Richard   Ruffin-1982-0039
Wade Willie   Ruffin-1982-0060
Walden Patrick   Ruffin-1982-0023
Walden Patrick   Ruffin-1982-0031
Walker James   Ruffin-1982-0025
Walker James   Ruffin-1982-0031
Walker James   Ruffin-1982-0087
Walker Johnny   Ruffin-1982-0061
Walker Shirley   Ruffin-1982-0039
Walling Ralph   Ruffin-1982-0051
Walterboro FCX     Ruffin-1982-0121
Walters Leon   Ruffin-1982-0051
Walters Leon   Ruffin-1982-0084
Walters Leon   Ruffin-1982-0097
Walters Leon   Ruffin-1982-0104
Walters Mathew   Ruffin-1982-0084
Walters Matthew   Ruffin-1982-0031
Walters Matthew   Ruffin-1982-0104
Walters Matthew   Ruffin-1982-0105
Warren Jason   Ruffin-1982-0051
Warren Jason   Ruffin-1982-0082
Warren Jason   Ruffin-1982-0096
Washington James   Ruffin-1982-0061
Way Pattie   Ruffin-1982-0061
Way Pattie   Ruffin-1982-0062
Way Patty   Ruffin-1982-0088
Way Ralph   Ruffin-1982-0051
Way Randolph   Ruffin-1982-0088
Webster Mary A.   Ruffin-1982-0061
Webster Roy Daniel   Ruffin-1982-0039
Who's Who     Ruffin-1982-0089
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0018
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0020
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0025
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0031
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0076
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0077
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0083
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0087
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0088
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-1982-0100
Wiggins Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0039
Wiggins Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0083
Wiggins Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0084
Wiggins Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0087
Wiggins Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0100
Wiggins Herbert   Ruffin-1982-0104
Wiggins James   Ruffin-1982-0051
Wiggins James   Ruffin-1982-0097
Wiggins Kathy   Ruffin-1982-0031
Wiggins Kathy   Ruffin-1982-0122
Wilden Artie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Williams Bernard   Ruffin-1982-0051
Williams Bruce   Ruffin-1982-0051
Williams Bruce   Ruffin-1982-0097
Williams Cinderella   Ruffin-1982-0023
Williams Cinderella   Ruffin-1982-0025
Williams Cinderella   Ruffin-1982-0031
Williams Cinderella   Ruffin-1982-0081
Williams Cinderella   Ruffin-1982-0083
Williams Dennis   Ruffin-1982-0051
Williams Dennis   Ruffin-1982-0084
Williams Dennis   Ruffin-1982-0096
Williams Dennis   Ruffin-1982-0104
Williams Dorothy   Ruffin-1982-0025
Williams Dorothy   Ruffin-1982-0031
Williams Frederick   Ruffin-1982-0051
Williams Gregory K.   Ruffin-1982-0061
Williams Harold   Ruffin-1982-0040
Williams Harold   Ruffin-1982-0096
Williams Harold   Ruffin-1982-0102
Williams Harold   Ruffin-1982-0104
Williams Johnny L.   Ruffin-1982-0051
Williams Joyce   Ruffin-1982-0061
Williams Joyce   Ruffin-1982-0081
Williams Kathy   Ruffin-1982-0061
Williams Ken   Ruffin-1982-0076
Williams Ken   Ruffin-1982-0077
Williams Ken   Ruffin-1982-0096
Williams Ken   Ruffin-1982-0106
Williams Malentha   Ruffin-1982-0061
Williams Malentha   Ruffin-1982-0062
Williams Michael   Ruffin-1982-0040
Williams Micheal   Ruffin-1982-0082
Williams Nathaniel   Ruffin-1982-0088
Williams Renee   Ruffin-1982-0088
Williams Sannie Mae Mrs Ruffin-1982-0011
Williams Scottie   Ruffin-1982-0088
Williams Timothy   Ruffin-1982-0061
Williams Vaughn   Ruffin-1982-0051
Williams Veronica   Ruffin-1982-0088
Williams Wesley   Ruffin-1982-0040
Wingo Dwight   Ruffin-1982-0051
Woody Patricia   Ruffin-1982-0074
Wrice Derby   Ruffin-1982-0061
Wrice Derby   Ruffin-1982-0106
Yates Aquilla   Ruffin-1982-0025
Yates Aquilla   Ruffin-1982-0031
Yates Aquilla   Ruffin-1982-0090
Yates Aquilla   Ruffin-1982-0122
Yates Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0040
Yates Brenda   Ruffin-1982-0084
Yates Tammy   Ruffin-1982-0052
Yates Tony   Ruffin-1982-0052
Yates Tony   Ruffin-1982-0082
Yates Tony   Ruffin-1982-0088
Yates Wanda   Ruffin-1982-0074