Ruffin High School 1991

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
 Missing Ad - Cut Out     Ruffin-1991-0037
 Missing Ad - Cut Out     Ruffin-1991-0038
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0016c
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0016d
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0017
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0018
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0019
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0020
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0021
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0022
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0023
 Missing Picture     Ruffin-1991-0024
Aarons' Beauty & Barber Suppliers     Ruffin-1991-0038
Academic Bowl Team     Ruffin-1991-0010
Ackerman K.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Ackerman K.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Ackerman K.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Ackerman Kelvin   Ruffin-1991-0018
Ackerman Kelvin L.   Ruffin-1991-0030
Administration     Ruffin-1991-0024
Advertising     Ruffin-1991-0032
Aiken J.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Aiken Jelani   Ruffin-1991-0022
Aiken Lesley   Ruffin-1991-0011
Aiken Lesley   Ruffin-1991-0012
Aiken Lesley   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Aiken Leslie   Ruffin-1991-0009
Aiken Leslie   Ruffin-1991-0015
Aiken T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Aiken T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Aiken T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Aiken Tomiko   Ruffin-1991-0020
Aiken Woodrow   Ruffin-1991-0022
Alexy Paul Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Allen Tara   Ruffin-1991-0020
Atkinson G.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Atkinson G.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Basketball Team - Boys     Ruffin-1991-0029
Basketball Team - Girls     Ruffin-1991-0029
Beard Rebecca   Ruffin-1991-0022
Behling J.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Behling Jackie   Ruffin-1991-0029
Behling Jacqueline   Ruffin-1991-0018
Behling Mabel   Ruffin-1991-0013
Behling Mabel   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Behling Mabel   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Best All Around     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Best Dressed     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Birth Control     Ruffin-1991-0006
Birth Control     Ruffin-1991-0007
Bishop D.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Bishop D.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Bishop Dawn   Ruffin-1991-0020
Blackwell J.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Blackwell J.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Blackwell Jermaine   Ruffin-1991-0018
Blackwell Jermaine   Ruffin-1991-0029
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0045
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0046
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0047
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0048
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0049
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0050
Blank Page     Ruffin-1991-0051
Block R     Ruffin-1991-0013
Boatwright E.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Boatwright E.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Boatwright E.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Boatwright Edwin   Ruffin-1991-0022
Boles McQuillian Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Bookhart S.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Bostic T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Bostic Tamika   Ruffin-1991-0020
Bostic Willie   Ruffin-1991-0020
Bowers M.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Bowers Michael   Ruffin-1991-0018
Bowman L.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Bowman Latonia   Ruffin-1991-0020
Bowman Vera Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Bradley F.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Bradley F.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Bradley F.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Bradley F.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Bradley Faith   Ruffin-1991-0018
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0001
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0011
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0012
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0015
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Bradley Timothy L.   Ruffin-1991-0031
Breland Dena   Ruffin-1991-0018
Breland J.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Breland J.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Breland J.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Breland James   Ruffin-1991-0020
Breland K. Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Brooks M.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Brooks M.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Brooks M.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Brooks M.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Brooks Mildred   Ruffin-1991-0018
Brooks Mildred   Ruffin-1991-0028
Brooks Mildred   Ruffin-1991-0029
Broughton C.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Broughton Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Broughton Ella   Ruffin-1991-0020
Broughton Y.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Broughton Yvette   Ruffin-1991-0022
Brown D.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Brown Deshun   Ruffin-1991-0022
Brown Deshun   Ruffin-1991-0029
Brown Franklin   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Brown J.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Brown J.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Brown James   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Brown James   Ruffin-1991-0029
Brown Lashonda   Ruffin-1991-0022
Brown Lashonda   Ruffin-1991-0029
Brown Leola   Ruffin-1991-0022
Brown S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Bryant Barbara   Ruffin-1991-0022
Bryant D.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Bryant D.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Bryant Damon   Ruffin-1991-0018
Buckner E.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0009
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0011
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0012
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Buckner Erica   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Bunch B.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Bunch Brandy   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Bunch Brandy   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Burwell D.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Burwell D.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Burwell Danielle   Ruffin-1991-0020
Butler Mary   Ruffin-1991-0022
Byng C.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Byng C.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Byng C.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Byng Cindy   Ruffin-1991-0008
Byng Cindy   Ruffin-1991-0020
Canaday Gladys Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Carr  Donovan N. Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Carroll Tommoseo   Ruffin-1991-0029
Carroll W.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Carroll Willie   Ruffin-1991-0001
Carroll Willie   Ruffin-1991-0015
Carroll Willie   Ruffin-1991-0018
Chisolm C.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Chisolm Craig   Ruffin-1991-0022
ClearVision     Ruffin-1991-0035
Cochran Kakeshia   Ruffin-1991-0001
Cochran Kakeshia   Ruffin-1991-0015
Cochran Kakeshia   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Cochran Kakeshia   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Connelly Crystal   Ruffin-1991-0018
Cook Christine   Ruffin-1991-0020
Copeland Patrick   Ruffin-1991-0022
Courtney Sharon Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Courtney   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0011
Cover - Back     Ruffin-1991-0052
Cover - Front     Ruffin-1991-0000
Covington J.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Covington John   Ruffin-1991-0020
Crawford R.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Crawford Regina   Ruffin-1991-0019
Creel Daniel    Ruffin-1991-0022
Crockett T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Crockett Tammy   Ruffin-1991-0020
Crosby Clara Ms Ruffin-1991-0043
Crosby Frank    Ruffin-1991-0016b
Crosby Hugo Mr Ruffin-1991-0043
Crosby K.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Crosby Kenya   Ruffin-1991-0020
Crosby T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Crosby Tammy   Ruffin-1991-0022
Custodial     Ruffin-1991-0024
Daniels A.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Daniels A.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Daniels Angela   Ruffin-1991-0020
Daniels C.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Daniels Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0019
Daniels Jaquetta   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Daniels S.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Daniels S.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Daniels Sonia   Ruffin-1991-0011
Daniels Sonia   Ruffin-1991-0012
Daniels Sonia   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Daniels Sonya   Ruffin-1991-0008
Davis Eva Mae   Ruffin-1991-0019
Davis Shoe Shop     Ruffin-1991-0035
Delong T.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Discipline Problems     Ruffin-1991-0004
Dobinson A.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Dobinson Angela   Ruffin-1991-0015
Dobison Angela   Ruffin-1991-0001
Dobison Angela   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Dobison Angela   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Drain O.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Drain O.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Drain O.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Drain Oretha   Ruffin-1991-0010
Drain Oretha   Ruffin-1991-0020
Editor's Note     Ruffin-1991-0031
Enterprise Bank     Ruffin-1991-0037
Faculty     Ruffin-1991-0024
Ferrand Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0022
Folk Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Folk T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Folk T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Folk T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Folk Tara   Ruffin-1991-0020
Football Team     Ruffin-1991-0028
Frazier J.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Frazier Jessica   Ruffin-1991-0008
Frazier Jessica   Ruffin-1991-0020
Frazier Sylvia Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Frazier   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0011
Frazier   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0014
French Club     Ruffin-1991-0011
Freshmen     Ruffin-1991-0022
Fryar C.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Fryar Cleo   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Fryar Lashanda   Ruffin-1991-0022
Fryar Latrelle   Ruffin-1991-0008
Fryar Lovonia   Ruffin-1991-0008
Fryar Lovonia   Ruffin-1991-0019
Fryar Patricia   Ruffin-1991-0001
Fryar Patricia   Ruffin-1991-0015
Fryar R.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Fryar Rochelle   Ruffin-1991-0013
Fryar Rochelle   Ruffin-1991-0022
Fryar Ronda   Ruffin-1991-0011
Fryar Ronda   Ruffin-1991-0012
Fryar Ronda   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Fryar Ronda   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Future Business Leaders of America     Ruffin-1991-0010
Future Farmers of America     Ruffin-1991-0012
Future Homemakers of America     Ruffin-1991-0013
Gant R.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Gant Recoe   Ruffin-1991-0019
George Henry   Ruffin-1991-0020
George Sharon   Ruffin-1991-0022
Gibson Barry   Ruffin-1991-0022
Gilbert M.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Gilbert Monica   Ruffin-1991-0020
Givens B.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Givens Billy   Ruffin-1991-0020
Givens Billy   Ruffin-1991-0037
Glenn S.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Glenn Sabrina   Ruffin-1991-0022
Glover C.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Glover Halasa   Ruffin-1991-0022
Glover Jermaine   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Glover L.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Glover L.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Glover W.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Glover William   Ruffin-1991-0019
Glover Willie   Ruffin-1991-0020
Gooding Trudy   Ruffin-1991-0020
Goody T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Goody T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Govan Erica   Ruffin-1991-0020
Govan Thomas   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Grant K.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Grant Kimyetta   Ruffin-1991-0022
Grant Patsy   Ruffin-1991-0020
Grant S.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Grant S.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Grant S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Grant S.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Grant Shedrick   Ruffin-1991-0001
Grant Shedrick   Ruffin-1991-0010
Grant Shedrick   Ruffin-1991-0012
Grant Shedrick   Ruffin-1991-0015
Grant Shedrick   Ruffin-1991-0019
Green A.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Green A.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Green Angela   Ruffin-1991-0022
Green C.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Green Chris   Ruffin-1991-0028
Green Chris   Ruffin-1991-0029
Green Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0020
Green L.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Green L.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Green Lisa   Ruffin-1991-0020
Green T.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Green T.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Green Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0020
Green Tony   Ruffin-1991-0019
Green Tony   Ruffin-1991-0028
Green Tony   Ruffin-1991-0029
Griffin J.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Hall  George Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Hallman M.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Hallman Michael   Ruffin-1991-0020
Hawkins A. Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Hayes Jewelers Inc     Ruffin-1991-0034
Haynes L.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Haynes Letitia   Ruffin-1991-0008
Haynes Letitia   Ruffin-1991-0022
Henderson A.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Henderson A.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Henderson Atiya   Ruffin-1991-0022
Henderson Atiya   Ruffin-1991-0029
Henderson Charmaine   Ruffin-1991-0020
Henderson M.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Henderson M.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Henderson M.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Henderson M.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Henderson Melanie   Ruffin-1991-0020
Henderson Willie   Ruffin-1991-0022
Herndon Annette   Ruffin-1991-0022
Hodges Antonio   Ruffin-1991-0022
Hodges Ferrell   Ruffin-1991-0020
Hodges N.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Hodges Naketa   Ruffin-1991-0022
Hodges Raymond   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Hudson B.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Hudson Bobby   Ruffin-1991-0020
Hudson Carolyn Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Inabinett Allen   Ruffin-1991-0013
Inabinett C.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Inabinett C.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Inabinett Christie   Ruffin-1991-0020
Inabinett Fred   Ruffin-1991-0019
Index     Ruffin-1991-0044
Infinger's Jewelry     Ruffin-1991-0038
Jamison Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0016b
Jenkins A.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0001
Jenkins Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0015
Jenkins Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Jenkins Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Jenkins C.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Jenkins C.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Jenkins Catherine Ms Ruffin-1991-0043
Jenkins Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0022
Jenkins G.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Jenkins J.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Jenkins J.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Jenkins Jermaine   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Jenkins Kala   Ruffin-1991-0020
Jenkins L.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins Lashon   Ruffin-1991-0020
Jenkins R.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins Regina   Ruffin-1991-0022
Jenkins S.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Jenkins S.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Jenkins S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins S.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Jenkins Sharee   Ruffin-1991-0022
Jenkins Sharon   Ruffin-1991-0010
Jenkins Sharon   Ruffin-1991-0015
Jenkins Sharon   Ruffin-1991-0019
Jenkins Sharon   Ruffin-1991-0029
Jenkins Stanley   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Jenkins Tabitha   Ruffin-1991-0019
Jenkins Tarnarah   Ruffin-1991-0022
Jenkins Tarnisha   Ruffin-1991-0013
Jenkins Tarnisha   Ruffin-1991-0020
Johnson A.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Johnson A.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Johnson A.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Johnson A.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Johnson Alicia   Ruffin-1991-0009
Johnson Alicia   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Johnson Alicia   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Johnson C.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Johnson Curtis   Ruffin-1991-0019
Johnson Curtis   Ruffin-1991-0029
Johnson G.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Johnson Gilbert   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Johnson Judy   Ruffin-1991-0013
Johnson Judy   Ruffin-1991-0019
Johnson Lamonte   Ruffin-1991-0022
Johnson Laron   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Johnson S.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Johnson T.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Johnson Tyrone   Ruffin-1991-0020
Johnson W.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Johnson Winford   Ruffin-1991-0020
Jones Alma Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Jones D.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Jones D.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Jones Donnell   Ruffin-1991-0001
Jones Donnell   Ruffin-1991-0015
Jones Donnell   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Jones L.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Jones L.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Jones L.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Jones Latoya   Ruffin-1991-0020
Jones Lavonia   Ruffin-1991-0013
Jones Lavonia   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Jones Lavonica   Ruffin-1991-0019
Jones Letonya   Ruffin-1991-0022
Jones W.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Jones Wayne   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Jones   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0010
Juniors     Ruffin-1991-0018
Jus' Sports     Ruffin-1991-0038
Just Say No Club     Ruffin-1991-0014
Kelly Bryan   Ruffin-1991-0022
Kelly Leslie   Ruffin-1991-0022
Kirkland Freddie Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Kirkland   Mr  Ruffin-1991-0011
Lambert J.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Lambert James   Ruffin-1991-0020
Lance Inc.     Ruffin-1991-0036
Lawrence Thomas Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Lawrence Tommy Mr Ruffin-1991-0029
Lawrence   Mr Ruffin-1991-0028
Lawton A.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Lawton Adline   Ruffin-1991-0022
Lawton Hazel   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Lewis P.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Linder A.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Linder Anthony   Ruffin-1991-0020
Linder R.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Linder R.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Linder Rick   Ruffin-1991-0022
Linder T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Linder Tarsha   Ruffin-1991-0020
Lingard Carroll   Ruffin-1991-0020
Lingard Fitzgerald   Ruffin-1991-0013
Lingard Gerroll   Ruffin-1991-0022
Little D.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Little Darrien   Ruffin-1991-0022
Little H.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Little Howard   Ruffin-1991-0020
Lively Stone Temple Church, Inc.     Ruffin-1991-0041
Longhorn Family Steakhouse     Ruffin-1991-0035
Lyons Marion   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Lyons N.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Mackey Joseph Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Mackey Joseph Mr Ruffin-1991-0029
Mackey   Mr Ruffin-1991-0014
Major Responsibilities     Ruffin-1991-0006
Maree Maryanne Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
McAlister Nikkieda   Ruffin-1991-0019
McFadden V. Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Memminger Donald   Ruffin-1991-0022
Mintz Mary Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Mintz   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0010
Mintz   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0012
Miss Senior   Ruffin-1991-0008
Miss FFA     Ruffin-1991-0008
Miss French     Ruffin-1991-0008
Miss Junior     Ruffin-1991-0008
Miss RHS - 1st Attendant     Ruffin-1991-0008
Miss RHS - 2nd Attendant     Ruffin-1991-0009
Miss RHS - 3rd Attendant     Ruffin-1991-0009
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-1991-0009
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-1991-0009
Miss Science     Ruffin-1991-0008
Mixon E.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Mixon Ericka   Ruffin-1991-0021
Mole Angelica   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Mole Angelica   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Moody T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Moody T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Moore Clyde   Ruffin-1991-0022
Mosely Shonda   Ruffin-1991-0013
Mosley Kevin   Ruffin-1991-0022
Mosley S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Mosley Shonda   Ruffin-1991-0022
Most Athletic     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Most Humorous     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Most Likely To Succeed     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Most Outgoing     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Most Popular     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Most Talented     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Murdaugh V.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Murdaugh Vickie   Ruffin-1991-0019
Murry T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
National Honor Society     Ruffin-1991-0012
Nettles N.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Nettles Necold   Ruffin-1991-0021
Nichols Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0019
Nixon Glenn Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Nixon Glenn R.   Ruffin-1991-0001
Nixon T.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Nixon T.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Nixon Timothy   Ruffin-1991-0023
Nixon   Mr Ruffin-1991-0015
Nixon   Mr Ruffin-1991-0025
Nixon   Mr Ruffin-1991-0037
North Chastity   Ruffin-1991-0021
Oliver A.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Oliver A.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Oliver Andre    Ruffin-1991-0023
On The Home Front     Ruffin-1991-0004
Owens   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0002
Padgett Gregory   Ruffin-1991-0002
Padgett Gregory   Ruffin-1991-0018
Padgett Jimmy   Ruffin-1991-0021
Padgett Jodi   Ruffin-1991-0019
Padgett Jody   Ruffin-1991-0011
Parker   Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Parnell Alton   Ruffin-1991-0021
Parnell Amanda   Ruffin-1991-0019
Parnell Russell   Ruffin-1991-0023
Pearl's Stout Shop     Ruffin-1991-0038
Pep Club     Ruffin-1991-0015
Peterson E.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Peterson E.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Peterson E.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Peterson E.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Peterson Eric    Ruffin-1991-0010
Peterson Eric    Ruffin-1991-0019
Powell S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Powell S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Powell Shanta   Ruffin-1991-0021
Preacher A.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Preacher Angela   Ruffin-1991-0023
Primary Care Associates, P. A.     Ruffin-1991-0033
Reality     Ruffin-1991-0003
Reality of Being A Senior     Ruffin-1991-0016
Richardson Margaree Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Richardson   Mr Ruffin-1991-0012
Riley J.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Riley J.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Riley Jeremy   Ruffin-1991-0019
Riley Jeremy   Ruffin-1991-0029
Riley L.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Riley L.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Riley Lequita   Ruffin-1991-0013
Risher Antonio   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Risher Janee   Ruffin-1991-0023
Risher K.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Risher Karen   Ruffin-1991-0015
Risher Karen   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Risher Latrice   Ruffin-1991-0021
Risher S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Risher Sheshawn   Ruffin-1991-0021
Risher T.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Risher T.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Rizer Homer   Ruffin-1991-0019
Roberts T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Roberts  T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Robertson C.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Robinson Crystal   Ruffin-1991-0023
Ruffin High School Athletic Booster Club     Ruffin-1991-0043
Ryant   Mr Ruffin-1991-0028
Ryant   Mr Ruffin-1991-0028
Salley Corey   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Salley Jermaine   Ruffin-1991-0019
Salley Lemel   Ruffin-1991-0023
Salley T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Salley T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Salley T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Salley T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Salley T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Salley Tarsha   Ruffin-1991-0019
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0001
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0012
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0015
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0016
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Salley Torsha   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Sanders Lavata   Ruffin-1991-0023
Sanders V.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Sanders Veronica   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Sassafras Café     Ruffin-1991-0035
Sauls R.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Sauls Rose   Ruffin-1991-0021
Science Club     Ruffin-1991-0014
Seniors     Ruffin-1991-0016a
Seniors - Class Officers     Ruffin-1991-0016d
Sharpe Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0023
Sheppard M.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Sheppard M.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Sheppard Marcus   Ruffin-1991-0019
Sheppard Thomas   Ruffin-1991-0019
Shider Letitia   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Simmons D.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Simmons Derrick   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Simmons G.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Simmons Karen   Ruffin-1991-0013
Simmons Karen   Ruffin-1991-0019
Simmons Kevin   Ruffin-1991-0023
Simmons L.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Simmons Latonya   Ruffin-1991-0019
Simmons Lavonia   Ruffin-1991-0013
Simmons Lavonia   Ruffin-1991-0023
Simmons S.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Simmons S.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Simmons Shawn   Ruffin-1991-0019
Simmons V.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Simmons Vernard   Ruffin-1991-0023
Sineath Shannon   Ruffin-1991-0023
Smith C.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Smith C.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Smith C.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Smith Carlos   Ruffin-1991-0021
Smith Floria Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Smoak Dorothy Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Smoaks Middle School     Ruffin-1991-0036
Smyly Bradford   Ruffin-1991-0021
Snapshots     Ruffin-1991-0005
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1991-0029
Snapshots - Fine Arts Music Department     Ruffin-1991-0025
Snapshots - Fine Arts Music Department     Ruffin-1991-0026
Sophomores     Ruffin-1991-0020
Spires Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0016c
Spires Patsy   Ruffin-1991-0001
Spires Patsy Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Spires   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0015
Sports     Ruffin-1991-0027
Stansel Edwardian   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stansel P.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Stansel P.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Stansel Pennye   Ruffin-1991-0023
Stephens A.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Stephens Betty   Ruffin-1991-0023
Stephens Chasity   Ruffin-1991-0023
Stephens Chastity   Ruffin-1991-0013
Stephens E.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Stephens Erika   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Garrick   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Gerrick   Ruffin-1991-0029
Stephens John W. Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Stephens Kinlaw   Ruffin-1991-0023
Stephens Lashan   Ruffin-1991-0001
Stephens Lashan   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Stephens Lashan   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Stephens Lashon   Ruffin-1991-0029
Stephens Leon   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Nathan   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Stephens Nathan   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Stephens Ozetta   Ruffin-1991-0019
Stephens S.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Stephens S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Stephens S.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Stephens S.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Stephens S.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Stephens Shamera   Ruffin-1991-0019
Stephens Shaneka   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Shaneka   Ruffin-1991-0029
Stephens Sherri   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Shonda   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Stephens T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Stephens Tawanda   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Teresa   Ruffin-1991-0021
Stephens Teresa   Ruffin-1991-0029
Stephens Tulisha   Ruffin-1991-0011
Stephens Tylisha   Ruffin-1991-0012
Stephens Tylisha   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Stephens Tyrone   Ruffin-1991-0013
Stephens Tyrone   Ruffin-1991-0015
Steward Benjamin Mr Ruffin-1991-0043
Stokes Angus Ms Ruffin-1991-0043
Stokes J.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Stokes Jerome   Ruffin-1991-0019
Stokes K.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Stokes Kevin   Ruffin-1991-0023
Stokes Mekesha   Ruffin-1991-0023
Strickland A.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Strickland Alisha   Ruffin-1991-0023
Strickland J.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Strickland Jennifer   Ruffin-1991-0012
Strickland Jennifer   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Stroman James Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Stroman   Mr Ruffin-1991-0025
Student Council     Ruffin-1991-0011
Sundeen C.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Sundeen Charles   Ruffin-1991-0002
Sutter Komekia   Ruffin-1991-0021
Sutter Larshie   Ruffin-1991-0019
The 1991 Patriot     Ruffin-1991-0001
The Canteen Staff     Ruffin-1991-0037
The Fashion Place     Ruffin-1991-0037
The Music Booster Club     Ruffin-1991-0042
The Nixon-Bailey Family     Ruffin-1991-0040
Thomas J.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Thomas J.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Thomas Jennifer   Ruffin-1991-0021
Thompson's 5 cent/$1.00 Store     Ruffin-1991-0035
Underclassmen     Ruffin-1991-0017
Wade D.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Wade D.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Wade D.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Wade Danny   Ruffin-1991-0021
Wade Danny   Ruffin-1991-0029
Wade S.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Wade S.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Wade Sharon   Ruffin-1991-0023
Wal-Mart     Ruffin-1991-0034
Walters Kimbell   Ruffin-1991-0023
Warren Emily Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Warren   Mrs Ruffin-1991-0013
Warren Building Supply     Ruffin-1991-0039
Warshaw's of Walterboro     Ruffin-1991-0034
Washington   Mr Ruffin-1991-0024
Way S.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Way S.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Way Stacey   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Weans T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Weans T.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Weans T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Weans Trevina   Ruffin-1991-0021
What Can Be Said     Ruffin-1991-0002
White Timmy   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Wiggins Carl    Ruffin-1991-0023
Williams Andrea   Ruffin-1991-0021
Williams C.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Williams Chris   Ruffin-1991-0029
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0001
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0008
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0011
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0012
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0013
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0015
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Williams D.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Williams D.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Williams Darmell   Ruffin-1991-0029
Williams Della   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Williams Denise   Ruffin-1991-0013
Williams G.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Williams G.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Williams G.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Williams Martha   Ruffin-1991-0023
Williams Roszene   Ruffin-1991-0023
Williams Sannie Ms Ruffin-1991-0024
Williams T.   Ruffin-1991-0010
Williams T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Williams T.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Williams Terria   Ruffin-1991-0021
Williams Tijuana   Ruffin-1991-0023
Williams W.   Ruffin-1991-0013
Williams W.   Ruffin-1991-0028
Williams Willie   Ruffin-1991-0019
Wilson T.   Ruffin-1991-0014
Windom Jervie   Ruffin-1991-0001
Windom Jervie   Ruffin-1991-0015
Windom Jervie   Ruffin-1991-0016a
Windom Jervie   Ruffin-1991-0016d
Yearbook Staff     Ruffin-1991-0015
Zaccagnini Gary   Ruffin-1991-0021
Zaccagnini S.   Ruffin-1991-0011
Zaccagnini S.   Ruffin-1991-0012
Zaccagnini S.   Ruffin-1991-0015
Zaccagnini Sandra   Ruffin-1991-0021