Ruffin High School 1996

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
A & T Grocery     Ruffin-1996-0067
Ackerman Earl   Ruffin-1996-0061
Ackerman Latoya   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Ackerman Latoya   Ruffin-1996-0040
Adams Leola   Ruffin-1996-0056
Adams Levi   Ruffin-1996-0022
Adams Terrance   Ruffin-1996-0053
Aiken Anthony   Ruffin-1996-0007
Aiken Anthony   Ruffin-1996-0008
Aiken Anthony   Ruffin-1996-0029
Aiken Anthony   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Aiken Fannie Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Aiken Harley   Ruffin-1996-0061
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1996-0022
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-1996-0034
Aiken Regina   Ruffin-1996-0026
All Fired Up     Ruffin-1996-0049
Allen Franklin   Ruffin-1996-0022
Allen Lachell   Ruffin-1996-0022
Allen Renodia   Ruffin-1996-0007
Allen Renodia   Ruffin-1996-0026
Allen Tahnee   Ruffin-1996-0030
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0005
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0010
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0012
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0014
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0017
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0026
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0026
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0043
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-1996-0073
And They're Off     Ruffin-1996-0041
Anderson's One Hour Cleaners     Ruffin-1996-0063
Arnold James   Ruffin-1996-0038
Arnold James   Ruffin-1996-0040
Arnold James   Ruffin-1996-0041
Arnold Jodi   Ruffin-1996-0022
Avery David   Ruffin-1996-0022
Avery Tara   Ruffin-1996-0026
Awards Night     Ruffin-1996-0038
Band Booster Club     Ruffin-1996-0066
Basketball Players - Varsity     Ruffin-1996-0005
Bell Jenifer   Ruffin-1996-0022
Beulah Baptist Church     Ruffin-1996-0061
Bishop's Body Shop     Ruffin-1996-0064
Black Daryll   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Black Diana   Ruffin-1996-0026
Black Diana   Ruffin-1996-0028
Black Jermel   Ruffin-1996-0026
Black Stephanie   Ruffin-1996-0035
Black Stephanie   Ruffin-1996-0036
Black Stephanie   Ruffin-1996-0061
Black Sylvester   Ruffin-1996-0022
Blackberry, Inc     Ruffin-1996-0065
Blackwell Jerode   Ruffin-1996-0026
Blackwell Jerode   Ruffin-1996-0027
Blackwell Jerode   Ruffin-1996-0044
Blackwell Jerode   Ruffin-1996-0050
Blank Page     Ruffin-1996-0077
Blank Page     Ruffin-1996-0078
Blank Page     Ruffin-1996-0079
Blank Page     Ruffin-1996-0080
Blank Page     Ruffin-1996-0081
Blewer Anita   Ruffin-1996-0008
Blewer Anita   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Blewer Anita   Ruffin-1996-0042
Blocker Rita Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Blount Jason   Ruffin-1996-0015
Blount Jason   Ruffin-1996-0061
Boatwright Alvin   Ruffin-1996-0009
Boatwright Alvin   Ruffin-1996-0030
Boatwright Alvin   Ruffin-1996-0057
Boatwright Alvin   Ruffin-1996-0061
Bostic Kimberlyn   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Bowman Vera Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Bowman Vera Mrs Ruffin-1996-0070
Breland Christel   Ruffin-1996-0016
Breland Christel   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Breland Curtis   Ruffin-1996-0018
Breland Curtis   Ruffin-1996-0061
Breland Jerod   Ruffin-1996-0022
Breland Jerrod   Ruffin-1996-0053
Breland Katherine Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Breland Melvina   Ruffin-1996-0026
Breland Melvina   Ruffin-1996-0048
Breland Melvina   Ruffin-1996-0049
Breland Roger   Ruffin-1996-0022
Breland Roger   Ruffin-1996-0052
Breland Roger   Ruffin-1996-0052
Breland Roger   Ruffin-1996-0053
Brice W. Herndon & Sons Funeral Home     Ruffin-1996-0064
Brooks Brian   Ruffin-1996-0022
Broughton Roderick   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Broughton Roderick   Ruffin-1996-0052
Broughton Roderick   Ruffin-1996-0052
Broughton Roderick   Ruffin-1996-0053
Broughton Roderick   Ruffin-1996-0053
Broughton Rodney   Ruffin-1996-0022
Broughton Rodney   Ruffin-1996-0053
Broughton Sharon   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Broughton Sharon    Ruffin-1996-0032
Brown Eyvonne Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Brown Johnny   Ruffin-1996-0026
Brown Johnny   Ruffin-1996-0034
Brown Michael   Ruffin-1996-0018
Brown Michael   Ruffin-1996-0026
Brown Sinclair   Ruffin-1996-0032
Brown Sinclair   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Brown Sinclair   Ruffin-1996-0037
Brown Sinclair   Ruffin-1996-0045
Brown Hardware     Ruffin-1996-0066
Bryant Curtiss   Ruffin-1996-0022
Bryant Enrico   Ruffin-1996-0022
Bryant Israel   Ruffin-1996-0063
Bryant Jennifer   Ruffin-1996-0022
Bryant Jerry   Ruffin-1996-0026
Bryant Sherri   Ruffin-1996-0049
Bryant Sherry   Ruffin-1996-0026
Buckner Alkeshia   Ruffin-1996-0030
Buckner Kim   Ruffin-1996-0022
Buckner Latoya   Ruffin-1996-0023
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0008
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0021
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0030
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0031
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0052
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0053
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0053
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0053
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-1996-0073
Butler Jerome   Ruffin-1996-0023
Butler Linda   Ruffin-1996-0026
Butler LP Gas, Inc.     Ruffin-1996-0062
Cain Billy   Ruffin-1996-0023
Cain Billy   Ruffin-1996-0052
Cain Billy   Ruffin-1996-0053
Cain Billy   Ruffin-1996-0053
Carroll Deidra   Ruffin-1996-0023
Carroll Josette   Ruffin-1996-0004
Carroll Josette   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Carroll Josette   Ruffin-1996-0040
Carroll Josette   Ruffin-1996-0041
Carroll Patricia   Ruffin-1996-0042
Carroll Syreeta   Ruffin-1996-0023
Carson's Seafood     Ruffin-1996-0062
Char-Go Nursery     Ruffin-1996-0060
Chisolm Gwenetta   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Chisolm Gwenetta   Ruffin-1996-0073
Chisolm Gwenetta     Ruffin-1996-0032a
Chisolm Gwenetta S.   Ruffin-1996-0019
Chisolm Gwenette   Ruffin-1996-0042
Chisolm Jelani   Ruffin-1996-0023
Chisolm Latia   Ruffin-1996-0005
Chisolm Latia   Ruffin-1996-0030
Chisolm Laura Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Chisom Kemberly   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Cisneros Jose   Ruffin-1996-0030
Class of 1996     Ruffin-1996-0032a
Class of 1997     Ruffin-1996-0030
Class of 1998     Ruffin-1996-0026
Class of 1999     Ruffin-1996-0022
Claxton Cindy Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Claxton Matthew   Ruffin-1996-0053
ClearVision     Ruffin-1996-0066
Coastal Electric Cooperative, Inc.     Ruffin-1996-0062
Cochran Benjamin   Ruffin-1996-0023
Cochran Henry   Ruffin-1996-0007
Cochran Henry   Ruffin-1996-0026
Colleton Home Center     Ruffin-1996-0061
Combs Amanda   Ruffin-1996-0049
Community Quest     Ruffin-1996-0057
Cotterman Charlie Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Cotterman Charlie Mr Ruffin-1996-0021
Cotterman Charlie Mr Ruffin-1996-0046
Cotterman   Mr Ruffin-1996-0004
Cover - Back     Ruffin-1996-0084
Cover - Back - Inside - Left     Ruffin-1996-0082
Cover - Back - Inside - Right     Ruffin-1996-0083
Cover - Front     Ruffin-1996-0000
Cover - Front - Inside - Left     Ruffin-1996-0000a
Cover - Front - Inside - Right     Ruffin-1996-0000b
Crawford Quenie   Ruffin-1996-0041
Crawford Quenie Ms Ruffin-1996-0058
Crawford   Ms Ruffin-1996-0018
Crawford   Ms Ruffin-1996-0041
Crawford   Ms Ruffin-1996-0041
Crosby Blair   Ruffin-1996-0023
Crosby Christy   Ruffin-1996-0007
Crosby Kenequa   Ruffin-1996-0030
Crosby Kenequa   Ruffin-1996-0044
Davis Lance   Ruffin-1996-0023
Day By Day     Ruffin-1996-0006
Dobison Tiffany   Ruffin-1996-0026
Dr. Harold M. Rhodes III     Ruffin-1996-0067
Drain Sharell   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Drain Sharell   Ruffin-1996-0033
Drain Sharell   Ruffin-1996-0052
Drain Sharell   Ruffin-1996-0053
Elite Bridal & Formal     Ruffin-1996-0060
Elliott Brian   Ruffin-1996-0023
Eudaley Tina Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Faculty and Staff     Ruffin-1996-0020
Fender Wayne   Ruffin-1996-0052
Fender Wayne   Ruffin-1996-0053
FFA     Ruffin-1996-0042
FHA     Ruffin-1996-0042
Flores Gabriella   Ruffin-1996-0023
Floretta Patricia   Ruffin-1996-0041
Foodland     Ruffin-1996-0065
Fowler Evelyn Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Fralix Doug   Ruffin-1996-0017
Fralix Doug   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Fralix Greg   Ruffin-1996-0017
Fralix Greg   Ruffin-1996-0017
Fralix Greg   Ruffin-1996-0030
Franklin Hubert   Ruffin-1996-0026
Franklin Shaki   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Frazier Troy   Ruffin-1996-0027
Freshman Class     Ruffin-1996-0022
Fryar Chris   Ruffin-1996-0027
Fryar Chris    Ruffin-1996-0004
Fryar Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0004
Fryar Foster   Ruffin-1996-0030
Fryar Lakeshia   Ruffin-1996-0023
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0019
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0022
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0038
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0038
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0040
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0041
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0051
Fryar Scottie   Ruffin-1996-0073
Fryar Sharminique   Ruffin-1996-0004
Fryar Sharminique   Ruffin-1996-0023
Fryar Sharminique   Ruffin-1996-0044
Fryar Sharminique   Ruffin-1996-0049
Fryar Sharminique   Ruffin-1996-0049
Galloway Mark Mr Ruffin-1996-0021
Galloway Mark   Ruffin-1996-0065
Gardner Ginger Ms Ruffin-1996-0073
Garner Ginger Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Garner   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0019
Garner   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0076
Generette Amethyst   Ruffin-1996-0005
Generette Amethyst   Ruffin-1996-0028
Generette Arnethyst   Ruffin-1996-0027
George Amanda   Ruffin-1996-0032
George Amanda   Ruffin-1996-0032b
George Ammie   Ruffin-1996-0023
George Nadine   Ruffin-1996-0027
Getz Kelly   Ruffin-1996-0053
Gilbert Aisha   Ruffin-1996-0018
Gilbert Iesha   Ruffin-1996-0023
Godwin Vera Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Gooding Chris   Ruffin-1996-0017
Gooding Chris   Ruffin-1996-0030
Gooding Chris   Ruffin-1996-0046
Govan Ruth   Ruffin-1996-0018
Govan Ruth   Ruffin-1996-0032b
Govan Ruth   Ruffin-1996-0042
Green Eric Mr Ruffin-1996-0021
Green Troy   Ruffin-1996-0023
Green Troy   Ruffin-1996-0051
Green  Eric Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Greene   Mr Ruffin-1996-0003
Griffin Princess   Ruffin-1996-0023
Griffin Jewelers     Ruffin-1996-0066
Hallman Shenika   Ruffin-1996-0023
Hallmon Sheneka   Ruffin-1996-0054
Harley Enricko   Ruffin-1996-0007
Harley Ericko   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Harley Ericko   Ruffin-1996-0040
Harriett Farm Supply     Ruffin-1996-0063
Hayes  Wilmont   Ruffin-1996-0067
Hayes Jewelers, Inc.     Ruffin-1996-0060
Haynes Jamar   Ruffin-1996-0023
Heilig-Meyers Furniture     Ruffin-1996-0063
Henderson Sophia   Ruffin-1996-0023
Henderson Sophia   Ruffin-1996-0025
Hit and Run     Ruffin-1996-0054
Hodges Etrulia   Ruffin-1996-0005
Hodges Etrulia   Ruffin-1996-0023
Hodges Etrulia   Ruffin-1996-0055
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0003
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0004
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0004
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0005
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0008
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0014
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Hodges Quintella   Ruffin-1996-0038
Hodges Terrill   Ruffin-1996-0023
Hollington Latarsha   Ruffin-1996-0027
Hollington Latarsha   Ruffin-1996-0055
Hollington Theo   Ruffin-1996-0030
Holmes Armel   Ruffin-1996-0018
Holmes Armel   Ruffin-1996-0030
Homecoming 1995     Ruffin-1996-0008
Hooper Jessica   Ruffin-1996-0063
Hudson Carolyn Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Index - First Page     Ruffin-1996-0074
Index - Second Page     Ruffin-1996-0075
Infinger's Jewelry     Ruffin-1996-0064
It's the Weekend Baby     Ruffin-1996-0005
Jacques Mark   Ruffin-1996-0027
Jacques Mark   Ruffin-1996-0042
James Rick Mr Ruffin-1996-0014
James Rick Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
James Rick Mr Ruffin-1996-0021
Jamison Sheldonia   Ruffin-1996-0025
Jamison Shelly   Ruffin-1996-0023
Jamison Tonya   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Jays Quik Stop Grocery     Ruffin-1996-0066
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0004
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0007
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0008
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0008
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0008
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0009
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0017
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0037
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0040
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0042
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0045
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0048
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0049
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0054
Jenkins Gerald   Ruffin-1996-0073
Jenkins Lakesha   Ruffin-1996-0023
Jenkins Lameka   Ruffin-1996-0024
Jenkins Lanesha   Ruffin-1996-0024
Jenkins Laquita   Ruffin-1996-0054
Jenkins Latoya   Ruffin-1996-0027
Jenkins Marco   Ruffin-1996-0027
Jenkins Marco   Ruffin-1996-0027
Jenkins Marco   Ruffin-1996-0044
Jenkins Rodney   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Jenkins Rodney   Ruffin-1996-0033
Jenkins Rodney   Ruffin-1996-0040
Jenkins Santonio   Ruffin-1996-0024
Jenkins Terrance   Ruffin-1996-0027
Jenkins Terrance   Ruffin-1996-0046
Johns  Linda   Ruffin-1996-0040
Johnson Travis   Ruffin-1996-0009
Johnson Travis   Ruffin-1996-0027
Jones Alma Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Jones Cedric   Ruffin-1996-0024
Jones Demetric    Ruffin-1996-0024
Jones Pasqua   Ruffin-1996-0018
Jones Pasqua   Ruffin-1996-0024
Jones Rachel   Ruffin-1996-0024
Jones Rachel   Ruffin-1996-0063
Jones   Ms Ruffin-1996-0043
Jones   Ms Ruffin-1996-0043
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-1996-0026
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-1996-0026
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-1996-0027
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-1996-0029
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-1996-0039
Juniors     Ruffin-1996-0030
Jus 'Sports     Ruffin-1996-0064
Just Do It     Ruffin-1996-0051
Just Do It     Ruffin-1996-0055
Kelly Laurie   Ruffin-1996-0040
Kelly Laurie   Ruffin-1996-0063
Kinard Lisa   Ruffin-1996-0030
Kinard Sandra   Ruffin-1996-0030
Kirkland Chris   Ruffin-1996-0009
Kirkland Chris   Ruffin-1996-0027
Kirkland Chris   Ruffin-1996-0048
Kirkland Freddie Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Kirkland   Mr Ruffin-1996-0018
Kirkland   Mr Ruffin-1996-0021
Koger Rose   Ruffin-1996-0027
Lawrence Tommy   Ruffin-1996-0067
Lawrence   Mr Ruffin-1996-0004
Lawton Charlene   Ruffin-1996-0024
Lawton Paul   Ruffin-1996-0027
Lawton Paul   Ruffin-1996-0052
Lawton Paul   Ruffin-1996-0053
Lawton Shonda   Ruffin-1996-0024
Lawton-McCallister Christina   Ruffin-1996-0027
Lighthouse Book and Gift Shop     Ruffin-1996-0060
Linder Chris   Ruffin-1996-0007
Linder Chris   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Linder Chris   Ruffin-1996-0051
Linder Chris   Ruffin-1996-0055
Linder Chris   Ruffin-1996-0073
Linder Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0004
Linder Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0016
Linder Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0051
Linder Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0051
Linder Deidra   Ruffin-1996-0027
Linder Deidra   Ruffin-1996-0034
Linder Jamie   Ruffin-1996-0024
Linder Tim   Ruffin-1996-0027
Lingard Faith   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Lingard Faith   Ruffin-1996-0035
Lingard Faith   Ruffin-1996-0037
Lingard Faith   Ruffin-1996-0040
Lingard Faith   Ruffin-1996-0041
Lingard Faith   Ruffin-1996-0073
Little Carlena   Ruffin-1996-0024
Maree Maryanne Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Maree   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0073
Mays Darrell   Ruffin-1996-0032c
McDaniels Amanda   Ruffin-1996-0056
McDonald's     Ruffin-1996-0061
McFadden Brian   Ruffin-1996-0024
McFadden Vivian Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Mears Lynn   Ruffin-1996-0026
Mears Lynn   Ruffin-1996-0044
Mears Lynn   Ruffin-1996-0048
Mears Lynn   Ruffin-1996-0049
Mears Pasheena   Ruffin-1996-0027
Mears Shervon   Ruffin-1996-0027
Mintz Mary Mrs Ruffin-1996-0014
Mintz Mary Mrs Ruffin-1996-0068
Mixon Ron    Ruffin-1996-0024
Mole Stephanie   Ruffin-1996-0027
Mole Stephanie   Ruffin-1996-0034
Money … Money … Money     Ruffin-1996-0043
Moody Cynthia   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Moody Cynthia   Ruffin-1996-0040
Moore James   Ruffin-1996-0024
Moore Leonida   Ruffin-1996-0024
Moseley Michael   Ruffin-1996-0017
Mosley Dellaine   Ruffin-1996-0030
Mosley Jerome   Ruffin-1996-0039
Mosley Jerome   Ruffin-1996-0040
Mosley Michael   Ruffin-1996-0016
Mosley Michael   Ruffin-1996-0030
Mosley Ricardo   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Murdaugh Phyllis Mrs Ruffin-1996-0068
Murdaugh Shalarece   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Murdaugh Shalarece   Ruffin-1996-0054
Murray Grady   Ruffin-1996-0028
Murray Shannon   Ruffin-1996-0032c
Myers Jessica   Ruffin-1996-0024
Necessary Roughness     Ruffin-1996-0047
Nettles Dean Mr Ruffin-1996-0021
Nettles Dean Mr Ruffin-1996-0058
Never Give Up     Ruffin-1996-0045
North Travis   Ruffin-1996-0028
Not to Equal     Ruffin-1996-0012
Novit Rob Mr Ruffin-1996-0076
Novit-Siegel Co., Inc     Ruffin-1996-0060
Novit-Siegel Real Estate Co., Inc     Ruffin-1996-0060
Off The Top Barber Shop     Ruffin-1996-0060
Oliver Matthew   Ruffin-1996-0063
Oliver Roslyn   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Oliver Roslynn   Ruffin-1996-0007
One Sweet Day Prom 1996     Ruffin-1996-0016
Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc     Ruffin-1996-0069
Parker Coll   Ruffin-1996-0067
Parker Latisha   Ruffin-1996-0028
Parker Latisha   Ruffin-1996-0044
Parker Latisha   Ruffin-1996-0049
Peacock Brenda Mrs Ruffin-1996-0064
Peacock   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0028
People Make the World Go 'Round     Ruffin-1996-0019
Piggly Wiggly     Ruffin-1996-0065
Pilch Judy Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Play Ball     Ruffin-1996-0053
Portee Tanisha   Ruffin-1996-0003
Portee Tanisha   Ruffin-1996-0019
Portee Tanisha   Ruffin-1996-0031
Portee Tanisha   Ruffin-1996-0035
Portee Tanisha   Ruffin-1996-0073
Portee Tanisha   Ruffin-1996-0076
Preacher Terri   Ruffin-1996-0017
Preacher Terri   Ruffin-1996-0028
Preacher Terri   Ruffin-1996-0044
Preacher Terri   Ruffin-1996-0048
Preacher Terri   Ruffin-1996-0049
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0002
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0003
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0014
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0016
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0017
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0017
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0019
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0030
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0031
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0038
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0039
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0041
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0042
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0045
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0054
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0054
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0073
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-1996-0076
RAID     Ruffin-1996-0042
Randell Tasha   Ruffin-1996-0028
Richardson Margaree Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Richardson William Mr Ruffin-1996-0042
Richardson   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0034
Richardson   Mr  Ruffin-1996-0037
Richardson   Mr Ruffin-1996-0042
Risher James   Ruffin-1996-0024
Risher Kinisha   Ruffin-1996-0031
Risher Kinisha   Ruffin-1996-0035
Risher Kinisha   Ruffin-1996-0040
Risher Tonya   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Ritter Joe Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Ritter Joe   Ruffin-1996-0046
Ritter Joe Mr Ruffin-1996-0052
Ritter Joe Mr Ruffin-1996-0053
Rizer Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Geo     Ruffin-1996-0064
Roberts Cindy Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Roderick Richard Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Roderick Richard Mr Ruffin-1996-0047
Roper Connie Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Roper Connie Ms Ruffin-1996-0049
Roper   Mr Ruffin-1996-0049
Rourk Eddie   Ruffin-1996-0063
Salley Andy   Ruffin-1996-0029
Salley Andy   Ruffin-1996-0033
Salley Andy   Ruffin-1996-0047
Salley Andy   Ruffin-1996-0050
Salley Andy   Ruffin-1996-0051
Salley Chris   Ruffin-1996-0014
Salley Chris   Ruffin-1996-0031
Salley Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0031
Salley Christopher   Ruffin-1996-0037
Salley Dashawn   Ruffin-1996-0026
Salley Dashawn   Ruffin-1996-0028
Salley Demetrick   Ruffin-1996-0009
Salley Fredrick   Ruffin-1996-0024
Salley Fredrika   Ruffin-1996-0026
Salley Fredrika   Ruffin-1996-0028
Salley Jason   Ruffin-1996-0024
Salley Jawyiah   Ruffin-1996-0005
Salley Jawyiah   Ruffin-1996-0026
Salley Jawyiah   Ruffin-1996-0028
Salley Jawyiah   Ruffin-1996-0050
Salley Michael   Ruffin-1996-0028
Salley Quinton   Ruffin-1996-0028
Salley Rolanda   Ruffin-1996-0028
Salley Tekisha   Ruffin-1996-0065
Salley Terrell   Ruffin-1996-0024
Salley Vaughn   Ruffin-1996-0031
Sally Demetric   Ruffin-1996-0024
Sampson Letitia   Ruffin-1996-0031
Sampson Sharonda   Ruffin-1996-0005
Sampson Sharonda   Ruffin-1996-0014
Sampson Sharonda   Ruffin-1996-0031
Sampson Sharonda   Ruffin-1996-0031
Sampson Sharonda   Ruffin-1996-0036
Sanders Demetral   Ruffin-1996-0049
Sanders Dernetral   Ruffin-1996-0028
Schoonmaker Kelley Ms Ruffin-1996-0014
Schoonmaker Kelley   Ruffin-1996-0067
Schoonmaker Kelli Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Seniors     Ruffin-1996-0032a
Service with A Smile     Ruffin-1996-0058
Sharpe Brian   Ruffin-1996-0024
Shepherd Kimberly    Ruffin-1996-0032d
Sheppard Kim   Ruffin-1996-0043
Shoeland     Ruffin-1996-0060
Simmons Carl Mr Ruffin-1996-0014
Simmons Carl Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Simmons Tron   Ruffin-1996-0024
Sims Laquala   Ruffin-1996-0024
Singleton Derrick   Ruffin-1996-0013
Smith Corinthia   Ruffin-1996-0028
Smith Craig Mr Ruffin-1996-0020
Smoak Dottie Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Smoak   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0073
Smyly Bubba   Ruffin-1996-0032
Smyly Kline   Ruffin-1996-0016
Smyly Kline   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Smyly Kline   Ruffin-1996-0042
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0017
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0033
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0034
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0035
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0037
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0039
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0044
Snapshots     Ruffin-1996-0072
Snapshots       Ruffin-1996-0015
Snapshots - Babies     Ruffin-1996-0070
Snapshots - Band     Ruffin-1996-0011
Snapshots - Band     Ruffin-1996-0012
Snapshots - Band     Ruffin-1996-0013
Snapshots - Basketball     Ruffin-1996-0050
Snapshots - Graduation     Ruffin-1996-0040
Snapshots - Names     Ruffin-1996-0071
Sophomores     Ruffin-1996-0026
Spike It     Ruffin-1996-0048
Spires Patsy Mrs Ruffin-1996-0014
Spires Patsy Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
St. Germain Amy   Ruffin-1996-0065
Stansel LaShaundra   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stephens Derrick   Ruffin-1996-0031
Stephens Derrick   Ruffin-1996-0056
Stephens Janette   Ruffin-1996-0031
Stephens Janette   Ruffin-1996-0042
Stephens Janette   Ruffin-1996-0043
Stephens Janette   Ruffin-1996-0056
Stephens Janette   Ruffin-1996-0057
Stephens Janette   Ruffin-1996-0073
Stephens Jerell   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stephens Jessica   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stephens Jessica   Ruffin-1996-0065
Stephens Latrille   Ruffin-1996-0028
Stephens Renolder   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stephens Rochelle   Ruffin-1996-0031
Stephens Shalleka   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stephens Tywain   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stephens Tywan   Ruffin-1996-0018
Stephens   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0032
Steward Delando   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Steward Jennifer   Ruffin-1996-0010
Steward Jennifer   Ruffin-1996-0012
Steward Jennifer   Ruffin-1996-0028
Steward Jennifer   Ruffin-1996-0073
Steward Vernon   Ruffin-1996-0009
Steward Vernon   Ruffin-1996-0028
Stokes Craig   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stokes Dedric   Ruffin-1996-0004
Stokes Dedric   Ruffin-1996-0018
Stokes Dedric   Ruffin-1996-0029
Stokes Dedric   Ruffin-1996-0045
Stokes Jackie   Ruffin-1996-0029
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0005
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0005
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0006
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0016
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0026
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0029
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-1996-0073
Stokes Sheron   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Stokes Tamika   Ruffin-1996-0025
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0008
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0008
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0009
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0032a
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0038
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0039
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0040
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0041
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0041
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0055
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-1996-0055
Stokes Willard   Ruffin-1996-0004
Stokes Willard   Ruffin-1996-0029
Stokes Willard   Ruffin-1996-0029
Strickland Denise   Ruffin-1996-0017
Strickland Denise   Ruffin-1996-0019
Strickland Denise   Ruffin-1996-0025
Strickland Denise   Ruffin-1996-0049
Strickland Denise   Ruffin-1996-0049
Strickland's Dixie Cleaners     Ruffin-1996-0060
Strive for Excellence     Ruffin-1996-0036
Strive to Excel     Ruffin-1996-0010
Stroman James Mr Ruffin-1996-0011
Stroman   Mr Ruffin-1996-0057
Table of Contents     Ruffin-1996-0003
Taylor Travis   Ruffin-1996-0025
Taylor Travis   Ruffin-1996-0053
Taylor Travis   Ruffin-1996-0053
That's the Way Life Goes     Ruffin-1996-0002
That's The Way Life Goes     Ruffin-1996-0076
The Elite     Ruffin-1996-0014
The Outlet Shoppe     Ruffin-1996-0067
The Partiot 1996     Ruffin-1996-0001 
The Patriot Index     Ruffin-1996-0074
The Patriot Staff 1996     Ruffin-1996-0073
The Western Shop     Ruffin-1996-0060
Thomas Patrick Mr Ruffin-1996-0018
Thompson Yasmin   Ruffin-1996-0008
Thompson Yasmin   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Thompson Yasmin   Ruffin-1996-0033
Thompson Yasmin   Ruffin-1996-0043
Thompson's 5/1.00 Store     Ruffin-1996-0063
Treasure Chest Gold Co.     Ruffin-1996-0068
Utsey Nathan   Ruffin-1996-0028
Utsey Nathan   Ruffin-1996-0029
Varn Andre   Ruffin-1996-0029
Varn Jovan   Ruffin-1996-0009
Varn Jovan   Ruffin-1996-0029
Varnado Anna Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Varnadoe Dewey   Ruffin-1996-0025
Wade Dwayne   Ruffin-1996-0026
Wade Dwayne   Ruffin-1996-0029
Wade Dwayne   Ruffin-1996-0034
Wade Dwayne   Ruffin-1996-0073
Wade Dwayne L.   Ruffin-1996-0026
Walker Natasha   Ruffin-1996-0025
Warren Alfonso   Ruffin-1996-0018
Warren Alphonso   Ruffin-1996-0025
Warren Beth Ms Ruffin-1996-0020
Warren E. Mrs Ruffin-1996-0056
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0005
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0019
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0026
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0029
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0035
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0036
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0038
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0038
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0039
Warren Kristin   Ruffin-1996-0073
Warren Preston   Ruffin-1996-0053
Warren   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0042
Warren   Mrs Ruffin-1996-0073
Warren Building Supply     Ruffin-1996-0059
Washington Leroy   Ruffin-1996-0067
Washington Roger   Ruffin-1996-0025
Washington St. Café'     Ruffin-1996-0062
Way Jason   Ruffin-1996-0031
Wesley Jeff   Ruffin-1996-0067
Williams Angela L.   Ruffin-1996-0025
Williams Angela R.   Ruffin-1996-0025
Williams James   Ruffin-1996-0018
Williams James   Ruffin-1996-0029
Williams Junetta   Ruffin-1996-0025
Williams Lashonda   Ruffin-1996-0065
Williams Latoya   Ruffin-1996-0025
Williams Roderick Mr Ruffin-1996-0012
Williams Sannie   Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Williams Sannie Mae Mrs Ruffin-1996-0007
Williams Sannie Mae   Ruffin-1996-0067
Williams Shanta   Ruffin-1996-0025
Williams Sonya Ms Ruffin-1996-0021
Williams Sonya   Ruffin-1996-0042
Williams Sonya Ms Ruffin-1996-0048
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0006
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0009
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0014
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0026
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0029
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0047
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-1996-0073
Williams Tameko   Ruffin-1996-0029
Williams Terry   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Williams Terry   Ruffin-1996-0033
Williams Terry   Ruffin-1996-0055
Williams Terry   Ruffin-1996-0055
Williams Timothy   Ruffin-1996-0031
Williams Yolanda   Ruffin-1996-0007
Williams Yolanda   Ruffin-1996-0031
Williams Concrete     Ruffin-1996-0062
Williams Seafood     Ruffin-1996-0063
Winningham Melissa   Ruffin-1996-0025
Wrice Ebony   Ruffin-1996-0032d
Yates Miesha   Ruffin-1996-0007
Yates Miesha   Ruffin-1996-0032d