Ruffin High School Roots

1949 Boys Basketball Record     Ruffin-Roots-0022
1949 Boys Basketball Squad     Ruffin-Roots-0022
1949 Girls Basketball Record     Ruffin-Roots-0023
1949 Girls Basketball Squad     Ruffin-Roots-0023
Abel Martin L. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0025
Ackerman Emmerine   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Ackerman Latoya   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Ackerman Shirley   Ruffin-Roots-0020
Adams R. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0056
Adams   Miss Ruffin-Roots-0027
Aiken Angela   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Aiken Anthony   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Aiken Fannie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Aiken Henry   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Aiken Pamela   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Aiken Regina    Ruffin-Roots-0070
Allen Bobbie Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Allen Renodia   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Allen Tahnee   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Alma Maters     Ruffin-Roots-0011
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Ancrum Karonda   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Anderson James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Anderson James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Annual Staff Editors     Ruffin-Roots-0058
Avery Tara   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Band     Ruffin-Roots-0041
Barnhill B. F. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0005
Barnhill B. F. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0016
Barnhill B. F. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Barnhills B. F. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0022
Behling Harriett   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Behling Jackie   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Behling Loretta   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Behling Marion   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Behling Marion   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Bell Lois   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Belton Alice   Ruffin-Roots-0020
Belton Donald   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Benton Kathy   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Berry Robert   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Best All Around     Ruffin-Roots-0049
Best Leaders     Ruffin-Roots-0049
Best Personality     Ruffin-Roots-0048
Black Andy   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Black Daryll   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Black Diana   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Black Faye   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Black Jermel   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Black Oreta   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Black Oreta Gloria   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Black Randolph   Ruffin-Roots-0038
Blackwell Jermaine   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Blackwell Jerode   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Blewer Anita   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Blocker Rita Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Boatwright Alvin   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Boatwright Frank   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Boatwright Javon   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Boatwright Jimmy   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Boatwright Pernice   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Boatwright Pernice   Ruffin-Roots-0017
Boatwright Ruben   Ruffin-Roots-0020
Boatwright Wanda   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Bodison Sonia   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Bodison Sonia   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Boles M. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0005
Boles M. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Boles McQuillian   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Bostic Deborah     Ruffin-Roots-0056
Bostic Kimberlyn   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Bostic Stacy   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Bowles E. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Bowles Ernestine Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Bowles Essie R.   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Bowman Vera Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0005
Bowman Vera Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Bowman Vera Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Boyd Odessa L.   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Boys' Basketball Team     Ruffin-Roots-0029
Bradley Timothy   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Braham Sereta   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Breland Christel   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Breland Katherine Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Breland Melvina   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Breland Phillip   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Bridging the Gap     Ruffin-Roots-0004
Bright Herman   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Brooks Catherine   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Brooks Larry   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Brooks Mildred   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Brooks Rochelle   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Broughton Kenneth   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Brown Deshun   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Brown Effie Mae   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Brown Eyvonne Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Brown James   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Brown Johnny   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Brown Lashonda   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Brown Michael   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Brown Olynthia   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Bryant Chester   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Bryant Harold   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Bryant Isabelle Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0032
Bryant J. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Bryant Jerry   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Bryant L.   Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Bryant Mary C.   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Bryant Robert   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Bryant Sherry   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Bryant Thelma I.   Ruffin-Roots-0017
Bryant Veleria   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Bryant Veleria   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Buckner Alkeshia   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Buckner Barbara   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Buckner Terease   Ruffin-Roots-0050
Buckner Teresa   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Buckner Theresa   Ruffin-Roots-0059
Building completed in 1953     Ruffin-Roots-0006
Bunch Keith Mr Ruffin-Roots-0065
Bunch Keith   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Butler Linda   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Butler Paula   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Byng Robert   Ruffin-Roots-0020
Byrd J. B. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Byrd Josephine Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Campbell Carroll Governor Ruffin-Roots-0008
Campbell Richard     Ruffin-Roots-0045
Canaday Gladys Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0005
Canaday Gladys Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Cannery Scene     Ruffin-Roots-0018
Capers Kennard   Ruffin-Roots-0050
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Capers Teresa   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Carroll Tommoseo   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Carter Florene   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Carter Florine   Ruffin-Roots-0021
Chess Patricia   Ruffin-Roots-0042
Chess Patricia   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Chisholm Benison   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Chisholm Melvin   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Chisolm Gwenetta   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Chisolm Latia   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Chisolm Laura Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Cisneros Jose    Ruffin-Roots-0068
Clark John Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Clark John F. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Class of 1996     Ruffin-Roots-0066
Class of 1997     Ruffin-Roots-0068
Class of 1998     Ruffin-Roots-0070
Claxton Cindy Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Clothing Class     Ruffin-Roots-0018
Cobb Leon   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Cochran Henry   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Coger Randolph   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Cooper Maggie   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Corley Elizabeth Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Cotterman Charlie Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Cotterman Charlie Mr Ruffin-Roots-0065
Cover - Back     Ruffin-Roots-0074
Cover - Front     Ruffin-Roots-0001
Crawford Quenie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0009
Crawford Quenie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0010
Crawford Quenie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Crosby Calvin   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Crosby Clara Ms Ruffin-Roots-0009
Crosby Gregory   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Crosby Herbert   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Crosby Idela   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Crosby Janet   Ruffin-Roots-0028
Crosby Kenequa   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Crosby Tommy   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Daniels Alfred Mr Ruffin-Roots-0009
Daniels Erskine   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Daniels Shelia   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Davis Rebecca   Ruffin-Roots-0027
DeLoach John H. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0025
Dobison Tiffany   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Dopson Gloria     Ruffin-Roots-0045
Dopson Sharon   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Dubois Bertha   Ruffin-Roots-0021
Dubois Bertha   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Durham Ralph Mr Ruffin-Roots-0005
Edwards Ruff Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Eighth Grade Officers     Ruffin-Roots-0020
Ellis Hattie A.   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Eudaley Tina Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Faculty     Ruffin-Roots-0016
Faculty     Ruffin-Roots-0053
Faculty and Staff     Ruffin-Roots-0062
Felder John Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Felder John  Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Fennell Gertrude   Ruffin-Roots-0042
First Annual Alumni Banquet     Ruffin-Roots-0001
First Graduation in 1954     Ruffin-Roots-0006
Folk Charles   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Folk Nancy   Ruffin-Roots-0055
Food Class     Ruffin-Roots-0019
Fowler Evelyn Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Fralix Greg    Ruffin-Roots-0068
Fralix Wayne   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Franklin Hubert   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Franklin James   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Frazier Sylvia Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Fryar Foster   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Fryar Lynette Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0032
Fryar Patricia   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Fryar V.     Ruffin-Roots-0039
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Fryer Harvey   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Galloway Mark Mr Ruffin-Roots-0065
Garner Ginger Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Gathers Denise   Ruffin-Roots-0059
Gathers Doretha   Ruffin-Roots-0059
Gathers Tina   Ruffin-Roots-0059
George Tammy   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Girls' Basketball Team     Ruffin-Roots-0029
Girls Volleyball Team     Ruffin-Roots-0059
Givens Mark   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Godley Rodger   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Godwin Vera Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Goff Gary   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Goff Jamie   Ruffin-Roots-0059
Goff Marcelle   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Goff V. R. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Goff Vera Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Gooding Chris   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Grant David   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Grant Deborah Mann   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Grant Virginia   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Green Brenda   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Green Brenda   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Green Chris   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Green Eric Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Green Eric Mr Ruffin-Roots-0065
Green Janice   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Green John L. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0032
Green June Ethel   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Green Richard   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Green Tony   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Green   Johnnie   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Greenlee J. C. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0005
Greenlee J. C. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Greenlee J. C. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Greenlee J. C. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Greenlee Jimmie (Little)   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Greenlee N. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Greenlee N. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Greenlee Nora Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Greenlee   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Greetings from our Principal     Ruffin-Roots-0002
Greetings from the Advisor     Ruffin-Roots-0003
Hall George Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Harley A. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Harris Allen   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Harris Fredrick   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Haynes Willie Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Hemmingway C. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Hemmingway C. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Henderson Atiya   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Henderson Benjamin   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Henderson R.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Henderson Reginald     Ruffin-Roots-0039
Heyward Benjamin   Ruffin-Roots-0021
Heyward Clara   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Hiers D. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0058
Hiers Delores Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Hiers Mary   Ruffin-Roots-0045
High School Faculty     Ruffin-Roots-0025
Hill S. Miss Ruffin-Roots-0007
Hoagland James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Hodges Albert   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Hodges Brenda   Ruffin-Roots-0011
Hodges R. M. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Hodges R. M. Miss Ruffin-Roots-0023
Hodges Reva Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Hodges Shirley   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Hodges T.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Hodges Terry   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Hollington Theo   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Holmes Armel   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Home Economics     Ruffin-Roots-0031
Hudson Brenda   Ruffin-Roots-0035
Hudson Carolyn Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Hudson Carolyn Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Hudson Roger   Ruffin-Roots-0002
Hudson Roger Mr Ruffin-Roots-0009
Hudson Roger Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Hudson Roger Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Hudson   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0010
Hutto D.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Inabinett Brenda   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Inabinett Chad   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Inabinett Cordelia   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Inabinett Genayn   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Inabinett W. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Inabinett W.   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Jakes Rosa Lee   Ruffin-Roots-0043
James Rick Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
James Rick Mr Ruffin-Roots-0065
Jamison Derrick   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Jamison Frederick   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Jamison Heber   Ruffin-Roots-0042
Jamison Larry   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Jenkins Carol   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Jenkins Haskel   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Jenkins OddaLee   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Jenkins Sharon   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Johnson Curtis   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Johnson Gilbert   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Johnson M. B. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Jones Alma Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Jones Alma Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Jones Cathy   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Jones Derrick   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Jones Dwight   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Jones Eloise   Ruffin-Roots-0028
Jones Hattie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0010
Jones Hattie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Jones Hattie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Jones Hattie L. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0031
Jones Jerome   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Jones Johnny   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Jones Margaret Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Jones Marvin, Jr Mr Ruffin-Roots-0025
Jones Mary   Ruffin-Roots-0021
Jones Patrease   Ruffin-Roots-0055
Jones Thelma   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Jones Thelma   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Jones   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0044
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Joyner Randy   Ruffin-Roots-0071
Junior Varsity Teams     Ruffin-Roots-0044
Kinard Lisa   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Kinard Sandra   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Kirkland Freddie Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Kirkland Freddie Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Lawrence Tommy Mr Ruffin-Roots-0063
Lefft Joseph Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Lefft Joseph Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Leonard Richard A. Rev Ruffin-Roots-0006
Leonard Richard A. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Lewis Shirley G.   Ruffin-Roots-0020
Lightsey Belinda   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Linder Johnny   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Linder Marlene   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Linder Ray   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Linder Rose Mary   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Lingard Dennis   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Lingard Neal   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Lloyd W. P. Mr & Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Logan Mary   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Lyons Janet   Ruffin-Roots-0035
Mackey Joseph Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Mackey Joseph Mr Ruffin-Roots-0063
Macmillan Elliott Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Maloney Carol    Ruffin-Roots-0008
Maree Maryann Miss Ruffin-Roots-0008
Maree Maryanne Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Marshall Samuel Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Marshall Wendy   Ruffin-Roots-0011
Marshall  Samuel B. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Marshalls 1970-1971     Ruffin-Roots-0043
Martin B.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Martin Thomas Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Martin Wayne   Ruffin-Roots-0041
McAlister Owen Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
McAlister Owen Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
McAlister   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0044
McCallister Cynthia   Ruffin-Roots-0058
McDonald Scott   Ruffin-Roots-0008
McFadden Vivian Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
McFadden William   Ruffin-Roots-0060
McGraw Isaac   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
McGraw Isaac   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
McMillan Elliott Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
McMillan Rodell   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Mears Lynn   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Mears Sonya   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Meyer Roger Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Meyer Roger Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Middleton Sandra   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Miller John   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Miller N. P. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0029
Miller W. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0056
Mintz Mary Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Miss Freshman     Ruffin-Roots-0008
Miss Homecoming     Ruffin-Roots-0055
Miss Merry Christmas     Ruffin-Roots-0055
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-Roots-0008
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-Roots-0028
Miss Senior     Ruffin-Roots-0008
Miss Sophomore     Ruffin-Roots-0008
Moffit Jeffrey   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Moffit Jeffrey   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Moffitt Alan   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Mole Anthony   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Mole Sharon Miss Ruffin-Roots-0007
Moore Billy Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Moore Billy Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Moore Cherrian   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Moore L. B. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Moore Lou Belle Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Moore Willie     Ruffin-Roots-0049
Moore Willie James Jr Ruffin-Roots-0036
Mosley Darren   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Mosley Dellaine   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Mosley Jerome   Ruffin-Roots-0071
Mosley Michael   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Most Athletic     Ruffin-Roots-0048
Most Dependable     Ruffin-Roots-0049
Most Intelligent     Ruffin-Roots-0048
Most Likely to Succeed     Ruffin-Roots-0048
Most Talented     Ruffin-Roots-0049
Moultrie Eugene   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Moultrie Eugene   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Murdaugh Charles   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Myers Isaac S. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Myers Isaac S. Rev Ruffin-Roots-0073
Myers Joseph   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Nettles Dean Mr Ruffin-Roots-0009
Nettles Dean Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Nettles Dean Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Nettles Dean Mr Ruffin-Roots-0065
Nichols Tommy   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Ninth Grade Officers     Ruffin-Roots-0021
Owens Jacqueline Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Padgett Roland   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Padgett Shelia   Ruffin-Roots-0042
Parker Coll Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Parker Dorothy   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Parker Larry   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Paynes Hermena Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Phillips Darlene   Ruffin-Roots-0035
Phillips Debbie   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Phillips Matt     Ruffin-Roots-0046
Phillips R.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Pilch Judy Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Pinkney Kenneth Mr Ruffin-Roots-0010
Pinkney Kenneth Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-Roots-0035
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Ponds B.     Ruffin-Roots-0039
Ponds Janet   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Priester Sherry   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Principals and Assistant Principals     Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Proveaux Anita   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-Roots-0068
Proveaux Nichole   Ruffin-Roots-0071
Redish Alma Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Reeves Brantley Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Reeves Brantley Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Reflections 1949     Ruffin-Roots-0014
Reflections 1957     Ruffin-Roots-0024
Reflections 1971-1975     Ruffin-Roots-0030
Reflections 1976     Ruffin-Roots-0047
Reflections 1979-1980     Ruffin-Roots-0052
Reflections 1982-1986     Ruffin-Roots-0057
Reflections 1990-1991     Ruffin-Roots-0061
Reflections 1996     Ruffin-Roots-0064
Reflections 1997     Ruffin-Roots-0067
Reflections 1998     Ruffin-Roots-0069
Reid James   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Reid James   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Rhoe R. M. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0029
Rhoe Reginald M. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0025
RHS History     Ruffin-Roots-0005
RHS Roots Coming Together     Ruffin-Roots-0001
Richardson C. M. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Richardson C. M. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Richardson M. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0007
Richardson Margaree Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Richardson William Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Riley Charles   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Riley James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Riley James   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Riley James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0073
Riley Jeremy   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Risher Luemisher Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Ritter Joe Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Rizer Beth   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Rizer M.     Ruffin-Roots-0039
Roach Eugene   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Roach Geraldine   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Roach Glenda   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Roberts Cindy Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Robertson Christine Ms Ruffin-Roots-0009
Robinson Doris Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Robinson Oris Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Roderick Richard Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Roper Connie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Rose Mark   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Ross Anthony Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Ruffin High School 1918 - 1963     Ruffin-Roots-0073
Ruth S. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Ryant Jackie Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Salley Dashawn   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Salley David   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Salley Debra   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Salley Edward Mr Ruffin-Roots-0026
Salley Frankie   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Salley Fredrika   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Salley Gayle Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Salley Gayle Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0011
Salley Jawyiah   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Sampon Corinelous   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Sampson Sharon   Ruffin-Roots-0048
Sanders Paul    Ruffin-Roots-0045
Sanders Von   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Schoonmaker Kelli Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Seabrook Elizabeth Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Seabrook John H. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0026
Seabrooks Johnnie   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Seabrooks Johnnie L.   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Senior Football Players     Ruffin-Roots-0060
Senior Superlatives     Ruffin-Roots-0048
Seniors     Ruffin-Roots-0017
Seniors     Ruffin-Roots-0066
Sheppard Audrey Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Shop Scene     Ruffin-Roots-0019
Simmons Carl Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Simmons Douglas   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Simmons Tony   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Singleton Valerie Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Smile     Ruffin-Roots-0072
Smith Craig Mr Ruffin-Roots-0008
Smith Craig Mr Ruffin-Roots-0062
Smith Curtis   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Smith Flora Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Smith   Miss Ruffin-Roots-0059
Smoak Arthur   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Smoak Darlene   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Smoak Dottie Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Smoak Dottie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Smyly Yvonne   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Snapshots     Ruffin-Roots-0051
Snapshots - Students     Ruffin-Roots-0040
Snapshots - Teachers     Ruffin-Roots-0033
Snapshots - Teachers     Ruffin-Roots-0053
Spells N. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Spells Nancy Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Spires Patsy Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0005
Spires Patsy Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Spires Patsy Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Spires Robert Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Spires Robert Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Spires Robert Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Spires Robert Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Stanfield Nancy   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Stanley R. R.   Ruffin-Roots-0013
Steedly Elaine   Ruffin-Roots-0043
Stephens Allen   Ruffin-Roots-0022
Stephens Annette   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Stephens Annie B.   Ruffin-Roots-0020
Stephens Anthony   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Stephens Dorothy G. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Stephens Dorothy L. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Stephens Gerrick   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Stephens Greg    Ruffin-Roots-0045
Stephens Irene   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Stephens Irene   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Stephens Jannie M.   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Stephens John W. Mr  Ruffin-Roots-0005
Stephens John W. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012a
Stephens John Wesley Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Stephens Lashon    Ruffin-Roots-0063
Stephens Margarine   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Stephens Margarine   Ruffin-Roots-0028
Stephens Mattie L.   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Stephens McNeil Mr Ruffin-Roots-0026
Stephens O. L. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Stephens Odessa Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0005
Stephens Odessa Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Stephens Odessa   Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Stephens Scott   Ruffin-Roots-0056
Stephens Shajobia   Ruffin-Roots-0059
Stephens Shaneka   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Stephens Shirley   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Stephens Sonya   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Stephens Stanley   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Stephens Tammy   Ruffin-Roots-0059
Stephens Teresa   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Stephens Tyrone   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Stephens Yolanda   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Stevens Lula M.   Ruffin-Roots-0021
Stevens O. L. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0025
Steward Freddie   Ruffin-Roots-0015
Steward Freddie   Ruffin-Roots-0017
Steward Gloria J.   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Stewart Benjamin   Ruffin-Roots-0009
Stinson J. O. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0027
Stokes James   Ruffin-Roots-0027
Stokes Ronetta   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Stokes Rosa   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Stokes Steve   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-Roots-0066
Stokes Teresa   Ruffin-Roots-0071
Strickland Allen   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-Roots-0054
Strickland Craig   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Strickland Lynn   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Stroman James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0007
Stroman James Mr Ruffin-Roots-0011
Student Council Officers     Ruffin-Roots-0027
Summers James L. Mr Ruffin-Roots-0012
Summers James L. Rev Ruffin-Roots-0073
Summers Mary Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Summers Mary C. Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0031
The Mirror Staff 1949     Ruffin-Roots-0015
Tripp D.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Tripp David   Ruffin-Roots-0044
Ulmer Dale   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Ulmer G.   Ruffin-Roots-0039
Ulmer Gena    Ruffin-Roots-0043
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-Roots-0046
Ulmer Kathy   Ruffin-Roots-0042
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-Roots-0050
Valentine Charlotte   Ruffin-Roots-0058
Vanhorn Rufus   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Varn Jerome   Ruffin-Roots-0050
Varnado Anna Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Wade Danny   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Wade Dwayne   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Wade Dwayne L.   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Walker Phyllis   Ruffin-Roots-0038
Walters Matthew   Ruffin-Roots-0060
Warren  Alexander   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Warren  Alexander   Ruffin-Roots-0049
Warren  Beth Ms Ruffin-Roots-0062
Warren  Catherine     Ruffin-Roots-0048
Warren  Catherine Geneva   Ruffin-Roots-0036
Warren  Kristin   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Warren  Kristin   Ruffin-Roots-0071
Warren  Susan   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Warren  Susan   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Washington Arthur Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Washington C. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Washington Celesta Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Washington Grace   Ruffin-Roots-0023
Washington J. B. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0016
Washington Janie Bell Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0006
Washington Jannie B. Ms Ruffin-Roots-0073
Washington Luke I Ruffin-Roots-0009
Washington Luke   Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Washington Luke, III Mr Ruffin-Roots-0026
Washington Luke, Jr Mr & Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0005
Washington Luke, Sr Mr Ruffin-Roots-0006
Way Michael   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Weans Frank Mr Ruffin-Roots-0026
Weans Sarah Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
What Are You Doing Now     Ruffin-Roots-0013
Wiggins Clarence   Ruffin-Roots-0050
Wiggins Jimmy   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Wiggins Jimmy   Ruffin-Roots-0045
Williams Arlene   Ruffin-Roots-0038
Williams Bevelyn   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Williams Chris   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Williams Christopher   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Williams Cinderella   Ruffin-Roots-0050
Williams Darmell   Ruffin-Roots-0063
Williams Earlene Ms Ruffin-Roots-0026
Williams Esborn Mr Ruffin-Roots-0026
Williams Hope   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Williams Linda Ms Ruffin-Roots-0009
Williams Sannie   Ruffin-Roots-0004
Williams Sannie Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Williams Sannie Mae Mrs Ruffin-Roots-0008
Williams Sonya   Ruffin-Roots-0003
Williams Sonya Ms Ruffin-Roots-0065
Williams Stephen   Ruffin-Roots-0070
Wilson Stacy   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Windom Jervey   Ruffin-Roots-0008
Wittiest     Ruffin-Roots-0049
Wrice Calyso   Ruffin-Roots-0037
Wrice Clayso   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Wrice Clayso   Ruffin-Roots-0041
Yates Aquilla   Ruffin-Roots-0050