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Cane Branch Roster


Text Box: The names below have been collected from various members personal memory, and therefore may not be 100% accurate.  Click here to forward corrections to --> WebMaster.

Name Married Name Deceased Name2 Married Name3 Deceased5
Beland, Ann Syfrett        
Beland, Essie M. Tumbleston        
Breland, Betty Wiggins        
Breland, Gerusha          
Breland, Jessie M. Miller        
Breland, Joyce Stynchcomb        
Breland, Mack          
Breland, Marilyn Guilford x      
Breland, Michael          
Breland, Niles          
Breland, Sonny   x      
DeWitt, Hearl          
DeWitt, Hubert          
DeWitt, J.W.   x      
DeWitt, Lillie Byrd        
DeWitt, Nellie Hudon x      
Hudson, Dean          
Hudson, Herbert          
Hudson, Robert          
Hudson, Thomas          
Smoak, Jackie Beach x      
Stanley, Frances Pendarvis        
Stanley, Homer   x      
Stanley, Margie   x      
Stanley, Ralph          
Wiggins, Alford