Walterboro High School 1965

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Year-Page
4-H Club     Walterboro-1965-0058
A Time to Dedicate     Walterboro-1965-0012
A Time to Get . . .     Walterboro-1965-0010
A Time to Keep Silence     Walterboro-1965-0008
A Time to Laugh     Walterboro-1965-0007
A Time to lose . . .     Walterboro-1965-0011
A Time to Remember     Walterboro-1965-0005
A Time to Speak     Walterboro-1965-0009
A Time to Weep     Walterboro-1965-0006
A. J. Campbell     Walterboro-1965-0139
Academic     Walterboro-1965-0092
Achievements     Walterboro-1965-0098
Ackerman B.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Ackerman Beth   Walterboro-1965-0106
Ackerman George Mr Walterboro-1965-0018
Ackerman R.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Ackerman R.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Ackerman R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Ackerman Ricky   Walterboro-1965-0078
Ackerman Ricky   Walterboro-1965-0112
Ackerman Robert   Walterboro-1965-0101
Ackerman S.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Ackerman Shirley   Walterboro-1965-0106
Ackerman T.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Ackerman Theresa   Walterboro-1965-0101
Ackerman's Drug Store     Walterboro-1965-0139
Activities     Walterboro-1965-0029
Adams C.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Adams C.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Adams C.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Adams Charles   Walterboro-1965-0013
Adams Charlie   Walterboro-1965-0112
Adams Charlie   Walterboro-1965-0118
Air-Cooled Motors     Walterboro-1965-0139
All Was Not As Anticipated     Walterboro-1965-0122
Allen John Mr Walterboro-1965-0023
Allen John Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Allen Myrtle Mrs Walterboro-1965-0025
Allen Myrtle Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Allen   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0050
Allen   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0105
Allen   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0105
Alma Mater     Walterboro-1965-0002
Anderson Claudia   Walterboro-1965-0086
Antley Linda   Walterboro-1965-0112
Area II Guidance Director     Walterboro-1965-0017
Arnette B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Arnette Baynard      Walterboro-1965-0134
Arnette Baynard Elliott   Walterboro-1965-0120
Asten-Hill Manufacturing Co.     Walterboro-1965-0139
Athletics     Walterboro-1965-0061
Atkinson Rebecca   Walterboro-1965-0101
Attendants     Walterboro-1965-0084
Austin A.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Austin Ann   Walterboro-1965-0101
Austin D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Austin David   Walterboro-1965-0106
Austin R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Austin Riley   Walterboro-1965-0106
Austin   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Avant C.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Avant Carolyn   Walterboro-1965-0101
Avant Dennis   Walterboro-1965-0101
Avant Larry   Walterboro-1965-0101
Avant Polly   Walterboro-1965-0112
Avant R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Avant Ronnie   Walterboro-1965-0106
Avant S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Avant Susan   Walterboro-1965-0106
Ayers Alfred Larry   Walterboro-1965-0120
Ayers J.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Ayers J.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Ayers Janice   Walterboro-1965-0106
Ayers Larry   Walterboro-1965-0134
Ayers Myra   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bagwell Joette   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bailey B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bailey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bailey C.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Bailey Charliene   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bailey E.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Bailey Eloise   Walterboro-1965-0134
Bailey G.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bailey Gerald   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bailey Howell   Walterboro-1965-0013
Bailey Howell   Walterboro-1965-0118
Bailey Mark   Walterboro-1965-0106
Bailey Marsha Eloise   Walterboro-1965-0120
Bailey W.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Bailey Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bailey's Pharmacy     Walterboro-1965-0139
Bales Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0106
Ballentine L.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Band        Walterboro-1965-0038
Band Director     Walterboro-1965-0019
Barber Sandra   Walterboro-1965-0013
Barber Sandra   Walterboro-1965-0118
Barley C.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Barnes Deloris Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
Barnes Deloris Mrs Walterboro-1965-0021
Barnes Deloris Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Barnes   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0042
Barnes   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0119
Baseball     Walterboro-1965-0075
Basketball - Boys     Walterboro-1965-0072
Basketball - Girls     Walterboro-1965-0076
Basketball - Girls - JV     Walterboro-1965-0076
Basketball - J. V.     Walterboro-1965-0074
Bayne C.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Bayne C.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Bayne C.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Bayne Cynthia   Walterboro-1965-0106
Bayne D.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Bayne D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bayne D.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Bayne Denise   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bayne Katherine Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
Bayne Katherine Mrs Walterboro-1965-0021
Bayne Katherine Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Bayne   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0043
Bayne   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0100
Bazzle A.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Bazzle E.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Bazzle E.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Bazzle E.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Bazzle Ervin   Walterboro-1965-0073
Bazzle Erwin   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bazzle Hazel   Walterboro-1965-0116
Bazzle J.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Bazzle L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bazzle Lonnie   Walterboro-1965-0106
Bazzle S.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Bazzle Sylvia   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bazzle Vera     Walterboro-1965-0106
Beach A.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Beach Allen   Walterboro-1965-0106
Beach D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Beach Danny   Walterboro-1965-0110
Beach J.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Beach Johnny Lee   Walterboro-1965-0104
Beach Johnny M.   Walterboro-1965-0101
Beach L.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Beach Linda   Walterboro-1965-0106
Beach M.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Beach Mimi   Walterboro-1965-0085
Beach Mimi   Walterboro-1965-0106
Beach P.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Beach P.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Beach Pam   Walterboro-1965-0112
Beach Paula   Walterboro-1965-0106
Beach S.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Beach S.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Beach S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Beach Stephen   Walterboro-1965-0101
Beach Suzanne   Walterboro-1965-0094
Beach Suzanne     Walterboro-1965-0134
Beach Suzanne Love   Walterboro-1965-0120
Becker M. K.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Becker Mary Catherine   Walterboro-1965-0106
Beckett Gregg   Walterboro-1965-0104
Bell L.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Bell Linda   Walterboro-1965-0106
Bennett E.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Bennett Ellen   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bennett Ginny   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Bennett J.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Bennett Jerry   Walterboro-1965-0112
Benton J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Benton J.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Benton Jack   Walterboro-1965-0101
Benton John Henry   Walterboro-1965-0120
Benton Johnny   Walterboro-1965-0134
Benton L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Benton L.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Benton L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Benton Larry   Walterboro-1965-0104
Benton Linda   Walterboro-1965-0112
Benton Mary Lee   Walterboro-1965-0101
Benton T.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Benton T.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Benton Theresa   Walterboro-1965-0112
Benton W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Benton Wendell   Walterboro-1965-0101
Berry James Phillip   Walterboro-1965-0120
Berry Janice   Walterboro-1965-0101
Berry M.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Berry M.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Berry M.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Berry M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Berry M.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Berry Marie   Walterboro-1965-0134
Berry Maxie Marie   Walterboro-1965-0120
Berry Phil   Walterboro-1965-0134
Berry R.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Berry R.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Berry R.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Berry R.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Berry R.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Berry Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bessinger R.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Bessinger R.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Bessinger Rita   Walterboro-1965-0112
Beta Club     Walterboro-1965-0040
Bill Bone     Walterboro-1965-0139
Biology Club     Walterboro-1965-0047
Bishop J.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Bishop J.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Bishop J.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Bishop J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bishop J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Bishop Jackie   Walterboro-1965-0068
Bishop Jackie   Walterboro-1965-0094
Bishop Jackie   Walterboro-1965-0134
Bishop Jacqueline   Walterboro-1965-0120
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Bishop L.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0035
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0069
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0077
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0083
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0086
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0088
Bishop Linda   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bishop Lynn   Walterboro-1965-0101
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0140
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0141
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0142
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0143
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0144
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0145
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0146
Blank Page     Walterboro-1965-0147
Blanton B. J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Blanton Billie Jean   Walterboro-1965-0106
Block W Club     Walterboro-1965-0048
Blocker D.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Blocker Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0106
Blocker K.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Blocker K.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Blocker K.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Blocker K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Blocker K.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Blocker Kay   Walterboro-1965-0068
Blocker Kay   Walterboro-1965-0082
Blocker Kay   Walterboro-1965-0084
Blocker Kay   Walterboro-1965-0084
Blocker Kay   Walterboro-1965-0086
Blocker Kay   Walterboro-1965-0091
Blocker Kay     Walterboro-1965-0134
Blocker Kay Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0120
Blocker L.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Blocker L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Blocker Lucius      Walterboro-1965-0134
Blocker Lucius Benjamin   Walterboro-1965-0120
Blocker Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Blocker S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Blocker S.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Blocker Susette   Walterboro-1965-0106
Blocker W.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Blocker Woodrine   Walterboro-1965-0112
Board of Trustees     Walterboro-1965-0018
Bone P.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bone P.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Bone P.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Bone Paul   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bone S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Bone S.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Bone Suzanne   Walterboro-1965-0105
Bone Suzanne   Walterboro-1965-0106
Bone T.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Bone Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0101
Boodle A.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Boodle Alice      Walterboro-1965-0134
Boodle Alice Marie   Walterboro-1965-0120
Bouknight C.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Bouknight C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bouknight Cheryl   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bouknight R.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Bouknight R.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bouknight R.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Bouknight Russell   Walterboro-1965-0067
Bouknight Russell   Walterboro-1965-0085
Bouknight Russell   Walterboro-1965-0120
Bouknight Russell   Walterboro-1965-0134
Bowen N.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Bowen N.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Bowen N.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bowen Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bowers L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bowers L.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Bowers Lawrence   Walterboro-1965-0106
Boynton Beverly   Walterboro-1965-0101
Boynton J. D. Mr Walterboro-1965-0018
Boys' State     Walterboro-1965-0090
Brabham G.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Brabham G.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Brabham G.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Brabham Gail   Walterboro-1965-0069
Brabham Gail   Walterboro-1965-0083
Brabham Gail   Walterboro-1965-0088
Brabham Gail   Walterboro-1965-0101
Brady C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Brady Charleen     Walterboro-1965-0134
Brady Charleen Annette   Walterboro-1965-0120
Braunstein K.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Braunstein Kenneth   Walterboro-1965-0101
Braunstein M.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Braunstein M.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Braunstein M.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Braunstein M.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Braunstein M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Braunstein M.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Braunstein Mark   Walterboro-1965-0031
Braunstein Mark   Walterboro-1965-0092
Braunstein Mark   Walterboro-1965-0094
Braunstein Mark   Walterboro-1965-0098
Braunstein Mark   Walterboro-1965-0139
Braunstein Mark    Walterboro-1965-0134
Braunstein Mark Lloyd   Walterboro-1965-0120
Breland Butch   Walterboro-1965-0106
Breland C.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Breland C.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Breland Charles   Walterboro-1965-0112
Breland Eugene Pershing   Walterboro-1965-0120
Breland F.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Breland F.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Breland F.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Breland Faye   Walterboro-1965-0069
Breland Faye   Walterboro-1965-0087
Breland Faye   Walterboro-1965-0101
Breland G.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Breland Gene   Walterboro-1965-0134
Breland M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Breland Michael      Walterboro-1965-0134
Breland Michael Bruce   Walterboro-1965-0120
Bridge Barbara Jean   Walterboro-1965-0121
Bridge Betty Jean   Walterboro-1965-0121
Bridge Jeannie   Walterboro-1965-0134
Bridge Joannie   Walterboro-1965-0134
Bridge W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Bridge W.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Bridge William   Walterboro-1965-0101
Britt L.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Britt Linda   Walterboro-1965-0112
Broderick J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Broderick Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Broderick Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Brown Hardware and Furniture     Walterboro-1965-0139
Bruins Raymond   Walterboro-1965-0106
Bryan A.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Bryan C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Bryan Cecilia   Walterboro-1965-0112
Bryan Odessa Mrs Walterboro-1965-0018
Bryan Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0104
Buchanan R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Buchanan Ronnie   Walterboro-1965-0112
Buckner B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Buckner B.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Buckner B.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Buckner Buck   Walterboro-1965-0106
Buckner D. M. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0019
Buckner Dorothy M. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Buckner   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0037
Buckner   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0129
Buckwalter L. E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0025
Buckwalter L. E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Bunton Elmer Ray   Walterboro-1965-0121
Bunton Ray   Walterboro-1965-0134
Burkett Linda   Walterboro-1965-0112
Burress D.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Burress David   Walterboro-1965-0112
Burress Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0101
Bus Drivers     Walterboro-1965-0059
Butler J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Butler J.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Butler J.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Butler J. B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Butler J. B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Butler Jerry   Walterboro-1965-0106
Butler Joe Ben   Walterboro-1965-0101
Byrd Douglas   Walterboro-1965-0106
Byrd Shirley   Walterboro-1965-0106
Campbell James Richard   Walterboro-1965-0121
Campbell Jim   Walterboro-1965-0134
Campbell T.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Campbell Trenholm     Walterboro-1965-0134
Campbell Trenholm Kermillar   Walterboro-1965-0121
Canaday Marilyn   Walterboro-1965-0101
Carroll T.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Carroll T.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Carroll Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Carson K.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Carson Kathryn   Walterboro-1965-0101
Carson V.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Carson V.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Carson Valerie   Walterboro-1965-0098
Carson Valerie    Walterboro-1965-0134
Carson Valerie Jean   Walterboro-1965-0121
Carter D.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Carter D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Carter D.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Carter D.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Carter Danny   Walterboro-1965-0106
Carter Donald   Walterboro-1965-0067
Carter Donald   Walterboro-1965-0085
Carter Donald   Walterboro-1965-0121
Carter Donald   Walterboro-1965-0134
Carter J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Carter Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0106
Carter Karen   Walterboro-1965-0106
Carter L.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Carter Lee   Walterboro-1965-0101
Carter R.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Carter R.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Carter R.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Carter R.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Carter Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0067
Carter Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0085
Carter Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0093
Carter Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0134
Carter Ronald Bentz   Walterboro-1965-0121
Carter Ronald Carlisle   Walterboro-1965-0122
Carter T.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Carter Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Carter W.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Carter W.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Carter W.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Carter W.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Carter W. Mr Walterboro-1965-0062
Carter W. Mr Walterboro-1965-0063
Carter W.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Carter W.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Carter W. Mr Walterboro-1965-0072
Carter W. Mr Walterboro-1965-0075
Carter Wane   Walterboro-1965-0112
Carter Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0111
Carter Wyman Mr Walterboro-1965-0026
Carter Wyman Mr Walterboro-1965-0028
Carter Wyman Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Carter   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0111
Carter's TV - Radio Service     Walterboro-1965-0139
Castor Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0134
Cato's     Walterboro-1965-0139
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Cave B.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Cave Bob    Walterboro-1965-0106
Cave Bunny   Walterboro-1965-0112
Chalker B.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Chaltraw Rhonda   Walterboro-1965-0106
Chaplin Mack   Walterboro-1965-0134
Chaplin Malcolm White   Walterboro-1965-0122
Chaplin Marshall   Walterboro-1965-0101
Chapman M.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Chapman Mary Ms Walterboro-1965-0060
Chapman Mike   Walterboro-1965-0101
Chapman N.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Chapman Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0101
Chapman T.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Chapman T.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Chapman T.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Chapman T.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Chapman T.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Chapman T.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Chapman Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0067
Chapman Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0073
Chapman Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0086
Chapman Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0122
Chapman Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0134
Chastain N.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Chastain Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Cheerleaders     Walterboro-1965-0068
Cheerleaders - J. V.     Walterboro-1965-0069
Cheerleaders - Junior     Walterboro-1965-0069
Chorus Director     Walterboro-1965-0019
Clark Rudy   Walterboro-1965-0106
Clarke J.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Clarke Judy   Walterboro-1965-0077
Clarke Judy   Walterboro-1965-0098
Clarke Judy   Walterboro-1965-0122
Clarke Judy   Walterboro-1965-0134
Class Beauties     Walterboro-1965-0083
Class of '67     Walterboro-1965-0107
Class of '67     Walterboro-1965-0109
Classes     Walterboro-1965-0099
Cleckley Francis Miles   Walterboro-1965-0122
Cleckley M.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Cleckley M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Cleckley M.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Cleckley M.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Cleckley Mary   Walterboro-1965-0106
Cleckley Miles   Walterboro-1965-0067
Cleckley Miles   Walterboro-1965-0086
Cleckley Miles   Walterboro-1965-0134
Coastal Electric Co-Operative     Walterboro-1965-0139
Coastal Fruit Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Coburg Dairy     Walterboro-1965-0139
Coggin A.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Coggin A.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Coggin A.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Coggin Anita   Walterboro-1965-0085
Coggin Anita      Walterboro-1965-0134
Coggin Anita Kethleen   Walterboro-1965-0122
Coggin  Anita   Walterboro-1965-0091
Coker M.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Cole C.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Cole C.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Cole Cathy   Walterboro-1965-0112
Cole Lois   Walterboro-1965-0112
Colleton Drug Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Colleton Inplement & Truck Co.     Walterboro-1965-0139
Colonial Store     Walterboro-1965-0139
Colson Allen   Walterboro-1965-0101
Colson   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Commercial     Walterboro-1965-0024
Cone Ellison Mr Walterboro-1965-0023
Cone Ellison Mr Walterboro-1965-0024
Cone H. E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0024
Cone H. E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Cone   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0053
Cone   Mr Walterboro-1965-0119
Congeniality     Walterboro-1965-0091
Cook D.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Cook D.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Cook J.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Cook   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Cook  Jim   Walterboro-1965-0101
Cook  Sarah   Walterboro-1965-0101
Cooke Diane   Walterboro-1965-0101
Cooke N.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Cooke Nelle   Walterboro-1965-0112
Corbett Building Supply     Walterboro-1965-0139
Cover - Back     Walterboro-1965-0148
Cover - Front     Walterboro-1965-0000
Covington D. Mr Walterboro-1965-0062
Covington   Mr Walterboro-1965-0063
Craven C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Craven C.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Craven Carl   Walterboro-1965-0116
Craven Carol   Walterboro-1965-0112
Craven D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Craven D.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Craven David   Walterboro-1965-0134
Craven David Hampton   Walterboro-1965-0122
Craven E.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Craven Edward   Walterboro-1965-0112
Craven G.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Craven Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0101
Craven Judy   Walterboro-1965-0135
Craven Judy Claudia   Walterboro-1965-0122
Craven L.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Craven Laura Lynn   Walterboro-1965-0107
Craven Linda   Walterboro-1965-0101
Craven N.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Craven N.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Craven Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0135
Craven Nancy Lou   Walterboro-1965-0123
Craven R.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Craven Raymond   Walterboro-1965-0112
Craven S.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Craven Sandra   Walterboro-1965-0107
Craven Terrell   Walterboro-1965-0101
Craven Vera Dell   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crawford G.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Crawford G.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Crawford G.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Crawford Gerry   Walterboro-1965-0112
Crawford Larry   Walterboro-1965-0101
Creel G.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Creel G.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Creel G.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Creel G.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Creel G.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Creel G.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Creel Glenn   Walterboro-1965-0112
Creel V.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Creel Vonnie   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crews K.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Crews K.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Crews K.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Crews K.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Crews K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Crews K.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Crews Karen   Walterboro-1965-0035
Crews Karen   Walterboro-1965-0082
Crews Karen   Walterboro-1965-0092
Crews Karen   Walterboro-1965-0094
Crews Karen   Walterboro-1965-0098
Crews Karen   Walterboro-1965-0135
Crews Karen Elaine   Walterboro-1965-0123
Crosby A.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Crosby Angela   Walterboro-1965-0135
Crosby B.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Crosby B.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Crosby Ben   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby C.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Crosby C.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Crosby C.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Crosby C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Crosby C.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Crosby Celeste   Walterboro-1965-0077
Crosby Celeste     Walterboro-1965-0135
Crosby Celeste Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0123
Crosby D.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Crosby Donna   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crosby E.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Crosby E.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Crosby Elise   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby H.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Crosby H. E.   Walterboro-1965-0116
Crosby Helen   Walterboro-1965-0112
Crosby J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Crosby Jackie   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crosby K.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Crosby Kenneth   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby L.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Crosby L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Crosby L.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Crosby Larry   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby Linda   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby Lyle   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crosby M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Crosby M. L.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Crosby M. L.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Crosby Mary Angela   Walterboro-1965-0123
Crosby Michael Lehe   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crosby Mike   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crosby S.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Crosby S.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Crosby Stanley   Walterboro-1965-0107
Crosby Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0110
Crosby W.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Crosby W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Crosby Wendell   Walterboro-1965-0101
Crosby Woody   Walterboro-1965-0107
Culpepper G.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Culpepper G.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Culpepper Gail   Walterboro-1965-0107
Cummings B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Cummings Buddy   Walterboro-1965-0135
Cummings James Monroe   Walterboro-1965-0123
Cummings L.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Cummings Linda   Walterboro-1965-0113
Cummings M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Cummings Mark   Walterboro-1965-0135
Cummings Mark Vincent   Walterboro-1965-0123
Cunnane F.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Cunnane F.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Cunnane F.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Cunnane F.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Cunnane Frank   Walterboro-1965-0105
Cunnane Frank   Walterboro-1965-0107
Dairyland     Walterboro-1965-0139
Dale M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Dale Marie   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dandridge Dale   Walterboro-1965-0101
Dandridge Danny   Walterboro-1965-0107
Dandridge Nora Alice   Walterboro-1965-0107
Dandridge V.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Dandridge Vernon   Walterboro-1965-0104
Dantzler J.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Dantzler Jeannie   Walterboro-1965-0101
Davis B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Davis Bruce   Walterboro-1965-0101
Davis C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Davis Charlene   Walterboro-1965-0107
Davis D.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Davis Daniel   Walterboro-1965-0107
Davis Gary   Walterboro-1965-0101
Day Helen   Walterboro-1965-0101
Dean B.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Dean B.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Dean B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Dean B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Dean B.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Dean Bill   Walterboro-1965-0078
Dean Bill   Walterboro-1965-0135
Dean R.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Dean Ricky   Walterboro-1965-0101
Dean S.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Dean Sue   Walterboro-1965-0101
Dean William Henry   Walterboro-1965-0123
DeLoach P.   Walterboro-1965-0062
DeLoach P.   Walterboro-1965-0063
DeLoach Perry   Walterboro-1965-0107
Dempsey B.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Dempsey B.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Dempsey B.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Dempsey B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Dempsey B.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Dempsey B.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Dempsey Bonnie   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dempsey Reid   Walterboro-1965-0101
DeWitt Evelyn   Walterboro-1965-0107
DeWitt Frank   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dewitt P.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Dewitt P.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Dewitt Patricia   Walterboro-1965-0135
DeWitt Patricia Ann   Walterboro-1965-0123
DeWitt Pearl   Walterboro-1965-0101
Dilworth David   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dilworth Dolly Mrs Walterboro-1965-0027
Dilworth Dolly Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Distributive Education     Walterboro-1965-0053
District Miss FBLA     Walterboro-1965-0098
Doak S.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Doak S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Doak S.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Doak Sydney   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dondero B.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Dondero B.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Dondero B.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Dondero B.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Dondero Billy   Walterboro-1965-0033
Dondero Billy   Walterboro-1965-0098
Dondero Billy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dopson H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Dopson Harden   Walterboro-1965-0101
Doscher M.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Doscher M.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Doscher M.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Doscher M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Doscher M.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Doscher M.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Doscher Marilyn   Walterboro-1965-0069
Doscher Marilyn   Walterboro-1965-0085
Doscher Marilyn   Walterboro-1965-0113
Dowdy Sally   Walterboro-1965-0116
Drawdy Carol   Walterboro-1965-0113
Drawdy David   Walterboro-1965-0104
Drawdy E.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Drawdy Elaine   Walterboro-1965-0101
Drawdy G.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Drawdy Gaye   Walterboro-1965-0135
Drawdy J.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Drawdy S.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Drawdy Sherry   Walterboro-1965-0101
Drawdy Virginia Gaynelle   Walterboro-1965-0123
Drew P.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Drew Paula   Walterboro-1965-0107
Drew V.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Drew V.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Drew V.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Drew Vernon   Walterboro-1965-0111
Drew Vernon   Walterboro-1965-0113
Driggers F.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Driggers Frances   Walterboro-1965-0101
Driggers J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Driggers Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0101
Driver's Education Instructor     Walterboro-1965-0027
Duffy E.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Duffy E.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Duffy Elbert   Walterboro-1965-0113
DuPre K.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Dupre Kathy   Walterboro-1965-0107
Durham Earl Mr Walterboro-1965-0018
Dyson H.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Dyson Henry   Walterboro-1965-0101
Easterlin D.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Easterlin D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Easterlin D.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Easterlin Dolly   Walterboro-1965-0113
Easterlin Furniture Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Edisto Lumber Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Eichhorn E.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Eichhorn E.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Eichhorn Ernest Norman   Walterboro-1965-0123
Eichhorn Ernie   Walterboro-1965-0091
Eichhorn Ernie     Walterboro-1965-0135
Eichhorn J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Eichhorn Jill   Walterboro-1965-0101
Eleventh Grade Counselor     Walterboro-1965-0017
English     Walterboro-1965-0020
Enterprise Hardware     Walterboro-1965-0139
Evans Johnnie   Walterboro-1965-0110
Evans L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Evans Legaree   Walterboro-1965-0101
F. H. A. - Junior     Walterboro-1965-0051
F. H. A. - Senior     Walterboro-1965-0050
Fabian J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Fabian Johnny   Walterboro-1965-0107
Faculty Directory     Walterboro-1965-0138
Fanning L.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Fanning Linda   Walterboro-1965-0107
Fanning's Farm Supply     Walterboro-1965-0139
Fargnoli A.     Walterboro-1965-0034
Fargnoli Anthony   Walterboro-1965-0107
Fargnoli E.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Fargnoli E.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Fargnoli Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0101
Fargnoli John   Walterboro-1965-0116
Farmers & Merchants Bank     Walterboro-1965-0139
Farrell James   Walterboro-1965-0102
Farrell S.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Farrell Sandra   Walterboro-1965-0113
Fast K.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Fast Kent   Walterboro-1965-0102
Faulkner D.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Faulkner Dorothy   Walterboro-1965-0107
Features     Walterboro-1965-0079
Fender J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Fender James    Walterboro-1965-0135
Fender James Fairey   Walterboro-1965-0123
Fender N.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Fender Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0102
Fender   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Ferguson B.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Ferguson Brenda   Walterboro-1965-0113
Ferrell J.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Fick M.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Fick M.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Fick M.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Fick M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Fick Mimi   Walterboro-1965-0113
Fidelity     Walterboro-1965-0091
First Federal Bank     Walterboro-1965-0139
First National Bank     Walterboro-1965-0139
Fletcher E.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Fletcher E.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Fletcher Elliot     Walterboro-1965-0135
Fletcher Elliot Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0123
Fletcher Judy   Walterboro-1965-0107
Fletcher Lonnie   Walterboro-1965-0102
Fletcher M.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Fletcher M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Fletcher Marion   Walterboro-1965-0113
Fletcher Minnie   Walterboro-1965-0102
Foit B.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Foit B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Foit Betty   Walterboro-1965-0135
Foit Betty Anne   Walterboro-1965-0123
Football - B-Team     Walterboro-1965-0064
Football - J. V.     Walterboro-1965-0063
Football - Varsity     Walterboro-1965-0062
Football Award Winners     Walterboro-1965-0065
Football Captains     Walterboro-1965-0065
Football Sponsors     Walterboro-1965-0085
Foreign Languages     Walterboro-1965-0021
Forward     Walterboro-1965-0004
Foster C.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Foster Cappy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Foster P.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Foster Peach   Walterboro-1965-0107
Fralin Steve   Walterboro-1965-0107
Fralix Betty   Walterboro-1965-0113
Francis Audrey Sharon   Walterboro-1965-0123
Francis S.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Francis S.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Francis S.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Francis Sharon   Walterboro-1965-0135
Frank Lake's Welding Supply     Walterboro-1965-0139
Franklin J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Franklin J.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Franklin John   Walterboro-1965-0113
Fraser Deloris   Walterboro-1965-0102
Fraser F.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Fraser Franklin      Walterboro-1965-0135
Fraser Franklin Joseph   Walterboro-1965-0123
Fraser M.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Fraser Mae   Walterboro-1965-0033
Fraser Mae     Walterboro-1965-0135
Fraser Mae Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0123
Frasier Blenda   Walterboro-1965-0102
Frasier Carrie   Walterboro-1965-0102
Frazer M.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Frazier's     Walterboro-1965-0139
French Club     Walterboro-1965-0042
Freshmen     Walterboro-1965-0102
Freshmen     Walterboro-1965-0104
Freshmen - Class of '68     Walterboro-1965-0100
Fripp Biddle   Walterboro-1965-0135
Fripp Charles Edward   Walterboro-1965-0124
Furman Scholars     Walterboro-1965-0089
Future Business Leaders of America     Walterboro-1965-0052
Future Farmers of America     Walterboro-1965-0055
Future Homemakers of America     Walterboro-1965-0050
Future Homemakers of America     Walterboro-1965-0051
Future Teachers of America - Junior     Walterboro-1965-0045
Future Teachers of America - Senior     Walterboro-1965-0044
Galloway Sandy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Galloway Sidney   Walterboro-1965-0102
Gardner A.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Gardner Alan   Walterboro-1965-0102
Gardner D.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Gardner D.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Gardner Debbie   Walterboro-1965-0107
Gardner Sidney   Walterboro-1965-0102
Garris S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Garris Sue   Walterboro-1965-0107
Garvin Deborah   Walterboro-1965-0102
Garvin L. D.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Garvin Laura Dell   Walterboro-1965-0107
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1965-0017
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1965-0023
Gaskin Janie Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Gatch R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Gatch Ranty   Walterboro-1965-0102
Gelson S.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Gelson S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Gelson Sara   Walterboro-1965-0107
Gentry George   Walterboro-1965-0135
Gentry George William   Walterboro-1965-0124
Gibson-Kemp     Walterboro-1965-0139
Gilford J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Gill S.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Gill S.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Gill S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Gill S.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Gill Sue   Walterboro-1965-0113
Gill  Sue   Walterboro-1965-0086
Gillespie B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Gillespie C.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Gillespie C.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Gillespie C.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Gillespie Catherine Marie   Walterboro-1965-0124
Gillespie Cathy   Walterboro-1965-0135
Ginn Linda   Walterboro-1965-0107
Girls' State     Walterboro-1965-0090
Givens Margo   Walterboro-1965-0107
Gladys Murray     Walterboro-1965-0139
Glee Club     Walterboro-1965-0036
Glover Jean   Walterboro-1965-0102
Glover N.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Glover N.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Glover Neil   Walterboro-1965-0107
Godwin Carroll Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Godwin Carroll B. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0027
Godwin   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0057
Godwin   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0111
Godwin Building Supply     Walterboro-1965-0139
Golf Team     Walterboro-1965-0078
Graham K.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Graham K.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Graham Kathy   Walterboro-1965-0107
Gray Paul   Walterboro-1965-0135
Gray Paul Netherland   Walterboro-1965-0124
Green Royce   Walterboro-1965-0107
Green  Howard     Walterboro-1965-0135
Greene Howard Kneece   Walterboro-1965-0124
Groves Mary Ann   Walterboro-1965-0107
Groves R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Groves Ralph   Walterboro-1965-0104
Gruber Jeannine   Walterboro-1965-0107
Guess Dorothy Mrs Walterboro-1965-0028
Guess Dorothy Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Guess S.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Guess S.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Guess Sue   Walterboro-1965-0113
Guess   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0040
Guess   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0118
Guess   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0119
Guilford Juanita   Walterboro-1965-0107
Gulledge Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0107
H. E. Savage     Walterboro-1965-0139
Hacker D.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Hacker Dianne     Walterboro-1965-0135
Hacker Dianne Lynder   Walterboro-1965-0124
Haddock D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Haddock Donald   Walterboro-1965-0107
Hadwin T.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Hadwin T.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Hadwin T. J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hadwin Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hair A.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hair Albert      Walterboro-1965-0135
Hair Albert William   Walterboro-1965-0124
Hair J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hair J.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Hair Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0102
Halloween Carnival     Walterboro-1965-0088
Hamilton Tony   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hancock F.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Hancock F.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hancock Frances   Walterboro-1965-0102
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Handegan J.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Handegan Jack   Walterboro-1965-0113
Handegan Jack    Walterboro-1965-0088
Harbiston Diane   Walterboro-1965-0104
Harbiston Elaine   Walterboro-1965-0102
Harbiston L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Harbiston Louis   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hargrove T.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Hargrove T.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Hargrove Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0107
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0065
Harkey B.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0031
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0037
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0065
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0067
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0085
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0089
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0090
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0091
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0094
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0097
Harkey Bill   Walterboro-1965-0135
Harkey William Earl   Walterboro-1965-0124
Harley R.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Harley R.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Harley Renee   Walterboro-1965-0108
Harriot S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Harriot S.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Harriott Suzanne   Walterboro-1965-0108
Harrison C.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Harrison C.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Harrison Karl   Walterboro-1965-0116
Harrison S.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Harrison Sherin   Walterboro-1965-0102
Harry's Men Shop     Walterboro-1965-0139
Hatchell Melvin   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hatfield Dale   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hawkins Eloise Mrs Walterboro-1965-0025
Hawkins Eloise Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Hawkins   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0051
Hawkins   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0105
Hayden S.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Hayden Sharon   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hayes Robert Mr Walterboro-1965-0022
Hayes Robert Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Hayes Wendy   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hayes   Mr Walterboro-1965-0047
Hayes   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0111
Hayes Jewelers     Walterboro-1965-0139
Haynes W.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Haynes W.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Haynes Walter   Walterboro-1965-0108
Headden J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Headden J.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Headden J.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Headden Jo Anne   Walterboro-1965-0113
Headden Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0125
Headden Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0135
Heaton J.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Heaton J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Heaton J.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Heaton J.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Heaton J.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Heaton Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0113
Heaton Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0111
Heaton   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0058
Heffner C.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Heffner C.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Heffner Christine   Walterboro-1965-0102
Heffner   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Herman Dantzler     Walterboro-1965-0139
Herndon B.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Herndon B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Herndon B.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Herndon B.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Herndon Buddy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Herndon G.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Herndon G.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Herndon Gale   Walterboro-1965-0102
Herndon T.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Herndon T.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Herndon T.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Herndon Troy Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0125
Herndon Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0102
Herrin M.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Herrin Mike   Walterboro-1965-0102
Heverly R.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Heverly R.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Heverly Robbie   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hickman L.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Hickman LaVerne   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hickman Wanda   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hicks B.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Hicks Barbara   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiers D.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Hiers D.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Hiers D.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Hiers D.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Hiers Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0033
Hiers Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiers J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hiers J.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hiers J.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Hiers J. E.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hiers James   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiers Jerry   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hiers Joe Earl   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiers P.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Hiers P.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Hiers Paddy   Walterboro-1965-0080
Hiers Paddy   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiers Patricia Marilyn   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiers S.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hiers S.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hiers S.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Hiers Sibyl   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hiers Sylvia Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiers T.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hiers Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hill Bernadene   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hill D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Hill D.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Hilton D.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Hilton D.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hilton Dianne   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hilton Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hilton Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hilton Rose   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hinson P.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Hiott A.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Hiott A.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Hiott A.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Hiott A. M.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Hiott A. M.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Hiott Allen   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiott Anamae   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiott Ann   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hiott Annamae Angel   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott Annette   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiott Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiott C.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Hiott C.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Hiott C.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Hiott C.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Hiott Carolyn   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiott Catherine Ann   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott E.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Hiott E.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hiott Eddie   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiott Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hiott Ernie   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiott Ernie Leroy   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott Eva Carolyn   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott G.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Hiott Ginny   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hiott J.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Hiott J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Hiott J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Hiott Joe Lee   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott Joe Lee   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiott L.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Hiott Larry   Walterboro-1965-0116
Hiott Linda   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hiott Mary Annette   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott P.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Hiott Paula   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hiott R.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Hiott Roy   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiott S.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hiott S.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hiott S.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hiott Sammy   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hiott Stevie     Walterboro-1965-0102
Hiott T.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hiott T.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Hiott Tillene   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hiott W.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Hiott W.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Hiott W.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Hiott W.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Hiott W.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Hiott Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0067
Hiott Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0086
Hiott Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hiott Wayne Wright   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hiott's Pharmacy     Walterboro-1965-0139
Hiott's Red & White Store     Walterboro-1965-0139
Hoats M.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Hoats M.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Hoats Mildred   Walterboro-1965-0113
Hoats S.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Hoats Sandra   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hodge Jerome   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hodge  J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hodges Edward Mr Walterboro-1965-0025
Hodges Edward P. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Hodges Julia Louisa   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hodges L.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Hodges L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Hodges L.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Hodges Louisa   Walterboro-1965-0135
Hodges Mary Lou Mrs Walterboro-1965-0017
Hodges Mary Lou Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Hoff Jerry   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hoff Linda   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hoff William   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hoffman Herman   Walterboro-1965-0102
Hoffman   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0045
Hogan Dawn   Walterboro-1965-0108
Homecoming Queen     Walterboro-1965-0084
Homemaker of Tomorrow     Walterboro-1965-0097
Honor     Walterboro-1965-0003
Hooker D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hooker Danny   Walterboro-1965-0114
Howell B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Howell B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Howell B.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Howell Boo   Walterboro-1965-0031
Howell Boo   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hrvol J.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Hrvol J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Hrvol J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0089
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0091
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0094
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0097
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0097
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0119
Hrvol Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0136
Hrvol Joyce Kathleen   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hrvol S.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Hrvol Sharon   Walterboro-1965-0114
Hudson B.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Hudson B.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Hudson Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0067
Hudson Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0086
Hudson Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hudson Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0136
Hudson Myrtle   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hudson S.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Hudson S.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Hudson S.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Hudson S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Hudson Susan   Walterboro-1965-0108
Huff J.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Huff W.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Hughes B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Hughes B.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Hughes B.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Hughes Billy   Walterboro-1965-0067
Hughes Billy   Walterboro-1965-0136
Hughes E.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Hughes Ernie   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hughes Laura L. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
Hughes Laura L. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0028
Hughes Laura L. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Hughes M.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Hughes Marion   Walterboro-1965-0114
Hughes Shirley   Walterboro-1965-0108
Hughes William George   Walterboro-1965-0125
Hughes   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0045
Hughes   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0105
Hulsey T.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Hutto E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0062
Hutto E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0064
Ideal Laundry     Walterboro-1965-0139
In Memoriam     Walterboro-1965-0013
International Relations Club     Walterboro-1965-0056
Iriel D.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Iriel Donald   Walterboro-1965-0104
Iriel W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Iriel W.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Iriel W.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Iriel Whaley Marshall   Walterboro-1965-0126
Iriel  Whaley      Walterboro-1965-0136
Irvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Irvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Irvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Irvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Irvin Marvin      Walterboro-1965-0136
Irvin Marvin Winston   Walterboro-1965-0126
Jackson B.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Jackson B.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Jackson Barbara   Walterboro-1965-0114
Jackson F.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Jackson Frances   Walterboro-1965-0108
Jenkins Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0114
Jenkins Milton   Walterboro-1965-0104
Jennings James VonLehe   Walterboro-1965-0126
Jennings Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0136
Jenny's House of Flowers     Walterboro-1965-0139
Johnson J.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Johnson R.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Johnson Robin   Walterboro-1965-0108
Johnson V.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Johnson Vicki   Walterboro-1965-0108
Jones C.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Jones Christopher Carn   Walterboro-1965-0126
Jones G.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Jones Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0136
Jones H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Jones Harold   Walterboro-1965-0102
Jones Judy   Walterboro-1965-0114
Jones Kate   Walterboro-1965-0102
Jones M. L.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Jones Mary Louise   Walterboro-1965-0108
Jones Meryl B. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0023
Jones Meryl B. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0023
Jones Meryl B. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Jones Miriam Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0126
Jones N.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Jones Neal   Walterboro-1965-0108
Jones Ronnie   Walterboro-1965-0102
Jones T.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Jones T.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Jones T.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Jones Terry   Walterboro-1965-0114
Jones Thomas Otto   Walterboro-1965-0126
Jones Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0102
Jones Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0136
Jones   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0100
Joyner Marilyn Miss Walterboro-1965-0024
Joyner Marilyn Miss Walterboro-1965-0138
Joyner   Miss Walterboro-1965-0111
Judy David   Walterboro-1965-0102
Judy R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Judy Ronnie   Walterboro-1965-0114
Junior Class Play     Walterboro-1965-0096
Junior F. H. A.     Walterboro-1965-0051
Junior Marshals     Walterboro-1965-0096
Juniors     Walterboro-1965-0114
Juniors     Walterboro-1965-0116
Juniors        Walterboro-1965-0112
Juniors - Class of '66     Walterboro-1965-0111
Keith Glovenia   Walterboro-1965-0108
Kellam H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Kellam Harvin   Walterboro-1965-0102
Kelly P.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Kelly P.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Kelly Patricia Marlene   Walterboro-1965-0126
Kelly Patsy   Walterboro-1965-0136
Kelly R.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Kelly R.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Kelly Ramona   Walterboro-1965-0108
Kemp T.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Kemp T.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Kemp T.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Kemp Toni   Walterboro-1965-0069
Kemp Toni   Walterboro-1965-0083
Kemp Toni   Walterboro-1965-0088
Kemp Toni   Walterboro-1965-0108
Kensey K.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Key C.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Key C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Key C.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Key C.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Key Carol   Walterboro-1965-0082
Key Carol   Walterboro-1965-0136
Key Carol Louise   Walterboro-1965-0126
Kinard L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Kinard L.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Kinard LaMonte   Walterboro-1965-0102
King and Queen     Walterboro-1965-0088
King Teen     Walterboro-1965-0097
Kinman F.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Kinman F.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Kinman Fran   Walterboro-1965-0114
Kinsey H.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Kinsey H.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Kinsey H.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Kinsey H.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Kinsey H.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Kinsey H.     Walterboro-1965-0030
Kinsey Horace   Walterboro-1965-0031
Kinsey Horace   Walterboro-1965-0078
Kinsey Horace   Walterboro-1965-0114
Kinsey K.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Kinsey K.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Kinsey K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Kinsey K.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Kinsey Karen   Walterboro-1965-0114
Kiser A. G. Mr Walterboro-1965-0018
Kiser B.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Kizer Brenda   Walterboro-1965-0102
Knight J.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Knight Janice   Walterboro-1965-0077
Knight Janice   Walterboro-1965-0093
Knight Janice     Walterboro-1965-0136
Knight Janice LaRue   Walterboro-1965-0126
Knox K.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Knox K.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Knox K.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Knox Kay   Walterboro-1965-0100
Knox Kay   Walterboro-1965-0102
Kuck H.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Kuck Harry   Walterboro-1965-0102
Kulhanek C.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Kulhanek C.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Kulhanek Connie     Walterboro-1965-0136
Kulhanek Connie Lea   Walterboro-1965-0126
Lack L.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Lack Lucinda   Walterboro-1965-0102
Lair 1965     Walterboro-1965-0000
Lair Staff     Walterboro-1965-0032
Lamb Margaret   Walterboro-1965-0136
Lamb Margaret Ann   Walterboro-1965-0126
Lamb Mattie   Walterboro-1965-0108
Lamb Shirley   Walterboro-1965-0136
Lamb Shirley Rowe   Walterboro-1965-0126
Lane M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Lane Mickey   Walterboro-1965-0102
Langdale D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Langdale Dennis   Walterboro-1965-0102
Langdale J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Langdale Jeanette   Walterboro-1965-0114
Langdale John   Walterboro-1965-0114
Langdale L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Langdale L.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Langdale Larry   Walterboro-1965-0114
Latin Club     Walterboro-1965-0041
Laursen Linda   Walterboro-1965-0114
Lawson L.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Lawson L.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Lawson Lynette   Walterboro-1965-0114
Leadership     Walterboro-1965-0091
Leal G.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Leal Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0108
Leal Irene   Walterboro-1965-0102
Leal P.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Leal Pressie   Walterboro-1965-0114
Leal Sallie   Walterboro-1965-0114
Lemacks J.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Lemacks J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Lemacks J.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Lemacks J.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Lemacks J.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Lemacks Johnny   Walterboro-1965-0108
Lemacks June   Walterboro-1965-0102
Lemack's Shoe Shop     Walterboro-1965-0139
Levin Bill   Walterboro-1965-0114
Levy L.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Levy Lois     Walterboro-1965-0136
Levy Lois Ann   Walterboro-1965-0126
Librarian     Walterboro-1965-0027
Library Club     Walterboro-1965-0057
Linder B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Linder K.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Linder K.   Walterboro-1965-0037
Linder K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Linder K.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Linder Kathleen   Walterboro-1965-0082
Linder Kathleen   Walterboro-1965-0084
Linder Kathleen   Walterboro-1965-0085
Linder Kathleen   Walterboro-1965-0093
Linder Kathleen     Walterboro-1965-0136
Linder Kathleen Murray   Walterboro-1965-0126
Lindley M. Mr Walterboro-1965-0070
Lindley Michael Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Lindley Mike Mr Walterboro-1965-0022
Lindley Mike Mr Walterboro-1965-0026
Lindley Mike Mr Walterboro-1965-0076
Lindley   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0105
Litchfield L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Litchfield L.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Litchfield Laurann   Walterboro-1965-0126
Litchfield Laurann   Walterboro-1965-0136
Little C.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Little Connie   Walterboro-1965-0102
Loftin Charles Mr Walterboro-1965-0020
Loftin Charles Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Loftin   Mr Walterboro-1965-0034
Loftin   Mr Walterboro-1965-0035
Loftin   Mr Walterboro-1965-0119
Love E.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Love Eddie   Walterboro-1965-0136
Love George Edward Jr Walterboro-1965-0126
Lowery Ann   Walterboro-1965-0102
Lowery E.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Lowery Eugene   Walterboro-1965-0102
Lucas C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Lucas C.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Lucas C.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Lucas C.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Lucas Charles   Walterboro-1965-0114
Lunchroom Staff     Walterboro-1965-0060
Lyons B. J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Lyons Betty Jean   Walterboro-1965-0108
Lyons J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Lyons J.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Lyons J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Lyons Jack    Walterboro-1965-0108
Lyons Jayne   Walterboro-1965-0102
Lyons Furniture Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Lytchfield L.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Lytchfield L.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Lytchfield L.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Lytchfield L.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0001
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0033
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0086
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0090
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0095
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0098
Lytchfield Linda   Walterboro-1965-0136
Lytchfield Linda Marge   Walterboro-1965-0127
Lytchfield Margaret Mrs Walterboro-1965-0022
Lytchfield Margaret Mrs Walterboro-1965-0022
Lytchfield Margaret   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Lytchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1965-0022
Lytchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1965-0023
Lytchfield Sam Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Lytchfield   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0030
Lytchfield   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0031
Lytchfield   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0046
Lytchfield   Mr  Walterboro-1965-0100
Mademoiselle's     Walterboro-1965-0139
Maintenance Staff     Walterboro-1965-0060
Maloch Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0108
Malock J.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Mangum Charlie   Walterboro-1965-0114
Mangum Deloris   Walterboro-1965-0102
Marion Sams Oil Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Marshall Jane    Walterboro-1965-0086
Martin M.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Martin Mayme      Walterboro-1965-0136
Martin Mellissa     Walterboro-1965-0136
Martin Mellissa Anne   Walterboro-1965-0127
Martin Myrna   Walterboro-1965-0114
Marvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Marvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Marvin M.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Marvin Mayme Lauralla   Walterboro-1965-0127
Math     Walterboro-1965-0023
Maxey J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Maxey Joy   Walterboro-1965-0108
Maxey Larry   Walterboro-1965-0108
McCraney H.   Walterboro-1965-0055
McCranie Hubert   Walterboro-1965-0114
McDougal Marion   Walterboro-1965-0102
McGeever D.   Walterboro-1965-0051
McGeever D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
McGeever Donald   Walterboro-1965-0102
McGeever Dorothy   Walterboro-1965-0114
McGrady Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0114
McKinney Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0114
McLauchlin Kathy   Walterboro-1965-0104
McLeod M.   Walterboro-1965-0042
McLeod M.   Walterboro-1965-0045
McLeod M.   Walterboro-1965-0049
McLeod Margaret   Walterboro-1965-0114
McLure's Shell Service     Walterboro-1965-0139
McMillan B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
McMillan B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
McMillan B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
McMillan Barbara   Walterboro-1965-0114
McMillan E.   Walterboro-1965-0055
McMillan Edward   Walterboro-1965-0108
McMillan Fred   Walterboro-1965-0102
McMillan H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
McMillan H.   Walterboro-1965-0058
McMillan Helen Lucile   Walterboro-1965-0127
McMillan Henry   Walterboro-1965-0108
McMillan J.   Walterboro-1965-0034
McMillan J.   Walterboro-1965-0072
McMillan James Vernon   Walterboro-1965-0127
McMillan Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0086
McMillan N.   Walterboro-1965-0087
McMillan Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0108
McMillian F.   Walterboro-1965-0074
McMillian J.   Walterboro-1965-0062
McMillian J.   Walterboro-1965-0065
McMillian Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0067
McMillian Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0073
McMillian Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0093
McMillian Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0136
McWhirter Harrie Patterson   Walterboro-1965-0127
McWhirter P.   Walterboro-1965-0043
McWhirter Pat   Walterboro-1965-0078
McWhirter Pat   Walterboro-1965-0136
Mettz B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Miles Jerry     Walterboro-1965-0136
Miles Jerry Leo   Walterboro-1965-0127
Mincey L.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Mincey Linda   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mines H. E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Mines Herman Mr Walterboro-1965-0025
Mines L.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Mines L.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Mines L.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Mines L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Mines L.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Mines Linda   Walterboro-1965-0136
Mines Linda Louise   Walterboro-1965-0127
Mines   Mr Walterboro-1965-0054
Mines   Mr Walterboro-1965-0119
Miss DAR     Walterboro-1965-0097
Miss FBLA     Walterboro-1965-0097
Miss Freshman     Walterboro-1965-0083
Miss Hi Miss     Walterboro-1965-0097
Miss Junior     Walterboro-1965-0083
Miss Lair     Walterboro-1965-0081
Miss Senior     Walterboro-1965-0083
Miss Senior F. H. A.     Walterboro-1965-0089
Miss Sophomore     Walterboro-1965-0083
Miss Walterboro High     Walterboro-1965-0080
Mitchell Lolie   Walterboro-1965-0108
Mixon Aaron   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixon Arthur   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixon Daniel   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixon J.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Mixon Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixon Joan   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixon Johnathan   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixon Leonard   Walterboro-1965-0102
Mixson A.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Mixson A.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Mixson Jim Eddie Jr Walterboro-1965-0128
Mock Sarah Mixon   Walterboro-1965-0128
Mock Sarah Mixon   Walterboro-1965-0136
Montjoy S.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Montjoy Susan   Walterboro-1965-0102
Moore D.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Moore D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Moore Dottie   Walterboro-1965-0108
Moore S.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Moore S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Moore Sally   Walterboro-1965-0136
Moore Sally Speight   Walterboro-1965-0128
Morgan B. B. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Morgan Ben Mr Walterboro-1965-0020
Morgan Ben Mr Walterboro-1965-0023
Morgan   Mr Walterboro-1965-0100
Morley J.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Morley J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Morley Judy   Walterboro-1965-0114
Morley K.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Morley K.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Morley K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Morley Kathi   Walterboro-1965-0114
Morris Sandra   Walterboro-1965-0109
Moseley Charles Eugene   Walterboro-1965-0128
Mosely Charles   Walterboro-1965-0136
Mr Lair     Walterboro-1965-0081
Muckenfuss L.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Murdaugh A.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Murdaugh Ann   Walterboro-1965-0114
Murdaugh C.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Murdaugh Carol   Walterboro-1965-0114
Murdaugh K.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Murdaugh Kenneth   Walterboro-1965-0109
Murdaugh   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Murray L.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Murray L.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Murray L.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Murray Linda   Walterboro-1965-0114
Murray S.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Music     Walterboro-1965-0019
Nathan D.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Nathan Diane   Walterboro-1965-0103
National Merit Finalist     Walterboro-1965-0098
Neal Vera Mrs Walterboro-1965-0017
Neal Vera Mrs Walterboro-1965-0026
Neal Vera Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Neal   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0119
Nettles Audrey   Walterboro-1965-0114
Nettles Bonnie   Walterboro-1965-0114
Nettles F.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Nettles F.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Nettles F.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Nettles F.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Nettles Faye   Walterboro-1965-0103
Nettles Floyd   Walterboro-1965-0115
Nettles Frances   Walterboro-1965-0109
Nettles G.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Nettles Gary Gerald   Walterboro-1965-0128
Nettles Gerald   Walterboro-1965-0136
Nettles Gordon   Walterboro-1965-0109
Nettles Marion   Walterboro-1965-0103
Newsome P.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Newsome P.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Newsome P.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Newsome P.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Newsome P.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Newsome P.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Newsome Phil   Walterboro-1965-0067
Newsome Phil   Walterboro-1965-0073
Newsome Phil   Walterboro-1965-0086
Newsome Phil    Walterboro-1965-0136
Newsome Phillip   Walterboro-1965-0128
Ninth Grade Counselor     Walterboro-1965-0017
Norman   Mr Walterboro-1965-0139
Norris T.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Norris Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0109
Novit R.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Novit R.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Novit R.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Novit R.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Novit Robby   Walterboro-1965-0109
Novit's Fashion Shoppe     Walterboro-1965-0139
Nu-Way Cleaners     Walterboro-1965-0139
O'Brien K.   Walterboro-1965-0045
O'Brien Kathy   Walterboro-1965-0109
O'Brien S.   Walterboro-1965-0053
O'Brien Shirley Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0128
O'Brien Shirley Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0136
Odom A.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Odom Al    Walterboro-1965-0109
Office Helpers     Walterboro-1965-0059
O'Quinn Claire   Walterboro-1965-0110
O'Quinn E.   Walterboro-1965-0055
O'Quinn Elliot   Walterboro-1965-0103
O'Quinn G.   Walterboro-1965-0053
O'Quinn G.   Walterboro-1965-0057
O'Quinn Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0136
O'Quinn Gloria Loraine   Walterboro-1965-0128
O'Quinn H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
O'Quinn H.   Walterboro-1965-0058
O'Quinn Harry      Walterboro-1965-0136
O'Quinn Harry Linwood   Walterboro-1965-0128
O'Quinn Jerry   Walterboro-1965-0104
O'Quinn M. E.   Walterboro-1965-0050
O'Quinn Mary Ellen   Walterboro-1965-0115
O'Quinn Terry   Walterboro-1965-0103
Osteen Bob   Walterboro-1965-0115
Our New Gym     Walterboro-1965-0005
Owens Frances   Walterboro-1965-0109
Owens J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Owens Jack Dehollocy   Walterboro-1965-0128
Owens Jackie   Walterboro-1965-0136
Owens M.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Owens M.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Owens Marion   Walterboro-1965-0109
Owens W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Owens Wendy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Ozbolt B.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Ozbolt B.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Ozbolt B.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Ozbolt B.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Ozbolt Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0109
Padgett F.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Padgett F.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Padgett F.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Padgett Fred   Walterboro-1965-0088
Padgett Fred   Walterboro-1965-0109
Padgett Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0109
Padgett Mary   Walterboro-1965-0109
Padgett S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Padgett S.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Padgett S. M. Mr Walterboro-1965-0025
Padgett S. M. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Padgett Sharon   Walterboro-1965-0136
Padgett Sharon Anne   Walterboro-1965-0128
Padgett T.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Padgett T.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Padgett T.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Padgett Thomas Brantley   Walterboro-1965-0128
Padgett Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0136
Padgett   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0060
Padgett   Mr Walterboro-1965-0100
Parker M. F. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0139
Parker Mary F. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0021
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1965-0001
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1965-0021
Parker Mary Frances Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0032
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0033
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0041
Parker   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0119
Parler J.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Parler J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Parler Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0115
Parrish R.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Parrish Richard   Walterboro-1965-0136
Parrish Richard Franklin   Walterboro-1965-0128
Parson's Dress Shop     Walterboro-1965-0139
Pearce Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0115
Pearce Catherine   Walterboro-1965-0109
Pellum B.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Pellum B.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Pellum Barbara Jean   Walterboro-1965-0128
Pellum Barbara Jean   Walterboro-1965-0136
Pellum E.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Pellum E.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Pellum E. G.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Pellum E. G.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Pellum E. G.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Pellum E. J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Pellum Elmer Gene   Walterboro-1965-0115
Pellum Emma Jean   Walterboro-1965-0128
Pellum J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Pellum James   Walterboro-1965-0103
Pellum M.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Pellum M.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Pellum M.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Pellum Marsha   Walterboro-1965-0115
Pellum S.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Pellum S.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Pellum S.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Pellum Sue   Walterboro-1965-0115
Penfield Ryan   Walterboro-1965-0109
People's Pharmacy     Walterboro-1965-0139
Pep Squad     Walterboro-1965-0049
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.     Walterboro-1965-0139
Perseverance     Walterboro-1965-0093
Personal Thrift & Loan Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Peters G.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Peters Gail   Walterboro-1965-0136
Peters Gary   Walterboro-1965-0115
Peters Susan Gail   Walterboro-1965-0128
Petitt T. B. Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Pettit T.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Pettit T.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Pettit T.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Pettit T. B.    Mr Walterboro-1965-0016
Pettit T. B., Jr Mr Walterboro-1965-0016
Pettit Tommy   Walterboro-1965-0109
Pettit   Mr Walterboro-1965-0016
Pettit   Mr Walterboro-1965-0016
Peurifoy J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Peurifoy Johnny   Walterboro-1965-0109
Peurifoy N.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Peurifoy N.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Peurifoy N.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Peurifoy N.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Peurifoy N.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Peurifoy N.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0035
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0068
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0083
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0084
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0085
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0088
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0088
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0095
Peurifoy Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0137
Peurifoy Nancy Wills   Walterboro-1965-0129
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Phillips B.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Phillips Bill   Walterboro-1965-0067
Phillips Bill   Walterboro-1965-0086
Phillips Bill   Walterboro-1965-0092
Phillips Bill   Walterboro-1965-0137
Phillips C.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Phillips C.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Phillips Clyde      Walterboro-1965-0137
Phillips Clyde Smyly   Walterboro-1965-0129
Phillips Jesse   Walterboro-1965-0103
Phillips L.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Phillips Linda   Walterboro-1965-0115
Phillips William Hall   Walterboro-1965-0129
Physical Education     Walterboro-1965-0026
Picture      Walterboro-1965-0014
Picture      Walterboro-1965-0015
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0005
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0006
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0007
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0008
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0009
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0010
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0011
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0012
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0016
Pictures     Walterboro-1965-0025
Pictures - Football     Walterboro-1965-0066
Pictures - Track     Walterboro-1965-0071
Pierce C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Pierce D.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Pierce Dane   Walterboro-1965-0115
Pierce J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Pierce J.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Pierce J.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Pierce John   Walterboro-1965-0103
Piggly-Wiggly Store     Walterboro-1965-0139
Pinckney D.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Pinckney D.   Walterboro-1965-0041
Pinckney Douglas   Walterboro-1965-0109
Pinckney T.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Pinckney Thelma   Walterboro-1965-0103
Pinckney's Clover Farm     Walterboro-1965-0139
Pittman D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Pittman Dwayne   Walterboro-1965-0103
Polk B.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Polk Betty   Walterboro-1965-0103
Polk Gerald Mr Walterboro-1965-0019
Polk Gerald Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Polk   Mr Walterboro-1965-0038
Polk   Mr Walterboro-1965-0039
Poole J.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Poole Julian   Walterboro-1965-0104
Prentiss D.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Prentiss D.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Prentiss Dottie   Walterboro-1965-0109
Price N.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Price Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0069
Price Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0087
Price Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Prince Coy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Prince Virginia   Walterboro-1965-0103
Principal     Walterboro-1965-0016
Prine C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Prine C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Prine Cindy   Walterboro-1965-0115
Pye B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Pye L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Pye Linda   Walterboro-1965-0115
Pye P.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Pye P.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Pye P.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Pye P.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Pye Paul   Walterboro-1965-0103
Pye Paulette   Walterboro-1965-0109
Queen of Hearts     Walterboro-1965-0087
Quill and Scroll Society     Walterboro-1965-0098
Rainey's Jewelers     Walterboro-1965-0139
Ramsey Joyce   Walterboro-1965-0109
Ramsey L.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Ramsey Linda   Walterboro-1965-0109
Ramsey N.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Ramsey N.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Ramsey N.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Ramsey Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0097
Ramsey Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0098
Ramsey Nancy   Walterboro-1965-0137
Ramsey Nancy Geraldine   Walterboro-1965-0129
Ramsey P.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Ramsey Phyllis   Walterboro-1965-0115
Ramsey R.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Rast C.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Rast C.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Rast Cecil     Walterboro-1965-0115
Reed M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Reed Mickey   Walterboro-1965-0109
Reeves Alice Faye   Walterboro-1965-0103
Reeves C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Reeves Curtis   Walterboro-1965-0103
Reeves Cynthia   Walterboro-1965-0115
Reeves Evelyn Mrs Walterboro-1965-0017
Reeves Evelyn Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Reeves M.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Reeves   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0059
Rentz Helen Loretta   Walterboro-1965-0129
Rentz L.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Rentz Loretta   Walterboro-1965-0137
Respect     Walterboro-1965-0092
Respect     Walterboro-1965-0092
Reynolds C.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Reynolds C.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Reynolds C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Reynolds Camille   Walterboro-1965-0037
Reynolds Camille   Walterboro-1965-0068
Reynolds Camille   Walterboro-1965-0086
Reynolds Camille   Walterboro-1965-0092
Reynolds Camille   Walterboro-1965-0137
Reynolds Emily Camille   Walterboro-1965-0129
Reynolds John Dr Walterboro-1965-0018
Reynolds Lynn   Walterboro-1965-0103
Reynolds R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Reynolds R.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Reynolds Ronnie   Walterboro-1965-0103
Rhode  Sarah   Walterboro-1965-0103
Rhoden G.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Rhoden G.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Rhoden G.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Rhoden Gordon   Walterboro-1965-0109
Rhodes K.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Rhodes K.   Walterboro-1965-0037
Rhodes K.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Rhodes K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Rhodes Kathie   Walterboro-1965-0115
Rhodes P.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Rhodes P.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Rhodes Peggy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Rhodes R.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Rhodes R.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Rhodes R.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Rhodes R.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Rhodes R.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Rhodes R.   Walterboro-1965-0065
Rhodes Richard   Walterboro-1965-0086
Rhodes Richard   Walterboro-1965-0091
Rhodes Richard   Walterboro-1965-0119
Rhodes Richard   Walterboro-1965-0137
Rhodes Richard Hardwick   Walterboro-1965-0129
Richardson K.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Richardson Ken   Walterboro-1965-0103
Richenbaker S.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Rickenbaker P.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Rickenbaker Paul   Walterboro-1965-0129
Rickenbaker Paul   Walterboro-1965-0137
Rickenbaker S.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Rickenbaker Susan   Walterboro-1965-0115
Rickenbaker W.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Rickenbaker Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0109
Ricketson Rose   Walterboro-1965-0109
Ricketson Shirley   Walterboro-1965-0109
Riley B.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Riley Barbara   Walterboro-1965-0103
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0037
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Ringer J.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Ringer J. E. Mr Walterboro-1965-0018
Ringer James Elbert   Walterboro-1965-0130
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0065
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0067
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0081
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0085
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0088
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0088
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0089
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0090
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0092
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0095
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0119
Ringer Jimmie   Walterboro-1965-0137
Risher Ben   Walterboro-1965-0104
Risher C.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Ritter H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Ritter H.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Ritter Hilton   Walterboro-1965-0137
Ritter R.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Ritter Robert Hilton   Walterboro-1965-0130
Ritter Roger   Walterboro-1965-0109
Rivers W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Rivers Wendy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Rizer A.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Rizer A.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Rizer A.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Rizer Allen   Walterboro-1965-0115
Rizer G.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Rizer Gary   Walterboro-1965-0116
Rizer R.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Rizer Ruth   Walterboro-1965-0103
Robbins B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Roberts R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Roberts Rodger   Walterboro-1965-0103
Roberts S.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Roberts S.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Roberts S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Roberts S.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Roberts Susan   Walterboro-1965-0081
Roberts Susan   Walterboro-1965-0087
Roberts  Susan   Walterboro-1965-0077
Roberts  Susan   Walterboro-1965-0137
Roberts  Susan Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0130
Robertson C.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Robertson D.    Walterboro-1965-0051
Robertson Diane   Walterboro-1965-0103
Robertson H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Robertson H.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Robertson Harold   Walterboro-1965-0137
Robertson Horace   Walterboro-1965-0137
Robertson R.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Robertson R.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Robertson Ray    Walterboro-1965-0109
Robertson S.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Robertson's Electric Supply     Walterboro-1965-0139
Robinson Cynthia   Walterboro-1965-0103
Robinson G.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Robinson G.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Robinson G.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Robinson Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0089
Robinson Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0092
Robinson Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0095
Robinson Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0137
Robinson Gloria     Walterboro-1965-0130
Robinson Oliver Mr  Walterboro-1965-0060
Rodgers Johnny   Walterboro-1965-0115
Rogers J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Rogers J.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Rogers Jane   Walterboro-1965-0137
Rogers Jane Gayle   Walterboro-1965-0130
Rogers T.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Rogers T.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Rogers T.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Rogers Tim   Walterboro-1965-0067
Rogers Tim    Walterboro-1965-0137
Rogers Timothy Folk   Walterboro-1965-0130
Ross B.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Ross B.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Ross B.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Ross B.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Ross Bubba   Walterboro-1965-0109
Ross D.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Ross D.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Ross D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Ross Deborah   Walterboro-1965-0115
Ross G.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Ross G.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Ross G.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Ross Gill   Walterboro-1965-0111
Ross Gill   Walterboro-1965-0115
Rowe Charles Kenwood   Walterboro-1965-0130
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0072
Rowe K.   Walterboro-1965-0075
Rowe Kenny   Walterboro-1965-0073
Rowe Kenny   Walterboro-1965-0137
Rudd Ann   Walterboro-1965-0103
Rudd Lynn   Walterboro-1965-0103
Russell Emily Ms Walterboro-1965-0060
Sanders B.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Sanders B.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Sanders Bob   Walterboro-1965-0109
Sanders F.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Sanders F.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Sanders Fern   Walterboro-1965-0103
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Sanders S.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Sanders S.     Walterboro-1965-0030
Sanders S. F.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Sanders S. H.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Sanders Sammie   Walterboro-1965-0109
Sanders Stevie E.   Walterboro-1965-0103
Sanders Stevie H.   Walterboro-1965-0088
Sanders Stevie H.   Walterboro-1965-0103
Sanders Sylvia   Walterboro-1965-0137
Sanders Sylvia Ann   Walterboro-1965-0130
Sanders Freezer Locker     Walterboro-1965-0139
Sanford Frances Kay   Walterboro-1965-0131
Sanford K.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Sanford K.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Sanford Kay   Walterboro-1965-0078
Sanford Kay     Walterboro-1965-0137
Sanford L.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Sanford L.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Sanford Lane   Walterboro-1965-0115
Saunders Agency     Walterboro-1965-0139
Scholarship     Walterboro-1965-0003
School Prayer     Walterboro-1965-0002
School Secretary     Walterboro-1965-0017
Schulman C.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Schulman C.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Schulman C.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Schulman Carol    Walterboro-1965-0103
Science     Walterboro-1965-0022
Science Club     Walterboro-1965-0046
Seabrook Deborah   Walterboro-1965-0115
Seigler Richard   Walterboro-1965-0109
Sellers G.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Sellers Gloria   Walterboro-1965-0103
Sell-Rite Furniture Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Senior Class - 1965     Walterboro-1965-0119
Senior Class Beauties     Walterboro-1965-0082
Senior Class History     Walterboro-1965-0118
Senior Directory     Walterboro-1965-0134
Senior F. H. A.     Walterboro-1965-0050
Senior Players     Walterboro-1965-0067
Senior Superlatives     Walterboro-1965-0091
Senior Superlatives     Walterboro-1965-0092
Seniors     Walterboro-1965-0117
Seven-Up Bottling Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Sheffield B.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Sheill H.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Shiell H.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Shiell Hansford   Walterboro-1965-0137
Shiell Hansford Thornton   Walterboro-1965-0131
Shinta D.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Shinta Danny   Walterboro-1965-0109
Shook Karen   Walterboro-1965-0103
Shupe R.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Siegel P.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Siegel Paul   Walterboro-1965-0115
Sigwald L.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Sigwald Linda   Walterboro-1965-0109
Simmons C.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Simmons C.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Simmons C.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Simmons Cathy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Simmons Howard   Walterboro-1965-0109
Simmons Nell Mrs Walterboro-1965-0028
Simmons Nell Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Simmons Wendell   Walterboro-1965-0103
Simmons   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0056
Simmons   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0056
Simmons   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0111
Simmons Diesel Company     Walterboro-1965-0139
Simons M.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Simons Meryl   Walterboro-1965-0109
Sineath R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Sineath Randell   Walterboro-1965-0103
Skardon D.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Skardon D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Skardon D.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Skardon D.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Skardon D.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Skardon Dotty   Walterboro-1965-0069
Skardon Dotty   Walterboro-1965-0103
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0037
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Skardon S.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Skardon Sally   Walterboro-1965-0069
Skardon Sally   Walterboro-1965-0086
Skardon Sally   Walterboro-1965-0115
Skeen J.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Skeen Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0109
Slotchiver's     Walterboro-1965-0139
Smith A.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Smith A.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Smith Amanda Mrs Walterboro-1965-0024
Smith Amanda Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Smith B.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Smith B.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Smith B.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Smith B.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Smith Betty Jean   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smith Bill   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smith Brenda   Walterboro-1965-0109
Smith Buddy   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smith G.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Smith Gay   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smith Hugh   Walterboro-1965-0109
Smith J.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Smith J.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Smith J.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Smith J.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Smith J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Smith Jaen McGee   Walterboro-1965-0131
Smith Jane   Walterboro-1965-0095
Smith Jane   Walterboro-1965-0098
Smith Jane   Walterboro-1965-0137
Smith John   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smith L.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Smith L.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Smith L.   Walterboro-1965-0064
Smith L.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Smith Lawrence   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smith P.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Smith Phyllis     Walterboro-1965-0137
Smith Phyllis Austin   Walterboro-1965-0131
Smith Randall   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smith Ricky   Walterboro-1965-0078
Smith Ricky   Walterboro-1965-0100
Smith Ricky   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smith S.   Walterboro-1965-0062
Smith S.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Smith Skeet   Walterboro-1965-0109
Smith   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0052
Smith   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0052
Smith   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0111
Smoak A.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Smoak A.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Smoak A.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Smoak A.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Smoak A.   Walterboro-1965-0070
Smoak A.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Smoak Andy   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smoak B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Smoak B.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Smoak Barbara   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smoak Burbage   Walterboro-1965-0078
Smoak Burbage   Walterboro-1965-0131
Smoak Burbage   Walterboro-1965-0137
Smoak Charles   Walterboro-1965-0078
Smoak Charles   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smoak Dorothy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smoak J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Smoak J.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Smoak J.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Smoak Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0110
Smoak John   Walterboro-1965-0115
Smoak K.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Smoak K.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Smoak Katherine   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smoak M.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Smoak M.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Smoak M.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Smoak Michael   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smoak Miriam   Walterboro-1965-0137
Smoak Miriam Lavonne   Walterboro-1965-0131
Smoak R.   Walterboro-1965-0053
Smoak Ronnie   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smoak Ruby     Walterboro-1965-0137
Smoak Ruby Nell   Walterboro-1965-0131
Smoak S.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Smoak Shirley   Walterboro-1965-0110
Smoak W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Smoak W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Smoak W.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Smoak Wanda   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smoak Wendell   Walterboro-1965-0103
Smoak Wilbur   Walterboro-1965-0110
Smothers Thomas   Walterboro-1965-0115
Social Studies     Walterboro-1965-0028
Sophomores     Walterboro-1965-0108
Sophomores     Walterboro-1965-0110
Sophomores       Walterboro-1965-0106
Sophomores - Class of '67     Walterboro-1965-0105
Spanish Club     Walterboro-1965-0043
Spell C.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Spell Carol   Walterboro-1965-0110
Spell J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Spell Johnny     Walterboro-1965-0103
Spell Lein   Walterboro-1965-0110
Spell Neally   Walterboro-1965-0116
Spell S.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Spell Stanley   Walterboro-1965-0103
Spencer Donna     Walterboro-1965-0137
Spencer Donna Jeanne   Walterboro-1965-0131
Spenser D.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Sportsmanship     Walterboro-1965-0093
Stallings B.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Stallings Becky   Walterboro-1965-0103
Stanfield H.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Stanfield James   Walterboro-1965-0116
Stanfield John   Walterboro-1965-0137
Stanfield John Henry Jr Walterboro-1965-0131
Stanfield R.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Stanfield Roy    Walterboro-1965-0110
Stanfill Harry   Walterboro-1965-0103
Stanley Carl   Walterboro-1965-0103
Stanley Frank   Walterboro-1965-0103
Starting Line-up - Boys     Walterboro-1965-0073
Starting Line-up - Girls     Walterboro-1965-0077
State D. E. Speech Contest     Walterboro-1965-0098
Steedley L.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Steedley L.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Steedly L.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Steedly Lynn   Walterboro-1965-0116
Stevens Ben   Walterboro-1965-0110
Stillwell Sharon   Walterboro-1965-0110
Strange Marshall   Walterboro-1965-0103
Strawn Marylee   Walterboro-1965-0103
Strickland C.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Strickland C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Strickland Carol   Walterboro-1965-0131
Strickland Carol   Walterboro-1965-0137
Strickland J.   Walterboro-1965-0040
Strickland J.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Strickland J.   Walterboro-1965-0096
Strickland Jean   Walterboro-1965-0085
Strickland Jean    Walterboro-1965-0116
Strickland R.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Strickland Robert   Walterboro-1965-0137
Strickland Robert Milton   Walterboro-1965-0131
Strickland Dixie Cleaners     Walterboro-1965-0139
Strock Bob Mr Walterboro-1965-0026
Strock R. Mr Walterboro-1965-0062
Strock R. Mr Walterboro-1965-0074
Strock Robert Mr  Walterboro-1965-0012
Strock Robert Mr Walterboro-1965-0026
Strock Robert Mr Walterboro-1965-0027
Strock Robert Mr Walterboro-1965-0138
Strock   Mr Walterboro-1965-0048
Strock   Mr Walterboro-1965-0065
Strock   Mr Walterboro-1965-0119
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1965-0017
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
Stroud Letha Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
Stroud   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0044
Stroud   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0111
Student Council     Walterboro-1965-0030
Study Hall Teacher     Walterboro-1965-0027
Suddenly     Walterboro-1965-0120
Summer L.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Sumner Linda   Walterboro-1965-0103
Superintendent of Area II Schools     Walterboro-1965-0018
Sweat C.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Sweat C.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Sweat C.   Walterboro-1965-0056
Sweat Charles Harris Jr Walterboro-1965-0131
Sweat Charlie   Walterboro-1965-0090
Sweat Charlie   Walterboro-1965-0137
Sweat Elbert   Walterboro-1965-0110
T and I Club     Walterboro-1965-0054
Talent     Walterboro-1965-0093
Taylor Linda   Walterboro-1965-0103
Tenth Grade Counselor     Walterboro-1965-0017
Thank You     Walterboro-1965-0139
The 1965 Lair     Walterboro-1965-0001
The Bank of Walterboro     Walterboro-1965-0139
The Flower Shop     Walterboro-1965-0139
The Press & Standard     Walterboro-1965-0139
Thomas B.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Thomas B.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Thomas Billy   Walterboro-1965-0137
Thomas C.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Thomas Carl   Walterboro-1965-0100
Thomas Carl   Walterboro-1965-0103
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Thomas J.   Walterboro-1965-0074
Thomas Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0105
Thomas Jimmy   Walterboro-1965-0110
Thomas Jimmy W.   Walterboro-1965-0103
Thomas Judy   Walterboro-1965-0137
Thomas Judy Diane   Walterboro-1965-0131
Thomas R.   Walterboro-1965-0042
Thomas R.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Thomas Randolph   Walterboro-1965-0131
Thomas Randy   Walterboro-1965-0138
Thomas S.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Thomas Sarah Lee   Walterboro-1965-0103
Thomas William E.   Walterboro-1965-0131
Thompson Billy   Walterboro-1965-0104
Thompson J.   Walterboro-1965-0050
Thompson J.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Thompson Jennifer   Walterboro-1965-0069
Thompson Jennifer   Walterboro-1965-0110
Thompson June   Walterboro-1965-0110
Thompson L.     Walterboro-1965-0030
Thompson Linda   Walterboro-1965-0103
Thompson Madison   Walterboro-1965-0131
Thompson Madison   Walterboro-1965-0138
Thompson's Dime Store     Walterboro-1965-0139
Townsend L.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Townsend Libby   Walterboro-1965-0110
Toyland     Walterboro-1965-0139
Track     Walterboro-1965-0070
Truluck J.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Truluck J.   Walterboro-1965-0032
Truluck J.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Truluck J.   Walterboro-1965-0048
Truluck J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Truluck J.   Walterboro-1965-0076
Truluck Janet   Walterboro-1965-0077
Truluck Janet     Walterboro-1965-0138
Truluck Janet Ellen   Walterboro-1965-0132
Truluck Joy   Walterboro-1965-0103
Tucker J.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Tucker Jennifer   Walterboro-1965-0103
Tucker L.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Tucker L.   Walterboro-1965-0052
Tucker L.   Walterboro-1965-0087
Tucker Linda   Walterboro-1965-0138
Tucker Linda Gail   Walterboro-1965-0132
Tumbleston D.   Walterboro-1965-0051
Tumbleston D.   Walterboro-1965-0058
Tumbleston Dickie   Walterboro-1965-0103
Turner B.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Turner Billy   Walterboro-1965-0110
Turner D.   Walterboro-1965-0043
Turner D.   Walterboro-1965-0044
Turner D.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Turner D.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Turner D.     Walterboro-1965-0030
Turner David   Walterboro-1965-0078
Turner David   Walterboro-1965-0138
Turner David     Walterboro-1965-0132
Turner Deborah   Walterboro-1965-0110
Turner Donie   Walterboro-1965-0116
Turner G.   Walterboro-1965-0047
Turner G.   Walterboro-1965-0063
Turner Gilbert   Walterboro-1965-0110
Turner M.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Turner M.   Walterboro-1965-0057
Turner Marlene     Walterboro-1965-0138
Turner Marlene Gerri   Walterboro-1965-0132
Turner Micheal   Walterboro-1965-0116
Twelfth Grade Counselor     Walterboro-1965-0017
Ulmer J.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Ulmer J.   Walterboro-1965-0035
Ulmer J.   Walterboro-1965-0046
Ulmer J.   Walterboro-1965-0049
Ulmer J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Ulmer Joe   Walterboro-1965-0103
Ulmer Julia   Walterboro-1965-0035
Ulmer Julia   Walterboro-1965-0098
Ulmer Julia   Walterboro-1965-0138
Ulmer Julia Ann   Walterboro-1965-0132
Ulmer Lanier   Walterboro-1965-0104
Valentine Lynn   Walterboro-1965-0104
Varn V.   Walterboro-1965-0045
Varn Verley Mae   Walterboro-1965-0110
Varnadoe W.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Varnadoe W.   Walterboro-1965-0059
Varnadoe Wesley   Walterboro-1965-0110
Veach's American     Walterboro-1965-0139
Versatility     Walterboro-1965-0092
Vocational     Walterboro-1965-0025
VonLehe C.   Walterboro-1965-0034
VonLehe C.   Walterboro-1965-0049
VonLehe C.   Walterboro-1965-0059
VonLehe Chris   Walterboro-1965-0097
VonLehe Chris   Walterboro-1965-0116
VonLehe Norma Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
VonLehe Norma L. Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
VonLehe Norma Lee Mrs Walterboro-1965-0111
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1965-0020
VonLehe Virginia Mrs Walterboro-1965-0139
VonLehe Virginia  Mrs Walterboro-1965-0138
VonLehe   Mrs Walterboro-1965-0119
W. C. Pearcy     Walterboro-1965-0139
Walfield Ronald   Walterboro-1965-0110
Walker Judy   Walterboro-1965-0036
Walker Judy   Walterboro-1965-0093
Walker Judy   Walterboro-1965-0138
Walker Judy Elizabeth   Walterboro-1965-0132
Walterboro Auto Parts     Walterboro-1965-0139
Walterboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co.     Walterboro-1965-0139
Walterboro FCX     Walterboro-1965-0139
Walterboro Motor Sales     Walterboro-1965-0139
Walterboro Tractor & Equipment Co.     Walterboro-1965-0139
Walters B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Walters Bobby   Walterboro-1965-0110
Ward Carol   Walterboro-1965-0013
Warenfelt Brenda   Walterboro-1965-0104
Warren Thelma   Walterboro-1965-0110
Warren W.   Walterboro-1965-0055
Warren Wayne   Walterboro-1965-0116
Warrenfelt B.   Walterboro-1965-0030
Warshaw S.   Walterboro-1965-0034
Warshaw Susan   Walterboro-1965-0104
Warshaw's     Walterboro-1965-0139
Watts W. C.   Walterboro-1965-0116
We Finish At Last     Walterboro-1965-0133
We Were Seniors     Walterboro-1965-0121
Webster J.   Walterboro-1965-0054
Webster James William   Walterboro-1965-0132
Webster Jay