Ruffin High School 1972

Last Name First & Middle Name Suffix/Prefix School-Yearbook-Page
A&P Construction Co.     Ruffin-1972-0183
Academy Homes, Inc     Ruffin-1972-0176
Action     Ruffin-1972-0038
Adams Ameyer   Ruffin-1972-0151
Adams Ceronia   Ruffin-1972-0151
Adams Ernestine   Ruffin-1972-0151
Adams Larry   Ruffin-1972-0133
Adkinson Earlean   Ruffin-1972-0053
Adkinson Earlean   Ruffin-1972-0133
Agriculture     Ruffin-1972-0102
Aikens Diane   Ruffin-1972-0133
Aikens H.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Aikens Henry   Ruffin-1972-0141
Aikens Lily   Ruffin-1972-0141
Allen B. Mr Ruffin-1972-0053
Allen Bobby Mr Ruffin-1972-0070
Allen Bobby Mr Ruffin-1972-0100
Allen   Mr Ruffin-1972-0049
Allen   Mr Ruffin-1972-0055
Allen   Mr Ruffin-1972-0061
Ancrum A.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Ancrum A.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Ancrum Allen   Ruffin-1972-0133
Anthony Receives Jersey     Ruffin-1972-0028
Ashworth's S.O.C. Station     Ruffin-1972-0184
Assemblies     Ruffin-1972-0010
Asten-Hill Manufacturing Co.     Ruffin-1972-0166
Avant Minerva   Ruffin-1972-0125
Avant's Grocery     Ruffin-1972-0168
Babb Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0133
Band     Ruffin-1972-0103
Bank of Walterboro     Ruffin-1972-0178
Barnhill Burgoyne Mr Ruffin-1972-0103
Barnhill   Mr Ruffin-1972-0083
Bartlett Ricky   Ruffin-1972-0151
Baseball     Ruffin-1972-0060
Basketball - Boys     Ruffin-1972-0056
Basketball - Girls     Ruffin-1972-0053
Beach Rudy   Ruffin-1972-0139
Behlin David   Ruffin-1972-0147
Behlin Marion   Ruffin-1972-0147
Behling Diane   Ruffin-1972-0125
Belk-Hudson Co.     Ruffin-1972-0166
Bell Karen   Ruffin-1972-0147
Bellamy Wanda   Ruffin-1972-0147
Belton Donald   Ruffin-1972-0151
Belton James   Ruffin-1972-0125
Belton Juliet   Ruffin-1972-0111
Belton Juliet   Ruffin-1972-0156
Belton Terry   Ruffin-1972-0139
Belton Tyrone   Ruffin-1972-0145
Benbow G.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Benbow Gayle   Ruffin-1972-0125
Benjamin's Glamour Shoppe     Ruffin-1972-0184
Bennett S.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Bennett Sonya   Ruffin-1972-0024
Bennett Sonya   Ruffin-1972-0035
Bennett Sonya   Ruffin-1972-0125
Benton Gerald   Ruffin-1972-0141
Benton Janice   Ruffin-1972-0125
Benton Karen   Ruffin-1972-0147
Benton Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0147
Benton Sherrell   Ruffin-1972-0141
Beverly Robin   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bill Bone Photographer     Ruffin-1972-0173
Bishop Allen   Ruffin-1972-0133
Bishop Brothers Barber Shop     Ruffin-1972-0184
Black Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0141
Black Faye   Ruffin-1972-0072
Black Faye   Ruffin-1972-0141
Black Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0141
Black Larry   Ruffin-1972-0141
Black Linda   Ruffin-1972-0147
Black Patricia   Ruffin-1972-0133
Black Randolph   Ruffin-1972-0141
Black Richard   Ruffin-1972-0139
Black Stafford   Ruffin-1972-0156
Black Stanley   Ruffin-1972-0111
Black Viola   Ruffin-1972-0133
Blank Page     Ruffin-1972-0000c
Blank Page     Ruffin-1972-0185
Blank Page     Ruffin-1972-0186
Block R     Ruffin-1972-0066
Boatwright Annie   Ruffin-1972-0146
Boatwright Annie Ruth   Ruffin-1972-0151
Boatwright B.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Boatwright B.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Boatwright Betty   Ruffin-1972-0111
Boatwright Betty   Ruffin-1972-0122
Boatwright Betty   Ruffin-1972-0156
Boatwright Clarence   Ruffin-1972-0131
Boatwright Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0056
Boatwright Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0056
Boatwright Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0125
Boatwright LaVonia   Ruffin-1972-0053
Boatwright LaVonia   Ruffin-1972-0133
Boatwright McKinley   Ruffin-1972-0139
Boatwright Ruben   Ruffin-1972-0056
Boatwright Ruben   Ruffin-1972-0111
Boatwright Ruben   Ruffin-1972-0156
Boles McQuillan Mr Ruffin-1972-0096
Booster Club     Ruffin-1972-0062
Bostic Delphine   Ruffin-1972-0147
Bostic Robert   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bowman Vera Mrs Ruffin-1972-0104
Boys' State Representatives     Ruffin-1972-0026
Breedlove B.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Breedlove Ben   Ruffin-1972-0050
Breedlove Ben    Ruffin-1972-0133
Breland Alvin   Ruffin-1972-0111
Breland Alvin   Ruffin-1972-0156
Breland Dale   Ruffin-1972-0141
Breland J.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Breland Joe   Ruffin-1972-0141
Breland Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bright Herman Mr Ruffin-1972-0068
Bright Herman Mr Ruffin-1972-0103
Bright Herman Mr Ruffin-1972-0161
Brooks Eva   Ruffin-1972-0125
Brooks Larry   Ruffin-1972-0051
Brooks Larry   Ruffin-1972-0133
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0051
Brooks Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0147
Broughton Herman   Ruffin-1972-0056
Broughton Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0133
Broughton Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0125
Brown Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0147
Brown Bertie   Ruffin-1972-0133
Brown Clarence   Ruffin-1972-0111
Brown Clarence   Ruffin-1972-0156
Brown Darris   Ruffin-1972-0133
Brown Direatha   Ruffin-1972-0141
Brown Janis   Ruffin-1972-0133
Brown Margaret   Ruffin-1972-0147
Brown Michael   Ruffin-1972-0051
Brown Olene   Ruffin-1972-0133
Brown Samuel   Ruffin-1972-0133
Brown Walter   Ruffin-1972-0151
Brown Willis   Ruffin-1972-0131
Brown's Gulf Service     Ruffin-1972-0184
Bryan  Gary   Ruffin-1972-0147
Bryant Alfred   Ruffin-1972-0147
Bryant Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bryant Chester   Ruffin-1972-0125
Bryant Debra   Ruffin-1972-0133
Bryant Diane   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bryant Ella Mae Ms Ruffin-1972-0107
Bryant Elouise   Ruffin-1972-0125
Bryant Harold   Ruffin-1972-0125
Bryant James   Ruffin-1972-0140
Bryant James   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bryant Katherine Mrs Ruffin-1972-0106
Bryant Leon Mr Ruffin-1972-0062
Bryant Leon. Jr Mr Ruffin-1972-0092
Bryant Norris   Ruffin-1972-0141
Bryant Sylvia   Ruffin-1972-0072
Bryant Sylvia   Ruffin-1972-0141
Buckner Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0052
Buckner Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0151
Buckner Bertha   Ruffin-1972-0111
Buckner Bertha   Ruffin-1972-0156
Buckner C.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Buckner Cindy   Ruffin-1972-0141
Buckner Cornelius   Ruffin-1972-0125
Buckner Gloria   Ruffin-1972-0141
Buckner Harvey   Ruffin-1972-0111
Buckner Harvey   Ruffin-1972-0131
Buckner Ja Don   Ruffin-1972-0156
Buckner Ja-Don   Ruffin-1972-0111
Buckner L.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Buckner Larry   Ruffin-1972-0131
Buckner Ronald   Ruffin-1972-0141
Buckner Ronald   Ruffin-1972-0151
Buckner Vernon   Ruffin-1972-0156
Burrs David   Ruffin-1972-0133
Bus Drivers     Ruffin-1972-0083
Byrd Josephine Mrs Ruffin-1972-0098
C and N Tire Service     Ruffin-1972-0177
Cahill Shirley   Ruffin-1972-0147
Calvert Curtis   Ruffin-1972-0112
Calvert Curtis   Ruffin-1972-0156
Campbell R.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Campbell Richard   Ruffin-1972-0141
Capers A.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Capers A.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Capers A.     Ruffin-1972-0048
Capers Alfonso   Ruffin-1972-0050
Capers Alphonso   Ruffin-1972-0133
Capers Dale   Ruffin-1972-0141
Capers Diane   Ruffin-1972-0125
Capers Diane   Ruffin-1972-0156
Capers Larry   Ruffin-1972-0125
Capers T.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Capers Tony   Ruffin-1972-0151
Carolina Gin Co.     Ruffin-1972-0171
Carroll Dorothy   Ruffin-1972-0112
Carroll Dorothy   Ruffin-1972-0156
Carroll Henry   Ruffin-1972-0112
Carroll Henry   Ruffin-1972-0156
Carroll Wilsie   Ruffin-1972-0134
Carter Betty   Ruffin-1972-0125
Carter Cynthia Mrs Ruffin-1972-0096
Carter Gail   Ruffin-1972-0147
Carter's Shell Station     Ruffin-1972-0184
Chess P.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Chess Patricia   Ruffin-1972-0134
Chisholm Alfred   Ruffin-1972-0139
Chisolm Joseph   Ruffin-1972-0145
Choir     Ruffin-1972-0070
Clemson Representatives     Ruffin-1972-0024
Coastal Institutional Distributors     Ruffin-1972-0183
Cobb Gertrude   Ruffin-1972-0147
Coca-Cola Company     Ruffin-1972-0178
Colleton Drugs     Ruffin-1972-0184
Colleton Feed & Seed Company     Ruffin-1972-0173
Connelly Diane   Ruffin-1972-0142
Connelly Linda   Ruffin-1972-0125
Cook Steve   Ruffin-1972-0147
Coste Maryland   Ruffin-1972-0017
Cover - Back     Ruffin-1972-0188
Cover - Back - Inside     Ruffin-1972-0187
Cover - Front     Ruffin-1972-0000
Cover - Front - Inside     Ruffin-1972-0000a
Cover - Front - Inside - Right     Ruffin-1972-0000b
Crosby Betty   Ruffin-1972-0147
Crosby Bill Mr Ruffin-1972-0062
Crosby D.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Crosby David   Ruffin-1972-0077
Crosby David   Ruffin-1972-0080
Crosby David   Ruffin-1972-0125
Crosby Elizabeth Ms Ruffin-1972-0106
Crosby H.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0018
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0056
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0056
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0066
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0112
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0156
Crosby Hubert   Ruffin-1972-0161
Crosby Lanier   Ruffin-1972-0112
Crosby Larry   Ruffin-1972-0142
Crosby Mary I.   Ruffin-1972-0142
Crosby Peggy   Ruffin-1972-0125
Crosby Polly   Ruffin-1972-0142
Crosby Sandra   Ruffin-1972-0064
Crosby Sandra   Ruffin-1972-0134
Crosby Ted   Ruffin-1972-0125
Crosby Tommy   Ruffin-1972-0134
Crosby Wendell   Ruffin-1972-0142
Crosby Willie Mae Ms Ruffin-1972-0106
Cummings Sonny   Ruffin-1972-0147
Cyanamid Farm Supply     Ruffin-1972-0174
Daniels Annie   Ruffin-1972-0142
Daniels Bobbie   Ruffin-1972-0072
Daniels Bobbie   Ruffin-1972-0134
Daniels Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0147
Daniels Jackie   Ruffin-1972-0134
Daniels Tommy   Ruffin-1972-0112
Daniels Willie     Ruffin-1972-0126
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0022
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0033
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0046
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0070
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0079
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0113
Dantzler Dale   Ruffin-1972-0119
Dantzler Joan    Ruffin-1972-0082
Dantzler Joan    Ruffin-1972-0134
Dantzler Rita   Ruffin-1972-0147
Dantzler Terry   Ruffin-1972-0053
Dantzler Terry   Ruffin-1972-0066
Dantzler Terry   Ruffin-1972-0126
Davis Marshall   Ruffin-1972-0126
Dean Dewey   Ruffin-1972-0134
Defensive Team - Football     Ruffin-1972-0049
Dobbins John   Ruffin-1972-0156
Dobbins Paula   Ruffin-1972-0134
Dobinson Dorothy   Ruffin-1972-0156
Dopson Gloria   Ruffin-1972-0052
Dopson Gloria   Ruffin-1972-0063
Dopson Gloria   Ruffin-1972-0142
Dopson Nancy   Ruffin-1972-0126
Drain Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0146
Drain Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0151
Drain S.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Drain Sam    Ruffin-1972-0134
Drivers Education     Ruffin-1972-0103
Edwards Lillie   Ruffin-1972-0126
Ehrhardt Furniture Company     Ruffin-1972-0167
Ehrhardt Milling Company     Ruffin-1972-0169
Ehrhardt Pharmacy     Ruffin-1972-0172
Eighth Graders     Ruffin-1972-0146
Enterprise Bank     Ruffin-1972-0182
Fair Pamela   Ruffin-1972-0134
Farena Furniture Co.     Ruffin-1972-0180
Farmers & Merchants Bank     Ruffin-1972-0171
FCX     Ruffin-1972-0172
Fender Dennis   Ruffin-1972-0142
Fender Gail   Ruffin-1972-0052
Fender Gail   Ruffin-1972-0147
Fennell Beverly   Ruffin-1972-0142
Fennell Gertrude   Ruffin-1972-0132
Fennell Gertrude   Ruffin-1972-0134
Ferguson Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0147
Ferguson Charles   Ruffin-1972-0135
FFA - First Year Members     Ruffin-1972-0076
FFA - Officers     Ruffin-1972-0077
FFA - Second Year Members     Ruffin-1972-0076
FFA - Third & Fourth Year Members     Ruffin-1972-0076
FHA - Junior      Ruffin-1972-0072
FHA - Senior     Ruffin-1972-0073
First Federal Savings and Loan Association     Ruffin-1972-0164
First National Bank     Ruffin-1972-0174
Five Players for Girls - First Year     Ruffin-1972-0055
Flower's Store     Ruffin-1972-0184
Football     Ruffin-1972-0040
Foreword     Ruffin-1972-0002
Fowlke Bernadine   Ruffin-1972-0147
Fralix D.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Fralix Dean   Ruffin-1972-0077
Fralix Dean   Ruffin-1972-0135
Fralix Glenn    Ruffin-1972-0148
Frazier Connie   Ruffin-1972-0148
Frazier H.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Frazier Harold   Ruffin-1972-0126
Frazier Harrier   Ruffin-1972-0132
Frazier Harriet   Ruffin-1972-0074
Frazier Harriett   Ruffin-1972-0135
Frazier Perry   Ruffin-1972-0113
Frazier Perry   Ruffin-1972-0156
Freshmen     Ruffin-1972-0140
Fryar Blytha   Ruffin-1972-0072
Fryar Blytha M.   Ruffin-1972-0142
Fryar Debbie   Ruffin-1972-0148
Fryar Dian    Ruffin-1972-0156
Fryar Frankie   Ruffin-1972-0142
Fryar Roy   Ruffin-1972-0142
Fryar V.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Fryar V.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Fryar V.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-1972-0020
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-1972-0027
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-1972-0075
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-1972-0081
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-1972-0113
Fryar Virginia   Ruffin-1972-0156
Fryar William   Ruffin-1972-0142
Future Farmers of America     Ruffin-1972-0076
Gaddis Thomas   Ruffin-1972-0126
Gant Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0142
Garner Ruby   Ruffin-1972-0131
Garrick C.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Garrick C.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-1972-0020
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-1972-0027
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-1972-0027
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-1972-0113
Garrick Cecil   Ruffin-1972-0156
Gaskin Beulah   Ruffin-1972-0135
Gaskins Liston   Ruffin-1972-0113
George Kate Mrs Ruffin-1972-0098
Gillard Arthur Mr Ruffin-1972-0094
Girls' State Representatives     Ruffin-1972-0026
Givens Mark   Ruffin-1972-0148
Gladys M. Murray's Flower Shop     Ruffin-1972-0184
Glover A.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Glover A.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0028
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0043
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0045
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0047
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0048
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0113
Glover Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0157
Glover Larry   Ruffin-1972-0041
Glover Larry   Ruffin-1972-0131
Godley David   Ruffin-1972-0148
Godley R.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Godley Roger   Ruffin-1972-0131
Godley Shirley   Ruffin-1972-0142
Godley Travis Mr Ruffin-1972-0102
Goff Clarine   Ruffin-1972-0064
Goff Clarine   Ruffin-1972-0124
Goff Clarine   Ruffin-1972-0127
Goff Garry   Ruffin-1972-0135
Goff Gary   Ruffin-1972-0051
Goff Marcelle   Ruffin-1972-0148
Goff Tony   Ruffin-1972-0135
Goff Vera Mrs Ruffin-1972-0093
Gooding Joyce Mrs Ruffin-1972-0105
Gooding Teresa   Ruffin-1972-0148
Govan John   Ruffin-1972-0157
Grace's Discount Center     Ruffin-1972-0172
Grant Eleanor   Ruffin-1972-0140
Grant Eleanor   Ruffin-1972-0142
Grant Harry   Ruffin-1972-0131
Grant Julia M.   Ruffin-1972-0114
Grant Julia M.   Ruffin-1972-0157
Grant Vincent   Ruffin-1972-0148
Grapevine     Ruffin-1972-0184
Grayson Dean   Ruffin-1972-0148
Grayson Sharon   Ruffin-1972-0126
Green B.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Green Billy   Ruffin-1972-0148
Green Brenda Gail   Ruffin-1972-0052
Green Brenda Gail   Ruffin-1972-0148
Green Edna Mrs Ruffin-1972-0105
Green F.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Green Freddie   Ruffin-1972-0051
Green Freddie   Ruffin-1972-0051
Green Freddie   Ruffin-1972-0135
Green J.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Green Janice   Ruffin-1972-0148
Green Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0127
Green Josie   Ruffin-1972-0127
Green Luella   Ruffin-1972-0142
Green Peter   Ruffin-1972-0145
Green Romenia   Ruffin-1972-0142
Gymnastics Team     Ruffin-1972-0061
H. P. Ulmer's Groceries     Ruffin-1972-0181
Halman B.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Hamilton's Funeral Home     Ruffin-1972-0181
Hammond Juanita Mrs Ruffin-1972-0100
Harley E.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Harley Eric   Ruffin-1972-0124
Harley Eric   Ruffin-1972-0127
Harley Gail   Ruffin-1972-0127
Harrison Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0053
Harrison Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0114
Harrison Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hatchell H.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Hatchell Harold   Ruffin-1972-0139
Hatchell Wanda   Ruffin-1972-0146
Hatchell Wanda   Ruffin-1972-0148
Hayes Wilhemenia   Ruffin-1972-0148
Hayes Wilmont   Ruffin-1972-0132
Hayes Wilmont   Ruffin-1972-0135
Haynes Donald   Ruffin-1972-0131
Henderson Flourie   Ruffin-1972-0142
Henderson Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0114
Henderson Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0157
Henderson Lureather   Ruffin-1972-0142
Henderson Ronnie   Ruffin-1972-0114
Henderson Ronnie   Ruffin-1972-0157
Heritage 1972     Ruffin-1972-0000
Heritage 1972 - Volume II     Ruffin-1972-0001
Herndon Johnnie   Ruffin-1972-0131
Herndon L.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Herndon Larry   Ruffin-1972-0114
Herndon Larry   Ruffin-1972-0157
Herndon Motor Lines     Ruffin-1972-0184
Herndon's Stockyards     Ruffin-1972-0172
Hiers Dorothy   Ruffin-1972-0114
Hiers Dorothy   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hiers Harold   Ruffin-1972-0148
Hiott C. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0079
Hiott C. R. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0078
Hiott Camille Mrs Ruffin-1972-0090
Hodges Albert   Ruffin-1972-0056
Hodges Albert   Ruffin-1972-0131
Hodges Annie R.   Ruffin-1972-0114
Hodges Annie R.   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hodges Clyde   Ruffin-1972-0135
Hodges Deborah   Ruffin-1972-0151
Hodges Gloria J.   Ruffin-1972-0114
Hodges Gloria J.   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hodges Leonard   Ruffin-1972-0135
Hodges M.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Hodges Mariah   Ruffin-1972-0127
Hodges Marie   Ruffin-1972-0114
Hodges Marie   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hodges Marilyn   Ruffin-1972-0073
Hodges Marilyn   Ruffin-1972-0127
Hodges Princene   Ruffin-1972-0132
Hodges Princene   Ruffin-1972-0135
Hodges R.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Hodges R.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0022
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0027
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0056
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0079
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0113
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0115
Hodges Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hodges Sarah   Ruffin-1972-0056
Hodges Sarah   Ruffin-1972-0075
Hodges Sarah   Ruffin-1972-0115
Hodges Sarah   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hodges Terry   Ruffin-1972-0148
Hodges W.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Hodges Woodrow   Ruffin-1972-0051
Hodges Woodrow   Ruffin-1972-0143
Hodge's Beauty and Barber Shop     Ruffin-1972-0166
Hollman Bennie   Ruffin-1972-0151
Hollman Roger   Ruffin-1972-0143
Hollman Roger   Ruffin-1972-0151
Howard Jorge Ann   Ruffin-1972-0127
Howard E. Thomas     Ruffin-1972-0184
Hudson Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0143
Hudson Brenda      Ruffin-1972-0063
Hudson Debra   Ruffin-1972-0127
Hudson J.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Hudson Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0056
Hudson Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0115
Hudson Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0157
Hudson Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0148
Hudson P.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Hudson Patty   Ruffin-1972-0064
Hudson Patty   Ruffin-1972-0135
Hutto's 5c to $1.00 Store     Ruffin-1972-0184
In Memoriam     Ruffin-1972-0017
Index     Ruffin-1972-0001
It's Good to Relax     Ruffin-1972-0015
It's Lunch Time     Ruffin-1972-0005
Ivanhoe     Ruffin-1972-0169
J. P. Stevens & Co., Inc.     Ruffin-1972-0174
J. Z. O'Quinn     Ruffin-1972-0177
Jack's     Ruffin-1972-0168
Jackson Charles   Ruffin-1972-0135
Jackson Lillie   Ruffin-1972-0073
Jackson Lillie   Ruffin-1972-0124
Jackson Lillie   Ruffin-1972-0127
Jakes R.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Jakes R.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Jakes Rosa L.   Ruffin-1972-0157
Jakes Rosa Lee   Ruffin-1972-0018
Jakes Rosa Lee   Ruffin-1972-0027
Jakes Rosa Lee   Ruffin-1972-0116
Jamison Alma   Ruffin-1972-0072
Jamison Alma   Ruffin-1972-0145
Jamison Betty   Ruffin-1972-0116
Jamison Carolyn   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jamison Derrick   Ruffin-1972-0148
Jamison F.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Jamison F.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Jamison Frederick   Ruffin-1972-0116
Jamison Frederick   Ruffin-1972-0157
Jamison Fredrick   Ruffin-1972-0056
Jamison Glennell   Ruffin-1972-0135
Jamison H.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Jamison Heber   Ruffin-1972-0135
Jamison Larry   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jamison Mableleen   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jamison Nancy   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jamison Patricia   Ruffin-1972-0053
Jenkins Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0116
Jenkins Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0157
Jenkins Betty   Ruffin-1972-0116
Jenkins Genell   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jenkins Larry   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jenkins Loretta Ms Ruffin-1972-0106
Jenkins Margaree   Ruffin-1972-0115
Jenkins Margaree   Ruffin-1972-0116
Jenkins Margaree   Ruffin-1972-0157
Jenkins Margie   Ruffin-1972-0145
Jenkins P.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Jenkins Perry   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jenkins Robert   Ruffin-1972-0157
Jenkins T.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Jenkins Terry   Ruffin-1972-0149
Johns J.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Johnson Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0052
Johnson Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0069
Johnson Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0143
Johnson Beverly   Ruffin-1972-0070
Johnson Beverly   Ruffin-1972-0117
Johnson Beverly   Ruffin-1972-0157
Johnson Carolyn   Ruffin-1972-0135
Johnson David   Ruffin-1972-0143
Johnson David M.   Ruffin-1972-0143
Johnson Gloria   Ruffin-1972-0139
Johnson Jerry   Ruffin-1972-0139
Johnson Richie   Ruffin-1972-0127
Johnson T.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Johnson Tyrone   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jones Allean   Ruffin-1972-0065
Jones Allean   Ruffin-1972-0127
Jones Anita   Ruffin-1972-0063
Jones Anita   Ruffin-1972-0140
Jones Anita   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jones B.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Jones Bobby   Ruffin-1972-0131
Jones Cathy   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jones Christopher   Ruffin-1972-0128
Jones Danny   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jones Debra   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jones Ethel   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jones Evelyn   Ruffin-1972-0065
Jones Evelyn   Ruffin-1972-0070
Jones Evelyn   Ruffin-1972-0128
Jones Furman   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jones H. Miss Ruffin-1972-0064
Jones Hattie L. Miss Ruffin-1972-0072
Jones Hattie L. Miss Ruffin-1972-0099
Jones J.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Jones Joann   Ruffin-1972-0158
Jones Joann    Ruffin-1972-0117
Jones Joanne   Ruffin-1972-0073
Jones John   Ruffin-1972-0139
Jones Johnnie   Ruffin-1972-0128
Jones Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0041
Jones Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0052
Jones Marvin Mr Ruffin-1972-0096
Jones Michael   Ruffin-1972-0117
Jones Michael   Ruffin-1972-0158
Jones Norman   Ruffin-1972-0139
Jones Peggy Mrs Ruffin-1972-0105
Jones Rene   Ruffin-1972-0149
Jones Ricky   Ruffin-1972-0143
Jones Vernon   Ruffin-1972-0118
Jones Vernon   Ruffin-1972-0158
Jordan Diane   Ruffin-1972-0135
Joy Roberta Miss Ruffin-1972-0052
Joy Roberta Miss Ruffin-1972-0093
Joy Tim Mr Ruffin-1972-0089
Joy Tim Mr Ruffin-1972-0161
Joy   Mr Ruffin-1972-0080
Joyner Carolyn   Ruffin-1972-0128
Jumper Frank    Ruffin-1972-0143
Juniors     Ruffin-1972-0124
JV - Basketball - Boys     Ruffin-1972-0051
JV - Basketball - Girls     Ruffin-1972-0052
JV - Cheerleaders     Ruffin-1972-0063
JV - Football     Ruffin-1972-0050
K & K Tractor Company     Ruffin-1972-0167
Katling Reginald   Ruffin-1972-0145
Kicklighter Riley   Ruffin-1972-0149
Kinard Donnie   Ruffin-1972-0139
Kinard Florrie   Ruffin-1972-0135
Kinard Lily   Ruffin-1972-0149
Kinard Willie   Ruffin-1972-0135
King Renee   Ruffin-1972-0053
King Renee   Ruffin-1972-0118
King Renee   Ruffin-1972-0158
King   Renee   Ruffin-1972-0053
King Teen Representatives     Ruffin-1972-0025
Lawton Albert   Ruffin-1972-0143
Lawton John   Ruffin-1972-0131
Lawton John     Ruffin-1972-0118
Leonard R. A. Mr Ruffin-1972-0086
Leonard R. A. Mr Ruffin-1972-0161
Leona's Beauty Shop     Ruffin-1972-0170
Lewis A.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Lewis Earlean   Ruffin-1972-0139
Lewis M.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Lewis Michael   Ruffin-1972-0139
Library Club     Ruffin-1972-0082
Linder David   Ruffin-1972-0139
Linder Delores   Ruffin-1972-0073
Linder Deloris   Ruffin-1972-0128
Linder Faith   Ruffin-1972-0149
Linder Hattie     Ruffin-1972-0143
Linder James   Ruffin-1972-0051
Linder James   Ruffin-1972-0135
Linder Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0145
Linder Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0149
Linder K.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Linder K.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0026
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0027
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0079
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0082
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0118
Linder Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0158
Linder Lonzo   Ruffin-1972-0139
Linder Margie Mrs Ruffin-1972-0104
Linder Stanley   Ruffin-1972-0149
Linder W. A. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0082
Linder Willie   Ruffin-1972-0149
Linder's Groceries     Ruffin-1972-0184
Lingard Deborah   Ruffin-1972-0074
Lingard Debra   Ruffin-1972-0143
Lloyd W. P. Mr Ruffin-1972-0077
Lloyd Walter Mr Ruffin-1972-0062
Lloyd Walter Mr Ruffin-1972-0102
Lloyd Y. J. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0067
Lloyd Y. J. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0067
Lloyd Y. J. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0088
Louise's Beauty Shop     Ruffin-1972-0184
Lyons Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0065
Lyons Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0128
Lyons Billy   Ruffin-1972-0077
Lyons Billy   Ruffin-1972-0139
Lyons D.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Lyons Dowling   Ruffin-1972-0139
Lyons Hope   Ruffin-1972-0149
Lyons Wendell   Ruffin-1972-0149
Maloney Marlene   Ruffin-1972-0063
Maloney Marlene   Ruffin-1972-0063
Maloney Marlene   Ruffin-1972-0140
Maloney Marlene   Ruffin-1972-0143
Mann Debra   Ruffin-1972-0052
Mann Debra   Ruffin-1972-0149
Marcos Thomas G. Mr Ruffin-1972-0183
Marley Eric   Ruffin-1972-0077
Marsh Charles   Ruffin-1972-0149
Marshalls 1970-1971     Ruffin-1972-0027
Martin Deborah   Ruffin-1972-0143
Martin Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0143
Martin Patricia   Ruffin-1972-0136
Maxey Deborah   Ruffin-1972-0128
Maxey Eugene   Ruffin-1972-0118
Maxey Eugene   Ruffin-1972-0158
Mays Arthur   Ruffin-1972-0144
Mays Rosalee   Ruffin-1972-0128
McAlister A. O. Mr Ruffin-1972-0028
McAlister A. O. Mr Ruffin-1972-0040
McAlister A. O. Mr Ruffin-1972-0087
McAlister   Mr Ruffin-1972-0049
McCall Ronnie   Ruffin-1972-0128
McClellan Lonnie Mr Ruffin-1972-0090
McFadden Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0144
McFadden H.   Ruffin-1972-0048
McFadden Harold   Ruffin-1972-0047
McFadden Harold   Ruffin-1972-0128
McFadden Vivian Ms Ruffin-1972-0106
Mears Fritzgerald   Ruffin-1972-0035
Mears Fritzgerald   Ruffin-1972-0037
Mears Fritzgerald   Ruffin-1972-0118
Mears Fritzsheryl   Ruffin-1972-0158
Mears Katherine   Ruffin-1972-0144
Mears Peggy   Ruffin-1972-0128
Menner Charles Mr Ruffin-1972-0107
Middleton Sandra   Ruffin-1972-0149
Mill End     Ruffin-1972-0171
Miller Sallie   Ruffin-1972-0118
Miller Sallie   Ruffin-1972-0158
Miss Heritage 1972     Ruffin-1972-0029
Miss Homecoming     Ruffin-1972-0033
Miss Ruffin High     Ruffin-1972-0031
Mitchell Audrey Ms Ruffin-1972-0106
Mitchell Cheryl   Ruffin-1972-0128
Moffitt Alan   Ruffin-1972-0149
Moffitt Jeffrey   Ruffin-1972-0144
Moore Dustrilla   Ruffin-1972-0149
Moore James   Ruffin-1972-0129
Moore James   Ruffin-1972-0149
Moore Willie   Ruffin-1972-0146
Moore Willie   Ruffin-1972-0150
Mosley Arlene   Ruffin-1972-0144
Mosley Gerome   Ruffin-1972-0158
Mosley Jerome   Ruffin-1972-0118
Mosley L.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Mosley Larry   Ruffin-1972-0150
Mosley Mark   Ruffin-1972-0118
Mosley Michael   Ruffin-1972-0144
Mosley Nathaniel   Ruffin-1972-0145
Mosley Shirley   Ruffin-1972-0119
Mosley Shirley   Ruffin-1972-0158
Mosley Willis   Ruffin-1972-0139
Moultrie E.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Moultrie Eugene   Ruffin-1972-0144
Moylan's     Ruffin-1972-0168
Murdaugh C.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Murdaugh Charles   Ruffin-1972-0051
Murdaugh Charles   Ruffin-1972-0051
Murdaugh Charles   Ruffin-1972-0139
Murdaugh H.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Murdaugh Harold   Ruffin-1972-0056
Murdaugh Harold   Ruffin-1972-0119
Murdaugh Harold   Ruffin-1972-0158
Murdaugh K.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Murdaugh K.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Murdaugh K.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Murdaugh Kelvin   Ruffin-1972-0019
Murdaugh Kelvin   Ruffin-1972-0075
Murdaugh Kelvin   Ruffin-1972-0080
Murdaugh Kelvin   Ruffin-1972-0119
Murdaugh Kelvin   Ruffin-1972-0158
Murdaugh Zetty   Ruffin-1972-0065
Murdaugh Zetty   Ruffin-1972-0124
Murdaugh Zetty   Ruffin-1972-0129
Murray Grady   Ruffin-1972-0150
Murray John   Ruffin-1972-0136
Murray John   Ruffin-1972-0139
Murray Redell   Ruffin-1972-0129
Myers Larry   Ruffin-1972-0150
Myers Lauren   Ruffin-1972-0077
Myers Lauren   Ruffin-1972-0129
Myers Shirley   Ruffin-1972-0129
Myers Warren   Ruffin-1972-0151
National Honor Society     Ruffin-1972-0067
Ned M. Berry     Ruffin-1972-0168
Nettles Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0139
Nettles Karen   Ruffin-1972-0136
Newton Renee   Ruffin-1972-0035
Newton Renee   Ruffin-1972-0064
Newton Renee   Ruffin-1972-0129
Nidiffer Casey   Ruffin-1972-0119
Nidiffer Casey   Ruffin-1972-0158
Nobles Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0119
Nobles Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0131
Nobles Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0158
Novit Rob  Mr Ruffin-1972-0161
Novit Siegel     Ruffin-1972-0168
Offensive Team - Football     Ruffin-1972-0049
Padgett Cindy   Ruffin-1972-0082
Padgett Cindy   Ruffin-1972-0144
Padgett Connie   Ruffin-1972-0144
Padgett Gerald   Ruffin-1972-0136
Padgett Ricky   Ruffin-1972-0144
Padgett Shelia   Ruffin-1972-0136
Parnell D.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Parnell Dennis   Ruffin-1972-0136
Parson's Dress Shop     Ruffin-1972-0166
Patriot Staff     Ruffin-1972-0078
Pearson James   Ruffin-1972-0139
Pellum Listen   Ruffin-1972-0017
Pellum Listen   Ruffin-1972-0075
Pep Rallys     Ruffin-1972-0008
Peters Billy   Ruffin-1972-0150
Peters L.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Peters L.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Peters Lamar   Ruffin-1972-0046
Peters Lamar   Ruffin-1972-0136
Peters Larry   Ruffin-1972-0150
Phillips B.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Phillips Bennie   Ruffin-1972-0129
Phillips Dale   Ruffin-1972-0150
Phillips Darlene   Ruffin-1972-0144
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1972-0063
Phillips Lynn   Ruffin-1972-0150
Phillips Mary   Mrs Ruffin-1972-0104
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0003
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0004
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0005
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0006
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0007
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0008
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0009
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0010
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0011
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0012
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0013
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0014
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0015
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0016
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0023
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0028
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0030
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0032
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0034
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0036
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0038
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0039
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0084
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0085
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0091
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0095
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0097
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0101
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0109
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0152
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0153
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0154
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0155
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0162
Pictures     Ruffin-1972-0163
Pictures - Band     Ruffin-1972-0068
Pictures - Band     Ruffin-1972-0069
Pictures - Basketball     Ruffin-1972-0054
Pictures - Basketball     Ruffin-1972-0055
Pictures - Basketball     Ruffin-1972-0057
Pictures - Basketball     Ruffin-1972-0058
Pictures - Basketball     Ruffin-1972-0059
Pictures - Choir     Ruffin-1972-0070
Pictures - Choir     Ruffin-1972-0071
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0040
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0041
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0042
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0043
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0044
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0046
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0047
Pictures - Football     Ruffin-1972-0049
Pictures - Library Club     Ruffin-1972-0082
Pictures - Patriot Staff     Ruffin-1972-0078
Pictures - Student Council     Ruffin-1972-0075
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1972-0146
Polk Debbie   Ruffin-1972-0150
Polk Nancy   Ruffin-1972-0150
Polk Vickie   Ruffin-1972-0119
Ponds Janet   Ruffin-1972-0063
Ponds Janet   Ruffin-1972-0063
Ponds Janet   Ruffin-1972-0140
Ponds Janet   Ruffin-1972-0144
Ponds Miriam Ms Ruffin-1972-0062
Ponds T.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Ponds Timmy   Ruffin-1972-0131
Preacher Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0120
Preacher Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0158
Precious and Few     Ruffin-1972-0023
Prescott Edwin Mr Ruffin-1972-0051
Prescott Edwin Mr Ruffin-1972-0100
Prescott   Mr Ruffin-1972-0034
Prescott   Mr Ruffin-1972-0035
Prescott   Mr Ruffin-1972-0049
Prescott   Mr Ruffin-1972-0050
Prescott   Mr Ruffin-1972-0050
Prescott   Mr Ruffin-1972-0051
Price Richard Mr Ruffin-1972-0161
Priester Allen   Ruffin-1972-0120
Priester Randy   Ruffin-1972-0139
Priester Sherry   Ruffin-1972-0131
Priester Wayne   Ruffin-1972-0150
Proveaux Tina   Ruffin-1972-0144
Queen of Hearts        Ruffin-1972-0037
Queen of Hearts Contest     Ruffin-1972-0034
Rahn Dale   Ruffin-1972-0136
Rahn Janice   Ruffin-1972-0150
Regular Drivers     Ruffin-1972-0083
Reid Doris Mrs Ruffin-1972-0092
Rhode B. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0082
Rhode Betty Mrs Ruffin-1972-0104
Rhode   Mrs Ruffin-1972-0143
Rhodes Oil Company     Ruffin-1972-0169
Rhoney Terry   Ruffin-1972-0150
Richard Price     Ruffin-1972-0176
Richardson Allen   Ruffin-1972-0144
Rick McMillan's Esso Station     Ruffin-1972-0173
Riley Betty   Ruffin-1972-0072
Riley Betty   Ruffin-1972-0144
Riley E.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Riley E.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Riley E.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0019
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0025
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0027
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0027
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0056
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0074
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0077
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0116
Riley Ernest   Ruffin-1972-0120
Riley Ernest    Ruffin-1972-0158
Risher Jimmie   Ruffin-1972-0120
Risher Jimmie   Ruffin-1972-0158
Risher Joann   Ruffin-1972-0150
Rivers Jill   Ruffin-1972-0144
Rizer B.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Rizer Beth   Ruffin-1972-0074
Rizer Beth   Ruffin-1972-0081
Rizer Beth   Ruffin-1972-0129
Robinson Gregory   Ruffin-1972-0144
Ross Vanessa   Ruffin-1972-0150
Russell D. Warren Building Supply Company     Ruffin-1972-0165
Salley Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0073
Salley Barbara   Ruffin-1972-0129
Salley Beatrice   Ruffin-1972-0072
Salley Beatrice   Ruffin-1972-0137
Salley Fred    Ruffin-1972-0129
Salley Frederick   Ruffin-1972-0150
Salley J.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Salley James   Ruffin-1972-0139
Salley James   Ruffin-1972-0144
Salley Lauritza   Ruffin-1972-0117
Salley Lauritza   Ruffin-1972-0120
Salley Lauritza   Ruffin-1972-0159
Salley Paul    Ruffin-1972-0150
Salley Roy   Ruffin-1972-0137
Salley Sylvester   Ruffin-1972-0129
Sampson Abigail   Ruffin-1972-0150
Sampson Novice   Ruffin-1972-0069
Sampson Novice   Ruffin-1972-0120
Sampson Novice   Ruffin-1972-0159
Sampson Terry   Ruffin-1972-0052
Sampson Terry   Ruffin-1972-0137
Sam's Red & White     Ruffin-1972-0170
Sanders Adolph   Ruffin-1972-0129
Sanders Gerald   Ruffin-1972-0120
Sanders Gerald   Ruffin-1972-0159
Sanders Joyce   Ruffin-1972-0120
Sanders Paul    Ruffin-1972-0144
Sanderson Raymond   Ruffin-1972-0144
Sauls David   Ruffin-1972-0137
Saunders Ricky   Ruffin-1972-0137
SCE&G     Ruffin-1972-0180
Seabrook Horace   Ruffin-1972-0159
Seneker Bill Mr Ruffin-1972-0056
Seneker Bill Mr Ruffin-1972-0100
Seneker   Mr Ruffin-1972-0049
Seneker   Mr Ruffin-1972-0057
Senior Directory     Ruffin-1972-0156
Seniors in Action     Ruffin-1972-0110
Seniors: Sad Silly Soulful     Ruffin-1972-0160
Shider Lorenzo   Ruffin-1972-0130
Simmons Hattie     Ruffin-1972-0137
Simms Toggery     Ruffin-1972-0184
Smalls Rose Marie   Ruffin-1972-0151
Smith Larry   Ruffin-1972-0120
Smith Larry   Ruffin-1972-0159
Smith Phyllis   Ruffin-1972-0151
Smith Roger   Ruffin-1972-0131
Smoak Cindy   Ruffin-1972-0121
Smoak Cindy   Ruffin-1972-0159
Sophomores     Ruffin-1972-0132
Southern Discount Co., Inc.     Ruffin-1972-0184
Speaks Carey Mrs Ruffin-1972-0089
Spires Patsy Mrs Ruffin-1972-0090
Spires Robert F. Mr Ruffin-1972-0094
Spires   Mr Ruffin-1972-0049
Square Dancing Isn't Square     Ruffin-1972-0014
Stanfield Karen   Ruffin-1972-0035
Stanfield Karen   Ruffin-1972-0063
Stanfield Karen   Ruffin-1972-0144
Stanfield Nancy   Ruffin-1972-0053
Stanfield Nancy   Ruffin-1972-0124
Stanfield Nancy   Ruffin-1972-0130
Stanley Donna   Ruffin-1972-0052
Stanley Donna   Ruffin-1972-0144
Stanley F.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Stanley Freddie   Ruffin-1972-0145
Stanley R.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Stanley Ronald   Ruffin-1972-0137
Stanley's Drug Store     Ruffin-1972-0184
Steedly E.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Steedly Elaine   Ruffin-1972-0027
Steedly Elaine   Ruffin-1972-0073
Steedly Elaine   Ruffin-1972-0121
Steedly Elaine   Ruffin-1972-0159
Stephens Amanda   Ruffin-1972-0121
Stephens Amanda   Ruffin-1972-0159
Stephens Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0056
Stephens Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0130
Stephens Doris   Ruffin-1972-0130
Stephens Frank   Ruffin-1972-0151
Stephens Gerald   Ruffin-1972-0151
Stephens Gerdy   Ruffin-1972-0137
Stephens Geroy   Ruffin-1972-0051
Stephens Irene   Ruffin-1972-0144
Stephens James   Ruffin-1972-0131
Stephens Jettie   Ruffin-1972-0145
Stephens Kenneth   Ruffin-1972-0151
Stephens Leroy   Ruffin-1972-0051
Stephens Leroy   Ruffin-1972-0139
Stephens Margaret A. Miss Ruffin-1972-0088
Stephens Mary A.   Ruffin-1972-0130
Stephens Mary Lee   Ruffin-1972-0131
Stephens Odessa L. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0089
Stephens Rudolph   Ruffin-1972-0144
Stephens Sally B. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0096
Stephens Sonya   Ruffin-1972-0144
Stephens T. Mr Ruffin-1972-0056
Stephens T. Mr Ruffin-1972-0067
Stephens T. Mr Ruffin-1972-0067
Stephens Truman Mr Ruffin-1972-0094
Stevens G.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Stevens L.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Steward R.   Ruffin-1972-0061
Steward Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0121
Steward Rodney   Ruffin-1972-0159
Stinson Joseph O. Mr Ruffin-1972-0089
Stokes Janet   Ruffin-1972-0130
Stokes Joseph   Ruffin-1972-0145
Stokes Ruth Ann   Ruffin-1972-0151
Stone June   Ruffin-1972-0151
Strickland Allen   Ruffin-1972-0151
Strickland J.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Strickland James   Ruffin-1972-0131
Strickland's Dixie Cleaners     Ruffin-1972-0175
Student Council     Ruffin-1972-0075
Substitute Drivers     Ruffin-1972-0083
Summers Mary C. Mrs Ruffin-1972-0099
Sweat Mark   Ruffin-1972-0151
Sweat Sherry   Ruffin-1972-0138
Sweat W.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Sweat Wayman   Ruffin-1972-0121
Sweat Wayman   Ruffin-1972-0121
Sweat Wayman   Ruffin-1972-0159
Teachers: As We See Them     Ruffin-1972-0108
Tennant's Children's Wear - Gifts     Ruffin-1972-0167
The Factory Outlet     Ruffin-1972-0173
The Press and Standard     Ruffin-1972-0181
Thomas Allen   Ruffin-1972-0145
Thomas Gail   Ruffin-1972-0145
Thomas Sabrina   Ruffin-1972-0145
Thompson's 5c to $1.00 Store     Ruffin-1972-0174
Tracy's Pharmacy     Ruffin-1972-0181
Transportation Engineers     Ruffin-1972-0083
Tripp Danny   Ruffin-1972-0151
Tripp David   Ruffin-1972-0145
Turner Derrick   Ruffin-1972-0130
Ulmer G.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Ulmer G.   Ruffin-1972-0067
Ulmer G.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0021
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0024
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0027
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0029
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0082
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0121
Ulmer Gena   Ruffin-1972-0159
Ulmer J.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0021
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0025
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0026
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0047
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0048
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0066
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0112
Ulmer Johnny   Ruffin-1972-0122
Ulmer K.   Ruffin-1972-0080
Ulmer Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0082
Ulmer Kathy   Ruffin-1972-0138
Ulmer R.   Ruffin-1972-0048
Ulmer Randy   Ruffin-1972-0041
Ulmer Randy   Ruffin-1972-0056
Ulmer Randy   Ruffin-1972-0138
Ulmer Richard   Ruffin-1972-0130
Ulmer Rusty   Ruffin-1972-0051
Ulmer Rusty   Ruffin-1972-0151
Vance J.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Vance Jasper   Ruffin-1972-0151
Vanhorn Rufus   Ruffin-1972-0151
Varnadoe D.   Ruffin-1972-0050
Varnadoe Dean   Ruffin-1972-0145
Varnadoe Debbie   Ruffin-1972-0145
Varner Larry   Ruffin-1972-0145
Varns Matthew   Ruffin-1972-0151
W. C. Pearcy Farm Equipment Co., Inc.     Ruffin-1972-0164
W. E. Stone's Grocery     Ruffin-1972-0167
Wade Danny   Ruffin-1972-0122
Wade Danny   Ruffin-1972-0159
Waiting     Ruffin-1972-0016
Walker Phyllis   Ruffin-1972-0151
Walling John    Ruffin-1972-0151
Walterboro Bottling Co.     Ruffin-1972-0180
Walterboro Motor Sales Co., Inc.     Ruffin-1972-0177
Walters Francis   Ruffin-1972-0145
Walters Roger   Ruffin-1972-0151
Warren Alexander   Ruffin-1972-0151
Warren Alphonso   Ruffin-1972-0122
Warren Catherine   Ruffin-1972-0151
Warren David   Ruffin-1972-0139
Warren James Leo   Ruffin-1972-0151
Warren Jean   Ruffin-1972-0017
Warren Joey   Ruffin-1972-0151
Warren Sheila   Ruffin-1972-0151
Warren Susan   Ruffin-1972-0145
Warren Terry   Ruffin-1972-0123
Warshaw's     Ruffin-1972-0170
Washington Hebert   Ruffin-1972-0138
Washington Herbert   Ruffin-1972-0051
Washington Herbert   Ruffin-1972-0132
Washington James   Ruffin-1972-0051
Washington Lee   Ruffin-1972-0151
Washington Rebecca Ms Ruffin-1972-0107
West Gene Mr Ruffin-1972-0070
West End Auto Parts     Ruffin-1972-0184
Western Auto O. K. Tires     Ruffin-1972-0175
Westinghouse Electric Corporation     Ruffin-1972-0175
Who's Who     Ruffin-1972-0018
Wiggins Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0031
Wiggins Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0053
Wiggins Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0053
Wiggins Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0066
Wiggins Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0123
Wiggins Cynthia   Ruffin-1972-0159
Wiggins Diane   Ruffin-1972-0151
Wiggins Donald   Ruffin-1972-0145
Wiggins Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0051
Wiggins Jimmy   Ruffin-1972-0145
Williams Anthony   Ruffin-1972-0138
Williams Arlene   Ruffin-1972-0053
Williams Arlene   Ruffin-1972-0138
Williams Arnold   Ruffin-1972-0123
Williams Bernard   Ruffin-1972-0139
Williams Beverly   Ruffin-1972-0072
Williams Beverly   Ruffin-1972-0145
Williams Carrie   Ruffin-1972-0138
Williams Charles   Ruffin-1972-0123
Williams Charles   Ruffin-1972-0159
Williams Clarence   Ruffin-1972-0123
Williams Corinthian   Ruffin-1972-0131
Williams David   Ruffin-1972-0151
Williams Donnie   Ruffin-1972-0138
Williams Doris   Ruffin-1972-0069
Williams Doris   Ruffin-1972-0131
Williams Felicia   Ruffin-1972-0131
Williams Gloria   Ruffin-1972-0131
Williams Karl   Ruffin-1972-0123
Williams Karl   Ruffin-1972-0159
Williams Leroy   Ruffin-1972-0151
Williams Lula M.   Ruffin-1972-0145
Williams Mary Ann   Ruffin-1972-0131
Williams Odell   Ruffin-1972-0051
Williams Ronald   Ruffin-1972-0159
Williams Thomas   Ruffin-1972-0151
Williams Tyrone   Ruffin-1972-0139
Williams Pharmacy     Ruffin-1972-0183
Wilson Brenda   Ruffin-1972-0151
Women's Lib Touches Basketball     Ruffin-1972-0055
Wrice Clarence   Ruffin-1972-0159
Wrice Clayso   Ruffin-1972-0145
Wrice Jacquelyn   Ruffin-1972-0053
Wrice Jacquelyn   Ruffin-1972-0073
Wrice Jacquelyn   Ruffin-1972-0123
Wrice Jacquelyn   Ruffin-1972-0159
Wrice Mona Lisa   Ruffin-1972-0069
Wrice Monalisa   Ruffin-1972-0131
Wrice Richard   Ruffin-1972-0131
Wrice Verlinda   Ruffin-1972-0123
Wrice Verlinda   Ruffin-1972-0159
Wyman Deloris   Ruffin-1972-0151
Yates Carolyn   Ruffin-1972-0052
Yates Carolyn   Ruffin-1972-0138
Yates Patricia   Ruffin-1972-0151
Youngwear Products Inc.     Ruffin-1972-0179