As future years come and go, I hope this recording of old Yearbooks will prove a source of happy memories for us, our parents, and all who have had a part in helping make these Yearbooks a reality. 

Special Message - I Need Your Help to Finish this Project

I started scanning yearbook for archiving on November 11, 2009 and as of this date, I have scanned and Indexed over 525 Yearbooks which contained over 66,321 pages and over 544,972 names.  Now I need more Yearbooks to scan and index.  Please review the schools that are shown in RED and check with your family members (children, parents, grandparents, etc) to see if they have one of the yearbooks not currently indexed.  My e-mail is shown as the bottom of this page, so e-mail me for arrangements for pickup and delivery.  Thanks you for your help.

Click here       To view pictures of the Schools in Colleton County during 1935 - 1950 which is in the South Carolina Archives & History Database.

Click here to read the Press and Standard Article on January 28, 2016.

I need yearbooks from schools that are in Red.

Bells Elementary School (1960-Present)

Bells High School (1955-1970)

Calvary Christian School

Colleton County High School (2002- Present)

Colleton County Middle School (2011- Present)

Colleton High School (19xx - 1970)

Colleton Middle School (19xx - 2011)

Colleton Preparatory Academy (1990 - Present)

Cottageville Elementary School - Not Available

Cottageville High School (19xx - 1963)

Edisto Beach Elementary School - Not Available

Forest Circle Middle School (19xx - 2011)

Forest Hills Elementary School

Hendersonville Elementary School - Not Available

Hendersonville High School (1923 - 1959

Include Cane Branch Grammar School

Include Heyward Grammar School

Islandton Elementary School (1960)

John C. Calhoun Academy (1966 -1990)

Lodge Elementary School (1960)

Lodge High School (19xx - 1955)

Northside Elementary School

Ruffin Elementary School (1960 -1961)

Ruffin High School (1918 - 2002)

Ruffin Middle School (2003 - 2011)

Smoaks Elementary School (1960 - 1967)

Smoaks High School (19xx - 1955)

Smoaks Middle School (2003 - 2011)

Walterboro High School (1924 - 2002)

Walterboro Junior High School

Williams Elementary School (1960)


Andrew Jackson Academy (1972 - Present)

Batesburg-Leesville High School (1949)

  Camden High School (1957-1958)

Camden Military Academy (1958 – Present)

Carlisle Military School (1943 - 1977)

Davidson College (1942)

Dorchester Academy

Fairfield County Yearbooks

St. Louis Area High Schools Yearbooks

Wade Hampton Academy

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To view the yearbooks you first need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you don't have it yet, visit the Adobe web site  to download it.

Click on page number below to see reason for this project.  This information came from the Press and Standard newspaper dated November 16, 2012

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