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Heyward School Roster


Text Box: The names below have been collected from various members personal memory, and therefore may not be 100% accurate.  Click here to forward corrections to --> WebMaster.

Name Married Name Deceased Name2 Married Name3 Deceased5
Becket, George     Nettles, Lloyd   x
Becket, Martha     Nettles, Lois    
Becket, Robert   x Nettles, Louie   x
Benton, Betty   x Nettles, Luther   x
Benton, Clifton   x Nettles, Margie Searson  
Benton, Gladys   x Nettles, Marshall    
Benton, Hubert   x Nettles, Maud    
Benton, Tommy   x Nettles, Mildred    
Benton, Johnny   x Nettles, Ned   x
Catteton, Arnold     Nettles, Nellie Mae   x
Catterton, Decar   x Nettles, Thelma   x
Catterton, Lloyd   x Nettles, Viola    
Catterton, Macon   x Nettles, Virginia Priester  
Carter, Holland     Nettles, WJ    
Carter, James     Nettles, Wendell   x
Crosby, Floyd   x Nettles, Wilma    
Crosby, Franklin   x Roberts, Bernice    
Crosby, Isham   x Roberts, Bill   x
Crosby, Ray     Roberts, Cecil    
Gerard, Donnie   x Roberts, Donald    
Gerard, Vernon   x Roberts, Dorothy   x
Hudson, Zoid   x Roberts, Eula   x
Hudson, Ronnie     Roberts, Eunice    
Hudson, Barbara Ritter x Roberts, Harold   x
Iriel, Clifton   x Roberts, Jewel   x
Iriel, Edward     Roberts, Johnny   x
Iriel, J.C.     Roberts, J.P.   x
Iriel, Moddy   x Roberts, Lewis    
Iriel, Sam   x Roberts, Lorene   x
Iriel, Venita     Roberts, Margaret   x
Iriel, Ellen     Roberts, Mildred   x
Iriel, Helen     Roberts, Oragean   x
Jones, Frances Jenness   Roberts, Richard   x
Jones, Grace McCracken   Roberts, Sadie   x
Lane, Jim   x Smoak, Bridie    
Lane, Ruth Crosby   Smoak, Charles   x
Lemacks, Alice   x Smoak, Clyde   x
Lemacks, Calvin   x Smoak, Doris #1    
Lemacks, Carrole   x Smoak, Doris #2    
Lemacks, Clyde   x Smoak, Edna   x
Lemacks, Hattie   x Smoak, Elliott   x
Lemacks, Isaac   x Smoak, Harvey   x
Lemacks, Rillie     Smoak, Ivey   x
Murdaugh, Cassie     Smoak, J.D.   x
Murdaugh, Carroll     Smoak, James   x
Nettles, Adam   x Smoak, Kenneth    
Nettles, Alene     Smoak, Leon    
Nettles, Atticus     Smoak, Margaret    
Nettles, Blanche     Smoak, Marion    
Nettles, Carroll   x Smoak, Marvin   x
Nettles, Clara Mae   x Smoak, Nina   x
Nettles, Docia   x Smoak, Susan   x
Nettles, Edna     Walker, Bernard    
Nettles, Edgar   x Walker, Carroll    
Nettles, Edwad     Walker, Charlie   x
Nettles, Elliott   x Walker, Daniel   x
Nettles, Eunice   x Walker, Donald    
Nettles, Eurelle   x Walker, Edward   x
Nettles, Esmond   x Walker, Emery   x
Nettles, Eve     Walker, George    
Nettles, Florence   x Walker, Howard    
Nettles, Harry   x Walker, Ray   x
Nettles, Hallie   x Walker, Rebecca   x
Nettles, Herman     Wilson, Paul   x
Nettles, Homer   x Searson, Florence    
Nettles, Jewel     Searson, Jack    
Nettles, Lavenia     Varn, Dorsey   x
Nettles, Leland   x