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Pictures collected from various sources.                      (Click on the Picture for larger view.)

Class of '57 Reunion Members & Family

Class of '57 reunion held on 2 June, 2007. Seated on floor - Fred and Sandra Rogers Longenback. Seated first row - Nancy Farish Lott, Ann Breland Syfrett, Mary Jo Hamlin, Mrs. Frankie Lyle (teacher), Shirley O"Quinn Kinard, Altha Standley O"Quinn, Mary Jane Smoak Porter. Second row - Rosalyn White, Ashton Syfrett, Gladys Walker,Mary Alice Crosby, Kathryn Gill Walker,Gerald Kinard, Homer O'Quinn, Judy Robertson Bair, louie Porter. Back row - Billy White, George Walker, Donald Crosby, Bernard Walker, Nelson Garvin.

HHS Circa 1955

HHS approximately 1955. Note Sonny Breland's 1942 Pontiac in front. During recess the girls always sat on the front steps as in this picture and the boys were usually across the road playing ball or smoaking in the woods or up to some other mischief.

HHS School Group Picture

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Heyward School Group

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Historical Timeline

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