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Teacher-Staff Roster


Text Box: The names below have been collected from various members personal memory, and therefore may not be 100% accurate.  Click here to forward corrections to --> WebMaster.

Name Deceased School Name Deceased School
Bailey, Mary Lou   HHS LUNCH ROOM    
Boynton, J. D. x HHS Breland, Carrie Mae x HHS
Carter, Elmer x HHS Burns, Lottie x HHS
Drew, T. E. x HHS Hancock, Maude x HHS
Durham, Earl x HHS Nettles, Earl  (Janitor) x HHS
Easterlin, Harry x HHS Nettles, Mary x Heyward
Edwards, Amelia   HHS Nettles, Ora x Heyward
Fishburne, Annie Ruth   HHS Pellum, Docial x HHS
Givens, Henry x HHS Smoak, Emma x Heyward
Givens, Louise x HHS Smoak,Edna x HHS
Guess, Dorothy x HHS Snead, Effie x HHS
Harrelson, Hazel   HHS      
Hunnicutt, Eulalie x HHS      
Hunt, Bruce W. x HHS Name Deceased School
Hutton, Ms   HHS TRUSTEES    
Jones, Eugenia x HHS Boynton, J. D.  x HHS
Kinsey, Maybelle x HHS Boynton, T. T. x HHS
Lyle, Frankie   HHS Boynton,C. H. x HHS
Marvin, Melvin x HHS Hamlin, J. H. x HHS
Mears, Lillie E. x Heyward Nettles, Lonnie x Heyward
Petit, Ethel x Heyward Register, E. E. x HHS
Robertson, Fannie x Heyward Searson, John R. x Heyward
Salter, Evelyn x HHS Sloman, P.A. x HHS
Saunders, Jeanette   HHS Speights, O. A. x HHS
Searson, Hamlin x HHS Turner, Dr. S.L. x HHS
Sloman, Emily x HHS Walker, Cyril x Heyward
Smith, Amanda x HHS      
Speights, Ida Lee x HHS BUS DRIVERS    
Spell, Everett x Heyward Baggett, Lola x HHS
Stroupe, Eliza x HHS Dantzler, C.M.   HHS
Thomas, Gladys   HHS Farish, James   HHS
Thomas, J. I.  x HHS Floyd, Jimmy x HHS
Trowell, Elizabeth C. x HHS Guess, Hugh (Sonny) x HHS
Trowell, H. J.  x HHS Hiott, Sonny   HHS
Trowell, Lottie x HHS Iriel, J. C.   HHS
Walker, Geneva x Heyward-HHS Maclean, Jack   HHS
    Nettles, Herman   HHS
    O'Quinn, Jake x HHS
    O'Quinn, Winford x HHS
    Roberts, Donald   HHS
    Roberts, Laurie x Heyward
    Smoak, Kenneth   HHS
    Smoak, William   HHS
    Walker, Cyril x Heyward
    Walker, Donald x HHS